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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Afternoon Surprise Ch. 4-7

group Fritz 2018-05-01

"Come here baby," she said and started licking Jim's sperm from Barb's face. Still pumping away at Terry's tight pussy, and watching her and Barb exchanging cum filled kisses, was about all I could take. "Wait honey, give it to me!" cried Barb, as she slid down next to Terry's pussy and pulled out my cock. I had wanted to unload inside Terry, but Barb pumped and sucked my cock in deeper and deeper and swallowed the last drop. "One, fresh, hard hunk of meat ready for fucking" said Barb, tapping Terry on her shoulder. Still riding high and hard on Jim's cock, she reached out for Barb's tits and grabbed them tight.


The Sailors

group casio33 2018-05-01

Sensing the power of your approaching climax, he lifted his mouth from your pussy and placed the crown of his glorious cock inside the lips of your cunt and, as you began the first upward thrust of organism, plunged his hard cock into your depths. At an exquisitely slow pace, he withdrew the monster cock from your pussy, now overflowing with your sweet nectar, until the large dark crown rested just inside the lips at the mouth of your still throbbing cunt. Jim applied a slight pressure gently lifting your thighs and said, “Time to move on.” You slithered down his body until his erect cock stood at the mouth of your steaming pussy.

Indian Summer

group Haz & Tia 2018-05-01

Tara, my cousin, Frank, Tia's half brother, Tim and his roommate, Matt, were the only folks that we invited. Tim and Matt looked on as Tia went to work on my cousin's cock. You know you want some to!" Tia took Frank's cock out of her mouth and slid it slowly into Tara's dripping wet pussy. Matt took it upon himself to slide up into Tara's pussy while Tia sucked on his cock. Matt pulled his cock out of Tara's pussy. I saw my cousin sitting on the chair with his cock buried deep inside of Tia's pussy, but not moving. At that point, Matt came over and slid his dick into Tia's wet pussy.

Sue Heads Back to School

group AlexaWriter 2018-05-01

I looked to the right and saw a younger girl, probably 19 or so, very pretty in a slim athletic way just easing into the water, cupping it over her chest and letting it rain down. Blushing slightly she said "Um, well no reason I guess" a quick look over my shoulder to the other girl, "We um, well we noticed you working out here a few times is all I guess." Seeing my smile and head tilting back slightly, gently waving my hair on my back, I felt the other girls' hand now cupping and squeezing. I gave a slight gasp as their fingers gently brushed my sensitive nipples and a smile as I saw her hand slide under her towel.

The Secret Sessions Ch. 04

group secretsessions 2018-05-01

As Ria began to nibble at her Sean slipped his cock deep into her pussy causing her eyes to roll back into her head with pleasure as she gently sucked on my rod, he then withdrew, placed his massive tool at her sphincter, held her hips firmly and with one massive thrust drove all ten inches deep into his wife's arse, I thought his massive member was either going to split the petit Ginny in two or come out of her mouth, but she purred with pleasure.


Long Time Friend

group longandstrong16 2018-05-01

"Give my pussy a good pounding with that hard cock of yours." Jenae said louder. Jenae opened her mouth and let my cock slip in and out as I fucked her tits. Jenae worked on my balls, while her cute friend Kendall gave me head like a pro. Jenae made me hard again in her pussy and with a final ram into her pussy, I cummed hard into her and she and all of friends knew I filled her pussy to its fullest. She then told me that we should have parties like this more often and all of friends agreed and cooed over the size of my cock.

Thailand for the girls

group 2018-05-01

Covering her nude self, still wet from the shower she opened the door and in walked this teenage girl with a basket of fruit accompanied with a boy of about ten years of age, well I assumed that but as you know they all looked young for their ages. 'What do you think' she called out to me, as I stepped out from the shower, and standing completely naked, in the bathroom doorway, looking at the boy, whose eyes were wide open said, 'Sure, give it a try' and smiling at the boy, slowly covered my nude form with the towel. The two dirty Swedish bitches had feasted on a young Thai boy and his s****r, who lets face it, had came to our room offering the sex or a massage in the least.


group AngelWhore 2018-05-01

The morning I'm supposed to meet Melissa, I do my hair and makeup very carefully-I want to look perfect for her. She lifted her hand to her mouth, looked deep into my eyes and licked it clean. As the water was pounding my throbbing pussy, Melissa was kissing me and giving my tits the same treatment I gave hers. Everything is more...accessible this way." I get down on my knees and flick the bulging purple head of his cock with my tongue as my hand cradles his cum-filled balls. My hot cunt is directly over his mouth and he grabs my ass to pull me down onto his tongue.

