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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Weekend at the Spa - Pt1

group perryacp 2018-04-28

We then went to see "rest rooms" which we had not been shown and found it quite a shock to see an open door with Maria getting fucked by Tim while sucking Gary's cock. Lyn was enjoying getting fucked so much she could not concentrate on sucking me off at the same time, however I was not complaining as the women who was next to me on the couch getting licked out saw my hard cock being neglected and reached over and got hold of it and started wanking me of. Maria had her hands round my cock and my fingers were soon buried deep inside her pussy and I am sure that John and Lyn had a similar arrangement.

Competitive Advantage

group sallyvox 2018-04-28

"Uh," Victor started, "How long have you been there Aria?" Jay held his breath. What are you guys up to over here?" Heidi's voice rang out from behind Victor, startling both of the men and Aria. Victor looked over his shoulder warily, and was relieved to see Aria smiling at Heidi's comment. Heidi reluctantly untucked her shirt from her skirt, as Jay walked around her to get a better look. "Just have her sleep in my bed, Victor." Jay said, blinking his eyes from tiredness. She won't be able to walk after I shove this in her crack and cum in her." He gave Victor a fucked up smile as he lifted the sheets to get into his bed.


Senselessly Gangbanged

group Freedomslut 2018-04-28

Finally when I thought it was my master who had pushed me off the bed still bound to the bed post by my hands and on my knees my inflated gag deflated. Then I thought I was done when a soft dick barely went into my ass and shot a full bladder full of piss but before it could be expelled my plug was inserted and pumped even more times than before. My master had arranged for a large sign to be placed above me that read, "THIS WHORE, CARLITA ROSALIN MORNING, HAS FUCKED OVER ONE HUNDRED MEN LAST NIGHT AND IS BOTH FILLED AND COVERED IN THEIR PISS AND CUM."

Wild College Days Ch. 03

group Lionheart72 2018-04-28

Her reflection was tall and pretty, her medium length blonde hair carefully teased and styled, her curvy body covered in a long dark coat that came down to her knees, showing off her lower legs and high heels to good effect. Kevin's girlfriend Liz, her arrogant face smiling from within its frame of dark curls, stood in front of the door, hanging up her coat. Becky groaned, struggling to comfortably accommodate Kevin's thrusting dick while trying to focus on the pleasurable sensations Liz was teasing out of her pussy. He couldn't seem to decide whether to look at her naked breasts, her face which was smeared with Kevin's pre-cum or Liz, topless, with her face in Becky's pussy. "Come on, Gary, Becky wants me to suck your cock while she fucks Kevin.

An Adult Pool Party

group Kawaii Anime 2018-04-28

I was surprised to feel a hand gently on my neck, pushing me down onto Dave's cock. I had him moaning and barely able to stand when Dave's voice rang out, "I want to come in Lexie's mouth, Di!" She backed off his cock and nudged me over, for me to finish him off as was his birthday right. When he pulled away, he said, "Yes, but not as good as coming in you is going to be, Lex." He sped up in me and bent again to kiss me, exploring my mouth and my pussy at the same time as both did their best to make him feel welcome.

Slutty Sue's Wardrobe Malfunction

group raidernation25 2018-04-28

I was going to watch our towns pride and joy, our local semi-pro baseball team play a game against their biggest rivals. I didn't wear a bra because I was hoping to get the attention of Brad Taylor the teams newest star. That left Brad and about 5 or 6 of his teammates in the clubhouse with me...still soaking wet with my boobs visible for all of them to see. Soon there were mouths on each of my breasts and here I was in the clubhouse of our local ball team with someone eating my pussy, two others sucking on my nipples and I was kissing the object of my desire Brad. As I was getting dressed Brad walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

My oh my wife!

group phillybilly 2018-04-28

Im not going into crazy detail here, my wife and her latino coworker lips lock and play with each other asses, while our good friend and my wife's cousin soon grind on each other. At this point I look at my wife, she was the only women I have had anal sex with, she moves to us and she grabs her cousins ass cheeks and pu;;s them apart so that I can ease itno her. the cum is surging through my balls and I do not want to cum in her ass, I pull out and WOW my wife grabs my cock and jerks my second load all over her face.


group eluckenbach 2018-04-28

She was for a moment able to actually suck on his cock, but soon it grew too large and he began to stroke through her hands and into and out of her mouth. The manager sat behind his desk, while the other man walked to the sofa and stood looking at her. "When you came in," he said, "I knew that you were here to get fucked." She started to say something, but before anything could come out, he reached down to feel her tits, and then he was on his knees kissing and sucking her breasts. At one point she thought the manager was going to cum, but he pulled her head off his cock, and the other man pulled out at the same time.

