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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sexting Pt. 03

group pbon44 2018-04-30

One of the young men pulled him self out of the pool and walked toward the women; he kissed both Barbara and Jennifer. Barbara got up and walked into the house she returned with two martini glasses and handed one to Jennifer. "I don't know Jennifer, do you want some attention?" said Barbara as she took a puff on her cigar. Both women laughed and Jennifer rose and put her arm around the blonde haired young man and they walked toward the house. When they got in the room, with the bar; the young man found the light switch and walked behind the counter and asked if Jennifer wanted Gin or Vodka.

Guests From Mumbai

group Temblor_sj 2018-04-30

She helped my wife upright, and then grasping her hand brought Nicole's wet fingers to her mouth and kissed and licked them clean of her juices. Moira to the left and Nisha to the right, two pairs of hands caressing and smoothing, cupping and molding, dipping and exploring as Nicole knelt with knees spread. Nicole ventured her own hand down to slip down the cleft of Moira's ass, dipping down to caress her soft thighs and then to slip into her warm tight opening. Nisha filled Nicole's ears with naughty urgings, prodding her to move her hips over Moira's wet mouth. The hugged, faced pressed together, hands reaching down to stroke Nicole's supine body, and then turned to kiss wildly with Nisha finally cleaning the spent juices from Moira's lips.

A Fine Mess Ch. 02

group DVOL 2018-04-30

Lanie watched all of this, trembling under my fingers and then whispered,” What are you going to do?” I kissed her and taking her by the hand, I led her unresistingly to the bedroom. Lanie hesitated and then nodded; Autumn wrapped her arms around my neck and proceeded to kiss me passionately. As I kissed Lanie, I felt Autumn’s hands take a hold of my cock and begin rubbing it um and down her incredibly wet slit. Laying Lanie back on the bed beside her young charge, I proceeded to kiss my way down her body until I reached her sensitive and very erect nipples. Caught between Autumn’s hands spasmodically squeezing her breasts and my tongue frantically devouring her, Lanie came seconds later with a shout.


group PSQueenStories 2018-04-30

There was "Cassidy," the rough-and-tumble Kiwi who attracted Rugby players and outdoorsy guys just looking for a simple, down to Earth girl with a sick body who liked to camp; "Mishka" was the Russian ice-princess that trust-fund babies and wannabe Wall-Streeters worked so hard to win over, flashing cash and coke, promising long, exotic weekends; "Donna Jo Sugarbaker" (Claire always said the whole thing) was a Dixie belle she reserved for the corn-fed quiet types who loved God and guns without irony, but who always -- always -- opened the door for her.


My Visit With Tony Ch. 1

group Salsa105 2018-04-30

As my plane crossed the country, my thoughts wandered, wondering what Tony was like. Tony said "NO," he would let me have his bedroom and he would sleep on the couch. Finally, in a comfortable silence, Tony said he had a sex movie in the VCR and would I like to watch it? It didn't take long before Tony was opening one button at a time, until he could fold back my sweater and expose my pink nipples, jutting out stiffly from the holes in my bra. I could feel his breath suck in when he got a full look at my stockings, garter and bright red panties. I knew Tony was feeling the same arousal, and the swelling inside his pants had gone to rock hard.

My Wife's First Gang Bang

group wingwagon 2018-04-30

Being that it was a small apartment, she constantly heard Liz and her boyfriend fucking all the time in the other room. She looked around and saw her Liz's boyfriend, his dick rock hard, starting to shove it up her asshole. He slid out of the way and Liz's boyfriend started fucking her hard and fast up her ass. At the same time Mr. Big Dick walked over and sat in front of her and told her to suck his dick, while his boy fucked her up the ass. She grabs his big dick and sucked on it, but had a hard time concentrating because Liz's boyfriend was fucking her so deep up her ass.

Guardian Angel Ch. 01

group Powerofthepen 2018-04-30

Donna now seemed a little livelier, I still had an arm around her as we left the toilets, she rested her head on my shoulder, we probably looked as though we were together to other drinkers but I knew that a forty five years old wreck like me would never get the chance with an eighteen year old girl like Donna. I knew there had been at least one in her mouth and I moved down so my face was near her panties, they were defiantly stained with cum, so she had taken at least one cock in each of the two orifices.

Social Work and a bad experience

group 2018-04-29

Within five minutes Theresa's head was spinning and she found herself strangely relaxed, now everything started to feel surreal and as her charge dismounted her lap, his penis touched her face, and he realising this, pushed it into her mouth until it came into contact with the back of her throat, and she gagged. Forcing his feet between her legs he f***ed them apart, causing one to touch the floor, 'Get the butter', he said to his friend standing over them, and he disappeared momentarily, returning with a tub, dipped his two fingers into it and scooped out a mound and put it in between his friend and her bottom, working it around her anus and finally pushing into her, reaching and holding his friends penis guided it up and into her ass, where he now took charge and started to fuck her.

