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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sharing Suzanna

group joetgm 2018-05-01

Derek was finally fucking my girl with his big fat cock and she lay there loving every single thrust as his balls hit her ass. I sat back and watched, Suzanna looked like a true slut with spunk dripping down her chin, yelling for more with a hunky stranger mounted and screwing her tight pussy with his big thick cock that must have been close to orgasm. I smiled back knowing that a stranger had just fucked my girlfriend with his bare cock, to a stunning double orgasm before filling her tiny wet pussy with his salty hot cum. I stepped back and watched Derek holding Suzanna, she was in awe of his hunky body, running her hands up around his neck before placing her forehead softly against his as they made eye contact and kissed like true lovers.

Dinner for Three

group A_Jerotica6969 2018-05-01

You rolled back on your back and turned toward me, and I finally got to kiss that mouth I've been dreaming of. enjoying your moans as we lick, suck and nibble at your nipples, while rubbing your cock through your jeans. I can't wait to have that hot, hard flesh in my hand, and ultimately, in my mouth. I roll her onto her back, and kiss my way down her neck, to her chest, slowly working towards her nipples. I am licking, sucking and nibbling her nipples as you stroke long and hard in her tight, wet pussy. Your hands on my ass as you bring your ready cock to my pussy. I shifted, and moved my hand back to you, and placed your cock at my ass.

Loosening the Bonds Ch. 13

group SighWriter 2018-05-01

Ted and Jim got the cooler loaded into the tailgate, then the four of them, who had re-dressed in their shorts and added shirts and either tennies or hiking boots, formed a cadre around me and we brazenly walked down the front walk to the sidewalk, and I climbed into the second seat. Jim and Ted settled on carrying the cooler between them, which left Henry and Tommy available for the early games, though each of them had strapped on a back-pack. "Well," Tommy said sheepishly, "we'd kinda thought we guys'd stay dressed...just to start," he added in a rush. Tommy and Henry took turns at my side; the one who wasn't beside me was behind us, between us and Jim and Ted, who were slogging along in the rear with the cooler.


Ron Ch. 07: The Hooters Girls

group Susie_O 2018-05-01

Eva and three other Hooters girls (Cecilia, Iris, and Karla) showed up at the house and asked for Ron. My father answered the door and watched in astonishment as Ron and I went downstairs with them to work on the basement. That lucky bastard Ron got to go down to the basement with the naked women but I went upstairs trying to avoid the disturbing sight of my mom leading my dad by his penis and him playing a rhythm on her butt. My mom was dominating the conversation, asking the girls about themselves, telling embarrassing stories from my life and even some abut Ron. Making awkward statements like, "Ron, your mother never told me how big your penis was, now your body needs to grow to match," That made the women titter.


Words On a Page Ch. 02

group AnnabelleandJay 2018-05-01

Her breasts are fully exposed and the front of the gown is open revealing her sex to all of the men of the court.” Nora went on for only two pages, but they were two dark pages telling of Catherine the Great exposing herself and humiliating herself at a court ball, demanding the Lords please her orally and genitally at her whim. Nora looked around the room and had to admit it was a pretty unattractive group of women – hookers, trailer trash, and a handful of big-breasted coeds lined up against the walls waiting for the contest to start. Jeff and Ricky drove Nora home, pulled in front of her house and then both men crawled into the back seat with her.

The Carlos Hotel

group Bigtuna 2018-05-01

Trixy-Lee continued to order Gin Gin to eat her just the way she wanted and soon Gin Gin removed Trixy-Lee's panties and raised her legs to allow Ving ­ who had removed his clothes and was stroking his budding hardon ­ to see Trixy-Lee's wide open cunt. Trixy-Lee finally came down from her ecstasy and turned her attention back to Ving who stroked his hard cock as he sniffed her panties. Suck me, please?." Gin Gin reached down and took her panties all the way down and began to entertain both Trixy-Lee and Ving with an outrageous masturbation show. Trixy-Lee was on her knees lapping between Gin Gin's cheeks and she reached behind her and spread herself open for Ving's pleasure.

Not Yet My Sister-in-Law Ch. 03

group Irish Moss 2018-05-01

As I started licking Stacey’s dripping slit, Tiffany positioned herself on her back between my legs and raised her head up to suck my cock into her mouth. I licked Stacey’s ear, fondled her tits and ran my fingers through her bush while she ate Tiffany out, then stood and cupped Tiffany’s ass in one hand and her tit in the other while making out with her. I was pumping a finger in and out of Tiffany’s pussy and licking and sucking her clit while Stacey began slowly riding up and down on my engorged cock. With the hand I’d been using to stimulate Stacey’s clit now free, I pushed a finger into Tiffany’s pussy and matched the thrusting of the one embedded in her ass while I continued to lick and suck her clit.


