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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tina's Fantasy Fulfilled

group chriskayaks 2018-11-17

Needless to say, after only a few minutes, Kent was blowing his load down Tina’s throat with Mike slamming his cock home once more before groaning and filling her cunt with a weeks worth of pent up cum. Just as I thought she was going to call it a night and quit, she made the following request: “I want three huge cocks in me at once plus one in each hand.” She looked directly into my eyes while she told me to come stand at her head, then she selected the other four for her fantasy fuck. After I had retrieved a beer from the cooler for her I turned around and saw that Tina had spread her legs wide and was slowly drawing circles around her clit, using several loads of fresh cum for lubrication.

Black Lovers are Better

group Samuelx 2018-11-17

At the time of this story, I was a young Black man traveling on horseback from Georgia to Boston, Massachusetts. When I told Alan and James that I wanted to head down South to meet some family members, they were the ones who helped me raise the money. Here we were, three young Black men from the North traveling through the post-Civil War South. Emily was plain of face, plump-bodied and rather ordinary-looking but made up for it by rather fine-bodied : Large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed. I was a tall, good-looking young Black man. These prim and proper, lily-white Southern ladies couldn't have the world know that they lusted after the bodies of gorgeous Black men such as myself and my companions.

Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 02

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-17

"Feel like heading to the house and hitting the hot tub?" I remember asking Ray when Greg walked off. I looked at him with a bit of puzzled expression when he added, "When you mentioned the hot tub, I started debating with myself about whether of not we should ask Greg to join us, but I was afraid you might think I was trying to lead you down the same road of a couple of weeks ago, with Harry. I felt Ray back away slightly, his lips kissing my face, my ears, his hand softly caressing my breasts, while Greg moved between my legs, his hardness brushing across my stomach as he lowered his body to penetrate me, to fuck me.


cuckold lifestyle 41

group woreout 2018-11-17

She said good because I already called John and Mike and told them I needed my pussy serviced tonight. I walked back into the den and saw my wife was now riding John and Mike had his cock up her asshole. Mike said there's cum in your wife's cunt if you are...they both laughed as they went in the kitchen. I asked her how she felt...she said you tell me how do I feel then she took my left hand and pushed it up to her cunt, she was so loose I bet with a very small amount of work I could have fisted her .

Sinfully Sweet Erotic Evening

group Mysteria27 2018-11-17

Kathy and Jerry Winger were planning to take Tara out for a very interesting dinner. Tara was watching television when Kathy and Jerry entered the room. Kathy and Jerry took Tara by her hand and they walked around the room to find an empty sofa. Kathy and Tara were kissing passionately in the hot tub. Tara sat on her lap while Kathy played with her breasts and rubbed her sweet pussy. Jerry entered the hot tub and watched Kathy and Tara make out. Jerry pushed his cock into the babysitter’s pussy and fucked her in the hot tub. Eventually, they all fell asleep and several times during the night Kathy and Jerry pleasured Tara and made her cum while she slept.

How Did I Get Here? - Part 3

group QuartetHouse 2018-11-17

There were several more times we fucked in front of each other, including one wonderful occasion on a couch when Kat rode me while Vince banged Justy hard, doggy style, right next to us. Vince still didn’t want to fuck Kat, even though I was still banging Justy about once a week. Four bedrooms, so when Justy and Kat want to fuck, just the two of them, Vince and I each have a separate room, plus one room for when friends and family pay a visit. Both before and after Justy met Vince, Kat had told Justy that she had very few unfulfilled sexual fantasies left, but one she would really like to experience is a very big, very hard black cock.

Pay Back is a Bitch

group fem2410 2018-11-16

From what I could tell everything in my life was going well, until I walked in on my husband and my best friend (well I thought she was) in my house, in my bed. I walked slowly to my bedroom and slowly opened the door and there they were, my best friend and my husband fucking in our bed. I called my husband and told him I was going away for the weekend with some girl friends and would be back Sunday night. I got up from him and my best friend went over to him and he started to fuck her in the ass. While she was fucking me from behind I got between my best friend's legs and started eating her pussy.

A New World Part 7

group BadDog9 2018-11-16

Glancing down at my stiff rod in Jenn’s mouth, Riley said, “I want you in my ass.” The erotic sight of Jenn squirming in the grass as Riley licked her pussy while my stiff cock slid into her ass, filled me with an animalistic desire. Once in bed, Riley and Jenn took turns riding my hard cock, and tongue, until we’d all had powerful orgasms. There on the sidewalk were Riley and Jenn, both wearing extremely short skirts and very tight tank tops, and they were talking to Sam. They both looked amazing and I felt a slight pull in my groin as I descended the front steps.

Ms Marca …. Fort Worth Boat Show … Part 2

group MsMarca 2018-11-16

  "Sounds good but I don't think Rob would let me take a long lunch."   He just laughed and sat down on the bed to slip on his shoes..."Baby after I give him the order that I'm giving him in the morning he will give you all the time in the world!" I just looked at him and smiled.   "Yea, if you eat my cream pie you get to suck my nipples, you are going to love my cream pies!" Having said that, I quickly moved back and forward over his face planting my gushing pussy right over his mouth letting him know he had some major eating to do.


Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 09

group Samuelx 2018-11-16

A lot of Black men like to fuck white women in the ass. Today, I'm dominating a six-foot-one, busty and big-bottomed, deliciously heavyset Black woman named Roselyn Joseph. Roselyn squealed as I gave her big black butt the sound whipping that it deserved. I let her have it, loving the way her big black ass jiggled as I whipped. After giving Roselyn's ass a good whipping, I decided to re-introduce her to the wonders of anal sex. Yeah, the big Black woman's asshole took all of my dick. After this memorable experience, I added Roselyn Joseph to my racially diverse stable of horny women and sexy men whom I fuck whenever I feel like it.


MY MD Had A Eye On My Wife

group bava12 2018-11-16

My wife wanted to turn around and face him but he held her facing away and started slowly grinding his groin into her butt while his hands were playing with her waist under her saree. MD said “Anjali you are very sexy and I want to enjoy you” and he quickly turned my wife around to face him and embraced her firmly in his arms and sealed her lips with his lips, drowning out her feeble protests. Last minute modesty was not going to save anything and my MD commanded her to leave his hand and open her legs and he mockingly told her “You bitch you were pretending to be so uptight but actually came prepared to be fucked by me today, didn’t you?.”

Mel's Celebration

group Jayne33 2018-11-16

Our sexy butterfly was a Twenty-Eight-year-old, English woman called Melissa, but most people knew her as Mel. She’d drifted through her late teens and into her adulthood attached to a man called Brian. She’d take great pleasure in shocking the men that passed through her life with her dirty desires, taunting them and driving them crazy, making them want her and unwittingly creating a challenge to get what they knew they couldn’t have. There were some of the men that she wanted to spend one on one time with, like Matt the sexy muscular hunk that got her shaking and dripping wet whenever she saw him. With the taste of Andy still fresh in her mouth, her skillful hands soon had John and Ian spurting their hot, creamy load over her face and body.

Sorority Slumber Party ~ Part 1a

group gela08 2018-11-16

Amy got up and asked me how I felt about eating pussy.  I told her that I was nervous and that I wouldn't know what to do.  Amy told Mercedes to re-position herself so that her beautifully shaved pussy was right over my face.  Amy rubbed Mercedes pussy and guided her to my face.  I thought about all the movies I had watched and decided what was the worst I could do.  This is the crazy part.  I actually knew what to do.  I pulled Mercedes down on my face and began to suck on her clit.  Her juices were so sweet.  It was like sweet nectar.  I was feeling so good, I felt high.  Mercedes tightened up her body and her sweet white juice ran down my face and neck.  Mercedes must of felt high too, because at that moment when she came she bent down to complete our  first 69 position.  I was raising up my hips to meet her sexy face.  All you could hear is slurping and sucking.  Amy was sitting on the bed next to us rubbing her own clit.

Freedom From Clothes Party

group rubysen 2018-11-16

After I approved of her dressing she put me back on the table and gave me a light shave in my armpits, legs, thighs and after turning me round she cleaned up the very thin hair that I have between my waist line and the top of the buttocks. She kissed Jay, fondled his cock, patted his bum and continued, “ I suggest that men show their chivalry by taking the lead in baring their bodies, as the women folk enjoy. Ranjana (Bengali) – his wife, 35/36, 5’ 4”, exquisitely beautiful face, very fair and silky skin, the body had excellent curves, well shaped conical breasts with large juicy nipples, large hips made the waist line look thin, very sexy belly and well shaped thighs.


Black Cuckolding: Haitian Style

group Samuelx 2018-11-16

"Got room for one more?" Alexandre said, grinning as he stroked his big dark dick, and without waiting for a response from a moaning Esther or a pussy-eating David, he joined them on the bed. "Bout time," David said, and he shook his ass ever so slightly, turned around and winked at Alexandre, then focused his attention on Esther's cunt, which lay open like a flower sensing sunlight. Laughing, Alexandre winked at Esther, who gave him the thumbs up sign and she watched excitedly as Alexandre gripped David's hips and began fucking the shorter man with gusto, burying his dick deep inside his ass. "Damn, Al, you look so handsome with your dick up Esther's ass," David said, grinning, and then he impulsively kissed Alexandre on the lips.

OHGIRL: Philly Roadtrip

group ohgirl1 2018-11-16

His short friend stood and watched as I was told to suck his friend hard again and then my clothing was pulled off and the tall guy proceeded to bang me on the bed in the room. Jeffrey pulled me back onto his lap and bounced me on his cock just before he pushed up, impaling me on his long pole and released another gusher of of his warm jizz, this time deep in my ass. Jeffrey was fucking me with long, hard deep strokes and I was grunting loudly when the shower curtain was ripped from the wall and Shawn stood there watching me with his cousin.

