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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bed Tea

group angie2001 2018-04-27

"Hello Annie sorry if we troubled you" Geoff said, I guessed he was in his late twenties, with dark brown hair and his body was in pretty good shape with a hairy chest and that thick cock which Barbara, almost guiltily released and it flopped onto his upper thigh. "Oh Annie you are wonderful" said Barbara as she gorged on my wetness, meanwhile Geoff pumped her pussy for all he could and he often slapped her arse cheeks as his prick went deeper inside her. Barbara lifted her head and gave me a warm smile, Geoff came to lie next to me on the bed and we kissed deeply, his cock was still erect and I reached for it again with my hand.

Friend's Daughter Ch. 03

group Granddad21 2018-04-27

As I surveyed the people walking past, I saw families and young couples holding hands, there was no one else like us, an older man with a sexy young female, I smiled and thought how lucky I was. Arriving back at the hotel we approached the female receptionist and asked for the key to our room, the woman gave Emma a large lingering smile as she looked at her body. As we headed towards our room I looked over my shoulder at the receptionist who continued to watch us, I gave her a smile and wink, as I thought to myself 'it would be a lot of fun to see Emma with an older female.'

All About Eve

group hornyjohndoe 2018-04-27

So I am popping out to my car to pick something up and when I come back in why don't you close up for the afternoon and we can all go down there and play." Eve said motioning her head in the direction of the small bar area by the toilets. Tom closed his eyes and Eve put her finger to her lips to tell the other men to remain quiet and she removed her undies from the bag. After taking him from her mouth Eve said "You can cum in my mouth Tom." Then she started to suck hard on his shaft and with one hand she rubbed him and the other hand raked the skin of his scrotum.


Hot and Sweet Ch. 17

group errant_dreamer 2018-04-27

"I'm sure we'll find time for you to fuck my mom again before we leave," Jana whispered in my ear while sliding a hand into my lap to gently rub my cock and caress my balls through the thin material of my boxers. Finally, I said, "There may be a little bit of a tan line along here and here," I slid a finger from her shoulder down to the outside edge of her soft, round breast. Jana turned to me and said with a knowing smile, "I'm glad you're willing to take such good care of my mom." Once each of the women was seated and had a drink in her hand, Jana said, "Jim, start with my mom, then do Dana, then me, please?"


Fantasy about my wife

group 2018-04-27

So he pulled his pants down and pushed his cock trough the hole, and by the way his eyes widedn i knew my wife was sucking at his cok right now. "oh baby thats a nice load" so my friend pulled his cock out and i could hear the door open at the other side, so i went out of my garage and looked at my wife. I said my godby to our last guests and made my way to the garage, when i opend the door i could hear my wife moaning so she was already fucking my friend again, Daniel and i changed sides and i fucked my wife trough the hole while she sucked him off and made him cum on her boobs while i pumped my load into her wet pussy.

Can I Take You Home?

group Mechy 2018-04-27

I didn't reply, I stood and headed down the dark corridor to the only opened door. I continued to lick the sweet cum from her throbbing lips as I unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans to the floor. Slowly I slid the tip of my cock between her soaking lips and entered her. The moist lips slid up and down as I felt the tongue gliding around the head. I heard her screaming above me as I continued sucking on her and finally realized it was not her mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes to see her husbands mouth wrapped tightly around my shaft. Without hesitation I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and slid his large head between my lips.

Truck Stop Fuckin'

group BeyondPleasure 2018-04-27

Carrie immediately pointed to a tall, somewhat muscular guy who looked a little like Howie Long. J.T. made it clear that he wasn't into guys; he just wanted to fuck that "hot piece of ass wife" of mine. Instead, he pushed and pulled Carrie's head into the rhythm he wanted; maybe trying not to come right away. Carrie looked such the willing fuck toy as she turned around to position her moist pussy closer to his waiting cock. Carrie got dressed as I finished cleaning her come drenched and still reddened ass cheeks. "Yeah," Carrie said slyly as we sat down at the same table in the truck stop dining room again. It wasn't long before Carrie started getting excited remembering the deep thrusting and hard ass slapping she'd just experienced.

Alicia's Last Delivery

group gossog 2018-04-27

Reliable Xpress employed twenty-six men and two women: a driver -- Alicia -- and the receptionist, a pretty young thing, all skinny and leggy with long hair like spun gold, a toothpaste-commercial face, and a pair of tits that just commanded a man's attention. Nothing so far had even come close to her all-time strangest stops: a nude college-age girl, red-haired with a little baby fat and a shaved pussy, answering the door on a dare from some guys laughing in the other room; an otherwise normal lady who appeared to be running a chinchilla kennel in the living room; a guy wearing only a T-shirt kissing another guy who was naked (they were both in excellent shape, nice hard cocks, and quite good-looking overall; that was probably her favorite stop of all).


