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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ms. Marca Ch. 69

group Ms. Marca 2018-04-28

I said, "What time do you kick everyone out of here?" He glanced at his watch and said, "Ten minutes ago." I smiled and lifted the glass to my lips, licking the rim of it very slowly before taking another drink. I said, "Who wants to party?" All the guys turned to look at me then walked over to the table. When the tip was buried deep inside my pussy, his brother slid his cock into my wet slit and wiggled it around. Each time he thrust, my pussy slammed down on his brother's cock and my mouth moved down the host's pole. It took all my concentration to mouth fuck the red head and works my pussy muscles on the other guy.


Warren's Women - Nancy & Judy Ch. 02

group Paris Waterman 2018-04-28

In the front seat, Nancy rejoiced as Warren's cock grew to full size in her mouth and pressed against the side of cheeks as he thrust up and down, in and out and sideways, making it look like she was chewing tobacco. "You were blowing me, remember?" Somewhat bewildered, Nancy allowed his hand to force her mouth back upon his wet cock and as she resumed her cocksucking duties, she heard Judy ask Eppy, "Can I see it? Nancy hopped off Eppy's lap and ran to close the windows as Warren shaped Judy's breasts, molding his hands around one, then the other, as if trying to determine the difference through Braille.


Two Girls, a Boy & a Hotel Room

group alex_cat 2018-04-28

I shivered at the thoughts of tasting her sweet wet pussy and touching her sexy red curls. She slid my bra strap down as she took my face in one hand and kissed my mouth. "Make me come," he moaned as we continued to trade places until finally I took all of him into my mouth and stroked him as I sucked. I slid under her and took a hard pink tipped nipple into my mouth as I kept touching her clit. "Oooooo," she moaned as she came and he grunted as he thrust into her deep and hard one final time, cumming in her cunt until it ran out and down her legs.

Threesome Story

group lookalot2006 2018-04-28

I'm certain I've noticed that her breathing would speed up when I mentioned some well-hung stud stretching her tight, hairless little pussy, doggy style, while I plunged my cock into her mouth, and I know she was wet instantly when I told her of my desire to kneel behind her and caress her beautiful breasts as she swirled her tongue to catch the last drops of a stranger's huge load. Jane continued to suck Steve for a moment before she stopped and looked right into my eyes. Jane had no problem accommodating my shorter cock and took me right to the base, while jerking Steve with her hand. Jane's eyes widened a bit as Steve rubbed the head of his cock back and forth, between her clit and her hole.


The Present Ch. 01

group Rickypillow 2018-04-28

The aura of sex and lust seem to be in the air, as I watch the bellhop adjust his hard cock as he helps a beautiful older woman with her bags, asking her if she would like the "same services" as she received on her last visit. Just before the door closes another staff member pushing a room service cart jumps in the elevator, she is as hot as the rest of the staff, dressed in a super short skirt and tight white blouse, her long straight black hair pulled back, her dark skin setting off her clear blue eyes. You moan loudly as I swat you hard with my crop, forcing my cock faster and faster in your mouth as far as I can, holding your head steady.

Karma can do you in, Melissa pays a steep price

group oralTcmlvr 2018-04-28

35, 5' 6" tall with a good body (135 pounds and 38C One day I met a guy named Shawn. Shawn started to eat my pussy and I was cumming right Shawn got up and opened the door and Then Shawn told me to get out of bed and show off my had guys sucking on my tits and fingering my pussy. me to the bed and Shawn told me to suck him off. The guys were getting hard again and Shawn I led to the bed and each guy took turns fucking me But when Shawn went back to his room I was in tears. I also soon made the guys I was sucking cum and

Angel And The Bachelor Party

group Pokerman 2018-04-28

Angel kept working on his cock through his shorts until she felt him stiffen, then gave him a quick squeeze as he came hard into his boxers. Pete stuttered something that must have sounded like yes, because Angel gave him a quick kiss and said "Thanks" as she headed for the master bedroom. Angel squeezed my cock, milking the last drop of cum from me, before pulling away and looking up at me. Angel closed her eyes and put her hand on the back of my head as I kissed down her stomach to her beautiful pussy. "Ohhhhhhhh Godddddd Jake..." Angel came hard, clenching her pussy around my cock. Angel, satisfied that she got all my cum, pulled her mouth off my cock.

