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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Caught On Film

group Mike W 2018-04-30

I slid two, the three fingers into Lisa's cunt, now growing hotter by the minute, and hand-fucked her like that while pressing my tongue hard onto her swelling clit. A woman we had met was leaning against the bar with both hands while her partner fucked her hard from behind. The woman gasped and breathed hard, then slowly pushed against the guys hand. Lisa and I managed to get our concentration back, and I told her to go and say hello to a guy chained to the wall with his cock sticking high in the air. Before I'd even got naked, she was being held by three guys as another pushed a big fake cock in her ass, and two silver vibrtors in her cunt.

She Spends Weekend with Them Ch. 04

group metacarpal 2018-04-30

All it took was a nod from Dale and the young man quickly mounted Bev from behind and carefully pushed his oversized cock into her. The scene showed that Dale obviously got up from the bed and took the camera from its perch and moved it closer for a better view of the young man fucking his wife. As soon as the young man pulled out of Bev, Dale quickly took his place and resumed fucking Bev, still lying prone on the bed. "Making videos of that weekend's adventure's made it even more exciting, plus we get to re-live it whenever we want, and to entertain special guests like you.' Bev told her. The video continued, showing Dale and the young man fuck Bev a total of four times during that encounter.

Not All Mine

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-04-30

We had sex again, wonderful, glorious sex, and I felt redeemed, and I knew they had all been fools, they had been wrong and I was right, she loved me, I knew by the way she kissed me, by the way she opened her legs and let me slip my dick inside her, the way she held me during sex. I saw Mike and some of my other friends, staring at me as we left, my hand in hers, even as she kissed Zack outside the car. Charlene sat in the back between me and Zack, still holding my hand as we pulled away, Steve turned in his seat and leaned into the back, and Charlene leaned forward and I watched them making out, my heart torn in two.


College Roommate's Sister

group Robb 2018-04-30

I'm not ready to have you in my pussy yet, but I can tell you that it will be soon." In our emails to each other, Kris expressed that although she desperately wanted this meeting, she was not sure about having me fuck her yet. We didn't close the curtains and there was a little section open and there was a girl who was 18 years old watching Kris suck on my cock. Kris helped the girl take her hand out of her pants and started sucking on her fingers. "If you are interested later on getting a real good taste of that, stop by tonight and I'll give you all that you like." Kris told her.

Lisa is a Wonderful Friend

group Jason Danger 2018-04-30

Mark looked up and saw her lying back with her eyes closed, she was pinching her nipples and moaning, he took his fingers out of her pussy and opened her lips, Lisa taught him that, he liked it, he worked on her clit with his tongue, Jayne was going crazy, she was shouting and moaning, Mark licked faster and with his other hand started stroking her anus, sneakily inserting a finger. She moved round the bed and started to lick Jayne's tits, alternating between the left and right and kissing Mark. Mark went to get a cigarette and when he returned Lisa and Jayne were kissing and licking and stroking each other, one hand between the others legs.

Suzanne the Desert: Day 04

group mountainboy 2018-04-30

Have you ever had your ass Fucked, Kris?” Buck kissed her neck softly and ran his tongue around her ear as he dropped his right hand and started to massage her pussy through her shorts. He rotated his finger around in her ass causing her to moan as he said, “I’m going to Fuck your ass again Paddy and then make you suck the jizz out of my cock.” He walked over and got the anal vibe out of the bag and handed it to Patricia. “Oh God,” she moaned, “I’ve been fucked and sucked so much and I’m horny again.” Suzanne reached down and positioned his Cock at the mouth of her pussy and slid all the way down with a, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh good.” Suzanne was squirming on Buck’s lap and having small orgasms.


The Sauna

group blackbird131 2018-04-30

I now place my right hand on Ashley's pussy and press my lips and tongue into Bri's now dripping, smooth pussy. Bri's hands slide down and cup her friends pussy, playing with Ashley's hole while I tease her with my cock. Ashley is rubbing her hands up and down my legs as I pump my cock deep inside Bri's burning pussy. I press my hips side to side, waving my cock deep inside Bri. My balls slip back and forth across Ashley's pussy. Bri just grabs my ass and presses her pussy at the base of my cock as I slide deep into Ashley's boiling cauldron. My balls slide down Bri's wet dripping pussy as I press deep into Ashley.


Hotel Fun Ch. 02

group realcitykid 2018-04-30

DEAR READERS: This is a continuation of my very first story, "Hotel Fun," in which the narrator meets up with a long-lost friend, and takes her to his hotel room for a hot fuck involving some exhibitionism. Here's the sequel, written especially for my friend (you know who you are, sexy thing) who's been so good at making me cum so very hard all these years. Your mind has been wandering back to that window at the Four Seasons, that window where I fucked you hard in full view of whomever cared to look up or across. All day your pussy has been moist, thinking about how hot you were, exposed for all to see as I fucked you deep and hard.