The Beach

group Rockspider 2018-05-01

I lay and listened to the soft wet slurping sounds as he licked and sucked her cunt and her clit and the muffled moans from her as she slobbered all over his hard cock. I turned my head to look at her face and watched in fascination as she licked and sucked at the hard shaft that she held with her other hand. I knew that if I sucked him more than just a little he would probably cum and I wasn't ready for going that far so I licked his knob a few more times and gave his shaft back to Ilse.


Trip to Glory Hole

group proudman2 2018-05-01

Now there may be something wrong with me, because I just don't like to suck cock unless I'm at least a little dressed up. There were several older guys and a couple of Hispanic men and one middle aged white guy who you could tell just wanted his cock sucked. Just slowly fucking his cock in and out of my throat. He took control and starting fucking throat a little faster and harder. He said he wanted people to see me suck his cock with my fag mouth. He slid his cock into my mouth and then slowly into my throat and kept a slowly steady pace at first. I took him back in my mouth and started to milk his cock.

Slave Sanctuary #1: Sasha, Natalia and Ashtyn

group petdyke 2018-05-01

I start in Sweden, which yields the triplet of Sasha and her slaves nice Natalia and awesome Ashtyn I almost always get to talk to Natalia, as Sasha fell in love with her blonde babysitter teen Ashtyn I invite awesome Ashtyn to tell how her hot evening in dirty down-town went with her mighty Mistress I invite her to tell me all the nice naughty dirty details but I only get a short sexy summary of her I hear from Ashtyn that Natalia fucked herself with a big dildo while she was chatting with her Peter I try to imagine how sexy Sasha pumps in and out passed-out Natalia with her 12-inch strong strap-on

The Down Nights of College Ch. 1

group sexMachine2001 2018-05-01

I got to know Liz Restam during the spring of 2001, though I had known her since fall of 1999, our freshman year of high school. I threw my backpack into the back seat, and was just about to hop in and drive off, when I noticed a small blue Subaru not far from my red Saab. Liz's long golden hair swayed as she stuck her head out her window, smiled, and said, "Yeah. "d'ja leave your lights on or something?" I asked as I produced my cables from my trunk. "Just hop in and try to start it," I said. "Thank you so much," she smiled warmly as I unhooked the cables. "Follow me." she instructed as she hopped into her car.


first time with a friend and his girlfriend!

group kinkysteven 2018-05-01

Now he was sitting next to her on the couch playing with her tits and kissing her when I got on my knees and slid my cock half way inside of her I heard her moan and I slowly keep pushing more and more cock into her till I had it all the way in, then I started fucking her hard and fast and then would slow down, I could tell she liked it. He told me to fuck her again, and I wanted to in the worst way, so i pushed my cock into her again, it was so wet and felt so good that after like ten minutes I said I was cumming also, so I pulled out and shot a big load of cum all over her ass to.

My Girlfriend Went Tripping

group pimpass 2018-05-01

That next night, I got a call from Tripp saying that he was going to have kegs at his house that evening, and that he wanted me and Jasmine to come over for a little pre-gaming before the party started, in order that we be nice and drunk before everyone else arrived. What I did expect was, and certainly received, was a hard slap from Jasmine and deep chuckling laughter from Tripp; certainly unexpected though, but quite pleasant, was a little smile that came from Nikki's beautiful lips, who then proceeded to pull her skimpy tank top over head revealing the biggest, roundest, and most perfect breasts I have ever seen.

Woman's... with Select Men

group Softly 2018-05-01

One day Sue sat with us, and after listening to our complaints for a while, she inquired as to if we were game to try something "different." "Sure," we all said at once. If a well dressed, good looking guy came in alone that she was sure was a visitor, she would have a conversation with him and would ask him if he was interested in being joined by a woman. We gave Sue our phone numbers and our husbands days off. Jean said that he turned the light off as soon as they got to his room. Jean said,"it felt like he had shredded my insides," but if he calls tomorrow, I go with him again.

The Piano Teacher's Daughter

group 31redman 2018-05-01

She slid down my body kissing me as she went until my dick was once again in her hot mouth, her tongue sending me into spirals of pleasure, I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my lips, I instantly glanced over at Janna who was snuggled under her blankets, I could see the light reflecting off her watchful eyes. "Oh fuck, Heather, I'm gonna cum, oh this feels so good, I just can't hold on much longer." I was fucking her hard and deep, my hips slapping her ass, bouncing her off her bed, I turned to look at Janna and she had her blankets off and her legs draped over the bed as she rubbed furiously at her clitoris.


House Warming

group seekingfun22 2018-05-01

Wow, I am watching our new neighbors undress my wife in front of us while this man was preparing to fuck Linda right in front of us. Amy and Cindy slid my wife down to the edge of the table and spread her legs to reveal a drenched pussy ready for action. After Amy was undressed she climbed on the table and placed her pussy over Linda's mouth. Linda immediately began licking Amy. Cindy started undressing along with John and Jim. At this point I decided to get undressed too. Linda was getting another round of orgasm ready when Jim pulled out and John placed his cock into my wife once more.


