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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Movie Day

group dreampilot79 2018-05-02

I had noticed Dan admiring my wife Sue on many of those weekends but I couldn’t blame him, since I found Sally quite attractive as well. It was obvious that Dan was aroused and Sally watched with that same bemused look on her face. I saw that Sue was aroused and both Dan and I had obvious hard ons. "Go for it Sally, I think I’m ready." I looked at Sue. She obviously knew what was going on but I was clueless. Sue and I kissed as I felt Sally’s pussy slowly slide down my dick and from Sue’s reaction, I knew that Dan was inserting his cock into her.

The Truth Be Damned

group aldenbradley 2018-05-02

I was kneeling here with my husbands cock in my mouth, my ass sticking in the air visible to Jerry and Donna, our next door neighbors. "Look," Donna said, holding her hands under her breasts and lifting them toward Eric, "I'm sitting here exposed to all of you. I could tell Donna to give her panties to Eric, or I could strip Jerry down and expose him. I felt my orgasm building as Eric played with my tits while I bobbed my head on him, his cock sliding between my lips and bouncing off the back of my throat. Eric and Donna went to the master bedroom, while Jerry and I took the guest room.

Mrs. G Handles Us Both

group WildBill 2018-05-02

Luke and I went into the giant living room that was intended for Vick's exclusive use. Even though the three of us (me, Luke , and Vick) were only 19, Mrs. G always let us drink. Then to my greater surprise I saw Luke behind her ripping off those slutty little shorts she was wearing and preparing to fuck her doggy style. I realized I was about to blow and began thrusting into her mouth, at the same time I felt the increase of Luke's thrust and knew he too was about to cum. Luke took a little longer but finally let it out all over her tits and face.

More Adventures with Tony Ch. 1

group Salsa105 2018-05-02

As I appeared a bit reluctant to even want to get out of bed, Tony grinned and said we would end up at the club where we had dinner with Ronnie the night before. I felt Tony's fingers rubbing the insides of my thighs, and working up to where my wet pussy was waiting for his caresses. Feeling totally exposed, my tits half hanging out of my vest top, Tony's hand up against my clit, fingers inside my pussy, I could feel the heat rising in my body. With a gasp I realized the waiter was now looking under the table to my wide-open spread legs and Tony's fingers playing with my pussy.

Angel in Heat

group cbsinclair 2018-05-02

I let the towel fall open as I slid my own hands down along my sensitized skin, slipping two of my small fingers inside. The heat was making my head spin and the sweat between our hands was making me long to feel other parts of our body sliding together. "How would you like me to fuck your pussy while you take Biff up the ass?" He let go of my hands and rubbed his over my bottom, his fingers searching and finding my puckered flesh. "Hey, Alec, the heat's starting to get to me." I could feel the sweat of his body, his wide torso sliding against my back. He just stared at my naked body with wide eyes, his hand pumping away, obviously having given in to his baser instincts.


The Great Theatre

group matrix20 2018-05-02

"OK, turn back around," Max instructed right after sliding his chair under the desk -- his hand still on his now hard cock. After causing both nipples to stand out, Heather proudly displayed her naked boobs, but then gasped when Max pushed his chair back and brought his lap into view. Heather's eyes stared at his fingers on her breast, but her hand kept moving up and down on his cock. Max sat back and watched his cock slide in and out of the young actress. Max pulled out of Heather's pussy and the poor girl jumped off the desk in a panic -- looking around... Max alternated between watching one young actress strip before him and the other one suck his cock.


Loving Ch. 5

group Matt 2018-05-02

If I were at home, she always wanted me to help start Charley's cock in her sweet cunt or ass when he fucked her. Patty came in shortly and she joined us, laying under Carol so she could lick her clit and Charley's cock as he fucked into Carol just above her face. Her bare cunt was just below me and I enjoyed watching it pulse as Charley fucked Carol as she sucked my cock as Patty ate Carol's clit. "I want Dave in my mouth so he can watch Charley and Paul fucking me. I watched as Paul slowly eased his cock into Carols ass and I'll be damned if I didn't wonder what it felt like.

Cheering up the Team Ch. 02

group Dr. Scott 2018-05-02

One night after cheer practice in the locker room my best friend Jill, Johnny's girl, said we have to do something to help make the boys go all the way this year. The van ride home was very quiet until Jill broke the ice and joked "Come on girls, it will probably only take a few minutes knowing the teenage boys" Jill told me she did the assistant principal, a young 28 year old man during her junior year. Just as I was to cum for the first time Jimmy announced that for the best defensive play of the game Kareem gets the second blowjob of the evening and with that his dick was in my face in a flash.

