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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Erica's Story Pt. 03

group philipmitchellstein 2018-04-30

As soon as Erica's open mouth is below his shaft, Jim starts face fucking her, forcing Erica's lips to move down his erection until her is pushing against the back of her throat. Tina laps at the final wave of pussy juice oozing from Erica's puffy red slit then pulls away, and looks up at Jim and Stephen, "I need Erica to eat me out now. Erica's pussy has been dripping wet from the moment John started slapping her ass and his cock slides easily in and out as he begins to pound hard.


Cum in Atlanta Again

group twistedgraygoat 2018-04-30

Let me have him now!" and Ellie lays down on the bed with her legs raised and open. Our room service waiter gets in position and I guide his now rigid, cock into Ellie's waiting love hole. I started for him by dragging my DD breasts across his body and presenting my pussy to him in a 69 position while taking his cock in my mouth and loving it with tender kisses, sucks, and licks. Not to be outdone, Ellie lay on the bed by my head and began sucking his balls and pinching my already erect nipples. I woke up one time during the night when Ellie and Josh were making love and another time when he was caressing my breasts and pussy.

The Parking Lot

group rdgnyc 2018-04-30

Jim was next in the seat and positioned Syd so he could fuck her while they both watched Redhead and Chair Man. Jim did not miss a beat, broke the kiss and while his own lover was coming and eating her friend – he positioned his cock and stared to fuck Syd. While Jim was fucking Syd, Roni climbed off her and stared licking Syd’s nipples and playing with both her own and Syd’s clits. Then, when Jim withdrew from her, Roni knew they were all close to coming, so she lay back in the Jeep and pushed her dripping pussy in Syd’s face again.

Moe, the Fuckslut

group daniel337 2018-04-30

Moe's pussy already feels wet, because she likes the cocks of young inexperienced boys. Hidden behind the bushes, the boys take down their trousers; they like showing Moe their hard young cocks. Soon the boys cocks are so hard and they are so excited that they cannot hold themselves back anymore and, although Moe hasn't given them permission, they are forcing their stiff penises deep up inside her slutty fuckbitch vagina. She likes knowing how hard and sexy they are for her, and how much they want to fill her slut cunt with all their young boyish sperm. When Moe gets ****d by young schoolboys, like this, she comes home with their sperm all over her, with the smell of their fresh semen on her breath and wet semen stains on her clothes.

Island Fever Ch. 18

group Jeremydcp 2018-04-30

Lindsay, who was dressed in a little G-string and bra, with a leather submissive collar (and an accompanying chain (leash)) secured around her throat, squealed as Amy offered her taut ass a hard swat and then pointed toward the other side of the room. The erection I received earlier while watching Devon and Kristanna kiss each other began to pulse within my shorts as Lindsay immediately complied with Amy's demand by leaning over and pressing her pink, lush lips to those toes. Amy, who was wielding the strap with her right hand, had quite the devious look upon her face as she offered Lindsay's tight, little ass another hard swat. "Look at you lick my pussy," Amy grinned, using her right hand to yank and pull on Lindsay's hair.


A Whale of a Sail

group 1mbibry 2018-04-30

Dan & Jill quickly respond in unison "I thought you'd never ask!" We all chuckled a bit and agreed to meet back here at the boat in an hour and a half. By the time Dan and Jill arrived I'd readied the boat for departure so I welcomed them aboard, made them comfortable, and opened the cooler full of beers. As these thoughts raced through my mind my eyes glanced up towards Jill's beautiful breasts now glistening in the hot sun on the foredeck. As my cock began to grow and poke out below the hem of my shorts I looked back at a now grinning Dan. I stood and began to slowly make my way forward towards Jill.

Having been caught trying on a pair of my wife&rsq

group caughtinpantiesbywife 2018-04-30

"Oh I see what you ladies mean he is in panties" I felt a hand on my cheek and she said "Mmm feels like panties too how nice" It was our waitress so ladies is it true from the sms I've gotten he'll lick my pussy or anus..." she laughed My wife just played with my raging cock and said "yes of course want to try." "Well Panty boy that was very nice to watch" said the mother "now come and lick my pussy" my wife took my hand and led me across the room and whispered do as your told this one will spank you!

Neighborly Relations Pt. 02

group R_D_Eddy 2018-04-30

Later, after Daryl had already started work at the car dealership, Bob Taylor and his new bride moved to town and he applied for a job as a salesman. "We should play strip pinochle," Carla said, after they (she was teamed up with Daryl) won another hand. It ended with Daryl and Carla screwing in the center of the living room rug while Bob and Jennifer sat on the couch in their underwear watching. "I'm still lactating from Kyle," she confided once, and now that I'm knocked up again the milk just flows like crazy." And, when Jennifer asked why she hadn't dried up since breastfeeding the four year-old, she confided, "Well, John won't leave my tits alone long enough to stop running.