Pool Boy Ch. 18

group BigZeke13 2018-04-28

When she pulled back I said, "Well, hello to you too." I lowered her to the floor and she grabbed my hand and Alexis' and dragged us into the living room. Alexis was busted and after a round of 'hems' and 'haws' from her; I interrupted and said, "She did buy them in Las Vegas." Then I made a mistake by hatching another lie, "We got lucky at the tables and she spent her winnings on clothes. Alexis kissed me on the arm and pulled her hand out from under my shirt and headed down the hall. Dee looked at me and said, "It's Dad." I was waving my arms at her warning her away.


The Devil's Mistresses Ch. 02

group christo 2018-04-28

He didn't know what they looked like, couldn't imagine what techniques or skills they might possess, but Roger had the money and the ambition to do anything in the world, and right now what he wanted most was to fuck these "devil woman". When you speak Mr. Chao, give him this." The boy handed Roger a white envelope sealed with wax. Prangitan's car was a Cadillac, and the driver looked surprised and insulted when his master said, "I will drive myself." Roger opened the passenger door but was told, "No, Mr. Travers, please, sit in the back. He said, "Mala, may I present to you my very good friend from America, Roger Travers."


Canton Visit Wins New Friends

group Fishalicious 2018-04-28

Donna said I should meet them in the afternoon, at a local golf course and Paul gave me directions from the Hall to the Golf Club. Once we were in the room, Donna and I were on the bed, in a passionate embrace, while Paul slowly removed his clothes, watching us make love the entire time. "Paul wants you to deep throat him, Fishy, and I am going to help you get it all in," she said, "So open wide and relax your throat, while Ieat your pussy." I screamed my orgasm and Donna filled my mouth with her juicy, flowing pussy for me to lap and suck as I was being crowned Paul's fuck queen for the night.

Ride'em Cowgirl!

group zimabean 2018-04-28

Two more times I watched from a distance as these men jacked off, my pussy dripping, I was not sure what was making me so turned on. Three days later they were just getting started when I walked up and took off my clothes, I laid on the bench right on top of there porn mag and started to play with my boobs and pussy. He fucked me franticly for about two minutes and then filled my cunt with his hot cum, as soon as he pulled out one of the other men moved in and took his place till he came then the third one had to get in me and add his cum to the mix.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 09

group FinalStand 2018-04-28

As it was, I was being pulled back on my knees, pinning Rhaine's shins to the bed and my hands merely inches away from their pussies. As best as I could tell (I was still dealing with a face full of Rhaine), she had raised her closest thigh to block her friends from seeing what she was doing and was thrusting my hand into her crotch like it was some sort of fleshy dildo...with the 'finger-tickler' function. I didn't grab, grope, or shake her orb around; I palmed the breast and slowly contracted the hand up, letting the fingers and thumb bring the areolas and nipple into a tantalizing squeeze -- then re-extend hand and repeat.


Threeway to Heaven

group jwdramaking 2018-04-28

The vibrator, even on its lowest level, was feeling incredible as she worked it in and out, and Missy's pussy tasted better than any cock she had ever sucked. Missy felt Jason's shooting cum down her throat and humped Brittany's face harder. She wanted Jason to come fast, she knew she could feel an orgasm from Brittany sucking the cum out of her pussy. He felt his balls churn and Missy's pussy tightened around his cock as it exploded shooting into her, not as deep as into Brittany but still deep. Missy's orgasm came as she felt Jason unloading all he left into her pussy one more time.

The Group Ch. 2

group susurrus 2018-04-28

Becky leaned over to see what she could only feel at home, and gave a moan when she saw how wide Karen's asshole had to stretch to take my cock. I leaned forward as much as I could and still suck pussy and fuck Karen's ass, then relaxed to allow Vern's big fucker into my little butthole. While I fucked myself on Karen's ass and Vern's cock, everybody else was racing toward his or her own orgasm. My tonguing of Becky's clit got her over the edge, and Vern's hard-on swelled and spasmed as it pumped its load of hot jizz into my eager ass. Becky collapsed on the sofa, Virginia rolled off Karen and lay panting on the floor, Vern slid his cock out of my ass, and I slumped down over Karen's body.

The Cabin

group nightstalker1960 2018-04-28

"We're set then." Wendy said into the phone, as she turned and walked back into the kitchen. Wendy looked at me quizzically as I walked in, nodding toward the lake and Brenda. "I'm going to hit the shower." I said, holding my hands out like they were covered in fish guts, which they were. I shook my head and glanced from Wendy to Brenda, before walking into the bathroom and closing the door. "Aren't you going to watch the movie with us." Wendy called out, turning to look at me. As Brenda reached the top of the stairs and disappeared from view, Wendy stood up and walked over to me, her hand slowly unbuttoning her blouse.


