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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Chinese Wife Ch. 2

group B. Beattie 2018-04-29

She told me it's a game everyone plays called "cashier." If a guy goes for a beer, he has to pay by fucking a girl there. I came quickly but she kept on fucking me as we both watched May. I looked at the bar and saw one of the guys was between Mays spread legs fucking her. Charlie took his big cock in both hands and guided it to May's swollen cum covered pussy lips. Two other guys, stroking their hard cocks, stepped up to May and started to cum all over her face and tits. She kept pumping Charlie's cock and opened her mouth for each of the guys, they started coming in her mouth, across her face, in her hair and on her tits.

Tenant Cindy the Working Girl

group hotjohn1234 2018-04-29

It feels good,fuck me, fuck me faster she was thinking and then without any thought her hips started to buck and she wiggled and bucked and he thrust and then she moaned. John had suspected what Cindy was doing for a living for a month now but said nothing as it had not affected the complex, and well he like Cindy, besides her good looks she was friendly and did not treat him like some sort of hired help or servant. She had been afraid for the first time last night and she was hurt and scared and well John all of a sudden seemed like a guardian, protector and the next thing she knew she was in his arms crying.

Lap Dance

group Chac 2018-04-29

I whispered into Nicole's ear asking if it was ok for me to rub her crotch while the tittie dancer watched. I noticed how hot her body was before when she was dancing for Todd but this time, in the dim light of the booth, with Nicole sitting next to me moistening her panties this young slut's tummy, thighs, tits, and eyes had precum dripping down my leg. I was pretty drunk and feeling really nasty, I reached over with one hand and rubbed Nicole's crotch, right in front of Nikki while rubbing my cock with the other. By the time the curtain was closed and Nikki was back in position, Nicole's clam diggers and panties were at her ankles and my middle finger was soaked.

My First MMF

group 2018-04-29

Dinner was ready and we all sat down having a wine and making chit chat, kept thinking about what he said, he was in a dryspell and we used to tease eachother now and then, I had plenty of drink and I knew we wanted to have a MMF for while with my girlfriend, since all the MFF's were initiated by her I thought why not, my roommate was athletically build and I had seen him naked before he had a big uncut cock and kept it nicely trimmed. I saw how my GF came behind him and starting licking and fingering his ass..I was soo excited that a starting sucking vigerously and started biting a bit, I heard him moan and say yeah never sucked before be gentle...I let it slide out of my mouth and could see the saliva sticking to it.

Tuttut meets Nylonm6768

group Tuttut 2018-04-29

He could feel pre-cum dribbling down his legs and the thought of Nylonm suck it off his tumescent black cock made him twitch all the more. There was no hiding it now, he knew that beneath that dress was nothing but suspenders and wet pussy, even at this distance he could see the cupped breast had erect nipples which were desperate to be sucked, and his cock swung between his legs in his loose fitting linen trouser for all to see. Seconds later their door opened and there was Hubby cock in hand, pre-cum making his pink head glisten. Then Tuttut began doing short in-out thrust with only the head of his cock at the lip of her pussy.

Harry, Kate & Jan Ch. 10

group OVERLAND 2018-04-29

Harry spooned into Kate's lovely firm rounded backside and fitted his long fat cock between her thighs. Harry's cock was growing yet again and Kate felt between her thighs to touch his knob end. Harry gently removed his cock from Kate's arsehole, leaning forward to kiss all over her smooth bum cheeks as he did so. "Stick your arse in the air," said Harry, gazing at Kate's perfect smooth skin as he titillated her with his hard knob end. Kate felt under the front of her coat and released Harry's rock hard cock again. The though of a nubile young sixteen-year-old standing about five feet away as he fucked Kate was enough for Harry. Kate kissed Harry; slipping her hand into his slacks through the partially opened zip fly.


Pleasing A Viking Goddess

group captjim51 2018-04-28

Maeve sat in her chair drinking ale, at one point she motioned for a large healthy young Viking male to come over. Soon she turned to me and said “priest, let me see your organ?” She grabbed for her whip and I knew what might be coming next so I lifted my robe exposing a semi-erect nine inch thick cock to my Viking goddess. Maeve was in the throes of ecstasy as she screamed “Ohhhh, Ohhhh Priest, don’t stop!!!” as her hips writhed in pleasure as I sucked her entire pussy into my mouth. I knew how to treat a proud woman like Maeve, I held her in my strong arms, and massaged her entire body.

Making of a Motorcycle Mama Ch. 02

group jazm49 2018-04-28

I dropped my eyes to take in the sight of his slick cock sliding powerfully in and out of Ruthie's cunt and then, almost superimposed on this image, I saw, in my mind, the image of Doug's big cock sinking into my pussy with such vividness that I relived the sensations I'd experienced earlier in the day. Now, suspended between a woman's lubricious wide open pussy and the sustained strokes of a man's thick rigid cock, knowing that there were other people in the room, people who might be watching me get fucked as I tongued Deena's nubbin of clit, I felt free in a way I never had before in my life.

