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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lady of the Manor - Swimming Pool

group Brung 2018-05-01

Taking off your dress, you leave it on the side as you step naked from it, your body glowing in the half light, your breasts pert and your ass firm. She pushes you to lie down on the towel, and begins to kiss at your breasts as she takes the vibrator from you and begins to work it into you. She kisses down your body until she is level with your pussy, pushes your legs flat and begins to kiss you there, at your centre. You pull my cock from her pussy and lick the tip, tasting her juices. I can hear your moans become louder as you begin to buck, and I know that you're coming as your legs tense as the climax rends through you.

My First Time with Another Woman

group ava23 2018-05-01

I love to watch your face when you come, and it would be such a turn on to see another woman give you pleasure, focus on your needs. His hand was under my panties now, and two fingers started sliding in and out of my wet pussy, while his thumb was pressing against my clit. "Maybe I can return the favor, since you haven't come yet." I hadn't even thought about doing this to another woman, but now in this moment, I needed to know what it was like. She suddenly froze, cunt pressed firmly to my face, and I heard a loud deep moan come from her just before her juices squirted out all over my lips and chin.

Tanning Adventure

group sexkytn1970 2018-04-30

Six other sets of hands went for my body then, my breasts, my ass, one snaked it's way between my thighs and started trying to shove his fingers into my pussy. He stood and looking over my shoulder asked, "Hey James, now that she is nice and wet, you want to give her a try?" "Hell yes!," said James, "Her ass has been rubbing into my cock while you three have been having your fun. Bill and Dave didn't want to be left out of the action and taking off their shorts, they moved up on either side of me and started rubbing their cocks on my breasts and face.

2 Indian Sluts Welcome a White Man to the Office

group WhiteCockWorship 2018-04-30

"I'm Ashana." she said with a pretty smile as I shook her hand. "Oh, we are too." Ashana said with a flirtatious grin on her face as she and Jessica walked away waving their fingers goodbye to me. "Silly, tomorrow is Friday, you just thought that because it's your first day." Jessica said. I had gotten pretty hungry, so I turned on my computer but left the room light off along with the rest of the dark office building. "Now drink the other's glass." Jessica and Ashana then switched the glasses and I started to slowly pour the glass contents into their wide open mouths. "Nothing more tasty than a white guy's cum." Jessica said as Ashana nodded in approval.

Rainbow Club Ch. 01

group GasPedalJoe 2018-04-30

And I didn't realize it at the time, but looking back at it, I should have noticed that Jamie began flirting a bit. We resumed our discussion for a while, but his friends ended up calling him away to leave for another bar, and left me with Karen and Jamie. I suppose I fell into watching the television behind the bar as I didn't notice the time pass until Jamie stopped by and told me it was past last call. "Ellen and Karen and I are great friends, and we have a little club and we want you to be at one of our meetings." I held the door open, and Ellen walked past Jamie and me into the room.


Girly Shopping Ch. 02

group Misschievous1 2018-04-30

I squeezed some hand lotion from the dresser into my palm and began to pick up tempo as I stroked, I was so incredibly horny that it took only a few minutes of fisting before I felt the familiar feeling of swirling juice in my balls as I stroked them with my wife's panties, I closed my eyes and placed the image in my mind of Kerry cumming hard into Marlices mouth within seconds my hips rose to meet the final rigid thrusts into my palm as I watched through my contorted eyes I jacked three or four jets of creamy cum into the panties.

Saturday Fun

group starsinger 2018-04-30

I sat back on my heels and reached over and put my hands on Dionna's boobs. David looked at his watch, "Damn, I need to be at my parent's house in an hour." His hand withdrew, but he still had a stiff problem. He withdrew his hands and stood up, wrapping my legs around his waist he thrust his cock deep inside me. After I found it, I handed the phone to Dani and came up for breath as she talked to Steve. He put his arm behind his head and looked at me, "What are you going to do about it?" I reached into my trench coat and pulled out a brush and put it on his cock, sliding it all the way to the base.

New Neighbors

group Manny2314 2018-04-30

Rich and Lindsay now stopped and looked expectantly at Tom and Cindy. Rich had also stripped, Tom and Cindy getting a short glimpse of his erection as he too slid into the tub. Cindy got enough of a look to know that Rich was at least as big as her husband, and she felt herself getting a little wet between her legs. Tom didn't even know that Rich's other hand was stroking the inside of Cindy's thigh. Tom was wondering why he deserved such great treatment as Lindsay turned her body toward him, laid her hand and head on his shoulder, and smiled sexily as she looked into his eyes.