Glory Hole Party

group jaspmon 2018-04-30

Again she assumed the position, inserting her nipples into the cut-out holes, grabbing the Oh shit handles and pressuring her breast into the rubber separating film so that her nipples protruded as far as they could to the other side. The timer went off again and she moved to bay number 4, assumed her position, and before she could even grab the handles he began to work her nipples. He definitely knew his way around a nipple, tugging, biting, rolling it between his front teeth, then sucking it deep into his mouth and massaging it with the back of his tongue. By the time the timer went off she was ready to be fucked and fucked hard, but she knew it was the women's turn to suck the men so she would have to hold off for a while longer.

Dream Vacation Pt. 03

group Xenolan 2018-04-30

Not just lips and tongues but tits came into play as Katiana squeezed her D-cups around my manhood and slid gently up and down, while Trina used a fingertip dripping wet with saliva to softly massage the very tip of my cock. "Come on, Trina, I'm sure you get all the time you want for that sort of thing. After squaring things with Samantha and assuring her that it was my wish to give Trina the afternoon to herself (and to give Katiana an extra hundred bucks as thanks for her exquisite massage), I went back up to my room to stretch out for a while and relax. I wanted to let you know that I miss you, but I think it's great that you're having fun with your friends.


My Gift to You

group hot_wrider 2018-04-30

You sit on the edge of the bed and watch as I walk over to her and kiss her fully on the mouth. We kneel down and run our tongues on either side of your hard cock meeting at the top to kiss. I guide Sam over to lie down at the top of the bed and kiss her tits, soft belly and hips as I make my way to her waiting cunt. You stand at the edge of the bed and pull her legs up over your shoulders and enter her as I kneel over her face so she can feast on me. I bend over and put my face right above her bush and watch closely as your hard cock pounds away at her.

The Island

group silentheart420 2018-04-30

"Captain Samantha White, of the S.S. Lily Pad. Hail!" Pretty much my standard greeting as the bumpers of the Gunship tapped the side of my ship and hooked on. "Under the US Patriot Act we reserve the right to search your ship, for contraband and illegal aliens." said the man as his crew looked over the Lily Pad. "Fucking Pigs." I stated as the 3 of us mooned them; the Lily Pad headed safely into International Waters and truest freedom. I started in earnest on licking, chewing and sucking Sandra's clit and pussy lips as Dan pushed all the way into me then slowly withdrew out. I turned my head to the right in time to see a terrible spinning blade being lowered by some white doctor type dude onto Dan's bare chest.

I Couldn't Wait

group TwoFineLovers 2018-04-30

Rita began moaning into my pussy; licking and stabbing her tongue deep inside. I spread her cheeks and began licking the bottom of her pussy, all the way up to her ass, my tongue probing her tight little hole. You hesitated at first to enter the room, feeling a little bit guilty about watching us, but when you finally saw us and how hot and sexy we both looked, all inhibitions went out the window. You then turned to Rita and grabbed one of her tits and kissed her hard. As you concentrated on Rita, I slid between your legs and placed your big cock between my tits. Rita licks my nipples as you finger fuck my ass.

Insurance Slave Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-04-30

Master Ned and Mistress Roxanne had recently enlisted the services of Maxwell and Worthington, the law firm at which Helen had been employed as an associate. The legal changes involved in keeping Helen as their slave more permanently necessarily involved an attorney, not to mention a few other matters, so it made sense to have Chelsea Worthington on retainer. As he watched his slave eat Chelsea out, Ned felt Roxanne's lips enclose his dick and her tongue lick it from base to head. "Damn, Master, this English vixen really knows how to use her tongue!" Roxie shivered, but wasn't able to cum again, in reaction to the sheer ecstasy of sharing Chelsea's mouth with her beau.

The Chair Ch. 02

group HannibalSmith 2018-04-30

With a quick wink in my direction, my wife's tongue began teasing Stacy's slit, slowly and gently flicking across her wet lips, grazing the blonde's tight hole and causing her to moan lowly in anticipation. Stacy's lips left my wife's breast and continued downward, licking and kissing down her abdomen, running her fingers down to the small, trimmed triangle of pubic hair, wet with my wife's juices that was sliding up and down my cock. In long strokes, Stacy licked my cock up to my wife's clit, pausing temporarily to tease it gently before repeating the process, causing both of us to moan in pleasure before running her tongue under the folds of my wife's cunt, tasting her slit and my cock simultaneously.

The Country hotel Ch. 03

group david62 2018-04-30

A few weeks later, Jill the hotel owner, held a meeting with Marina and Debbie, to discuss how the Hotel was progressing and the girls night time activities. I don't know what you intend, but I thought this was just a business meeting." Marina whispered, not moving or resisting the groping hands. When he reached it, Marina's head fell back, she sighed and smiled, opening her legs a little. Then marina pulled away as she came for the first time, with a deep, satisfied sigh as beads of sweat formed on her face. Finally Andrew gently pushed Bill away and moved between Marina's thighs, having put on a condom. Meanwhile Bill moved above Marina's head and extended her neck with his hand, making her mouth and throat a straight line.


