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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Bi Friend's Wedding Ch. 02

group themarquise 2018-04-29

I glanced up and could see Scotts cock moving in and out of Mel's pussy and that was it, I screamed out and I came, hard, my whole body trembling as my muscles clamped down tight, gripping Kate's fingers deep inside me. As I lay back against Sam on the couch, Rick's tongue dancing over my pussy while Sam's hard little nipples pressed against my back and her fingers pulled lightly at my own hard nips, Chris's cock sliding in and out of my mouth, watching my husband out of the corner of my eye getting head from my best friend while she was getting her pussy licked from my other best friend and her husband was behind her with his cock pounding in and out of her wet pussy, I wondered what had taken them so long to let us in on the fun!

After The Lake

group Lothario the Great 2018-04-29

Between Janet and Fiona sat Trevor, the charismatic, four-eyed English major who just walked into the community theater and announced he’d be playing a lead role, he didn’t care which one. So the order: Fiona (the Chinese nympho) with her hands on Trevor (the Mexican writer), followed by Janet (the waitress/dancer), Stacey (the brunette goddess), Danny (the blond man-mountain), Samantha (the blonde prude). "Janet?" Trevor said, laughing nervously, hands open and questioning. Trevor recognized a knowing quality in the look Fiona sent to Danny as she asked, and perhaps he knew her better than he let on. "Oh no," Danny joked, "you’re letting Trevor come up with a dare." The others laughed.


My wifes new story

group anthony93033093 2018-04-29

I could feel our guest grow in my mouth as I was moaning became louder as my husband started rocking me with fingers deeply inside my pussy and ass. Each stroke of his hand would push this new cock deeper down my throat making my pussy muscles spasm and release fresh cum for more lube. The three of us spent hours while my husband would switch back an forth between eating and fucking my pussy and teasing my ass while I sucked and stroked their cocks. His hands tight on my body, moving to each others rhythm, and then I laid as still as I could so that he would take my ass with his wanting to cum cock as as roughly as he desired.

Dance With The Devil

group The_Dolphin 2018-04-29

I kiss her gently in the nape of the neck while my middle finger briefly teases her clit before it disappears into her slick slit of her cunt. Her hand closes around my dick and then I feel that wet, warm sensation as the head of my dick disappears into her mouth. I stare with fascination at the pink glistening wet folds of her cunt inches away from my face as she sucks hungrily on my dick. I push forward with a swift movement of my hips and my dick disappears into the soft, wet, velvety folds of her cunt. Her hand wraps around my hard pole and then I feel the velvet of the bag brush against my dick head.


A Moment in Time Ch. 01

group AlexaWriter 2018-04-29

I look over at her friend, he looks up with a nipple still in his mouth, looks at Summer with her eyes closed and mouth slightly open. This new man leans forward and starts kissing Summers neck, his hands sliding forward to cup both her breasts, fingers brushing over her nipples. I look back and see another gentleman has sat down beside me, leaning slightly forward running his hand up my leg. At this point I don't even care and pause with Summer for a moment to pull my skirt up and open my legs for him. She looks over at us and smiles broadly, quickly grasps both our hands then turns her head to kiss the man behind her.

My Kind of Poker

group Azuldrgon 2018-04-29

As they continued to play, Gary tried to ignore her, but Anna's luck wasn't changing and soon she was out of chips again. Josh kept his mouth shut as soon Gary's tool was exposed and finding it's way down Anna's open throat. Chad looked at Josh, then he started to bend down behind Anna in order to rub her pussy from behind. Anna moaned in delight, her true cry muffled as Gary's dick started to pulse inside her mouth. As she looked at Chad licking her, feeling his fingers probing her hungry twat, Anna beckoned for Gary and Josh to go towards her face. She imagined how she looked as she started taking Josh partially inside her mouth as she stroked Gary.

Naked invitation accepted

group altocumulus 2018-04-29

The other has his towel down, stroking his stiffness, mouth half open, eyes moving between my cock and my face. I hold out a hand towards each.They stand, look at the other, both with jutting hard cock. A hard cock slides into each waiting hand, two hands hold my shaft, and two mouths fasten on my neck… I start to lick and kiss the cock before me, gripping the base of the shaft with one hand while the other strokes the cock behind as it starts to push urgently. I pull back, looking into his eyes, squeezing the cock behind me as hard as I can until I feel his tremors too.

My Wife Anna Salac Continue Fucking

group raw15 2018-04-29

"OH Fuck." Seth moaned and Anna then began rapidly stroking his cock. Seth did not hear them because he had his face buried in Anna's pussy, his finger in her ass and she had her thighs wrapped tightly around his head. When Anna got on all fours he quickly stepped into place and guided his average cock to her pussy saying, "I'm going to get some of this before Mule gets in here." It did not take long for Pat to moan and rolled his head back as he shot his load deep into Anna's ass. Anna pulled Pat's cock from her mouth and said, "Yes Tim fuck my pussy."