Mark's Birthday Surprise

group NYTimesBest 2018-04-27

"Looks like I'll have to help you." Adding my hands to the back of Sylvia's head, I then forced her mouth further down on Mark's cock causing her eyes to bug out of her head. Soon I was on my knees besides Sylvia and both of us were furiously licking Mark's cock and taking turns sticking it in our mouths. Sylvia added to the incredible feeling by crouching down over Mark's face, allowing him to lick her pussy. To my surprise, she proved to be quite a nasty little bitch as she stuck her tongue deep into my pussy and eagerly licked at Mark's cum.

My First Job as a Maid

group foxkitten78 2018-04-27

I started thinking about the way Mark would pull Rochelle's wet body against his in the pool and the way her breasts bobbed on the water as she moved up and down. I would have said no because of how decietful they had been about it, but when I looked at Rochelle's hot body and thought about the fact that I hadn't gotten to taste her pussy yet and then I looked at Mark's hard cock and rock-hard abs, I couldn't say no. I pulled away from his cock, taking one last hard suck to enjoy the taste, then I turned around on all fours, "Fuck me doggy style, you dirty boy!" I wagged my ass at him and then buried my face in his wife's pussy.

Turn About

group DarkerCravings 2018-04-27

D opened his mouth to speak, and the dark headed man shoved his cock in. The man pushed his cock against the opening of D's ass hole and teased him with the head of it. When he did this, the dark one laughed and said ": I was going to start gentle, but seeing how badly you want it..." as he shoved his cock in to the hilt. As one man shuddered and sent his load into D's ass, the other pulled his cock out to shoot his load all over D's face. As D began to get louder the man threw back his head and pushed in deep spewing his cum into D's already soaked ass hole. One more, I said, as the man slid his cock inside my dripping pussy.

Just Us

group harmonie69 2018-04-27

He cups my breasts, and pinches my nipples, as I continue sucking him off, trying to take him deeper each time. I obey, and take an erect nipple into my mouth, licking, and sucking on it. You reach over, and fist your hand in my hair, and pull me closer, kissing me passionately. You bend your head, and begin sucking on my nipples. He positions his cock between my breasts, and guides my mouth to your nipple. I hear you say "God. I see why Joe liked you so much." Within minutes, you cum again. While you're being fucked, he fingers me, kisses me passionately, and bites me. You stop kissing me, and lick him off your hand.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 31

group Reindeer58 2018-04-27

Coming to Mary Claire's aid I offered, "I'm not sure about that." Corrine looked at me as I continued, "I think your daughter is a sumptuous energetic young woman who has a sexual tiger in her just waiting to be released." Moving my other hand across Corinne's cheek I added, "Just like her mother." As Corinne sat up she cheerfully giggled, "Oh, my God. That was the most erotic thing I've ever been involved in." Looking at her daughter she smiled, "I wouldn't live at home either Mary Claire." Gazing at the rest of us, she enthused, "You tasted good Scott, Katrina you made me cum without even touching my pussy.


A Weekend at the Cottage Ch. 02

group PrincessErin 2018-04-27

She straddled his hips and felt as Danica guided his cock inside Angie. Her pussy felt smaller and tighter then his girlfriend's and the weight of Angie on his cock was driving him crazy. I could get use to seeing two beautiful women half naked on the dock." Morgan sat down and pulled Danica into his lap. "Watch what Angie?" Danica was pretending to look innocent, but it wasn't working. Morgan watched as his sexy girlfriend rode his cock. As he glanced over at Angie, he saw her watching with eyes locked on his cock in Danica's pussy. He felt her wet pussy sucking in his cock and she was so wet and hot that he could barely feel what were her juices and his cum.


College Matron Educates Young Men

group phatwilly 2018-04-27

Opening the door she was met by the sight of 4 boys, 3 still pulling on their cocks, kneeling around an open porn magazine. He started to spray too but this time the end of the boys cock was almost touching her inner lips. The boys stood there in a row with their beautiful spent cocks hanging down, she really was a greedy girl, but 4 seemed to work better than one now that she had tried it. The thin boy was still massaging himself, slowly pulling his foreskin back and forth in an attempt to get himself up again, but his tired cock was having none of it for a little while longer.

We're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 04

group GreyGoose 2018-04-27

I'm not sure how the rules work—the description on the back was pretty vague—but it sounded like it could give us some laughs." She paused, and then smiled at Julie, "Plus, we're all friends here, right?" We all chuckled, and Lily started to tear the plastic wrapping off of the box. Then you flip a coin: if it is heads, you get to choose an article of your partner's clothing and remove it for them; if it comes up tails, you have to draw a 'foreplay' card and perform the activity described on it." We all began to blush a bit when we realized just how steamy this game sounded.