Chanel, Ethan and Taniyah 10

group tangerinesky 2018-11-16

"Alright, alright, you guys won fair and square," Taniyah says, raising her hands, then she looks right at me. "Let's go find the guys and fuck with them while I'm still drunk,” she says, and tosses the last of her menthol.We giggle and make our way inside, finding Ethan in the kitchen, standing at the island. Taniyah quickly joins in, biting my bottom lip, and starts kissing Ethan. I look up to Ethan from my kneeling position and his mouth is open, his eyes wide taking in the scene. As soon as I do, Ethan stands up and turns Taniyah around and kisses her, leaving me wanting. Ethan leans in to kiss my neck and whispers quietly, “Can I fuck her?” He kisses my neck again and pulls back looking at me.

Four Wheeling Ladies Chapter 2

group MysticMike3204 2018-11-16

I so wanted to fuck these two beautiful ladies, to slap my balls against their molten cunts and to feel their pussy muscles grab my throbbing cock. With a deep inhaling of her breath, she opened her legs ever so slightly wider, allowing me access to her waiting wet pussy. Kate inhaled a deep and passionate breath between her teeth as Gill teased her clit. I slowly pressed to get my cock to enter but she held my cock tightly and only let an inch slide between her lips and slip inside the tightness of her very wet pussy. Her love juices were spilling from between her lips as my cock was withdrawn almost fully and re-driven with some force deep into the depths.


The Bookstore

group mranonymous7 2018-11-16

As Deb was expertly and lovingly working my engorged shaft with her talented mouth, my lustful vision was now shifting from her beautiful lips tightly encircling my shaft, to her breasts as they jiggled and shook in time with her ministrations on my cock to the action on the video screen showing a like image of the same thing that I was now receiving. Hearing an audible moan through the wall, she must have struck a magnificent cord, for as she removed her mouth from his organ and started to hungrily suck mine, his cock and balls spasmed, expelling his creamy white load onto her still stroking hand and down to the floor.

How'd that happen 2

group oldrascal 2018-11-16

I finally took the bull by the horns and said “Listen, you ladies are acting like observers instead of participants in last nights festivities and I'm a little tired of gettin' a snub here. Her large upright breasts were a sight the old-time sculptors were always trying for but never reached the perfectionthey sought.I now beheld her lush hips framed a beautiful pussy with a small patch of crisp black hair above. That's one reason we're going to Sante Fe. They probably won't have heard about us and our old manager said that the patrons of theater in Sate Fe would welcome us” Sandra declared. Sandra affirmed this “ I was raised in a very wealthy family and know all the ways that wealthy people are to act and behave.

Three times the people, Twice the fun

group Boyd254 2018-11-16

  As I walked up to the door, she took her hand and ran it over the side of her ass cheek.   Placing her head on the bed, she spread her legs and slid two fingers inside her.   Briefly placing her finger tips inside my mouth, she soaked up my spit and then continued to rub her clit.   She looked down at my cock and every time the head would pop through her soft breast, she placed it in her mouth.   My fingers slid in and out of her ass with great force, his cock abused her mouth and mine was beaten by her wet box.   Lying on the bed, she took both of her hands and gently placed them on each of our mouths.

King of the Bisexual Black Nation

group Samuelx 2018-11-16

He's a tall, lean and dark-skinned young Black man who plays soccer for Northeastern University. A tall, light-skinned Black man with an fro introduced himself as Jake, one of Jerome's teammates on the Northeastern Soccer team. He came to the party with a curvy, dark-skinned and big-booty young Black woman named Yvette. I watched as she took Jerome's member into her mouth and began sucking on it while stroking and fondling me. Watching Ramona suck Jerome's dick filled me with excitement, and a bit of envy. Jerome told me he wanted to watch me fuck his girlfriend, and Ramona was okay with that. At one point, I tentatively went down on Jerome, trying to take his big cock in my mouth while Ramona spread my ass cheeks and fingered me.

Gang Bang Barbie – New Year’s Edition

group Poppet 2018-11-16

“Well, I’m sorry I didn’t want to go to your grandparents and ring in the New Year with people who were born at the turn of the century, Marissa.” I notice a few people looking at us, wondering why I’m taking the attention of four men. Now no one has ever told me the rules of how many people you’re allowed to kiss at midnight on New Year’s, but tonight I have the chance to kiss four and I’m taking the opportunity. He’s so deep inside my ass, I feel as though he is going to split me wide open like a peach on a hot summer’s day. He thrusts a little faster, wanting to feel that moan last forever on his thick cock.

Temptation by all

group Hot-Lesbian 2018-11-16

Mary followed Kayla to her dressing room, today was going to be the day where she would fuck her senseless. "Oooohhhh fuck yeah bitch keep doing that, force your tongue into my pussy yeeaahhh thats it, fuck it bitch, fuck it!!!" Mary screamed as she face fucked Kayla."Ooooh yea im going to cum bitch!!! Todd positioned himself behind Mary and started fucking her while she fucked Kayla, this lasted a few more minutes before they all came together and collapsed in a heap. Kayla would always remember the day she was gruesomely fucked by Todd and Mary but the best thing was she enjoyed every second of it.