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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jessica & The Comic Shop Owner

group tommcgee 2018-05-01

Unkown to Jessica, a couple college age comic book fans have been sitting in one of the aisles looking through Mac's collection. Mac grabs her head and forces his cock deep in her throat as he begins shooting a huge load of cum into her mouth. Jessica laughs at her little prank and takes the first cock into her mouth, bobbing her head quickly as she feels his balls begin to tighten. The wet slapping sound of Mac's balls hitting her pussy and the slurping sound of her mouth on the other guy's cock fill the entire building. He immediately drops to his knees and begins to rub the head of his cock on her pussy, smearing it with her pussy juices and the other guy's cum.

Suite Canberra

group cmau 2018-05-01

Dee put a downer on him by saying that she wanted to fuck Charlot without Dick or I in the room, and promptly ordered us off to the pub. Charlot lowered Dee back into the water and began a long passionate kiss, exploring each others mouth with their tongues. Dee and I watched as Dick buried his face in her womanhood, devouring her swollen clit, while his member recovered from is earlier outing. While Charlot was gone I moved to within groping distance of Dee and ran my hand up her thigh and began fondling her pussy through the sensuous material of her panties. Dee let Dick remove his own clothes and embraced Charlot, laying her on her back and assuming the classic ‘69’ position.

Cabin Fever Ch. 2

group Markf 2018-05-01

Deb and Anna sat on the couch and Jeff and I, naked, sat on kitchen chairs facing them. Anna was staring at Jeff's cock and licking her lips. Deb said, "Well, Anna, love, I think these boys should be punished, don't you? "Mark still has a hard on." Anna paused in her spanking and a moment later she said, "So does Jeff!" "You see, " Deb said, when the last of her clothes were gone, "what do you think the two of us do on our little weekend getaways?" And with that they turned toward each other and embraced and kissed a passionate, wet, open mouthed kiss. Anna was pumping Jeff's cock, but it looked as if he was finally done for a while.

Rebecca meets Ron

group billhipp 2018-05-01

As I drove with Cheryl in the front seat with me, Rebecca sat in the back with anticipation of meeting Ron for the first time. Cheryl and I set out checking the place out while Rebecca and Ron found the “orgy room” and decided to stay there for a while. We tried to be quiet and listen for the voices and sounds of Rebecca and Ron. By the sounds of it, Rebecca was getting the fucking of her life and Ron was giving it to her. Rebecca later told me that another person was holding her other leg open and Ron’s cock was pounding her cunt very deep and reaching spots that my cock had never been…

Married lover and friend

group hotRobertXX 2018-05-01

This gave Lucy a good look at her ass which she smiled at me and then slowly started running her hand up Trish's leg until she reached her inner thigh. She keep pushing her pussy gainst me not wanting it to fall out but my cock was now limp and it slowly retreated.I moved to the side and Lucy had a bring grin on her faceand gave me a wink before she leaned over Trish and licked my cock clean and the licked mine and Trisha's cum from her pussy. Lucy had moved around to the front of her and was playing with her tits and kissing her as I slowly pressed the head of my cock inot her tight ass.


group PlayfulAuthor 2018-05-01

Her control was quickly rewarded, as Ethan approached her with a smile that told her more than Sienna's compliment. The girls were intentionally hiding smiles so as not to tip their hand, holding inside the very positive thoughts that everyone would enjoy knowing -- and would as the game progressed. "Nothing like getting to spend someone else's money!" She said, careful to wrap it in a joking tone so as not to be thought a gold digger. She knew Sienna's secret thoughts from their private, girly discussions, not to mention from being able to relate to her, being a girl. Ethan left the room shortly and Sienna and Alanis started walking out.


Suffer The Consequences

group lisaa 2018-05-01

She handed me another card that read "This is Lisa, you are to do everything you are told to do or suffer the consequences." My curiosity was going in full force. I felt her hands spreading my cheeks apart rubbing her fingers across my ass hole. With one hand fucking my snatch, the other started to work in my ass hole. When we were naked she laid down on the couch ass spread her legs open and ordered me to eat her pussy. I felt his cock slide in my cunt as his fingers were probing my ass hole as to prepare it for the large cock that was about to enter.

Introducing My Russian Girlfriend to Group Sex Par

group captjim51 2018-05-01

I had taken one of my girlfriend’s to one of his parties before and knew it involved couples who were into group sex and the leather scene. I couldn’t wait to fuck Sonya that night, I knew the group would be enthralled watching this older beautiful women getting fucked in public. Then fuck me on those pillows in the middle of the room so everyone can see.” I borrowed the leash and clamped it on Sonya’s leather collar. Sonya was spent she went back to the recliner sitting there sweating and exhausted with my cum oozing from her well fucked pussy. After that experience the party wound down, some of the guests continued to have sex but Sonya was spent, she just lay in the recliner sweating and exhausted.