Women with Curves

group BrettJ 2018-04-29

I'm a big girl but I'm built solid and I like what I've got," she said as she handed Angelica her glass. "I think under the circumstances, you can call him Woody and you can call me Sandy," Sandra smiled as she stood up and took Angelica's hand. "I love a big house and Woody, you're almost a billionaire, you can afford it," Sandra smiled as they walked into the most opulent bedroom that Angelica had ever seen. She isn't the only one in this room who is dying to suck on a pair of big tits." Angelica made a motion and opened Sandra's dress and scooped out her luscious breasts.

The Aunt, and her friend, and the unexpected guest

group SFS 2018-04-29

Felicity rubbed the cock along her labia, then with her thumb and fore finger, pushed it inside herself, held it, the bulbous head just in her cunt. Fiona finally got off the guys face, Felicity liked to look into the eyes of her men when she came. She felt the hard throbbing cock throb, and then as Tony ejaculated deep in her cunt, the hot come was all she need to set her own orgasm into being. Felicity, and Ellie watched as Tony laid his hand on Felicity’s head, and guided her face to his erect penis. Ellie was on all fours, as Tony fucked her from behind, so they could watch Fiona and Felicity become lovers, their faces buried in each others wet cunts.

The French Maid Ch. 15

group susan12346 2018-04-29

I told Anna to wank his cock slowly just above my face and open mouth. Not spurts of it, but long streams of it just dribbling out the end of the purple head of his cock, falling in strings into my open mouth and around my lips. All the time Anna kept squeezing and milking those balls and wanking that cock up and down ever so slowly. I raised my head and engulfed the head of his cock between my lips and sucked the head washing it with my tongue, teasing the underside, while Anna's fingers squeezed the last drops out of the head into my mouth. Putting my lips to the head I moved them around before opening and swallowing his cock deep into my mouth.

New Birthday Traditions Ch. 01

group RockArt 2018-04-29

I hadn't said anything to Taryn about my birthday fantasy since that night in bed, so when I looked over to see her giving Gary a tight hug followed by a kiss on the cheek, my heart started pounding. Turning around, she continued "Here, let me get some jets going." Now, there are jet controls inside the tub area that Gary could have reached, but Taryn knelt on the step and reached back to use the outside controls. The girls had taken the opportunity to drink a bit more wine, and then they both moved directly in front of Gary as he settled in and started experimenting with positions of the jet on his balls and ass.


Audrey & Judy & Pete Pt. 05

group 3Pete 2018-04-29

This time, with a cry of ecstasy muffled by Judy's spasming cunt, Pete's dam burst, and his straining cock convulsed again and again, spurting his cum up into Audrey's throbbing pussy. Pete's cock was now fully hard but restrained by his shorts, so he lifted his ass and removed them, muttering, "That's just too irresistible!" He waded quickly across the tub through the churning water, bent down and placed his cock within reach of Judy's hand. As Pete very slowly slid his hard cock into Judy's cunt, he said, "Audrey, I love to watch you when you come! When his cock had stopped shooting, Pete reached under Judy with both arms and lifted her up, turned and sat on the tub bench, being careful to hold her tightly to him to keep his cock buried in her hot cunt.

Island Fever Ch. 21

group Jeremydcp 2018-04-29

Following a highly emotional evening when Pamela claimed that she no longer wanted me to be in her life - because I eavesdropped on her and the others with the help of the voyeur room - preceded by the surprise proclamation of love between Kristanna and yours truly, I felt drained. A short time later, my eyes swelled with an equal amount of interest and fright as I spotted Kristanna engaged with Pamela in what appeared to be a heated argument on one of the surveillance monitors here within the voyeur room. Kristanna paused for a brief moment, then continued, "He wants the same things out of life that you do, Pamela. "Being a stripper for the past 11 years is not a minor thing, either." With those words, Kristanna seemed to upset Pamela even more.


Seductive Behavior and Infidelity

group walterio 2018-04-29

Remembering what Shannon had said, I pulled my cock from Kelly's ass and shot my wad at her anus and on her buttocks. Shannon watched as my seed splattered on Kelly's ass and then she took my 7+" cock in her hand. What do you think he would say if he knew that you were in a horse stall getting your ass fucked?" Shannon threatened and then said firmly, "Now get your mouth down there and eat my pussy." Suck my clit and finger my pussy," Shannon directed and then told me, "Put your cock back in her ass." It was an incredible turn on to see Kelly with my cock in her ass as she ate Shannon's cute pussy.


The Tape

group weirdherald 2018-04-29

She sits back on her ass and two cocks are thrust at her. "Open wide cum queen" she's told as both cocks are shoved into her mouth. Maggie, my wife, sucks on these cocks in her mouth. One guy yanks his cock from her mouth. The other cock in her mouth bulges and then one more load of cum gushes down her throat. His thrusts push Maggie forward and she is forced to deep throat the cock in her mouth. "Here it comes slut!" the backdoor man shouts and pulls out of her pussy. MY WIFE sucking and fucking a roomful of men. And still I watch another guy pull out of Maggie's pussy and spray his seed all over her.

