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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 13

group Silverfox0551 2018-04-29

"There are four people on that boat and believe it or not they're fucking." Janice told Lori continuing to look through the glasses. "It looks like the guy has his cock up the other girl's ass, fucking her." Janice replied, feeling her desire building in her own pussy. "Nice to meet you, Ed. Would you all like to come aboard and have a cool drink?" Don asked looking in the direction of the two women and waiting for a reply. "Folks, I'd like to introduce Carol Thomas, Don's girlfriend and my wife, Terri Tanner." Mike said when the two girls were standing next to him. "I'd like to introduce my wife, Janice Brown and her girlfriend, Lori Sanderson." Ed said as he eyed Terri and Carol.

Smokin' in The Smokies

group JorisKHuysmans 2018-04-29

In a moment I felt his cock jerk in my mouth and I swallowed the head all the way down as he shot streams of warm cum down my throat. And sure enough, a moment later I felt a hand on one of my big floppy tits, and reached out to feel one of the skinny lesbians standing nude in front of me. They love my fat ass, my floppy tits, my cuddly round belly, and I'd never go back to the stale old life of the twice-a-month two-minute fuck by a husband who never knew how beautiful I could be-- especially with a strange cock in my ass and a dripping snatch over my face.

Traveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 04

group T@nman 2018-04-29

I know she insisted that all of her people get one day a week off and that they get a minimum of ten hours away from the office, but I was pretty sure that Anne didn’t follow her own orders. Anne continued to work too long hours, but her staff was able to cut back a little with me being there to help. You’re going to dinner, then, maybe a massage and you’re definitely going to get a good night’s sleep.” I took her hand and led her towards her office door. While Anne took a quick shower, I started a pot of coffee and filled two vacuum bottles with hot water to pre-warm them.


The Writers' Conference

group Dahlia15 2018-04-29

"She has a cat," Mark said seriously and Rita bit back a laugh. "That's great!" Kristin said, lightly resting her hand on Liam's shoulder. "She wasn't paying a bit of attention to what you were saying," Rita said, starting to laugh. A tall, dark stranger with flashing eyes is working on his debut novel, needs a little assistance..." Rita trailed off, unable to talk as the laughter finally overwhelmed her. Liam cleared his throat and glanced behind Mark, who stopped talking just as Kristin came back into earshot. "Turn your attention back this way." She continued with the exercise, but Rita, Mark, and Liam were barely paying attention. They were the only ones in the car, and Rita leaned against Mark and held on to Liam's arm.


Brandi: The Basketball Court

group Brandiscuck 2018-04-29

Brandi was sitting on the bench at the stretching station, looking at her phone and Tonya damn near hit me when she went flying out of the parking lot. Yeah, so it's my fantasy and I can suck the fifth one off while I watch the rest fuck her if I want to, taking it deep into my mouth, hearing a cock plop out of my wife's mouth long enough for her to cry: "Yeah, suck it, baby!" before making deepthroat noises just like the ones I was making. Big Daddy guarded one of the other guys, but when he got the ball, Brandi was all over him, pushing her chest into him as he dribbled, rubbing her tits all over him as she reached for the ball, brushing his cock.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 72

group SteveWallace 2018-04-29

I know Ward was ecstatic about getting to fuck someone as pretty as Ellen, and she was a bundle of demanding sexual energy who barely turned him loose for the next three days we were all in St. Croix. Ward was nervous when we went into our hotel room, but he wanted to get right down to business and start fucking Ellen. Instead of fucking, Ellen told Ward he had to eat her pussy until she'd had a half-dozen orgasms. By the way, Terry is a priapic wonder; he barely went soft from the time we started fucking until we parted on Sunday. Ellen pulled Ward through a bunch of sexual positions too, and soon she had turned him into a better lover doing some of the same things Terry did.


A Night with Friends

group Hack48 2018-04-29

"There is just one more thing I want to do before moving on to your plan." He nodded wordlessly as I widened my legs for better support and reached my left hand to Jesses' cheeks. Withdrawing my tongue I took those puffy lips of hers into my mouth, sucking as my nose continued to rub her clit, and then reaching over her leg I moved my hand to her clit, pinching her distended button between my fingers while sucking and pulling on her lips. She began to take me in and I looked up to see Brian watching me with his girlfriends' mouth around my cock, about halfway down the shaft, and my hands holding her head.


The Swap

group Carnevil9 2018-04-29

Vinnie's cock, which had been thinking about starting to shrivel, suddenly changed direction and began to swell again inside Veronica's pussy. Amber loved her husband, but she couldn't stop fantasizing about that short, fat cock of Vinnie's and how it would feel in her pussy. "We start," said Amber, "by getting naked." She walked up to Vinnie, thinking about that fat cock inside his trousers. Finally, Amber bent her head down and sucked one nipple into her mouth, simultaneously plunging her finger deep into Veronica's pussy. Amber had one hand on the bed to steady herself, and the other was diddling Veronica's clit as her mouth lapped at the swollen pussy lips. "Glad you liked it, baby," said Veronica, giving Vinnie a quick kiss on the mouth.