My Dream

group dkmr 2018-04-28

Then they started to tease me by saying things like Neha, suck my hard nipples, Neha, put one more finger in, “Monu, kiss me, ummm yeahhh Monu darling, use my ass and stuff. Neha lifted my tied legs up and Monica put her face on my ass and started licking my asshole. Neha always had soft corner to me and she told Monica to take off the cloth from my mouth but they knew that I would start shouting at them as soon as they remove it. Thankfully Neha removed the cloth out of my mouth while I took a deep breath to start scolding them, immediately Monica jumped and pushed her pussy on my mouth.


group cotton03 2018-04-28

However, my cock was thinking for me as I stepped inside to find Lisa waiting there for me in the purple Victoria's Secret teddy that she knew was my favorite. Lisa senses this to and moans as she tries to milk my cock, wanting to feel and taste my seed as it explodes into her throat and mouth. The thoughts stopped as I no longer could think with this delicious pussy on my face and my cock in a throat, and a very good one I might add. Lisa asked if she could help and told Todd to sit back and enjoy his fantasy. As I begin to explore his manhood, returning his favor, Lisa tells me that she wants my big, hard cock in her pussy.


The Bookstore Ch. 2

group Kimber37 2018-04-28

I feel like the dirtiest, filthiest whore just then…ready to take man after man after man if that's what it takes to get the cum I need. The slapping of the man's cock against his hand, the sticky sounds of fingers being pushed in and out of pussies—it made the need to cum and to feel cum boil inside me. "I want you both to cum." The girls lied down next to each other on the dirty rug and began to lick each other's pussies. I wanted to shout out to him to let me feel it, for him to cum on me through the hole in the wall, but I had no voice.


Football Slut

group Roscoe0829 2018-04-28

Tammy was a little taller than Christine, wearing tight jean shorts and a Buccs tank top that showed off her ample cleavage with no bra and pair of high heeled sandals making her legs look awesome. When I glanced in her direction Craig had his hand on her ass, rubbing it while Fred had his back to me and Tammy, and we knew he was looking at her ample cleavage. Don't stop, it feels so fucking good, keep rubbing my clit, that's it, just like that, oh you're cock feels soooo good." I can feel Tammy's pussy pulsating as she starts to cum, I can't hold back any longer and cum so hard I almost fall over and have to hold onto the arms of the chair to steady myself.

Hunting for Hunters

group cblondie2178 2018-04-28

The next morning we broke open a bottle of wine we smuggled in with us and a little bottle became quite empty while the talk became more risque about these hunters, so my partner, g/f, photographer dared me to go out to the cabins wearing something that would get me fucked if anyone was around. She stayed back by the truck and took pictures of me going up to the first cabin to knock on the door. As I walked down towards Cabin #2 my g/f called out to open my pussy and make sure my coat stays open. As I walked back to the truck I took one last look around and listen to hear if there was the sound of an ATV or snow machine in the distance as it could be them coming back.

Sharon's Threesome Ch. 02

group SharonMWF 2018-04-27

I could feel the cold water making my nipples hard and I thought about yesterday and what a turn on it was laying there nude on the beach and being fucked by Colin's magnificent cock. He put his one hand on my back and pushed me down gently, "Put your head down on the pillow and let me look and your beautiful ass and cunt," he said. He moved forward and I felt the delicious pleasure of the head of his cock slowly part my cunt lips. That spasm of pleasure of his cock deep in my cunt and another tug on my nipple pushed me over the edge of my first orgasm.


Returning Home is a Furry Experience Ch. 04

group FurLove 2018-04-27

They finally pull her up and hug her between them, exchanging kisses with Bridgett sucking Nina's tits while Kyle sits Nina on his stiff cock, still slick with their mixed juices and pumps her to orgasm several times. Bridgett eagerly returns to sucking Nina's twat filled with spunk from Kyle and takes his cock up her twat again, thrusting back to him, squirming to take more of him into herself. Bridgett is screaming into Nina's twat setting her off to a string of orgasms with Nancy fur fondling her and Bill. She loves taking Kyle's or Bill's cock in her at any time and sucking out Nina or Nancy.


My Husband and I Do Sara

group JanetG 2018-04-27

They study: the bouquet of curls pinned to the crown of my head; my tanned, fit shoulders and back; the tan line left by my bikini top; the pale tops of my heart-shaped buttocks peeking out of skimpy, lacy black panties stretched tight over my big, sweet ass. I casually turn as I prepare to let down my hair, so that when I am ready I am facing my lovers, both hands atop my head, my tits as well displayed as they will ever be, my pussy behind black silk, my legs shapely in nylon stockings, my ballet slippers strapped and bowed. Toby releases me and steps back, pulling his cock out of Sara's mouth and hand.

Changes 03

group HopelesslyAddicted 2018-04-27

Jason told him that he and his girlfriend were going out to celebrate some great business deal and invited John and Maria to join them. Get some friends here, help keeping her from thinking that she is all alone." John nodded and thought it was a great idea and that he was going to talk to Maria when she got home. Maria stared out her window watching the small little neighborhoods pass by, and John kept his eyes on his wife. "I think the last time I was at the table with John and Maria, she threatened to chop off his balls and bake them into a pie." Alice looked shocked, all John could do was choke on his beer and smile.