Trapped in an elevator

group saugamike 2018-05-02

Her pussy was the tightest i had ever fucked i could barely get passed my cock's head at first it took a bit of work and slow thrusts but after a while i got it in her and we started to make love on the floor of the elevator, i was going slow so i didnt hurt her untill she told me she wanted me to speed up and she would say if it hurt. I picked up speed doing 3/4 of what i was used to she hand said anything as i took it up to my normal fucking speed, she cried harder faster, i picked up speed again and started to pound her deeper each time she was getting close i could tell as she moaned and cummed on my cock.

Atonement! Q

group SmedleyLeftwich 2018-05-02

Meg and Harry's friend, the bartender, Joe (right Sam) approached the stripper from the edge of the bed to her right and she took his barely alert member in one hand to stroke it lazily while still enjoying being eaten out. The actions up to Harry, Rachael and Meg's joinder had taken quite an interminable while to the participants, but to the rest of the room little new motion had occurred; Lady Barbara still nodded to Joe's erection, as did Tiffany to Dave's, though at a slower, more leisurely pace. As offered Meg kept her kisses in time to her husband's fucking and let the bride-to-be's swinging breasts stroke her open palms.


College Roommates

group namelorb 2018-05-02

I closed the door and approached her crawling up from the foot of the bed and slowly moved up her body lightly caressing her all the way from foot, leg, thigh, hips, waist, between her breasts and gave her a most passionate kiss. Lacy held out her hand and Cal slowly and a bit cautiously stepped out of his briefs and sat down on the side of the bed. When she had fully inserted my penis she laid her back down onto my chest and motioned for Cal, who had been enjoying the view and how Lacy had taken control. As we sat there drinking our coffee, it dawned on Lacy that as I left her to go retrieve Cal last night, that I was only out of the room for a very short time.


Robin's Revenge

group yowser 2018-05-02

Robin directed Little John, William and Roger to tie the sheriff to one of the larger oak trees, and gave him some water and cleansed his face, which had a large ugly looking bruise on his cheek. Marian swallowed hard, and the men shifted uneasily in their green tunics and brown leggings as she made her way to the bound sheriff, whose own broad face ran through a range of expressions, ending with complete wide-eyed bafflement. Little John gave his knife to Will, who continued to hold it next to the sheriff's cock, and approached Mary, fondling her left breast, hefting it and tweaking the nipple until it was red and hard, then circled around and did the same for the other.


Jill and Max- Night with Fire

group friendofcheeba 2018-05-02

Jill couldn't help but notice the woman, with the long straight fiery hair, flawless milky white skin, and green eyes that looked like giant emeralds. Jill slowly got out of her seat and started walking over to the mysterious redhead, looking back at Max more than once along the way. She was already completely out of her comfort zone and on the verge of running away when Laura jumped out of the bar stool, grabbed Jill by the hand and led her out onto the crowded dance floor. Max looked and Laura had her hand most of the way up Jill's leg. We could have a few drinks and get to know one another better," Max asked directly, not really caring what Jill thought at this point.


Earning Her Discretion

group C Love 2018-05-02

I bought Kyleah another drink, rubbed her leg and said, "I really don't want you to get the wrong idea about Rose and I. "At first we thought maybe we should ask you to stop, since it's none of your business, but that wouldn't work." Rose continued as she undressed in front of Kyleah at the foot of the bed, "So we decided the best way to get you to stop talking, was to actually make it your business." They were engaged in a passionate kiss, Rose had one hand on each breast, while Kyleah had her hands on Rose's ass and with her arms and legs pulled Rose's pussy against hers. I grabbed Rose's legs and pulled her body down toward the end of the bed.

Ski Cabin Seduction Ch. 05

group wdelander 2018-05-02

Suzanne glanced briefly at the pair on the loveseat, then turned her attention back to Tim. Rolling him over, she positioned her hot pussy over his mouth, and took his cock into her own. Positioned as they were, both Tim and Suzanne had an incredible view of Kate riding Mark's cock. Kate leaned forward, resting her hands on her knees, as Mark gripped her hips and began to slam her small body up and down on his throbbing cock. Kate and Suzanne cried out, almost in unison, as they came, and moments later Tim and Mark added their own voices, as they filled their wives with their cum.

What a MILF! Ch. 02

group ottohauser1977 2018-05-02

"Babe, if I know Stacey as well as I think that I do, few things will shock or upset. You know, between you, Stacey, and Carla, I might never need another girl. I wanted to know everything that I could about you, so I could surprise you like this," Stacey explained with a saucy smile. I breezed through my work that day, quite eager to pick Stacey up for our date with Katie. I then turned Stacey over, after gesturing my intentions to Carlita, so she could be prepared for the change and not suffer any injuries while munching on our new lover's twat. As for Katie and Desmond, they were still busy, as my wife hadn't let her brother get up for more than the occasional gasp of air.