A Fantasy Fulfilled

group frustratedpoodle 2018-04-30

"You're going to let me watch Greg fuck you in the ass," I informed breathily, and his eyes grew wide as he pushed Lila's head down on him again. Spitting down the crack of her ass and using one hand to rub her clit, I moaned as Greg's cock slid in, beginning a slow fuck that had Lila moaning so loud I was afraid the neighbors would hear, but I didn't care. Lila was about to come, and her body went briefly rigid before the spasms came, breathless as she begged Greg to slam that cock into her ass. Lila moved behind us, her tongue gentle on Greg's balls as her finger slid into my asshole in perfect rhythm with the dick that invaded my pussy.

After Dinner Comes Dessert

group kittenkinky 2018-04-30

A little smile played around her lips as she watched Ben. One arm was lifted lazily above her head and he saw the glittering bracelet, Jon's gift, wrapped tightly around her slender wrist. She groaned loudly and he saw Bella and Jon both turn to look, Bella's mouth still full of Jon. It could have been comical except he was so fucking turned on, he thought he would come inside Amelia while watching Bella watching him, with her mouth full of hard throbbing cock. Jon's eyes were also closed but a small smile played around his lips as he held onto Bella's hips feeling her move up and down on his cock.


Carmen's Fantasies Ch. 3

group nawty48 2018-04-30

"Now we'll have to use our imagination," Ann says, "because Sandy could hardly pass as a guy--not with her big D-cups!" Everyone laughs except the tattooed girl who just grins and licks her lips. The girl, named Randi, prefers to practice the last maneuver that Ann demonstrated, letting Sandy get very lucky before grabbing her crotch and strangling her. Lending her hands and feet to the cause, the sadistic blonde works on Sandy's tits and belly while the tattooed girl keeps punishing her ass. Grasping them like door knobs, Ann nearly pulls Sandy off the floor, and Randi turns her spiders loose on the redhead's face again.


The List

group kinkynkazoo 2018-04-30

She felt that this dusky woman liked verbal foreplay and as Keith wouldn't be to the bar for another hour, Elizabeth thought she would strike up a conversation. Sue took a long look at Elizabeths husband, thinking that she didn't give a fair description of him. Budd walked into the bar only a few moments later, found Sue and introduced himself to Elizabeth and Keith. "Yes Sue, let her." Keith looked Sue directly in the eye as he said it, letting her know that it was exactly what Elizabeth wanted and he was okay with it. Sue waited for Budd's excited reply, knowing her husband well enough to know that his cock would be getting hard just at the thought of her and Elizabeth together.


How to save a marriage (Part 4)

group 2018-04-30

My cock was solid now, watching this and a male voice in my ear said, 'So, your wife looks as if she is going to enjoy this evening'. The pair of hands left my nipples and thumbs hooked into the waistband of my underpants and I felt the guys body slide down my back as he dropped to his knees, pulling my pants all the away down. I had not yet cum and so was still sporting a nice firm erection and espying a rather attractive woman in her late 20's having a soaking cock withdrawing from her cunt, I walked over, dropped to my knees and licked her clean of the other guys sperm, again loving the taste and combination of mixed male and female juices.

Sisters Do the Contractors

group canemont 2018-04-30

"Look baby we all know what you want, maybe more like what you need, to fuck our hard cocks so why don't you just admit it and let's have a good time." She looked up at Matt as he told Steve to keep playing with her pussy while he pulled her big tits out of her dress and sucked them hard into his mouth. Matt looked at me and said, "It looks like your sister's pussy needs to be cleaned up a little why don't you suck the cum out of her hot hole and get her ready for my big cock."

A new kind of cuck.

group fillmeup2 2018-04-30

"Mike tell that whore wife of yours how you love me sucking your besautiful cock!" "Fuck baby! The more he licked and suck the wetter my pussy got."Tell him yu love to see his tongue deep inside my cunt slut!" I did love watching her drown him in her cunt juice. "Tell your whore how good this pussy is Mike!" "IT'S FUCKING OUT OF THIS WORLD BABY! "See bitch this dick is mine now!" Yes it is baby!Fuck your new cock!"She bounced her ass all over my mans cock. She sceamed out ith her powerful voice,"FUCK MY ASS BABY.......DAYUUUUUUM!" Those words alone sent my man into a humping frenzy and he began to nut deep in her ass.

Trying Out My New Toy

group BitemyBows 2018-04-30

A moment later your arms are around me, kissing my neck and pulling my hips into your body so that I could feel the hard dick you had trapped inside your jeans. To my surprise, you turn me around right there on your front porch and fumble with my jeans button, then I feel a rush of cool night air on my ass and your hot breath. You pulled my head back by my hair, knowing that force drives me wild and grunted, "Now it's my turn to cum baby." And with that you fucked my ass until I felt your nails dig into my hips, pulling me as far onto your dick as you could, releasing your cum into my tight asshole as I quivered with another orgasm, even more intense than the first.

