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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 25

group SteveWallace 2018-04-28

Introductions took fifteen minutes, mostly because Brita decided that total nudity was better than the thong she'd started to wear, and that her breasts needed to stroke the person she was meeting in a sexy way to cement in the new friendship. Brita swam into my arms again, "So, Soul Mate, will you take you sexy blonde Danish soul mate up to that chaise beside the ocean and make love to her? I held the thought as I made Brita cum from my oral work on her muff, that souls had created this human realm so that they could do what Brita and I were doing right that instant – making love and sharing orgasms that nearly defied description. Sheila's eyes rolled up in her head as Brita added two fingers to the job at hand; she lay back in my arms.


Mandy Ch. 05

group Bigdenverman 2018-04-28

"Life is too short to turn your back on love, sweetie," Mandy kissed him again, holding his face between her hands. Mandy looked up at Joe, expressing a mixture of lust, love and wonder. Her hands carefully explored each of their bodies, pausing to feel the exact place where Joe was entering Mandy. Melissa wrapped her hand around Joe's balls and held them tight while fingering the edge of Mandy's pussy, exactly where her husband's cock entered. She watched the penetration, and loved how Mandy's pussy lips grasped Joe's erection as he pulled out. Joe came once again inside Mandy, and Melissa was elated. She loved kissing Melissa while fucking Joe, and even enjoyed the light verbal exchanges between them as they fucked.

The Therapist

group ickric 2018-04-28

Tom looked over at Jenny and, in his mind's eye, he saw her naked, with cum dribbling out from her pussy like she'd been freshly fucked. "I can only get my pussy relaxed if I have my boyfriend's cock in my mouth" she continued, "but the moment he tries to fuck me, my pussy clams up like a roller blind!" This made Tom smile a little. Tom approached and he saw her tits bouncing around as the Doctor started to fuck Jenny's mouth, the motion causing her body to move with some vigour. "Fuck, I'm cumming" he said, thrusting his cock as deep as he could into Jenny, releasing his sperm into her waiting body.


to hard

group Loipyu 2018-04-28

After pumping his load deep into my abused pussy, the next guy moved into position, He was tall, and hadn’t said a word during the whole time his buddies were fucking me, but as he moved into position, he pushed his big assed cock deep into my pussy and pulled it all the way out, and I felt that monster cock pushing into my unprepared asshole, he got his massive cock head just inside my hole, as I was screaming for him to stop before he split me in two, He stopped for a second, as he reached around and roughly grabbed both of my now very tender breasts and squeezed as tight as he could while he slammed his giant cock all the way into my destroyed asshole.

French Adventure Ch. 02

group Group-lover 2018-04-28

She gasped as his fingers made contact with her streaming pussy, and her eyes grew wide as within seconds she felt Rob thrust one of them into her slippery hole. Carla didn't stop her thrusting up and down on the two hands between her legs and seconds later she gave a loud cry, and both Rob and Anique felt the spasming pussy grip their fingers. A second gasp caught Anique's attention and looking up from her position on the floor, she saw Simon's hard cock bobbing up and down as he tugged on his manhood, while he watched the action unfolding before him. It was Rob who lost control first, as with a groan and a hard thrust into Anique's sopping pussy he shot stream after stream of his creamy sperm, deep into her body.

Helen & Roger Teach Me to Suck Cock

group Max78 2018-04-28

After not long at all I felt my balls tighten and knew I was getting close to cumming, but just then I realised that Helen had two hands gripping the back of my head To my terror I realised it must be Roger who was stroking me off. Soon I started to cum, and as I bucked my load deep into Helens welcoming pussy Roger grabbed me even harder and pumped his juices down my throat. When he realised that I was actually enjoying it he released the pressure on my head and started to rub his hands down my body and to play with my nipples and to feel the base of my cock as it went into Helens pussy.


group Penelope Caesar 2018-04-28

To remain for the following thirteen nights at the premises of Supple, to accept at all times the judgement of the responsible staff of Supple as to the appropriate nature and content of her activities during this period, and to participate to the best of her ability in the exercises, diet, massage and other features of the course prescribed for her. Vicky agreed to go, but insisted on paying her own way - if it turned out they had to pay - and they reserved places on a course in fourteen weeks time when they could both get time away from their jobs. The man presenting "The Supple Sensation" hammered home the message that exercising your body in ways that were not natural and easy to you was a perilous course.


What Happens in the Hot Tub... Ch. 01

group perfectgentleman 2018-04-28

"Miranda, truth or dare," Jesse said. Jesse was nervous, but she accepted the dare and moved to the edge of the tub and waited for Brett to come to her. Jesse's mouth began to vibrate with moans of passion around Brett's cock as Miranda rubbed her clit. Miranda's orgasm was followed closely by Jesse's as she finally succumbed to the pleasure of Brett's mouth on her chest and fingers inside her pussy. Jesse was still coming down from her second orgasm, so Brett and Miranda licked her chest clean of his cum and then shared a deep kiss. Jesse recovered enough to take Miranda's left breast into her mouth and sucked it clean while Brett did the same with her right.