Sexual Education - Hands On

group kylee_is_hot 2018-04-27

Well, the school has decided to try something different this year by getting young and sexy teachers to teach the classes." As Jenny said this she moved into her best modelling pose, giving the students a sweet, seductive smile. Happy with how things were going, Michael was about to explain the next part of the class when Sarah, the largest girl in the group, stood up from her seat, already in her underwear, and unhooked her bra. "Girls pick a new partner to try these out with, get him ready, then have a go," explained Michael, loving the sight of so many beautiful young women all naked having sex. Chad took this as an order and withdrew immediately, removed the condom and jerked his penis until he shot another large load over Jenny's shiny breasts.


My Cheating wife

group slowvelder69 2018-04-27

As the camera went back to Terri’s face, I could see her mouth the words: “Fuck my ass!” The black guy was lightly smacking her face with his wet cock. The guy in her mouth, was thrusting a little faster, grabbing handfuls of her hair as he fucked her face. As the man started to shudder, Terri cupped her hand around his cock, as she pushed her mouth even harder against his asshole. “The slut even sucks cock from her ass!” one of the guys shouted out, as they watched her suck the cum from their friend’s dick. Terri crawled over to him, licked his balls, and then worked her way up his body, finally coming to rest with his dick in her wet, cum filled pussy.

Emily's Friend

group oldman456 2018-04-27

She gave off some low moans, so I moved my hand around to her Venus mound and slipped one finger into her pussy and then gently rubbed her clit. What you are doing feels so wonderful." she said, as she started to gently blow into my ear, sucking on my earlobe at the same time. She put the tip of my cock in her mouth, sucking gently and licking the head, while moving her hand slowly up and down my shaft. Emily told Nancy to straddle my body, facing me, and insert my cock into her pussy. Finally Emily told her to suck gently on my prick while moving her head and her hand up and down and breathing through her nose.


Physical Therapy

group Blake 2018-04-27

I wanted to suck them and she must have read my mind because she bent forward and placed her right nipple in my mouth. Responding to the doctor's orders, the nurse bent over and took my dick in her mouth. Removing her mouth, the nurse said, "His pressure is steady". The doctor made the nurse raise her head from my cock as she began to mount the table. I could not see because the nurse still had her pussy in my face but I could feel the doctor's love hole barely touching the head of my cock. The nurse lowered her pussy to my mouth and I resumed lapping at her cunt like the sex dog that I had become.

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 07

group BlewWater69 2018-04-27

Katie joked about always seeing Anna and Penny in pigtails like little girls. I perked up when I heard Darci talking and caught how she wanted to have Katie come down Thursday to Sunday. "Of course, I think you look pretty hot today and I'm not talking heat," I told Penny, not holding back a compliment and remembering her tight body. "Lock your door if you want privacy, Little Brother," Darci said with a grin. Maybe I should invite Katie over for a swim and we can see which you like better," Darci said jokingly. The anticipation of seeing Anna and Penny soon, plus the wicked option Darci had proposed, kept my thoughts excited almost to the point of physical reaction.


Kiss My Ass

group sojournerwolf 2018-04-27

Devon slowly drew himself almost all the way out as he watched Cheri and Terese kiss. Why did I wait so long, Cheri wondered as she let her lips move along Devon’s dick and onto Terese’s swollen clit. Cheri probed between the meat of the man and the soft inner lips of the woman, thrusting her tongue deeper as Devon moved into Terese. Terese raised her head and cried out in the throes of pure mind blowing pleasure when Cheri’s lips found her clit once more and sucked it in even as she felt Devon ram into her so hard she almost was lifted off the floor.

Steam Room Sex

group twizlstikz 2018-04-27

Jack saw them walking off together, and admired how sexy they both looked with their long wavy hair, one dark and one red, and their shapely asses hanging out of their bikinis. Izzy knew he wasn't serious, he always said she was free to do what she wanted with girls, as long as she let him watch. Clare plunged her tongue inside Izzy, and as she did, Jack let a hard smack right on her ass. As she began to lick Clare, Jack stood behind Izzy and slowly inserted his throbbing cock into her hungry pussy. Izzy let out a deep moan, as Jack's long, thick cock filled her completely.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 14

group Jeremydcp 2018-04-27

I also learned during that fateful trip to Pennsylvania that the reason why Devon has held off in having a child of her own for so long was she was fearful, because of the way her father mistreated her, that she would not be a good and viable enough parent herself. Who knew that Trish would be so hot and heavy last night right out of the gate after learning that she was pregnant?" Scarlett high-fived Lindsay. A male relative hurt Devon in the past, and now she has a new male relative - you, her husband - wanting to do the same things to her, but in a completely different way.