Cat's Discovery

group Cat_photobuff 2018-04-29

Then it happened; one afternoon, when the shuttle mission wasn't going as well as expected, and the agency had just publicly announced the post-liftoff breakaway foam incident, Max said, in his heavy German accent, "Please Frau Cat, please have dinner with me, I beg of you!" We had our first of several dinners together, drank some wine, chatted for a couple of hours, and I soon uncovered a wealth of information about Max. He is 36 years old, married to the same woman for 16 years, they have three children, ages 7, 10, and 12, they live in a modest home in Düsseldorf, he has a master's degree in theoretical physics, he keeps in shape by playing tennis and handball, his wife doesn't understand him and they never have sex anymore.


Fun in the Shower

group Jenna 2018-04-29

I slowly began to run my hands down my stomach heading for my wet cunt when I opened my eye's and was surprised to see John standing at the doorway. I knew it was time to move on so I began to flick my tongue up the underside of his dick till I reached the head and could taste his pre-cum oozing out the head. I began to shake and I opened my eye's to look at John when I noticed the coach Mr. Steward standing at the door. After a minute he began to slowly pull out and then shove his hard cock back up John's tight ass. Watching Mr. Stewart fuck John's ass made my pussy ache for a hard cock and I wanted it now.

An Anniversary Massage

group JennyWrites4Fun 2018-04-29

When naked, Brad was lightly tanned, not a hair on his chest, and a thick, long cock that had the most beautiful vein bulging along his shaft, topped by a fat mushroom head begging for sucking. His eyes opened and looked at me and I mouthed the words "Enjoy...I love you." He smiled and his grip relaxed on the edge of his table. Brad's tongue and lips seemed to takeover Daren's cock and pushed Gina completely away. Gina wiped her lips and smiled over at me while Brad worked Daren's cock. Gina and Brad moved off Daren, toweled their cum soaked faces with the towels we'd been given originally, and began to dress.

Agatha Allbut & the Bimbo Squad Ch. 09

group Ldy_Sea 2018-04-29

Lars stood there with the door open, his jaw hanging down to his knees as he watched Aggie have a tongue duel with this woman he never met before. Pulling him to the bed Aggie says "Lars, this is my best friend and sometimes lover Christina. Aggie rubbed her clit while Christina's tongue attacked her folds, and Lars watched his girlfriend as she was pleasured by another woman, that he was fucking. Then she turns to Lars and grabs his tux, which Mother Beatrice had borrowed from a male stripper, and ripped it off him leaving him just as naked as Aggie. Lars grabbed Aggies naked body and kissed her deeply as his hands cupped her ass cheeks.


$20 Million Ch. 07

group all_or_nothing 2018-04-29

While I find Rick's bi-sexuality interesting at times, it's nice for a change to be with a man who's not begging to be fucked up the ass by a dildo or another man while you are in bed with him. Juan looked so hot grabbing my husband's head; his flawless body tense as Rick did what he loves most; sucked dick. Juan saw the look on Rick's face though and roughly grabbed Lily by the hair, pulling her away with a yelp. After about 15 minutes had passed I licked my way up and kissed her sweet eraser nipples and looked up to see, not a foot from my face, Juan's love missile fucking my husband's ass.

The Thrill for Jill

group Eosphorus 2018-04-29

Jill asked Scott and Dave about their work and what they did for fun. I kept licking Jill's clit while Scott moved down to her tits and started sucking on them. I started fucking her, enjoying the warmth of her wet pussy and the view of her playing with Scott and Dave. Scott and Dave got up on their knees and knelt on either side of Jill's head. "I want you guys in both ends of me," Jill said, getting on her hands and knees. Scott started fucking Jill's pussy as Dave came around in front of her. As soon as Scott withdrew from Jill's pussy, Dave took his place. Jill asked for water a few minutes later, so Scott got her a bottle.


Barb's Anniversary Surprise

group jismar 2018-04-29

Jake pushed me backwards slowly so that I would be sitting on the couch, to give Barry better access to the dessert he was about to enjoy. Jake leaned over to start pinching and sucking my nipples, just as Barry's tongue slid firmly up the full length of my pussy. Barry started kissing me and Jake's hand wandered down to my pussy as he started sucking one of my nipples. Barry moved to stand and pulled my legs onto his shoulders, sliding his big black cock into my wet and waiting pussy. Jake was pumping in and out, fucking my mouth, while watching Barry slamming in and out of my hot, dripping pussy.