Dionysus Retreat, The Performance C

group sleeplesssailor 2018-04-28

The 50-something woman with sagging but still quite beautiful breasts had grown a clit the size of a lima bean and was drifting in and out of consciousness from the series of intense orgasms her partner's huge black cock was triggering. Looked like it had to hurt, but the woman's screams of pleasure had pierced the night, and those sounds had stayed lodged in the recesses of Joan's mind until dredged up by what she had just seen behind the louvers. A white club member that Joan thought she recognized from the Floor 1 introductions as Melinda Morris was riding a black stud with an insanely wide cock, perhaps as much as three inches wide.


In The Beginning

group adiposehysteria 2018-04-28

He planted a trail of kisses all the way down to my erect nipple and slowly moved his hand between my legs, he teased me, touching me everywhere but my hot pussy. Then Emily moved her hand to my lower stomach and gently began to stroke my clit while Cole had his fingers inside me, stroking my G-spot. In any case, when I did tell Emily about how much Cole loved going down on me, and how hard he made me come when he did, she was curious. I whispered in Cole's ear to make Emily come and I continued to stroke his rock hard cock with more intensity, feeling the pre-cum on the tip. Emily started kissing Cole as I took his dick into my mouth and began sucking.

The Seduction

group NaughtyCandyGirl 2018-04-28

Katie was sitting on the edge of her bed watching her friend undress and upon seeing her also shaved pussy come into view, she automatically spread her legs and ran the tip of her index finger over her swollen clit to try and alleviate its throbbing. Releasing her grip on Melissa’s hair, she stroked her hand over the shiny locks and a second later the other girl was kissing her way up her body until they were face to face and they shared a hot, open-mouthed kiss, their tongues intertwining sharing the taste of Katie’s pussy juice. “Mmmm you have such a talented mouth baby,” Melissa told her as her hand wandered down Katie’s body and she slipped two fingers inside her friend’s pussy, pumping them slowly.

The Circle Ch. 12

group SteveWallace 2018-04-28

Sheila announced that she wanted Matt and Nathan in her bed, so the threesome went off to her bedroom, although it was pretty clear that sex was not on the agenda, just a desperate woman knowing the men she loved were safe. Photographs of Matt and Nathan taken while they talked to police at the scene graced the front page of The Courier, the city paper. Matt and Nathan discovered this on Wednesday morning about nine o'clock in their living room, when they met with two reporters from The Courier - Dean Atkins and Willow Mendez, both introduced as seasoned staff in their thirties who seemed to know exactly what they wanted.


Sucking a complete stranger whilst being fucked wi

group Deprivedexecwife 2018-04-28

The Magician knew I loved it deep and that the sensation of being fucked hard and sucking cock at the same time would blow my mind. He watched me wriggle and every time I came up on the cock I pushed my ass closer to him silently begging for the dildo deeper inside my pussy. His soft lips and warm breath made the hair on the back of my neck stand up on end and then I felt his wet tongue rimming me, gently pushing inside my ass hole. I felt the hands on my head grip tighter and push faster and the stranger whose cock was deep inside my mouth released his cum, which I swallowed without hesitation.

Life on South Beach

group bufffreak 2018-04-28

Alicia ran her hands all over my dick and Juan just watched, he even came a little closer Eventually, Alicia worked her way to the head of the bed and pulled my face into her pussy. Back to Alicia, she pulled my head tighter into her pussy as Juan began sliding a finger into my ass I resumed my pussy licking as I could feel Juan pressing his dick against my anus. Alicia slowly recovered and slid out from under me to watch Juan fuck my ass. Juan watched at first as I gave Alicia a long stroke fucking. I could tell Juan could not give her this Juan ran his hand around my ass and blew into my anus as I fucked Alicia

The Redneck

group BeyondPleasure 2018-04-28

"This little slut likes to have both her holes filled at the same time," I said to Red. I didn't know if Carrie really wanted to try double penetration with this guy; but our last conversation in the diner got me focused on getting two cocks in Carrie at the same time. Carrie was running her hands through my hair and gritting her teeth as I sucked her nipple into my mouth in rhythm to Red's finger in her pussy. Red grabbed a handful of Carrie's hair again and began slapping her lightly in the face with his cock. In steady rhythm, Red began to slap Carrie's face while I held her head and pumped my cock in and out of her ass.

Very Good Samaritans Ch. 01

group SimonRellion 2018-04-28

John noticed that Liz' eyes traveled quickly up and down Cindy's generous form. John helped out with the process of hooking up the RV to all the ports, while Liz helped Cindy expand the slide-outs and rearrange the interior to be a little more homey. And that it's all okay with Duke." Liz pulled back and looked John in the eye. Liz stepped back and just took in the glory of Cindy's naked form, from her pink painted toes up to her smoothly shaven mound, her heavy tits with their big red aureoles, and up to the halo of blonde hair crowning her beautiful face. Liz pulled Cindy's face up for a deep tongue kiss.