Mr. Alberto's Party Ch. 07

group elleann 2018-04-28

He felt himself starting to come so he pulled out of Lucy’s mouth and aimed his dick at Bette who was kneeling beside Lucy and then he totally spurted all over Bette, I mean it was a great spurt, even people in the audience who had seen lots of spurts before said afterward that this was a great one. Number Six gave me this look like he had won as I pulled my hand away and Lucy moved in with her pretty mouth. I wanted Daddy to win the contest and now he really could win if he got through my handjob okay and if, after Lucy helped him out, he was able to cum even just a little bit on Bette’s face.

Camping in Hard Wood

group TheWastelandRanger2247 2018-04-28

"Well you're not going to be able to find your way back in the dark, but your welcome to crash here until morning, would you like something to drink?" One of the guys offered holding up a bottle of water. As the water pours over your torn T-shirt your shapely breasts come into view through the wet fabric, you hear a marked difference in the guy's breathing, now much heavier and its clear they are both turned on to the point of bursting. Taking Danny by the cock you guide him behind you and spreading your wet pussy as you bend over to suck off Greg. The rest of the night is just a blur of blowjobs, fucking and letting the boys play with your body.

A Time of War Ch. 05

group doc87123 2018-04-28

Cheryl said, "Davey, you need to tingle Carol again before we have to leave to give her something to remember us by. Carol looked at me puzzled as I poured for Elle and Linda and asked, "Davey, why is your hand so red?" I grinned, embarrassed as I admitted, "I went down to breakfast with Linda before anyone else woke up and put my hand over my coffee cup while the waitress was refilling it." Elle looked at me and said, "I want to kiss it too." Carol looked at Cheryl and pleaded, "Please let me fuck him, when you have to leave I won't be able to see him again for a long time, if ever."


Touch Class Ch. 18

group Uzi_Johnson 2018-04-28

Jennifer and Karen were on either side of Melissa and started rubbing her tits, getting the nipples puffed and the tips erect, then began sucking them. Gretchen and Ashley French-kissed as they both inserted a finger in Jennifer's butt, which was sticking out all nude and hot. As Shiri and Christine continued sucking Melissa's toes, they fisted each other with one of their arms and fingered Karen's butt and mine with their other. Karen and I each reached a hand toward Ashley and Gretchen's crotches, supplementing Melissa's purchase on their pussies by penetrating their puckered anuses with our fingers. Gretchen and Ashley had retrieved their hands from Melissa's and Jennifer's chests, and Jennifer's ass, frigged each other to their umpteenth climaxes, and lay back like jello.

My First Group Sexperience

group sweetindiangirl 2018-04-28

Thereafter I need no more playing and I am ready for a hot and a hard fuck, it is also known to him that I prefer to be laid over the lap, then my skirt to be pulled up, called dirty names and then spanked by his palm or a paddle, that’s what gets me hottest. When I was serving the guy opposite to him I again bend forward but this time I jutted my ass out to him, expectantly he pushed his hand between my legs pulling up the skirt to finger my pussy over the thongs. The other ladies by now were getting pawed by the men, Prakash was enjoying the lovely young thing on his lap and his hands probing inside her skirt, he gave me a smile which told me that he was enjoying it very much.



group sycksycko 2018-04-28

Kate rubbed her chin over the back of Taylor's head, letting the blonde's locks tickle her lips and neck. Kate refilled and brought a third glass of water to Taylor's lips, now pursed in a smile, and let her slowly drain it as well. Taylor looked at the few remaining slices on the plate in disappointment before reaching up and twining her fingers into Kate's long, brown hair and bringing the older girl's face down for a long, lingering kiss. Kate tried to reach up and press on her own teased nipple, but Taylor swatted her hand away and began to knead the moist breast herself. Kate let go of Taylor's hand and put her hands on the blonde's head and pressed her face to her pussy.


Undercover Ch. 03

group Menderman 2018-04-28

"Maybe on quiet days we teach you to speak German so men think they are fucking Grandfathers whore's offspring," Wang laughed with an ice cold tone to his voice, "Now show me how good you can fuck so I can put you to work." Wang pulled a leather belt from his trousers, "If you are a lousy fuck I will beat you until you ride like a thoroughbred horse. Sandra's screams could be heard in the bar where men were paying huge sums of money to be the next one to fuck the westerner. Sandra's screams, grunts, yells and simple begging resounded throughout the bar all night as Wang seemed unstoppable in the way he fucked her and had her service him back to hardness once again.

