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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I'm a Bi Girl Now!

group zanyzany 2018-04-27

With his dick still hard he took it out of Sheri and stuck it in Dee. She was in the middle of the three of us, so both Sheri and I sucked on her nipples while she masturbated and got fucked. Brian took his dick out of me and the three of us sat on the couch while he stood there in all his glory jacking off looking at his three little girls on the couch. Brian and I are still phone sex partners - 10 years after we first met - and still have little rendezvous with Dee and Sheri.

Dinner and a MMF 3 Way

group Tazz27 2018-04-27

She is actually why I am taking time away from school." Jamie said as his eyes locked in on Beth's nipples which looked as if they could pop through the paper thin material her dress was made from. Jamie sat in the chair and felt the most relaxed he had felt all night with Beth and Ray. He liked them both a lot but something was not right he was still not sure where the night was going but now between the alcohol and the pot he wasn't really worried about it anymore. Jamie placed his hand next to Ray's on the backside of Beth's head as both men took turns thrusting hard in and out of her mouth while they held her head by the hair.


Flight of Desperation Ch. 01

group ashandjo 2018-04-27

After a short shoulder massage, his hands would go over her shoulders, his arms ending up around her, he would hold her tightly, his hands gently massaging her breasts as he pulled his body in as close as possible to hers, kissing and biting at her neck as he continued to squeeze, rub and cup her wet breasts feeling so silky smooth in the warm water. JJ lay there in her cotton pj's and slowly stroked over her breasts and clit through the fabric, she could feel how wet she still was, yawning being extremely tired she closed her eyes and thought how amazing it would be if Glynn had secretly made his way there to meet her.


Food For Thought

group techsan 2018-04-27

Several minutes later I heard a soft male voice saying "yeah, man, fuck the bitch, screw her fucking pussy, man, bang the broad." I glanced over my shoulder to see Jason slouched in an easy chair with one leg over the arm of the chair. I resumed my fucking motion, shoving my cock deep into Sharon's soft pussy with every stroke. Sharon pulled my hands up to her tits and said "I like to be pussy fucked but I like a cock in my ass just as much so I always keep it greased." She kissed me and said "I think Jason would like for you to come by at least once a week in the evening so he can watch.

My First Threesome

group sexynursechef 2018-04-27

I was at work and was feeling quite excited and wet...she texted me and was flirting with me, but in a beautiful respectful way...I sent her naughty pics and she was very turned on and excited...she sent them to her husband and she said he was masturbating to my tits bc I am extremely curvy and they wanted to play with me so badly. He then went back to licking her pussy...I got behind him and rubbed my full hips into his ass...I started spanking his ass hard...and then said "I'm sorry, Daddy, you want me to kiss that and make it better?" I then spat on his asshole and stuck my tongue in there and got it good and wet.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 01

group TxRad 2018-04-27

I like it anyway, with deep brown eyes set above high cheekbones, a wide pouting mouth, and small pointy chin; her face has an elfin quality to it. Sue came over from the bar with two drinks, handing one to Karen, she sat on the opposite arm of the chair, turning slightly toward me. She took my right hand, placed it on Sue's upper thigh under the little apron. Karen said softly, taking my hand again, "I think it's now time for your shower." With that, she pulled on my arm. I expected to see either Karen standing there or no one, not Sue totally nude with an open towel.


Park Adventure of the Erotic

group SoNaughty 2018-04-27

I looked over to my right cause a movement caught my eye and I noticed through some hidden bushes there was a man and woman that was half nude rutting on the ground where they thought no one could see them. He said, "We will not get in trouble at all so come on and go have some fun." We walked over to where the opening in the bushes were and the couple looked up at us and just grinned and nodded their head in acknowledgment and just kept on fucking. He started running his hands over my body in a light caress and when he started tongue fucking my mouth I thought WOW I wonder what that would feel like in my pussy!

No Limit Kelly

group Jaythedog 2018-04-27

Kelly felt very sexy and was turned on by the whole idea of flashing her pussy to Jay. She wanted to reach down and masturbate right there, give him a show. Kelly had Mark's dick all the way down her throat, sucking it and pumping it, with two fingers shoved up her hot cunt, when suddenly the doorbell rang. With that, Mark's balls tighten and he began to pump his cum up Eric's wife's swollen pussy. Eric's cock was so hard and he was going to fuck the shit out of his little whore wife, just like she needed. Eric continued to pound her pussy as Mark moved out of the way and made room for Jay. Jay gave his wife a facial and she licked her lips to try and get it all.