What I Learned That Summer Ch. 02

group SmallTownLibrarian 2018-04-27

"I've drunk so much of your beer I might as well help you clean up, sorta pay my tab." Evan, sitting on the couch, laughed, and commented that "that might make a good down payment, anyway." I couldn't tell for sure from where I was standing, but I think he winked at Roger when he said that. Fat girls give only the second-best blowjobs in the world." He sat on the bar stool directly in front of me, his knees, like Evan's, sprawled open. While normally I would have gotten the hell out of there, gone home and jerked off thinking about Michelle's fat tits or my girlfriend's spread legs and trimmed pussy, I was just drunk and horny enough to stick around to see what might happen.

Dorm Room Truth Or Dare

group Greatjohn 2018-04-27

Cindy glared at me for a second in silence before answering, "Well, I think it would be really hot to have a threesome with a girl." She smiled over at Beth, who was smiling back, "I don't think I'm bi or anything, but I'm in college and want to do something crazy." I could feel my dick hardening in my jeans and I wondered it either of them could see its outline. "It's hot in here." Cindy proclaimed, "I have a dare for the room, if you guys are ok with that?" Beth and I nodded in agreement, I had a feeling I knew what she was going to say.

Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 02

group GreyGoose 2018-04-27

Patrick, who was carrying bags of Indian food, was a good-looking guy, as Sara had hinted to Julie and Lily. Laughing, Sara replied, "Well, I think dripping wet clothes are a pretty good look for all of you! We were sitting in a large semi-circle around the brick fire-pit: Lily, Steve, Julie, and I on one side, Sara, Heather and Patrick on the other. His smile let on that he was turned on by the idea, but perhaps part of him was a little intimidated by the idea that Heather might be more intimate with Sara than she was with him. Sara pensively smiled, glancing back and forth between Julie, Lily and Heather.


One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 03

group KarlMartinK 2018-04-27

Well, the way Sarah and Melissa were playing earlier, I didn't think I had a whole lot to worry about and I was a better shot than April, too. "I know exactly how Melissa feels when she says it turns her on to make fun of you and your ridiculous little member, because I feel the same way." Her hand slithered around to cup one of my ass cheeks, pulling me firmly toward her. April stood there with her hands on her hips, looking like she didn't know whether to thank Linda for agreeing with her or to be mad that she'd insulted her small breasts again.


true again threesome

group 1boredhubby 2018-04-27

I looked in her eyes smiled and started kissing her our tongues met and before you knew whats what she had her legs open and my hands were down feeling her shaven cunt through her knickers.I coul;d feel her wetness soaking through them already and her body was meeting my every touch(oh my god she was really fucking hot).I thenm heard Andy coming out the bathroom so as he walked pass i pulled her knickers to oneside giving him, the perfect view.She moaned knowing full well what i had done,thrusting her hips up.Andy sat on the sofa again i glanced over to see him sitting there with his hard cock in his grasp wanking enjoying the show.

Winter Evening

group T@nman 2018-04-27

And a salad.' I'll have things put together by then and we can visit while it bakes.' She turned, 'Oh, and put a couple of bottles of red wine in the cooler.' 'Well, in that case, I'll light the fireplace.' Meg left for the kitchen and I took care of the wine. I told them 'no' and that dress was very casual. 'How casual?. 'Comfortable casual. We've partied together. 'Good idea. 'Good idea. Are you going to have anything with it?' The salad is chilling.' 'The wine is chilling too. We polished off two bottles of red wine with dinner. The fireplaces was behind us. Don't be a party pooper.' I was having a good time. I tasted his sweat and piss.


Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 10

group CandiNyse 2018-04-27

Tony, the guy behind the counter, was all hot and bothered, said this sweet little 18 year old girl was in the glory hole, hoping he'd bring her something to suck on while she masturbated, something that would feel like a cock cumming in her mouth! I'm fucking this girl I've wanted for so long, on her hands and knees, raunchy, on the carpet, and I'm filling her, stretching her, reaming her, sticking it in so deep, and it's so much better than I ever dreamed, and at the same time I'm making love to her, tenderly, feeling like my cock inside her is Alex's love gift, wet from her own throat.


Learning Curve

group Dakota_North 2018-04-27

Their debates could take up nearly half the class time, and whenever Richard seemed to be gaining the upper hand, Amy's friend Mandy would give her a hand and chime in. Her friend Mandy had a decidedly curvier figure, but Amy knew instinctively that Richard had long been attracted to her tight little bottom. Amy's cheeks bulged out as Richard's head filled her mouth, then in a practiced stroke she went down on him all the way, sucking his cock deep into her throat. Amy got the most out of it, sucking as much of Richard's cum off of Mandy's tongue before planting several wet kisses on her friend's face.