Tales From The Therapists Couch 02

group Tess_Stevens 2018-04-28

I myself, wear only brief white cotton panties and a thin T-shirt that clearly shows my nipples even when they aren't stiff and erect, which I might as well admit happens only at the beginning of the session. Clearly the entire group had enjoyed it immensely just as I was enjoying the naked hunger in their eyes as they watched me lightly touching my clit while I rolled a stiff nipple through the thin cotton of my T-shirt. About this time the first couple managed to make his friend ejaculate so I walked away from the homophobic guy while he was still squirting helplessly and approached the successful masturbation master who had caused the first male-male ejaculation in our group and guided his hand to my dripping pussy.

My First Threesome

group Northerncanoeist 2018-04-28

I loved the mouths kissing and licking, the fingers touching, caressing. Bill moved up and kissed me briefly, but lifted his head to watch me as I felt a woman's tongue for the first time. Her soft, warm tongue touched my lower lips. I pulled Bill down and moaned into his mouth as I finally felt her tongue slide between my lips. Jane let her tongue softly explore my wet pussy. I had my first orgasm of the day as she softly sucked my clit while Bill tugged on my nipples and played with my tongue. It's incredible to feel a big, hard cock sliding in and out while a warm, wet tongue caresses your clit.

camping with Dave

group mknfrnds 2018-04-28

Sarah came out in a little white sundress, fairly short but very loose fitting, as she stepped off of the stairs the sun hit behind her just right, letting us see through her dress, obviously naked underneath, Dave blurts out "stop, stand right there" the two old pervs we are we took in her nakedness, she said what is going on, Dave said the sun is perfect behind your dress, you look fantastic! She then got off of her knees and sat down on his semi erect cock...she slid in nice and easily, looking at me, tits bouncing, she rode him harder and harder, I don't really think she cared what Dave was feeling, it was all about her and her pure lust and satisfaction.

Parking Lot Fantasy

group kararcher 2018-04-28

The combination of having an unknown hand on my cock and tongue in my mouth is pushing me right to the edge. Just as I am about to explode, I feel a shift, the hand disappears from my very hard cock, and is replaced by a warm, wet, hungry mouth. I feel something at my feet, look down, and see that a room key has been pushed out under the door. I pulled my fingers out and pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could and felt her cum with such intensity that her legs clamped closed around my head. Kara points the cock (which is maybe four inches away from her) right at her face.

My Freshman Year Ch. 02A

group Mrs_Jones 2018-04-28

When everyone had been served a drink Bill stood in front of the room and complimented us on how beautiful we all looked and proposed a toast to us girls and our Sorority and we all took a big swallow. That way you will be able to get to know your body and what it is capable of doing and how good it can make you feel plus celebrating your initiation into the team and the teaching of Zen. You will also see how other girls cum. Jeff then bent his arms up and flexed his chest and arm muscles and he said "look at my perfect body, just for you girls." Oh god was he beautiful, big, strong, manly and really turned me on with no hair on his chest.


The Barracks

group Maricopaman 2018-04-28

"Private Jones, it looks like you've recovered from your ordeal," the commander turns around and faces the other soldiers "I have been in the army for over 15 years, I know what barracks life is like, I like to be fair with all of my men and not leave anyone hanging out as different or special. Rob continues to kiss Rich while Javier moves around to his ass; as the man pulls out Javier takes the wet cock in his mouth licking it clean and then turns to Rich's ass and sucks up the cum dripping from his wide open hole.


Susie Ch. 12

group Susie_O 2018-04-28

A group of the guys got together and came under the board like they just wanted to look but as I started showing off they jumped up, grabbed my legs and pulled me into the pool. It kind of tickled to have these smaller cocks inside me and I forgot all about Corey until I heard him yelling, "What are you doing?" I saw his legs as he pushed whoever was in me away and then pulled me to my feet. We entered the guest house and I said, "Before I announce the steps of the purification which must be completed to seal our forgiveness and to restore the cave to an undefiled state, do you have any requests."


Amber's Party

group C_S_Leonidas 2018-04-28

Slowly she began to strip teasing the five guys who were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fuck her pussy. The sixth guy then proceeded over to sit on the bed then forced Amber to sit on his stiff cock, but instead of shoving it in her pussy he shoved it into her ass. The cycle continued and slowly but surely when each of them climaxed and shot their load over her face and breasts they stood back and watched until there was one guy left. With dried cum on her face and breasts and cum dripping out her ass and down her thighs she ventured into the private bathroom adjoined to master bedroom, turned on the shower and let the cum that covered her body wash away.

Moni's southern vacation

group 2018-04-28

this big guy came to our table and asked her if she dance and got up. Now I thought Al was big well Dave was as tall but must have weighes 350 lbs for sure.They offered drinks and moni was to much in the mood she sat on Al's lap and he pulled of her t-shirt and was squeezing her little 34c's and sucking her tits. With that Dave was the first to unload, she swallowed 3 times to get it all and the same with Al. She got up and cleaned up the little bit that slipped out of her mouth and sat between the guys for a bit,she started to stroke them again to get them hard.