Chatting Threesome

group Mysteria27 2018-05-01

I play with your balls and suck them slowly and I suck the pre-cum off your hard and very sexy looking cock. We all decide that there will be double penetration, I will blow the both of you and swallow your cum, you will both tit fuck me and slap your cocks across my face and I will be dominant with the both of you. I tell you that I am going to lay on the bed and Eric will eat my pussy and I will continue to blow Red. I also tell you if you do not follow my wishes that I will humiliate the both of you.

Nautical Adventure

group kimbelina 2018-05-01

It was a Friday evening in June, and my twin sister Toni and I were at the Marina Pub, enjoying what would likely be our last outing of the year with colleagues from work. I lost all ability to focus on Jack's cock when Toni's fingers reached my pussy and began stroking my clit. As I started stroking my tongue slowly from her clit down into her pussy, Jack was sliding his cock against my pussy lips, preparing to enter me. While Toni and I both stayed on the bed, admiring one another's naked bodies still somewhat sticky with cum, Jack slowly got dressed, watching us as he did.

Not As Bad As I Feared

group billstew 2018-05-01

I watched my hubby slide down to my most intimate area and felt his hands and mouth begin to do all those things that he does so well. We decide to have a go on the top mattress (like playing king of the hill) -- we are all alone, climb to the top and begin to kiss, I grab for my loves cock and know that he is wanting it sucked. I have no problem lowering my head to pleasure him but of course just as I begin, here comes Rick to comment that we are the first to use the new play area, he watches for a moment then walks on.

Plus One

group eroticwriter71 2018-05-01

I lost my focus a little a minute later when Stefany wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and started sucking on it while she stroked my balls with her long slender fingers. "Watch this baby," Emma said huskily, as she leaned down on my chest, her hard nipples grinding into me as Stefany got behind Emma and plunged that huge dildo into Emma's cock hungry pussy. Looking me in the eye, she said, "Why don't you finish her off?" Emma reached down, grabbed my aching cock and shoved it in her pussy, driving it all the way in and grinding on it. Emma spanked Stefany on one ass cheek, making her jump and her pussy contracted on my hard cock.

Stripping the Reluctant Stud

group Dr. Lucky 13 2018-05-01

Despite his attempts to think otherwise as he lay alone in his bed, Tommy could only replay the pornographic images of the gorgeous graduate student's naked body, the naked lust on her face, looking like Daphne yet someone else totally different as well, a good girl gone bad, a defeated damsel making docile eye contact with a gloating frat boy, submissively sucking his boldly huge erection, before losing total control and getting fucked hard to a series of violent orgasms! As Erica continued kissing him, Tommy's arms flailed, absolutely taken back by the seemingly more trustworthy sorority sister's hands taking firm hold inside his Levis' pockets, while Shelly unbuckled his belt with the speed of an expert slut.


Strip Poker: Five Girls, One Guy

group WhiteGuy12 2018-05-01

Mia thought about it for a minute and finally said, "Fine." She pulled her knees up to her chest, as if she didn't want to admit to herself what she had just agreed to do. That left me, Kelly, Lauren and Danni with two items each, and Mia and Liz with three each. There was no tongue, so the best part for me was actually getting a long look at both girls' butts - Kelly, with the tiny little ass on her skinny legs, and Liz with her runner's physique. Her tits were perfect - they reminded me of Katie Holmes' in "The Gift." I used my tongue and even nibbled a bit, and when Kelly finally called time, Mia's eyes were still closed as I walked back to my spot.


Camp Followers Ch. 2

group Walt W 2018-05-01

Throwing open the doors of the tent, Gen and Sherry , still naked walked defiantly to the center of the group of men. Groaning loudly, Gen bounced up and down on Horse and sucked furiously on the cock in her mouth. With her legs now on either side of the horse's flanks, Sherry grabbed the huge cock and began to guide it into her pussy. Snorting now,the horse lunged forward and as Sherry screamed in delight and pain, pumped what seemed a gallon of thick , creamy cum deep inside her. Having fucked a massive cock and sucked twenty more dry, Gen could only begin to imagine how Sherry felt as she let the stallion fuck her.

Marlene, Kate, and Francis Ch. 01

group oneLuckyGuy 2018-05-01

After the plane took off, Marlene and Kate continued to engage in occasional small talk about politics, travel, and the various goings-on of the time. Marlene thought that she noticed Kate eyeing her breasts a few times during the trip. You have to realize that I am a blunt person -- it just goes with my job, and I feel a natural closeness to you that I haven't felt with another person in a long time." Kate said. The whole drive home Marlene's mind raced with thoughts of what Francis would say when Kate proposed the threesome. Kate kept silent on the way home, knowing that Marlene had to sort out in her mind how she would handle the confrontation with her husband.