BJ Bliss Ch. 09 Head-to-Head

group masterandmargarita 2018-05-01

"You know, we've had our eyes on your business from the start," Officer Malnati explained to Katrin, who was sitting quietly in the back of the unmarked police car. As Malnati continued to battle it out with his boss in front of the station in a stream of back-and-forth obscenities, the woman in the grey suit jacket and a matching short skirt quickly took Katrin by the arm to walk her away from the scene. "What the hell does Felicia want?" Katrin asked, growing annoyed at snide woman who sat across from them, crossing her legs and showing off the sexy sheen of her nude stockings. She thought about running at full speed and smashing her through the glass when Felicia suddenly turned, gazing at Katrin with her big green eyes and an unapologetic smile.


Riya's 21st Birthday Party Ch. 04

group enup 2018-05-01

Riya was released from the pole, by Misa and Lolly, with Rob's help. This rope was long and Bella pulled it between Riya's legs, between her pussy lips. Rima caught the two ends and pulled them tightly into the fold of Riya's butt. He then removed the rope lodged in Riya's pussy and butt-crack and helped her climb onto Asit. Just then Bella guided Misa's dildo into Rima's butt-hole. Bella, Misa and Lolly were having a great time with Rima. As the girls gave into their orgasms, the boys showed restraint and pulled out their penises from Riya. Misa, Lolly, Bella and also Rima watched the boys shoot their semen onto Riya.


The Pool Party Next Door

group SpartanWitherby 2018-05-01

As her body rocked with Frank's fucking, she pointed at the next button down and raised an eyebrow. The button came undone, and fingers grabbed the edges of her shirt, pulling them open so that the boys would see her fully exposed tits. After a moment, she said, "Which one is Michael?" He looked up and grinned. "Let's see those tits again," said a black-haired boy who hadn't spoken yet. She cleared her throat and looked pointedly at redhead as she said, "I don't think I can thank you and your friends enough." She pulled his cock so it pointed straight at her face and looked at the ceiling as his hot cum streaked across her cheeks and forehead.



group tlc143 2018-05-01

The four guys were there, all smiling, and the leader said, "Hi, I'm Mike, this is..." Fran didn't even try to remember, not expecting the chat to last long. "Eighth grade!" Tony protested, as he grabbed Mike's arm and whispered to him in a drunken grin. Mike took the initiative again and knelt, spreading Fran's cheeks as she bent, sliding his hard tongue up her full length as she growled in approval. Tony's eyes rolled back as Fran slathered his cock with her saliva, making her head bob while her tongue swirled. Fran pulled away from Mike and turned, offering herself to Tony, grabbing his shaft and guiding him into her.

I Finally Quit Smoking

group NYCbbwSUB 2018-05-01

As I took turns sucking the many cocks in my face, I felt fingers sliding inside my cunt, fast and hard, and hands all over my breasts. I felt his mouth leave my pussy, but replaced with a big hard black cock deep inside my hot wet hole. "Oh yeah, look at my big black cock, fuck your white whore pussy!" They got dressed and left me sitting there in the middle of the room with cum dripping out of my cunt, and down my face onto my well abused tits. As Carl opened my blouse, Jill began rubbing my legs, getting closer and closer to my pussy, until she was playing with my clit.

All Ashore Ch. 06

group Evil Alpaca 2018-05-01

She and Tara had discussed things a while back and while the younger girl was actually happy for Keira, she was still slightly jealous. Tara was the single most sexual person he had ever met, and she particularly enjoyed being involved in threesomes with a large-breasted sex-pot like Keira. Keira wanted to make Tara’s wish come true, so she stuck a thumb in the girl’s pussy while pushing two fingers into that tight little ass, then sucked on the girl’s clit. Nick helped Keira spin the girl around so that she went back first onto the bed with her legs hanging over the edge and over Keira’s shoulders.


First Swinging experience.

group 2018-05-01

We have been thinking of trying a couple for a long time and since the M loves Asians and the F likes western guys, we were trying to meet a mixed couple like ourselves (which Thailand has a lot of ;) ) I slowly unzipped the girls jeans and noticed she had nice little pantys (the ones that are simple, but look amazing on Asians, something like this ( but white. I looked over and noticed that the cheeky sod had pulled my wifes pantys down (while she was asl**p) and was licking her ass hole while jerking off. i pulled her pantys down, spread her cheeks nice and wide and shoved my tong in her ass hole (it was lovely)

Baseball Annie

group SweetPrettyAss 2018-05-01

The team had begun a home stand with an easy victory that night and that meant the players would be in the mood for a little loving from Sylvia and the other eager women who were waiting next to her. Whatever else she might do that night, she intended to begin the sexual fun by sucking Bill's cock and swallowing a mouthful of his come so Sylvia took the stiff organ back into her mouth and resumed the strokes between her lips. Sylvia didn't want to stop or even slow down because she knew there was much more semen where the first had come from so she continued stroking Bill's cock between her lips until he had ejaculated into her mouth twice more.