Weekend in Manhattan

group sar1953 2018-05-02

In a city of 8 million people it's hard to believe but the next day I was trying on clothes in one of my favorite stores and when I came out of the dressing room my husband was standing there talking to Jamie and Nicky. When we got back to our room, my husband went to take a shower and I began reading while waiting for him to finish. To my surprise my husband had taken Nicky's blouse off to expose her very ample and lovely natural breasts and huge nipples and was now kneeling between her thighs kissing her pussy. While this was going on, Nicky was completely undressed and my husband began to eagerly kiss her breasts, shoulders, stomach and pussy.

Bad News Leaves Vegas Pt. 01

group ViceaRoni 2018-05-01

Lily saw the large bulge in his pants, and thought of her neighbor Mike, who had a bulge that would have shamed the guy on screen. She took the penis in her mouth, and Lily wondered how she could accommodate it without breaking her jaw. She started to turn away from the fence and return home when Mike's friend Jake called out after her. Lily wondered how they made swim trunks big enough for Mike. "If you don't stop making women uncomfortable, they're never going to hang around." Mike wasn't wrong, but tonight, Jake's advances weren't making her uncomfortable. He was not as thick as Jake or as long as Mike, but the contrast with her pale skin turned Lily on.


Ice Hockey Team Shares a Treat

group bombshell_78 2018-05-01

Initially I assume that they'll be replaced by two more guys and I'll be sucking more cock, but instead Blue Eyes moves further down alongside me, moving his teammates out of the way, and lifts one of my legs over him so he's kneeling between them. The contractions of my pussy around him seem to tip him over the edge and with one or two very deep thrusts and a loud cry he comes hard inside me, filling me with cum, then pulls out and watches it start to trickle out of me again. Before long I also have two cocks in my mouth and one in each hand, and I surrender myself completely to the sensations and pleasures of being used in every conceivable way by these men, knowing there's nothing I could do to stop them even if I wanted to.

The Email Adventure

group sexyparty 2018-05-01

"Honey, Rob is going to like how hot you find his wife" and she had me unzip my jeans and take a picture of my hard cock and in the next few days, my cock would tingle as I wondered when they would open the email and look at the picture of my engorged cock. After some really boring small talk my wife told them how hot they both looked in the pictures and they shared the same and we started to relax, so she asked, "OK, I'm curious, what are you two wearing?" Jan moved the computer back letting us see a completely naked Jan and Rob.

Dinner With a Friend

group toffy 2018-05-01

She then started to tell Sandy about how we had involved them in our fantasy lovemaking, and Sandy got incredibly turned on and said " I want to suck you, now!" and started to slurp at Kay's pussy, which immediately elicited some very sexy groans. The lovemaking was tender, despite the fact that I had not got off yet, and soon Kay became part of it when I felt her tongue running up and down my cock each time it came out of Sandy.I looked down to see one of the most "turn on sights"of my life, as Kay made love to both of us with her mouth.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 13

group Jeremydcp 2018-05-01

Amy whimpered into my mouth when I kissed her again, and soon my hand slid beneath the waistband of her pajama pants. We kissed for a long time, in fact, in a way that really seemed to thrill Amy. There was no real arousal for her, just a constant, pleasant humming that did not feel particularly urgent or needy. Amy brushed her long-flowing red hair away from her enchanting face and rearranged her body, then moved the hand that been gripping my length to my testicles. I love more than you will ever know." I moved the hair gently away from Amy's forehead and absently ran a hand down her side, stopping at her waistline.


Voluptuous Escort Ch. 03

group Raven_Tintagel 2018-05-01

"Let's get you ready for your date then." Angela said grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the table. "We have to be quick about this or you'll be late", said Angela lathering up my hard cock while Gina's hands moved in from behind to lather up my ass and balls. "Of course we need to make sure the goods are in working order." Angela said and gave a harder tug on my cock. "Come over here and let me clean you up." I stood between Angela's legs as she started washing my chest, legs and arms. "Fuck yes baby, I'm gonna cum" Angela said "Make me cum lover!" I felt her hot pussy convulse around my cock as she quivered into a shuddering orgasm.

A trip with a Friend

group 2018-05-01

Not to be outdone, Beth followed suit in the back seat, raising the stakes by licking a sucking her own boobs the way she does for me when she’s really turned on. Beth’s eyes kept going from Tammy in the front seat, finger-fucking herself with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other, to the rear-view mirror where she could see my face. I started to work my shorts back up and my hard-on started to wither when Tammy said to Beth, “We’ve got to help your hubby out, I think.” A few moments later I pulled the van over to the emergency lane so I wouldn’t wreck when I shot my load into my loving wife’s mouth while Tammy fingered herself, and Beth, to another orgasm.