Hayley's Casting

group casquetero 2018-04-29

His crew was ready: John and Tito would be the talent today, Carla would do makeup and serve as fluffer if needed, while Nestor and himself would do cameras and sound. He was basically jerking off with Hailey's mouth and she was doing a great job, using her tongue to bath the shaft and head of the cock inside her mouth, sucking hard, wanting him to shoot his life's worth in cum. Still with her eyes open, showing shock, Tito fucked her throat for a few minutes before grabbing her head and burying as deep he could before shooting a massive load inside her mouth. As soon Marcel moved away from her, Nestor replaced him, burying his long and fat cock into Hailey while praising her performance with Tito and John.

Carol's Christmas

group Belongs2Beth 2018-04-29

She ran to the tree and clutched Marcus' stiff penis in her delicate hand "Oh Jack, he's perfect...please tell me you are a virgin, boy." Marcus nodded as his cock dripped pre-orgasmic nectar into Carols hand. As she plowed Marcus tender young hole, Carol spoke her mind about her boy toy. On Carol's command Marcus happily licked them where they met, getting a taste of cock and pussy all at the same time. At last, Tyrone's massive cock spewed its load deep into Carol's quivering quim, spilling out and covering Marcus painted face with hot semen. The pretty boy licked every drop gladly from his Mistress' cunt and off of Tyrone's massive cock.

My Trailer Park Mistress Ch. 04

group nighttimestories 2018-04-29

I felt Amy's pussy lock down on my cock as apparently Maggie was working the dildo into her ass. Amy sat down and said, "My gawd Maggie you have got to have some of his big cock." Maggie got between my legs, pulled my cock off my thigh, and sucked it into her very talented mouth again. I sat back and looked at Amy with her cum soaked pussy splayed wide open for my viewing as Maggie stroked and sucked my dick. Maggie began to stand and said, "Amy your tongue is great but I need something hard in my pussy right now." She straddled my cock and I felt Amy grab the base of it and guide it this time into Maggie's pussy.


Vegas Vacation

group MsErotica1950 2018-04-29

Karen was loving every bit of this, both cocks filling her pussy at the same time, one man kissing her and the other playing with her nipple. Karen mounted the older mans hard cock and leaned forward as her husband entered her ass and began fucking her. As soon as Bill got up from the bed the older man got between Karen's legs and began eating her pussy. Karen was coming down from her sexual high and enjoying the slow oral stimulation the man was giving her much fucked pussy. He turned it down to slow again, Karen was breathing hard, yet her pussy was still reacting to the dildo fucking her and the ball rubbing her clit.

Part 2

group bobsmart 2018-04-29

The excitement for me was the thought that I was going to watch the girlfriend having it with another (older and more experienced) man, and me finally getting up Anna's skirt and inside her knickers. I don't know how much Mike knew of what the girl's had planned, but he didn't seem concerned by their display of intimacy and I was happy to see him calmly put his drink down and walk across and slide his hands down the back of Bethany's knickers - pulling them down to her knees - and then start kissing the back of her neck.

Thursday Night Bad Movie Club Ch. 02

group Maxart414 2018-04-29

But Johnny just called my Trixie and there is no practical way to show how pissed off I am right now at my wicked manipulative husband because I am suddenly, pathetically damp. “Hi Arthur, Hi Trixie,” says Deedee, loud and laughing, holding one of several big stainless bowls full of popcorn. “Not if you want to join the club,” and she says it real smooth, smooth and shimmery, all stainless steel, like the girl equivalent of how Arthur talks business. Maxine is a confident modern college educated woman, but Trixie is just a stupid bimbo that just does whatever, needs guys around as long as they are great big like Johnny or maybe super smart and mean like Arthur.

Rugby Fans

group TazDeVille 2018-04-29

At least for now!" he replied Geraint's cock was now throbbing and like Tammy he needed to fuck, de dove in his pocked pulling out a condom wrapper. She had moments ago been fucking Geraint the team captain and now she was going to play pool. The next thing Tammy knew was Geraint was telling him if he had a condom he could be next up Geraint didn't last long this time with her muscles clamping around his dick and was soon emptying his load inside her. Three cocks inside her drove Tammy wild and she started bucking on the two in her anus and pussy Bob's hands found her hips as he and Paul thrusted in tandem.


Tied Up With Two Hot Chicks

group EroticaSeanStyle 2018-04-29

Desarae was getting ready to cum, and Michelle put her over the edge by clamping her mouth down on her clit, sucking for dear life, still drilling her fingers into Desi's slippery pussy and tight ass. Michelle instinctively closed her eyes in order to prevent getting cum in them, and soon replaced her mouth with fingers on her clit, and vice versa along Desarae's wide open pussy. After my cock was done erupting, Michelle leaned over and took my cock into her mouth and started to suck hard on it, while Desarae began to clean up the cum on Michelle's face, licking it all up and swallowing.