My Threesome With Like-Minded Couple

group guy4ucool 2018-05-01

And like many husbands, Rakesh's interest and capability in sex had reduced while Sarika was still very much sexually active. I wasted no time and started kissing and fondling her, commenting in between how sexy she is and how good she tastes. I unhooked her bra and her big boobs fell free and then slowly inserted my fingers around the waist band of her panties n started pulling them down. Rakesh was keeping his wife's ass open for me and watching with excitement my cock moving in and out of her pussy. Sarika again started kissing me and said, 'Raj, I never knew I can have multiple orgasms. I told him, 'Rakesh you can suck my cock only if you bring your daughter's used panties for me to sniff.


Roomies: Graduation Present

group patricia51 2018-05-01

"Hi, Pam. You're just in time for lunch," said Scott White, a slender blonde guy in his early twenties. Pam straddled Jerry again, feeling his cock rise one more time against the inside of her thigh. She moved a bit quicker against Jerry, his cock still filling her pussy as the gentle pressure on her anal ring made her yield and Scott's finger entered her ass. Unable to move, to squirm on Jerry's cock or onto that wonderful finger exploring her ass, she managed only to moan, "For God's sake Scott, don't tease me. As though a signal had been passed, Jerry began to lift her in the air with his hips and strong legs, pushing her back onto Scott each time.


Hip Hop Fun with Some Young Guys

group moreau 2018-05-01

With considerable training in Vietnamese traditional folk dances, Trinh had learned to modify the arm movements to suit hip hop, resulting in hypnotizing reaching-to-the-ceiling hand circles and serpent-like arm movements. She wanted to put some serious hooks in him right away, so she placed her left hand on her left hip, then snaked her right hand upwards, her index finger tracing a sensual southeast Asian curl in the air as she gyrated her body in a slow circle, giving Foster a view of tight blue-jean bottom holding her uplifted pear-shaped ass. Paul had seen Trinh's smile reflected in the club's mirrored wall, had watched the legs work that turn, and was mesmerized by the olive-skinned arms and that Thai dance thing she did with her right arm.


What Have I Gotten Into?

group ptsteve 2018-05-01

She did pull away and said "Ken look I kind of feel really funny can we call it a night, thank you for driving me home?". Tom said "you loved your finger wait until you have our cocks." He then grabbed and turned her over onto her knees and elbows. Ken said "Sue I want you to suck all the guys cocks." She looked up at the 5 of them and moaned," Ken, Joe, Tom who the fuck ever ,I'll be your whore tonight. She sucked and licked Ken's cock and balls, traced her tongue over his black sac and felt the explosion begin as he emptied his cum in her mouth. She was wanting more as another guy took his place and she was sucking a new cock wanting his cum.

Michelle, My Belle Ch. 3

group Kimmie 2018-05-01

When we do it like this I can usually cum two or three times before Troy does but then Michelle put more pussy juice on her fingers and offered it to Troy. Sometimes I lick them off and I thought I might this time but as I started to collect the sticky fluid Michelle stopped me and said, "no cherie, like this." She took Troy's cock in her mouth and began to suck my pussy juice and Troy's cum from it. She looked up from my man's cock and took Eric's semi-hard dick in her hand. I looked up from Eric's cock which fell from my mouth with a plop in time to see my boyfriend Troy lift his hips from the bed and explode into Michelle's waiting mouth.

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 11

group feelsgood 2018-05-01

Sue said, "Maybe, Mike, you won't want to go naked in front of your two hunting buddies from South Dakota, or let us have any of your big fuck tool, because June will get mad?" She and I are going to show you two a fun time here in the cities." I said, "I think I told you, Sue, several months ago when we last talked, that June was coming out hunting with me to your farm in a couple of months. June then said, "But if I know Mike like I think I do, then he will have enough of that beautiful cum in his big bag of his nuts to satisfy three little girls for an evening of fucking."


Three Men, One Girl

group artificialbeatnik 2018-05-01

Open the window and stick your ass out here and I'll fuck your pussy real good," said the one with the dark hair. I felt the head of his dick hit the opening to my womb and push it higher up inside me, and my pussy muscles began clenching in little spasms. The dark-haired man beneath me thrust his throbbing cock way up inside me and said, "I'm cumming in your pussy." Just then I felt scalding spurts of cum shooting up into my womb and then into my bowels as the man behind me bucked hard and rammed his dick in my ass up to the hilt.

The strip club

group 2018-05-01

The girls began by licking the balls and cock before sucking them deep down the throat. He pushed the girls legs up high and spread them and rammed his big cock in her cunt. He was fucking her hard when two guy got on each tit and began to suck them. Then a man rammed his cock in her ass and began to fuck her hard. He got close and grabbed her legs and began to mount her and push his cock deep in her cunt. The cock man fucked her for forty minutes before he pulled out and went for her ass. Then Bill filled her throat with his cum and both men left her lying on the bench with her ass and pussy thoroughly fucked.