The Game Ch. 02

group Sara and Ron 2018-04-30

When I was done, Michelle stared at me with her mouth hanging open for about ten seconds and said, "Damn girl that is fucking HOT. I shook off the moment, and she must have noticed because she looked at me grinning and said, "Would you like to see my ass too?" She immediately turned over and pulled her panties down mooning me briefly and erupted into a howl of laughter. I continued to stare out the window with neon signs proclaiming things like, "Live Nude Girls" and "Massage Land." After a minute, we turned off of the main road and into a dark parking lot behind one of the smaller buildings. "Would you like to come in and protect us Rick?" Michelle asked him grinning.


Indian Couple in Paris – A True Story

group altaff143 2018-04-30

As Anu and I were talking, the latter got up and went to the place where the elderly couples were sitting and started dancing by himself. But instead he lay on top of my wife and said something in French to the younger man, who pulled out his cock from my wife’s mouth. Pierre briskly walked towards his wife and said something to her as the young man below her kept licking and kissing her. The young man with my wife was kneeling on my wife’s back squeezing her breasts with his hand as he kept fucking her in the doggie style. She started licking his cock and then gradually moved on to my wifes pussy and anus.

Mara and Chris

group ELLERODERICK 2018-04-30

"I'm Mara, by the way "she said, as she licked her way up Chris's throat to her mouth. Mara's hand was on my ass, and Chris's was lightly resting on my waist. Next, Chris was handing me a shot as Mara slid her fingers down my chest. Mara turned slightly and licked the inside of Chris's thigh and unzipped my pants. Mara placed my hand on Chris's knee and I stroked her soft skin. Chris arched forward contracting her stomach muscles and moaning I slid my hands under her tight little ass and pulled her closer. Mara had slid down to her knees and was licking Chris and working her with her hand.

Porn Next Door

group PenningFreer 2018-04-30

"How do you like your warm up?" Jill says sweetly, joining me on the sofa while Sheri scurries about setting up a camera. "With just his fucking fingers!" Jill moans, falling back against the sofa cushion and looking through crossed eyes at Sheri, ignoring the running camera. Through my raging hormonal haze, I notice Sheri easing back to just inches away with the camera to catch the scene as Jill makes her way down my chest to my straining cock and wraps her lips slowly around the head. Deftly showing her mouthful of cum to Sheri's camera, she takes my cock in her mouth, lips parted, and sucks me again, letting the semen spill out with each stroke, coating my dick with the rich, salty mess.

In The Company Of Men

group Rust1 2018-04-30

The screen changed; one minute the couple was having sex and the next the white guy was standing over the black guy’s face jacking his dick as he laid on the couch stroking his own dick as well I watched intently watching, waiting for the release, and was interrupted by a deep moan from Javier, I turned to catch him with his still spread and his finger still in his ass but with fresh cum jetting out of his dick landing on his chest and on the floor in front of him.

Sam and the Firemen

group nikki_2021 2018-04-30

She swirled her her tongue around the head of Gary's cock, glancing across to where Leon stood, then to the other side, where Phil had moved. Keeping Gary's cock in her mouth she now used her left hand to reach out and seize Phil, her loins burning with excitement as she pleasured all three guys at once. Sam stepped under it and allowed the cascade to rinse the cum from her, telling Phil and Leon not to go to far away, enabling her to stroke their cocks with her hands as she cleaned herself. Now suck my nipples, boys, she said to Gary and Phil as she moved herself on Leon's cock.

While Steven's Asleep

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-04-30

When she came out into the living room fifteen minutes later, wearing her t-shirt and panties but carrying her jeans, Randi said "Wow, you look good 'n fucked." Finally, praying Randi was right when she said that Steven wasn't likely to climax when he was drunk, she positioned the tip of his penis by the opening of her vagina again and without giving herself a chance to reconsider, thrust her body down. I can't believe I managed to stay 'asleep' the whole time Anna and Britt were fucking me; but I lost it when Calista started sucking my dick and finger-fucking herself, and I started cumming like crazy."

The True Story of a Threesome

group marnieshaw 2018-04-30

Just as I began to ache from the pit of my tummy, I felt my breath catch as Sean kissed me, his lips and tongue teasing mine for a moment, then working downwards to my neck and collar, my shoulders. Lips met mine and hungrily I sucked them and licked my own, opening my eyes to see Emma's closed as she pressed her tongue deep into my mouth. Together we began, he taking her left leg and I, her right, tonguing and kissing the insides of her creamy thighs we travelled upwards until our mouths met. In a moment, we felt the shock of warm semen hit our skin, necks, shoulders, face, as Sean groaned with pleasure, his beautiful, brown body stretching instinctively.