Cum Share Scheme

group trevorm 2018-04-29

You said that black men know how to please a woman in many ways, and it's nothing to do with their big cocks. But so long as you come back to me afterwards and smother me with your big black bubbies, I'm in clover, happy as Larry, a pig in shit, putty in your hands. Larry want to fuck yo big bad ass wit his long tongue." My cum spills from the corners of your lips, while Larry now wants to fuck your ass for real. "If ya love your w'man, ya better cum here 'n' clean her ass, like a good white honky."

John and Sharon's New Toy ( chpt.3 )

group MasterBill 2018-04-29

how about you strip her while I get the shower going." inctucted Sharon show on TV ." Jill said as she was taken back by seeing Sharon's nude body " I'm my husband's wife and slave." sharon said to answer the look on Jill's Sharon handed John a pair of shower gloves. The couple lathered up the gloves and started washing Jill. John was washing Jill's front After a little while John put some pressure on Jill's shoulders causing As she sucked Jill felt something being poured on her head." Just suck his cock while we wash your hair." Sharon his fingers into jill's scalp giving her head a massage and controlling her mouth on his cock at the same time.

Random Encounter

group JDecker 2018-04-29

I stared at them for two seconds and said: "No, I don't want to hear why God makes people suffer, please go away." I started to close the door, but the one in the front with short blonde hair shoved her foot between the door. Curly-haired Garcia looked somewhat alarmed when the redhead's hands lingered on her naked breasts, slowly drifting along their pleasant round shapes, her fingers stroking the other agent's dark nipples. Garcia got up and glared at Kensington with confusion in her big dark eyes, but she was herself reprimanded by Vance's cold gaze in return, when the blonde raised her head from between her thighs.


Coupling Coworkers Ch. 04

group thick7in1972 2018-04-29

Of course I had already fucked Christy before, but seeing Rachel, Missy and Donna show up to work, and knowing what they looked like naked, allowed me a wonderful thought in my head every time I saw them. She would come home from work and describe some guy that was in her dental chair and how much she had the desire to just start sucking his cock and fuck him to he came in her pussy. "Well, I don't think those guys are going to be finished anytime soon," I said hoping my wife would lose interest in playing pool and want to go home and fuck. I got out my mobile phone and called Christy to see if she wanted to come over to the bar and watch my wife in action.


The Longing

group Seafare 2018-04-29

The idea of reliving some old times seemed to far away, until Kathy received an E-Mail from Lindsey requesting a room for the upcoming long weekend. Lindsey broke this kiss and made her way slowly to where he was spread out on the couch, sliding her warm hands up his legs and finding his full balls hanging under his 7-inch fat cock. Lindsey applied the fresh lube to the shaft of her monster of a rubber cock, and slowly entered Kathy from behind. Kathy slide off of his face and moved her slippery wet pussy down his body, leaving a trail of fresh cunny-juice all the way down to his cock.

Birthday Surprise

group jack_straw 2018-04-29

Just then, you walk up to me again, with a fairly well-endowed young man, pull his cock frantically into your mouth for one of your world-class blowjobs and milk his cum with your lips. Then I am rolled onto my back and a young man comes in, picks up my legs and drills his cock into my cum-filled ass, while another man pulls my head back and slides his cock into my mouth. You kiss me crazily, and it’s only then that I notice that you are on your knees in a similar position as mine, with a young man behind you fucking you hard, the way you like it.


Brian gets a very special surprise for his birthda

group fotisampini 2018-04-29

Ohhh!" Brian felt his prick leaking even more juice, his arousal level going up by leaps and bounds as Rachel continued licking and sucking her pussy. You like the way my pussy feels around you?" Brian didn't dare answer her, to have done so would have taken more energy and strength than he had at the moment in keeping the jettison of his cream from filling the inside of her womb. Brian watched momentarily as Rachel's tongue slithered up inside her, spreading apart Teri's lips with her fingers as she began tickling her hard erect clit with her tongue. Smiling, even as he continued sucking Teri's captured clit between his lips, he felt the ejaculation of his prick as it exploded deep inside Rachel's pussy.

The Pleasures of Beth Ch. 9b

group FuzzyB 2018-04-29

Beth and Martin have recently purchased and "tested" a new video camera and have met a young, new neighbour, Lianna, whose introduction to Martin came when she watched from her new apartment as he masturbated outside on his deck. Later, as they talked, Anne would relax her position and slightly open her legs to show Beth and Paul that she wore the teeniest white lace panties that matched her stockings and garter ever so perfectly. Cupping her breasts tightly, she slowly moves her hands away and lets the filmy silk of the bra slide off her chest and onto Anne's lap. Anne had succeeded in taking Martin's big cock out and was stroking his shaft as she continued to watch Lianna's dancing.