Tommy and Pam

group ViSexual 2018-04-28

"I wish," I quickly answered then added, "but no," I hesitated then spoke more seriously, "Jan just wanted me to invite you and Pam over." "Would you say that Pam looks good enough to eat?" Jan sounded a little nervous still and she had obviously planned, and probably rehearsed, her words. "It actually turns me on," Pam sounded a little hesitant to admit this, "I've often gotten turned on listening to Tom talk about all the times he's gotten peeks at Jan and feels of her. "I'm sure glad you never did." Pam looked back at me and grinned, then took my bare cock in her little hand and began stroking it behind her back as she, again, placed her ear against the bedroom door.


The Hell-Fire Club

group TamLin01 2018-04-28

Dee told the driver to "Take it somewhere no one will see it," then smiled at Rosemary again and said, "Ready?" ("Whatever they're having," Rosemary said) She peered around as she sipped her cocktail; most of the people were talking amongst themselves, although an odd scene played out near the fire, where a woman danced on a bearskin rug and some other women and men gathered to watch. "Let me try again," Rosemary said, almost elbowing Dee out of the way until the other woman relented and allowed Rosemary to take Mark in both hand and slide the bulging tip of him past her lips, letting the thick and smooth bulk of his cock fill her mouth.


Meg's Birthday Present

group LoveYourWetness 2018-04-28

I opened some wine and then excused myself to take out the plug- I wasn't sure what was going to happen from here, but I figured that Lexie didn't need to know about all my perversions. Meg held the back of her head with her right hand, and sitting sideways on the couch she took her left and slipped it under her dress to play with her pussy. I hadn't wanted to interfere, but as the two girls continued Meg looked up at me and said, "I think we should take this to the bedroom." I could only nod. Kneeling to her side, Meg took a nipple in one hand and began stroking Lexie's swollen pussy through her panties with the other.


Slut in Chains

group SlutKathy 2018-04-28

The prisoners were now more rowdy, shouting at the guards to let them have a turn with the slut, as he continued to finger fuck me now with four fingers up my cunt as I stood facing them and Chas. I was now lying on my side facing Chas, one leg held wide apart giving everybody a good view of their large smelly, sweaty cocks reaming out my cunt and ass hole. They wasted no time in fucking me as I was forced down on to the dirty floor on my back, my legs spread wide apart and the biggest of the prisoners, a large black man, got his cock out which was long and thick and plugged my cunt hole with it.

A Company Man: The CIA & Me Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-04-28

On a couple of occasions I'd been asked if I thought I could manage starting a new "Greenfield" consulting practice office in Europe; I enthusiastically answered, "Of course." How naïve! You're about to start working in Europe and, I'm told, will open your company's first technology office in London as well as travel around the entire continent doing your consulting work. I also needed to get work permits for the group of us that were going to move to England from the U.S. Of course, we also needed clients and I started an aggressive marketing campaign too, aided by a couple of colleagues from the home office and from the firm's accounting services office in London.


Dessert Anyone

group 2018-04-28

Instead of Lucy being in the kitchen with a dessert pulled out, there was a note on the door that said come find me boys. Lucy welcomed his cock with pleasure and watched as Dave lubbed up Ray and stuck his dick inside Ray's ass. Her orgasm caused Ray to pull out quick as he shot his load all over Lucy's stomach and breast. Hearing the moans and seeing Ray shoot his load caused Dave to pull out and Lucy demaned that he shoot on her stomach abd breast so he did. Lucy took both men into her mouth and sucked them dry, pointed to her cum drenched stomach and breast and said here is your dessert boys.

Michelle, My Belle Ch. 2

group Kimmie 2018-04-28

You two get the bedroom and Michelle and I get the fold out couch, right?" As Troy began to agree, Michelle broke in and said, "why don't we make this night special and all share the bed?" I almost screamed with delight for the chance to be close to Michelle again but bit my tongue. Michelle licked up all the cum Troy had squirted on me and then with a little blob of his seed on her tongue she French kissed me and left the jizz on my tongue for me to swallow. Troy would never jerk off for me like the boyfriend I had before him would so I watched him while I gently licked at Michelle's pussy lips.

Hot and Sweet Ch. 03

group errant_dreamer 2018-04-28

As Jana passed the table on the way to get more dishes, Kriszta asked, "So what do you think of Hungarian women? I smiled and said, "Well, give me a turn and let me look at you." Before she could object, Kriszta piled on, "Come on, even though we know he's been watching us all morning, let him get a good look." Jana blushed a little, then spun slowly in place. "Think about it this way, if all strippers are as hot as Kriszta here, with big boobs, and great ass, what's to separate them from each other?" I asked. "Good try," Kriszta said with a laugh and the girls bustled back to the kitchen as I left the bakery and headed off for work.