Taste Test

group Spankx 2018-05-01

They caught his gaze and Mari said, "Hey, good-looking, could we get your opinion on something over here?" David came over quickly, "Yes, ladies, how can I be of…..service?" He asked. Mari and Suzette told David that they wanted to buy some sensual oil, but needed a man's input. Mari pushed Suzette back and said, "I want to suck the whole thing," With that, she sucked David's dick deep into the back of her throat. "Wait Suzette, you need a little of this," Mari said and poured scented oil over Suzette's breasts. Suzette then held her big tits up to David's cock and said, "Fuck my tits." David bent over a little and pumped away into Suzette's tits.

Church Tales Ch. 7

group Jimilinden 2018-05-01

I cuddled his balls and stroked his eagerly waiting shaft so that when Ronnie again added to my moisture Leo would be truly ready to enjoy my wet deck. That is, if you two could leave off with the early morning sex long enough to have a bite of breakfast ('Yeah, right!' I thought, 'early morning at one o'clock in the afternoon!') " Directing his attentions to me, Leo asked, "You want to cook or make coffee?" Ronnie and Leo of course knowing what was coming, were randy and ready most of the day but by mutual agreement no one would even give them a kiss on the cheek.


Paying Up At The Garage

group femmepen 2018-05-01

I felt the manager's hand go up my leg and feel my wetness in the crotch of my shorts. I opened my eyes as I felt more hands on my body and noticed that the crowd had swelled to 5 impressively attentive guys. I could tell he was ready to come, even with only this brief stimulation, but he followed Tom's lead and shot his seed on my smooth skinned ass rubbing the head along the crevice between my cheeks for his last spurts. I wondered if the manager was through since I didn't hear the familiar moans of orgasm, but this was eased as I felt him put his cock head against the puckered opening of my ass.

Bring a Friend

group PuckIt 2018-05-01

I didn't quite know what to make of it when Wendy actually dragged me off the dance floor to hit the bar more times in the two hours we were there than she usually did in seven or eight different weekends. Whatever party mood I'd had was dead and buried by the time I pulled into the empty parking space next to my car and I was laboriously working through the logistics of a) getting Wendy home safe all the way out on Seventy-Third and then b) getting myself, and Missy I guessed since she was far too plastered by then, home all the way back across town and thirty miles further north up I27 and then c) everybody getting their cars back.


25th Birthday

group 2018-05-01

He asked Rob if we wanted to smoke any weed, Rob declined(he was driving) but encouraged me to have some.Blaine helped me up and out we went behind the bar and he pulled out a very fat joint that we passed back and forth! I pulled away and darted back to the table where Rob was and sat down.He asked if everything was okay, I replied yes and that I was just buzzing and had to sit down .We kept drinking and laughing having a good time.Rob smiled and held up a fat joint and told me that he had scored it while Blaine and I were outside.

Mike & Jean Ch. 01

group boomer710 2018-05-01

Mike couldn't help but stare as Tim began to slowly stroke his big cock. Mike looked up at the half-naked man standing in front of him, unable to stop staring at Tim’s slowly pulsing, hairless, hard cock. Then, Tim slowly slid one hand between their sweaty, grinding bodies and grasped Mike's hard, sweaty cock, pushing them further past the line. “Do you like that?” Tim asked quietly as he slowly jerked Mike off, “…another man touching you…pulling on your hard cock?…does it feel good?” Tim leaned forward and whispered into Mike's ear, "Do you want me to suck on that big cock?…feel my lips around your wet cock…sucking it…Do you?…I want to suck your hard, sweaty cock …Let me suck your cock….Let me make you feel good."


My wife shared me

group muckdiver 2018-05-01

Turning my face to her Theresa kissed me passionately as my wife ran her hands over my body soon finding their way to my waist and loosened my towel. As Theresa and I got more involved with our kiss, my wife brought my semi erect cock out into the open and slowly stroked me until I was rigid. As Theresa starting playing with my balls and cock I turned to kiss my wife and soon had my tongue exploring her mouth. My wife lay beside us and, when she wasn’t running her hands over my body, was stimulating herself by caressing her own breasts and nipples and rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy.

Jessie’s Second Saturday Special

group SplendidSpunk 2018-05-01

Once in the shop they went up to the woman clerk who always had helped Jessie and asked if there was an outfit ready for Angie. When John approved of the fit and then took her clothes Jessie told Angie how she was forced to leave the shop on Thursday. Then Jessie's mom began to strike Angie's ass with the cane. She was accepting the cock in her ass better then Jessie had expected and so when Angie started to move with her and to emit soft yesses amid the other noises Jessie allowed herself to enjoy the pressure the dildo was giving on her own cunt.