Strip Poker Gone Wild Ch. 02

group threesomedreamer 2018-05-01

As soon as every inch of my wife had been massaged, her pussy was soaking wet so I did what any husband would do, I started to lick the sweet juice leaking from her pussy, long strokes starting with my tongue deep inside her then all the way up to her clit. I started by using my tongue and lips to expose her clit rubbing it lightly and with every lick Megan's legs opened further until her pussy was fully exposed. I moved back to Megan's pussy and proceeded to fuck her deeply with my tongue while my lip rubbed her clit, until I felt her muscles squeeze my tongue and her body started convulsing in orgasm.

The Clothes We Wore

group Van999 2018-05-01

"Marla wants to see you in this," Linda said with another giggle, as she waved the suit in her hand. Linda fell back on the bed, and as Marla leaned over her to shake her shoulders, her dress crept up to her hips and I realized she was wearing, if not a thong, the closest thing to it. "Come on," I said, looking back and forth between Linda and Marla, "you've finished off a few bottles of wine, so you don't know what you're saying. Linda let out a cheer and clapped, and this time, Marla's hands slowly came together and she clapped also, a smile spreading across her face.


Samantha Gets to Star in Films

group 45longcolt 2018-05-01

As John positioned his 8" long 2"wide cock at the dripping entrance to her pussy, and slowly started to part her lips, Samantha let out a gasp. As John's cock continued to attack her pussy, Samantha's body started responding in kind. With John's seed providing the lubrication to her vaginal walls, slowly and steadily the massive cock stretched her pussy to limits Samantha never knew possible. As cum continued to drip out of Samantha's battered pussy, the 2nd guy was looking to penetrate her ass with his 9" long sword. It didn't take long for the Alien to clean her asshole and pussy of all the cum and blood from the hours of fucking she had endured and his cock was looking to sample Samantha's body too.


My Favorite Fantasy

group Modifiedcrew 2018-05-01

Susie stands up, turns her butt to Jim and slowly pulls her bottoms down, bending over so that her butt is in his face, and her face is right in front of my wife's, close enough to kiss her, so she gives her a friendly kiss on the cheek. The kiss continues and Susie starts playing with her breasts, slowly moving a hand down between her legs. Susie asks to go to the bedroom, and the girls get out of the tub, wrap the towels around them and head off, while I close up the hot tub, and Jim grabs the wine and glasses. It doesn't take long for the women to cum again, and Susie moves up and starts to share my cock with the wife.

Story about how we were gangbanged!

group Admira1 2018-05-01

In the middle of the night I went to toilet and when I came back I saw that one guy is standing near my wife and trying to kiss her… his hand was on her ass... I felt that my cock is hard like a rock… I don't know how many time passed,but they were fucking her again and again… After they all fucked her pussy one of them offered to fuck her ass. One stranger began to fuck her ass and I started to lick her pussy,he was fucking her hard and soon he blessed his cum right into my face. Other guy's liked it and they one by one were fucking her ass or pussy and finished on my face.

A Night Off

group miguelandal 2018-05-01

The club was brightly lit with neon, the walls had equally bright posters of naked women performing an array of sex acts, tables and stools all around which were bolted to the floor, a long cat walk with a shit load of lights for a stage and some booths for more private seating. Joy took her blouse off and made me caress her globes using my right hand and my left was pushing down on Jackie's head. Jackie opened her mouth showing me the amount of seed she had accumulated and then started kissing Joy on her lips. Looking at my friend, it turns out that he was also enjoying his night, intensely fucking his girl.

Claude in Tokyo - Part 1

group ClaudeVanFeinbode 2018-05-01

"Je suis désolé, Rumi-san, que mon japonais est si mauvais. “And men like you are not shy about sex, right?” She finished that last sentence in English. “Please shower now and by the time you’re finished two gifts will be delivered to your room. The driver will be wearing a blue pants suit. I was looking for a woman driving a car and wearing a dark blue pants suit. I saw the woman that Rumiko mentioned in the drivers seat. Rumiko was also wearing a simple white blouse that had little tiny blue and red flowers embroidered at the cuff and collar. “Hand me the package, Claude.“ She had modulated her voice slightly as she switched back to speaking to me in English.

Summer Ch. 16 Sue and I Pt. 2

group TheTyke 2018-05-01

Most of the times shed punish me for fighting back, right little bloody tyrant she was." I smiled as the strain sounded in her voice, She was having difficulty in controlling her voice, "As a punishment for fighting back she used to make me lie on my back with my legs apart and my skirt pulled up around my waist and she's 'inspect' me and play with me until she made me cum, at least once." Sue settled herself down into the bed, getting into the swing of her story now. "When we first got you in the woods, when we first got you naked," Sue gave a sly smile and looked at me, "I thought you said no one had ever seen you naked before?" I asked slowing the pace of my fingers inside her.