One Then Two And Plans For Three

group walterio 2018-04-30

If anyone tried to enter my office while we were having sex, Cathleen and I would have time to tidy ourselves up before I removed the brace and opened the door. After several minutes of finger fucking her pussy and asshole I couldn't wait any longer and I had to get my cock in her beautiful ass. Cathleen was going wild as she loved the feel of my cock as it pulled out and then came crashing back in and filled her ass. After the ass fuck I rolled Cathleen over on her back and continued the massage this time working her tits, abs, legs and pubes.


Elaine at the Party

group beygaze1 2018-04-30

"Listen, Laney," Amanda said and took Elaine's hands. Amanda wanted to present Elaine as her slave and share her quiet lover with the men at the party. Normally, Amanda could get a woman to sign her slave papers within a few weeks, sometimes less, but she had lingered with Elaine for a year, always finding a reason to put off enslaving and selling her wonderful roommate. She looked at the beautiful woman she had enticed into going to a party where multiple men she had never met would be having sex with her. A group of four men stood by the fireplace with drinks in their hands and looked at Elaine and Amanda as they entered and stopped at the doorway.


Annie's Double Fun

group mjar65 2018-04-30

At the same time I got to suck on John's larger cock and thank him a little more directly for bringing home my new lover. I let him get into position and when he was pointing straight at my soaking wet cunt I reached down and took his young cock in my hand. For a young guy Vince knows a woman's body pretty well and with the extra attention I just kept cumming and cumming around John's cock. John knew what I needed and the boys kept swapping and kept fucking my cunt, giving me new sensations each time they took a turn in me. My man is no slouch in the gym himself but with Vince so close to me I made sure I got a good feel of his young, hard body.


Penny's Surprise Ch. 03

group Linda Jean 2018-04-30

Sure enough as I bent over the first table I felt two hands go straight to my bare open buttocks both went straight to my vagina. "Hold on Jake, you are scheduled for Friday, you know that, she is not to be fucked until tomorrow" another guy yelled out "yea Jake, I get first crack at that pussy, you'll get your" Jake yelled back "Yea, but she wants it now, don't you baby?" I kept grinding my ass back against the hands and said in a very sexual state "No, No, I don't, I don't" I heard every one laugh, some shouted out "Liar, you want it now Bitch" I knew they knew my body was saying differently.

Caught in the Act

group Dana Gallagher 2018-04-30

Your eyes are plastered to the action occurring in front of them, even if your mind chooses to go elsewhere, since it kind of has to so you could keep your sanity while you watch two beautiful women making love right in front of you and resist the urge to neither join in nor beat your meat off in that dark corner. Next, Rachael's hand moves down between my legs, and even though her mouth and tongue have already given me so much pleasure she begins to work diligently at pleasing me once more with the vigorous movements of her fingers.


Julie's Tale Pt. 02

group JulieRichUK 2018-04-30

It departs a little now as Richard still has my lips held open but lifts his head away and looks at me, I paused and look down, Ian is stood between my legs, holding his wide cock in his right hand, he has slid a condom on and his fingers of his left hand explore me, he looked at me, I nod, he slaps his member on my wetness twice, then slowly eases forward, I stop sucking Richard as he watches, as he holds me open.

So Wrong... But So Right!

group bonnyg 2018-04-30

"And a good morning to you, Alysia, you noisy little minx!" Sarah smiled, "I hope Steve was a good little boy for you?" "As always!" Alysia said, "He's a fucking stud!" She grinned and turned to look at Steve as he breathlessly limped into the room. Sarah stroked her hand suggestively over George's hairy arm, chuckling at his little witticisms and jokes, holding his eye. Sarah's nipples became more defined on her breasts as Alysia smiled at her, raising her eyebrows, obviously aware of, and allowing, her husband's flirty behaviour. "It looks like it's getting too busy in here." Steve said, as Alysia calmed down, dabbing at the wine on her dress with a napkin.


Lisa Performs Customers Relations

group kezza6969 2018-04-30

My hand reached between his thighs, found his heavy balls in their silk skinned sac, felt the muscular hardness of his long thick pole, noted the dew drop in the eye of his smooth helmet. My body rocked under him, my cunt muscles grasped and clutched his lovely fat long cock. I fucked him hard, rolled and rocked my body around his prick. I knelt beside Bob and laved my tongue over his beautiful cock, gently rolled each ball around in my mouth, sucked his knob and shaft into my throat. I tried so hard to focus on his lovely hard prick as it palpitated through my cunt, back and forth over that hot spot deep inside me.