The first time to try threesome!

group adel5000 2018-04-30

My wife Carmella loves my cock very much and we enjoy much of sex almost every day! “So do you want your fantasy to come true?” At this moment, I was fucking her really hard so she didn’t even refuse when I came inside her. I should say one thing about Carmella, there was not a sign of her tensing up as the huge head of Mathew’s cock pushed at her pussy. It enlarged slowly the hole and disappeared inside, Carmella made a noise, Mathew continued pushing and his cock penetrated deeper into Carmella’s willing cunt. Mathew didn’t stop fucking, he wanted to keep on fucking, but he couldn’t as his cock softened and refused to push in her cunt.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 23

group SteveWallace 2018-04-30

Again, I wondered in the back of my head how something so simple as a swap could take so long to arrange, but then I conjured up an image of Sheila standing in the backroom of some museum going over each piece, one at a time, turning it over in her hands, photographing it, and cataloging the piece as something they wanted to trade or not. The guy making the video with the iPhone kept it running, but swept around in another direction away from Sheila and the guy fucking her, this time showing a stage crew with a boom microphone, two other cameramen with profession high def cameras in their hands, a woman obviously a makeup artist, and three other people standing around watching the filming.


A teenagers dark secret

group 2018-04-30

I closed my eyes as I gripped it tightly, every pink fold of moistened fleshly ridge inside my vagina tingled, as they caressed and kissed the shaft moving freely in and out of me, my mind feverously concocting the scenario to match the size of my new vibrator, all three men taking turns with me, my finger rubbing my anus, as the second man hovered over this sacred entrance, and I pushed against him, my finger substitute parting the oiled folds, from my vagina, eased inside and pushed deep, whilst my lips parted with utterances of, 'Oh my God, Oh my God, Fuck me, Fuck me', before succumbing to the third cock, opening my mouth wide, all three pushing in and out, I let a deep sigh of explosive energy erupt as I entered my orgasm, my naked body convulsing and contorting, the eyes of many fixated in wonderment, as this lithe girl twisted in orgasmic pleasure, before coming to rest, my breathing spasmodic, my anal muscles tensing and relaxing, as each wave of pure pleasure swept over me, until I finally relaxed, some five minutes later.


group Veronica Sweet 2018-04-30

One night in a bar when Sam and I had just started dating Jess blurted out; "Sam says she really know how to use your tongue" and her sister nearly fainted from embarrassment and while I was embarrassed, I also felt a rush of pride as the group we were with responded to her statement. Sam was sleeping within minutes, which disappointed me because I was spooning behind her with my hard cock pressed against her ass and she just wasn't interested. I wanted nothing more then to close my eyes and enjoy the new mouth on my cock but I couldn't turn away from Sam's sleeping face.


One Night

group thekingofspain 2018-04-30

Cam introduced him as Warren, his friend and said that they would both walk me home and would then crash at his place. Cam slipped his arm round me but this time kept slipping his hand up to my bum, concerned he was flashing people driving past I kept moving it away but the whole situation was having an effect. I looked around and could see Warren further down the alleyway with his back to us, I started to kiss Cam more deeply. The wet sounds were not like I had heard before as Warrens dick moved Cam's cum around inside me several burp sounds came from me as he started to thrust into me.

Calvin in the Park

group loloishorny 2018-04-30

Tina, moves Lori to the side and pulls her shorts off and sits on his dick. Calvin, is moving his hips to fuck this girl, she gets off hard and gets up to let Lori lick her pussy. Calvin, is jerking his cock, then walks over to Tina and has put his dick in her mouth. Tina is sucking hard and Calvin is wanting to get off. Calvin pulls out of Lori's pussy and spits on her ass and sticks his dick in slowly. Tina il licking the cum off Lori's face. tina reaches over to Calvin and plants a huge kiss on his lips, grabs his dick and tells him to meet them.

Letter to Tommy Ch. 1

group Linda Jean 2018-04-30

(Normally he is not around) I felt light headed but not drunk, It was time for bed so I took an Ambian (it is a new sleeping pill the doctor gave me that day.) I always have trouble getting to sleep when Ron is not at home. He went over to her bed, pulled back her covers, opened her legs and he started playing with her pussy, he worked her and rubbed until Jill in her drunken stupor was responding to his touch. I caressed my nipples as I watched, I saw one of Josh's black friends come up to the open door of Jill's room and he said "Hey buddy can I have some of that when your done?" I was in shock and I was so fucking turned on I could hardly stop from touching myself.


1969 Pt. 01

group thexxxee 2018-04-30

Melissa could only guess, but there may have been over a dozen men who kept fucking the 19 year old over a period of time. Melissa was thinking that Martin's penis was fantastic, that it was not even in the same world as the white swinging fellows who she had fucked. For here, in this small locked storage area, a large black male was starting to go deeper inside a tiny white woman. He was bold enough to begin to think of her as a white Jezebel project, one which he and all his stateside friends could work on so long and so well that her little white woman vagina would become as large as the one he had left with the African Jezebel in Nigeria.