Our Story

group plentyobosoms 2018-04-29

We both watch as your hand moves up his thigh and onto his crotch and I can see how horny your making him so I grab your hair pulling it hard so you turn and start to kiss me. She steps forward and starts kissing you, forcing her tongue into your mouth while her hands move up over your tits feeling your stiff nipples through the tight fabric. You and his girlfriend are watching as I suck his cock bringing him closer to his orgasm and as I do, you wank me harder and start to play with my arse, just easing the tip of your finger in to me.

League Night Ch. 3

group Bob Peale 2018-04-29

She lowered her head and chest to the floor, arching as her enflamed nipples made contact with the hard surface through the rough cotton of her shirt, and opening her ass and pussy even wider for Phil to do as he pleased. He grabbed at his cock violently, pulling it so hard Dawn was certain he'd break or bruise something, and his eyes were shut so tightly that red splotches dotted his cheeks and forehead, but the look on Ray's face was pure bliss. Rick and Sara removed their mouths and everyone could see that Paula's aureoles had darkened considerably, and her nipples were now almost as thick as Dawn's thumb.

Sharing Sam

group Sash_UK 2018-04-29

She was leaning forward now and Curt nuzzled at her breasts, kneeling behind her I grabbed the massaging mitt from the floor and turning it to low, I placed the mitt at the base of Curt's penis, it's soft purr making him moan, I watched hungrily as Sam started to slowly pump at him her hips grinding down onto him, her soft ass so close to my face, I couldn't help it as my tongue licked the hole and probed at her soft little ass hole. She lay me on my back, half way down the bed, parted my legs, she pulled Curt till his cock nestled at my cheek, "What you waiting for Katy, suck him!" I did as I was told, turning my face I started to suck him, Sam's juices all over his glorious cock, my mouth watered hungrily as my tongue probed at him and tasted his pre-cum.

New Year's Resolution

group GentleGeorge 2018-04-29

Paul was also watching to see which guy might have the nerve to get up and dance with Lauren and Sara. At the beginning of the next song, Paul got up and began dancing between Lauren and Sara. After the song finished, Paul bowed and thanked each of them and went back to the table, while Lauren and Sara continued to dance. After the door closed, Lauren started to kiss Dan. Paul pulled Sara to his lips. No one got on, and as the door closed, Dan went over to kiss Sara, while Lauren and Paul watched. They finally arrived at the right floor, and Dan and Sara followed Lauren and Paul to their room.


Locker Room Glory Hole

group guyman123 2018-04-29

I could hear her through the wall saying, "Mmm, my my, you have a might big cock there, I suppose you want me to suck it?" I could only moan a bit in response, nodding my head frantically up and down regardless of the fact that I knew she couldn't see me. We continued like this, Mina with her dick in my mouth and strap on in her ass until Miss Williams slapped her ass again, and demanded that she get a chance at my cock. I got a huge smile on my face and started driving my cock deeper inside her ass bumping into the wall a bit with each drive.

A Trip to the City

group C Love 2018-04-29

As we pulled each other’s clothes off, and kissed every part of each other's body, Beth asked if I still gave head as good as I used to. I stuck my tongue back into her pussy, and slowly moved up, feeling both of her lips on either side, I licked all the way up to her swollen clit. I could tell I was giving Beth the best head of her life, when I felt a warm tongue, and two warm lips wrap themselves around my previously ignored cock. As Beth and I drifted off to sleep a little later, we could hear from Julie's cries in the other room that Eddie was true to his word.

Her Fantasy

group MOGUY 2018-04-29

My wife and I have been looking for a woman to explore a new relationship. Licking my neck, gently biting my nipples and your touch with my cock make me feel the lust and passion of the moment. I pull my cock from you, reach for my wife, she moves to lick me clean. She sucks and licks our cum mixture from my cock. your pussies are being attended to a dreamy look moves across your faces and she reaches out to stoke your nipples. You lower your head and suck her nipple into your mouth; this first contact with a woman sends her into a shattering orgasm. As she stokes your nipples and looking into each other’s eyes you cum.


A Night With The Guys

group punkmoxie 2018-04-29

is it warm?" she purrs up to him, reaching to find his flaccid penis, she runs her hand up his thigh, he watches her face as she feels movement at the bottom of the bed, and then Bob licking up her thigh, and Carmine licking her abdomen, up to her breast... Jake pulls back to look down at Bob working his mouth over her, pushing his tongue between her wet folds and then flicking it over her clit. He moves back slightly to catch her nub between his lips to suck on it lightly, as Carmine licked and pinched her nipples, she moaned softly reaching for Jake, halfway expecting him to have a fit at anytime.