University Discoveries Ch. 05

group fantasyhunter2 2018-04-30

I gave into the feeling and opened the buttons of my fly when Lindsey bent down and took Shelly's left tit in her mouth. Shelly began caressing Lindsey's ass as the taller girl sucked on her tits and more commercials played on the radio. "Oh fuck, please suck his cock for us," Lindsey cooed as Shelly pulled her fingers from my mouth. Lindsey continued to eat her friend's cunt as Shelly leaned over and turned the kiss into a three tongue dance. When Greg stumbled back and dropped onto the floor to rest, Lindsey moved from my cock to Shelly's cum dripping pussy. I have no idea how many times the girls came before Greg and I finally dumped our second load at almost the same moment.


Sharing Jamie

group KissnTellJessie 2018-04-30

Sarah pushed my legs all the way open then, looking up to make sure Jamie could see what she had exposed for him, as if my throbbing pussy was a gift from her and her naked breasts, only a few inches away made it clear she was going to give him her own body too. As I began sliding back and forth, taking him balls-deep into my smoothly shaved pussy, Sarah knelt with one leg either side of his head and leant forward to kiss me, rubbing my nipples at the same time. Sarah came up behind me and lifted me from Jamie's still-hard cock, pulling me down on top of her so that we both faced up with our legs wide open, again giving him a full view of two soaking wet pussies.

Mary's Introduction Ch. 03

group MistressMerry 2018-04-30

She was smiling with a hint of mischief in her eyes, "You said you were sexually attracted to me; any fantasies?" she felt his cock twitch again and start to get hard again. He reached down and stroked her clit hard and she screamed out as her orgasm hit; her anal muscles clinched around his cock and he started pumping faster and faster; harder and harder until he felt his balls tightening then pumping his cum into her ass. Mary started laughing finding it hard to suppress, "Who do you want to sleep next to: Steve, Alisha, or me?" Mary eased her face down between Alisha's legs and slowly started to lick her cunt lips and suck on them.


Dragan's Fantasy Comes True

group NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-04-30

"Honey, would you mind if I fucked your ass tonight?" I said while I watched Liza suck my cock. I thought for a minute and said, "I think you should become her new friend, but try to keep her away from the others." "So, who wants a cup of coffee?" said Liza and led the way to the kitchen. Liza laughed and said, "Yeah, first he wanted to be a fireman, then a policeman, and when he realized those two degrees weren't an option, he finally decided on finance as his major." On Michelle, it also looked good, but since she was shorter than Liza it reached much further down on her thigh.


My Debauchery

group Sir_Intuit 2018-04-30

Considering my own now habitual crotch-gazing, I thought that it might be exciting to see the naked reality and enjoy the view of a few loose cocks and I really didn't mind that he would no doubt feast his eyes on all the tits he was likely to see. I began to wonder what John would say if I told him that I had been fucked in every hole by a man who, an hour ago, I had never met while his wife had fingered me and squeezed my tits between her knees.


The Good Girl Ch. 07

group Katies 2018-04-30

Her tongue pushed into my mouth as I felt the cock in my pussy twitch and erupt, depositing the first load of cum for the night deep inside of me. Her hips started to buck as my tongue pushed back into her tight little hole and my fingers started to pick up speed, working her pussy like they had a mind of their own. Her tongue pushed deeper into my mouth, licking my teeth and tasting the pool of cum inside as I felt another pair of rough hands grab my hips. A stiff rod of swollen flesh split my pussy lips, starting to fuck me as Shannon's fingers stroked through my hair and I swallowed down the mouthful of cum she had given me.

A Big One for the Nurses

group BigTimmy 2018-04-30

I had longed for the feeling of a womanly touch on my crank for over two days now, and moaned in pleasure as nurse Kelly continued her gentle massaging of my cock and balls. Only after I opened my eyes again did I realize with shock horror that nurse Shauna was standing in front of my bed, just behind Kelly, who continued unknowingly to kiss and fondle my plum-sized cockhead. Kelly continued to suck on my throbbing manhood while I watched nurse Shauna finger her soaked clit through her white panties. Shauna put her clothes back on and darted out of the room, leaving me with nurse Kelly, who was still fondling and licking my extremely hard rod.


Misty's Reluctant Gangbang

group michaeleden 2018-04-30

Pleasing him the way he wanted to be pleased with every pull of her hair, with every spank on her ass, with every ounce of him she swallowed she started to feel like that was her purpose in life. When the guy sat down, Charlie grabbed Misty by the hair and pushed her head into his lap. While she was giving one guy head, the other four were rubbing her pussy, pulling on her tits or spanking her ass. Then, Charlie sat down on the couch beside the guy Misty was sucking. Five guys stood around Misty stroking themselves and wiping cum on her cheek and in her mouth. "Alright guys." Looking back at Misty, "I don't think that's a good idea."