Buy one, get one free

group DrVonWankenstein 2018-04-29

Sue's s****r Margaret had a boyfriend Rob, who Sue was sucking my cock, which she excelled at, asked Margaret I didn't know what to say. "OUR Sue sez yow've got a BIG cock" said Margaret I was scarlet. yer pants off, bab" she said quietly "LEss av a look" My shaking hands rrREAlLy WOIDE inNit?" said Margaret to Sue, of my pride and joy. Margaret's big tits swung and came cock slip wetly in and out of Margaret's mouth. I saw Sue come round behind her s****r and unbutton the waistband of shapely arse as readily as if she'd been getting her little girl ready It only took Sue and I moments to come, together, as I

The Birthday Present

group Sianna 2018-04-29

"I think you've been a good girl," my boyfriend said, rubbing my breasts, "and I think it is your turn for some fun." She took the hint and climbed on top of me, kissing her way down to my hot pussy. We both noticed his cock had started to get hard again and she said, "God, I haven't sucked a cock in so long, I don't think I remember how to do it. She took my boyfriend's hand and led it to her hot pussy, and he played with her wet clit while I began to suck on him, running my tongue around his cock and taking it deep in my throat.

Stella Takes a Vacation

group Rod Walloper 2018-04-29

Then Jake said "There's another test I need to run to make sure you're alright." And he quickly pulled his face away from Stella's tits and reached for the top of her bikini bottoms and skimmed them down over her hips. Jake quickly pushed Stella's thighs apart and as he dropped his head to her crotch he said, "Let me know if you can feel this." as he began to suck on her pussy. Brett started a gentle squeezing of her tits through the covering material and Susie quickly moved her hands over his and tried to pull them away from her breasts. Susie felt the sensation of friction as Brett's cock moved against her pussy and she removed one hand from her tits and reached down to push the hardness away.


The Magic House

group mrhotmfp 2018-04-29

It was on one of my days off, while my son was at school that I found CD which was left by the previous owner. My fifteen year old son is quite the scamp. The very next day when I was at work, he brought the fifteen young ladies home. Three months later, I received a visit from the fifteen mothers of the fifteen girls who are in my son's class. I took them into the Dining room and this was when I noticed that one of the women had a wedding ring on. It was six months later when I met my wife and a year after this we were married.

The Slut Marisa is Made Airtight

group geronimo_appleby 2018-04-29

As the American slut sucked at the cocks that were presented from every direction the man began to fuck her with more force and power and his clenching buttocks rose and fell rapidly as he slammed his weight into Marisa's burning cunt. The big muscles in his arms bulged and stretched with the strain of holding himself over Marisa's smooth tanned body, but the man persisted in pumping vigorously into her and soon felt his orgasm tingling along the core of his cock. 'Mmm,' she sighed, 'Let me taste your cum, spit it in my mouth honey.' Marisa opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out as Pete aimed his cock at her face.


Threesome In The Pool

group The_Dolphin 2018-04-29

I started fondling her firm breasts and this time she did not object as her boobs were below the surface and she was convinced that Estelle would not notice. I slipped my hands into her bikini top again and fondled her tits under the water while chatting to Estelle who was on the other side of the pool. Estelle let go of my balls and stroked Rina's bottom with her one hand, while undoing her bikini top. She held my dick as I fucked Rina and every time her hand touched Rina's pussy on the upward stroke, I could sense that Rina jumped a little. I took Rina's hand in mine and put it on Estelle breast, but she jerked her hand away as if the boob was red hot!

Chris Jones: Pledgemaster Ch. 01

group PhoenixLord 2018-04-29

Kelly and I called our friends and told them to steer clear from the house for the next week or so, Adam called SSU to reschedule the shooting for about a month from now, and mom grabbed all of our naughty DVDs and other items that we used for sex and stuffed them in the basement storage space. "My parents are fundamentalist Christians!" Kelly said without delay, "They believe in natural unions between a man and woman, and don't like homosexuality of any kind!" she made a quick glance at Adam, and added, "They live a few states away and objected when I told them I was accepted to the university here.When I introduced them to Adam a few years ago, they quickly found out he was Bi and threatened to revoke my tuition if I didn't break up with him at once!"


Turning a Corner

group Olive Hizklosoff 2018-04-29

"It looks OK, but let me just make sure." She squirted some body wash into her hands and, with her fingers, rubbed the hairless outside ring of my anus. I was so turned on watching you suck Jack's cock and swallowing his cum. I like to look at men sucking dick and getting fucked, just men having sex with other men for the fun of it. The guys always look like they're having fun, that it feels good. The excitement for me was in pleasing him and hopefully making him feel like I felt when his cock was in my ass." When I fuck your ass and I can feel your rectum squeezing my cock as you build towards an orgasm, that's what makes me want to cum in you."


Cassie Gets Some Overtime Ch. 03

group Shamelesslywet 2018-04-29

Mostly, I fantasized about Mr. Decker fucking me, but I also caught myself checking out random men and thinking about what their cocks might feel like buried balls deep in my pussy or stuffed down my throat. The guys in the window looked like their eyes were going to bug out of their heads, their arms furiously jerking their cocks. I let out a long moan and involuntarily thrust my ass towards him, spreading my legs as far apart as the chair would allow, inviting him to fuck me. I didn't get the chance to find out though, because by the time he had gotten to the point where he was fucking my ass with the whole length of his cock, I felt him stiffen and pull out.