A Good Lift

group rockhard4uc 2018-04-27

In fact, as the lift started moving again, very jerkily this time, I felt the person behind me move up very close. For some reason, she was looking at the guy behind me with a rather sexy smile - maybe she'd enjoyed him some other time in the lift? As the fingers of both hands closed on my big nipples I knew he was going to make me cum - just as he started to squeeze them my body erupted into a raging orgasm, which almost threw me to the floor. Her fingers were gently playing around my pussy, which felt like it was now in need of his big hard prick.

Sex with Hipsters Ch. 01

group gregjones 2018-04-27

As Alex's hand ascended I could feel my knickers getting damp and then it seemed my cunt was leaking like a tap. The door hadn't shut properly when I left the room, "The curse of new build flats in London," I thought. I had thought I was observing unseen through the door but then Pink Girl popped her mouth of Alex's cock and while continuing to wank him off with her hand looked me straight in the eye and winked at me. "I was chatting, but he's far too young for me, if that's what you mean" I replied rather starchily trying and failing to assert myself as the senior partner in our relationship, although my mind was drifting back to the moment when Alex's hand made contact with my cunt.

Hunting A Homewrecker

group thegoodsinclub 2018-04-27

Nevertheless, over the next half hour he found himself slipping to the side, stretched out on the edge of the bed, letting the sights pour into him; Lauren’s grasping hands pressing over the swells of Tyra’s breasts; their kissing meander from gentle, swirling necking to hard, needful pulling, of opened mouths, nipping teeth, lips stretched like taffee; of Lauren being tongue fucked by Tyra. Lauren’s familiar purring chuckles; Tyra’s gasps like arrow shots as both her nipples stiffened in the mouths of Russell and Lauren; Lauren’s near howls against Russell’s neck as Tyra closed her lips into a perfect circle over Lauren’s clit and sucked it in.


Cheerleaders' Slumber Party

group BigTimmy 2018-04-27

Karlee was most interested in the thick slabs of my bulging pecs, running her pointy nails along the length of the rock-hard muscles, feeling their power surge as I continued to easily lift the weights and hold them up for several seconds. Kate, my sister, was meanwhile showing Danielle and Lisa how my biceps bulged when I flexed my arms to lower the weights. Lisa needed to press down on my manhood with all her strength to allow Danielle to pull my shorts down past the giant, menacing head. Soon, Danielle was also caressing my overly thick shaft at mid-point with her hands, coaxing a sudden spurt of pre-come from my distended crown.


A Cruise To Remember Forever

group hotngr82002 2018-04-27

I must have gasped at the beautiful sight, as Captain Glen smiled, turned and took me into his arms ever so gently and kissed me deeply. I took his hard throbbing cock in my mouth and at the same time, licked my finger and eased it into his ass. As we turned around, I took Gene's cock into my mouth and began fondling his balls. I got up and straddled Glen's mouth so he could eat my pussy and I could suck Gene's cock at the same time. Glen said, "Well, I am going to ask Shirley to spend the next eight nights with me, so maybe we will see you again." I smiled and closed my eyes.

Unforgettable Ch. 01

group Sinns 2018-04-27

As we started making our way through the crowd, Nat pulled Joanna and me and told the guys that we were going to the bathroom. I slid one leg between hers and my hands on her hips, pulling her tighter, feeling her languid movements, her scent intoxicating me further. I pulled her even closer, my fingers conspicuously playing at the strip of skin where her skirt ended and her thigh highs started. She looked a bit confused so he used his hands, still tightly gripping her hair, to hold her in place as he rubbed himself all over her face. I put my hands behind my back, locked eyes with Andre and slid down, swallowing him to the root.

Suzi Ch. 3

group Frederick Carol 2018-04-27

In answer, she squeezed my prick, took my fingers from her cunt and kissed them, pushing me gently towards Karen, who was moving urgently against my finger on the other side. I squeezed Suzi's fingers, then took my hand from Karen's cunt, surprising her by rolling over towards her and sliding my left arm under her neck, my right hand replacing my left in the heat and wetness between her legs. I grinned back at her, then returned my attention to Karen, raising my hands to stroke gently at her rigid nipples, to cup her full softness in my hands, feeling her chest begin to heave as her breathing deepened, her cunt clamping on my prick as she moved urgently above me.

Natasha's Truth or Dare Ch. 02

group KMDylan 2018-04-27

I looked at Gavin's thick, hard cock, and I thought about Sebastian fucking me in front of my brother and all those people who had watched us. But when Katie and I pulled up in our black SUV that we had gotten on Uber, and stepped onto the sidewalk (teetering slightly in our heels), the crowd parted like the Red Sea. The bouncer, who had just been beating back the crowd, waved us in with a little bow. Katie thought for a second, then shook her head."A girl pecked my lips once at a party, but it wasn't like a big thing.


Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 03b

group DocCIS 2018-04-27

She thought about her current state of affairs—dressed in a slutty leather outfit barely covering enough of her to be legal, in high-heeled shoes, walking in tow of a young guy in a public area, her body on display for every person they passed—she tried but could not understand the tangled circumstances leading to this moment. William smiled, "No Annie, we have to let the gentleman do his job." Looking up at the shoe salesman, still staring at her, she heard him continue, "Don't we Tim?" The memory of her pussy being stretched by them as they used her, the taste of their cum, the feel of the biker's hands on her body, Tim Nelson gently stroking his finger across her slit—all these thoughts gave her tingles and she felt as if she were having a continuous stream of small orgasms.


Not Quite Strangers Ch. 02

group Dar~ 2018-04-27

I fucked myself, using Jackson's cum and rubbing at my clit while she moaned and thrust her hips forward. I was thrusting my hips involuntarily in anticipation of her overly painted mouth sucking on my pussy, so I roughly pulled her head forward and jammed her mouth into my cunt. She inserted her finger and pulled her head back to watch me as she fucked me as hard as she could, her face pink with exertion and shiny from my pussy juice. Jackson pulled out and came on my face, stream after stream of hot cum all over my mouth and cheeks.

High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 07

group yoursilentknight 2018-04-27

There are five guys and eleven girls," I paused and could see Miss Hockersmith biting her lip hanging on my every word, "Sometimes it is just one on one, but some of the girls are comfortable in exploring their sexuality right now and sometimes they fool around with each other but most of the time we are in groups of three or four." She then slowly pulled her hand under her desk hoping I wouldn't notice, but I did. "Are you saying you want me to fuck you Steve?" Miss Hockersmith asked me looking at me square in the eyes. I wasn't wearing boxers that day and Miss Hockersmith let out a gasp as she saw my dick spring free.


Us and the Waitress

group mikoli5763 2018-04-27

Sandy began kissing and licking Tiffany's mammary flesh that was exposed above her bra. Sandy grabbed onto Tiffany's clit with her lips and began to suck on it hard. "Does my husband's dick feel good in your little pussy?" Sandy asked Tiffany. I heard Tiffany gasp as I began fucking Sandy's mouth with the same frenetic pace as I had her pussy. "I'm going to tell it so you will be able to understand how I began to enjoy giving blowjobs." Sandy answered Tiffany in a gentler tone. I wanted to talk to Sandy about where the situation with Tiffany was going so I took her out on Friday that week instead.



group hotRobertXX 2018-04-27

Cindy noticed that my cock was not fully erect so went down on her knees and started stroking it and licking it's tip. I told Cindy that we cound't access the beach unless we were totally naked and that there may be other people there and she had to be prepared for them looking at us. I told Cindy it was i*****l to have sex at the beach but I think her parents were pushing the boundries. Cindy said she wanted to go now so we slowly climbed up the stairs, she was very quiet all the way and I could feel that she was disturbed by what she had seen.

How We Met

group Tgood10 2018-04-27

For the first time in my life, I pulled out and sucked a woman’s tits in a public place, let her take out my cock and balls and watched her grab other men and women asses. At some point she opened my shirt, because she was sucking and nibbling on my nipple as she was jacking my cock and finger fucking me when I heard a tiny voice say “damn, his dick is almost as big as Troy’s.” I was holding April’s sexy shapely firm ass and slurping down her wonderful tasting pussy juice when I felt Ashley’s wet mouth gobble down my cock. So by the second time I felt the pressure of two fingers, I wanted them and pushed my ass back toward her to let her know.

The party

group 2018-04-27

Jake looked at me and said " I guess your looser then I thought." I replied saying "yeah I have had my share of experiences." Then he told me to "shut up," I didnt know what to say or think I havent been talked to like that before in this type of moment, but I knew I liked it. But I was gonna give it a try so I leaned over to suck on it and I could tell that we were at the party by the music and voices so I pulled his fingers out of my ass and put them up to my mouth and slowly sucked on them slowly using my tongue wrapping it around them.

Strip Hearts Ch. 07

group alternatereality125 2018-04-27

All three women fought for a piece of Michael, and it was Ellie who finally relented and sat back as Jenny and Krystle continued to kiss all over Michael's body while fighting to stroke his cock. Ellie and Krystle watched in bewilderment as Jenny deep throated Michael, taking the whole length of his cock in and out of her mouth, repeating the motion again and again but stopping occasionally to take some deep breaths. He put one hand on her head as she continued giving him this incredible deep throat blow job for a few more moments, before deciding that it was time to have Michael's cock in another opening of her body.