The Double Date That Didn't End Ch. 04

group bosombuddies 2018-04-28

Shane, Tracy, Connor, all fucking me at once— Yeah, I'd already come like four times the night before, but we all slept in until the early afternoon and I woke up feeling recharged and horny. Tracy's eyes dipped south, where my erection had returned with such a force that it was actually pushing the waistband of my boxer-briefs out and away from my body. I opened my eyes and looked in the bathroom mirror, delighted to see the reflection of Tracy's sumptuous, bare-naked ass staring back at me. Tracy suddenly grabbed hold of my erection and started pumping—HOLY FUCK THAT FELT GOOD. "God damn, I can't believe how fucking hard I am," Shane laughed through clenched teeth.


Dogging with TXLassy

group 2018-04-28

We have been dogging where I masturbate and suck my husbands cock and let others watch us fucking. My husband watched me type a message to Chris agreeing to meet him for dinner on the waterfront where we met this morning I did tell him I would have to be home before my husband gets back from Austin. He slide his finger in my pussy spreading me open and exposing my engorged clit, my husband looked at me and asked me how many times Chris had fucked me? My husband asked me how much bigger Chris's cock was and he told me my pussy was stretched wider as he grabbed my tits and started fucking me harder.

His Lover & Me

group IsabellaKing 2018-04-28

'He is gentle and loving.' In my mind I was watching his lips traveling the length of my naked body, planting soft kisses on his journey, the whisper of his breath warming my skin, whilst his hands circled my wrists and pinned them to the bed. We'd agreed that Kate was to be more of an accessory in our sex life, but sitting here watching her talk and smile, and toy nervously with her hair, I was seeing the real person, and like me, she had fears and expectations, and feelings that I couldn't trample on.


Lacey & Molly Get Laid

group angelfeathers 2018-04-28

Jake knew I could blow his plan out of the water in a second because despite her dumb blonde stupidity Lacey trusted me implicitly and if I said it wasn’t a good idea, she’d listen and want us to come up with another idea for her endeavour to end third world poverty. “Go see if Frank is in,” Jake said to me as I watched them, fascinated by what was happening in front of my eyes, “Let’s help Lacey get into slut mode properly!” “I like doing things myself,” I said trying to keep my voice even, not wanting to let him know how turned on I was and my hand began to move slowly up and down on my crotch.


My 3rd Gangbang

group 2018-04-28

I head up anways he follows, i open the door of the room she should be in, when we open the door, i see sally blowing some old black dude, and bent over doggy style being fucked by taye, Now till this point i have never seen sally in that situation, i herd it as we been roommates and best friends for ever, but never eye witness her in a sexual act. I remember my thought at the time, seeing tayes dick turned me on, it was so huge, sally is a big girl, shes not fay, shes just thick, the good type and very tall.

The Ring

group usm1carbine 2018-04-28

They had me on all fours in the bus aisle, as someone pulled my gown up and threw it on my back and then tore my panties off as he jammed a nice hard cock inside of me, increasing the pleasure I was receiving from the cock I was sucking and the two I was jacking, as someone held me up off the floor and I felt my dress top and bra come down and so many hands on my hard tits! I tipped the cup up, trying to get every drop out of it as the bus rumbled along and soon, I saw my stop come up and I pulled my gown up over my tits and shoulders and got up and slid it over my pussy, my bra and panties nowhere to be found.


Movie Mix-Up

group lonerose 2018-04-28

Looking at Chris and Eric, I knew they were attractive, but I only had eyes for Hunter. "Holy shit!" Chris said as he looked at my breasts, my long nipples sticking out almost an inch, hard and aching. "Shit!" Eric said as I slowly slid more of him into my mouth and began to suck him vigorously, my head bobbing up and down. Eric pulle dout of me and let me crawl on top of Chris, taking him inside my pussy. Chris began sucking my nipples while Eric sat the pace, the friction rocking me on Chris' cock. I stood on shaky legs while Chris and Eric dressed and left, leaving the movie and Hunter for me.

French Lessons

group loneguy01 2018-04-28

I was mostly talking with Brenda and after a few hours we got separated from Trudy who was more interested in speaking French with the locals. Brenda kissed me and said, "Trudy is a night owl. I took a short break to take all my clothes off and, once I was naked, Brenda reached for my cock and started to play with it. Trudy approached the bed and put a hand on my cock and fondled Brenda's breasts with the other hand. I laid Trudy on the bed and started to kiss my way down her body. I began to fuck her while Trudy positioned herself in front of Brenda and spread her legs. Brenda was playing with Trudy's luscious tits, fondling and kissing them.