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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Janine Entertains Two Gentlemen

group TallRed 2018-04-27

Matt thought he could hold on no longer in Janine's tight little asshole, but Bart was a bit behind, when Janine began the shouts which both recognized as coming just before a major climax. Janine rolled over on her back, happy but still aroused, when Bart mounted her to finish in the missionary position, definitely making Matt feel left out, especially since they took what seemed a long time. Four hands on her clit, inside her vagina and on her tits got her moving, and in her excitement she pulled down Matt's briefs to take his penis in her mouth, even without a condom, and sucking him to climax at the same time as Bart's skillful finger fucking got her off.

A Stranger in Our Midst

group vulpes32 2018-04-27

Chen buried four fingers in my sloppy wetness, using the other hand to carefully work my ass open, the way he knew I liked. My orgasm ripped through me so intensely I almost missed Tony's second coming when his cock started to throb, but savored every second as he suddenly buried it to the hilt in my tight passage and exploded his second load of the night into my welcoming hole. My ass, pussy, nipples, cervix, and heart throbbed in time to the pulsations of his cock, and I swear time stood still while my entire body went rigid with the apex of the most extreme orgasm of my life.

Threesome with Gym Friends

group Three_Curious 2018-04-27

"Oh, that's it you fucking slut, you love that fucking cock." She pulled his head off the raging hard-on and the boyfriend let out a starved gasp of frustration, obviously wanting it back in his sucking mouth. "Don't worry, you're going to love sucking cock, and I bet you're going to be a natural too." She took Greg's shaft in her hand and pulled it to my mouth, tracing the head around my lips. And then Stacy whispered in my ear, "Yes, you're ready," I felt her deliciously soft breasts squish against my shoulder as she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my mouth down onto Greg's juicy cock.

Bruce suspects wife's infidelity

group XXXNoBounds 2018-04-27

Jeff had pulled off his overalls and was now sitting in his shorts in one of the large wicker chairs, seemingly enjoying the late afternoon sunshine while Janice had grabbed two cold beers from the kitchen. But as he continued to watch, Bruce realised that Jeff was pulling Janice's mouth away from his huge dick and had no intention of reaching his climax just yet. With one final thrust, Jeff withdrew his convulsing member and Bruce watched spurt after spurt of hot cum splash obscenely onto his wife's belly, one jet strong enough to reach her naked breasts and drip from a hard, pointed nipple.

Theater Slut Fantasy

group sexxy6963 2018-04-27

We talked about her being splattered with cum while fucking recently and her pussy got so wet I could tell her excitement was real. Some of the guys groaned thinking they had missed their chance but Stacy assured them that anyone who wanted to get blown and cum on her tits was welcome to join us in a couples room. 

It didn't take any time before the guys were stroking their cocks, fondling her tits and trying to get her attention so she would suck them. After the fifth or sixth guy came in her she turned toward the next new cock and her eyes popped open.

dinner party number one

group 2018-04-27

No, a dinner party in formal attire is an occasion, a time to get the long dress, skinny straps, low cut revealing just a bit more cleavage than your man would normal find acceptable, tight to the waist and then slit way up the side so that when you walk or move and especially when you sit you seem to be revealing more leg than even a mini dress might. The lady in red’s husband, the other work colleague of the lady in black and the hostess (author here again: sorry for the long winded build up but we are getting there I promise), was about to get really lucky even though he wasn’t sure he liked the way the hostess had been so free and easy with his own wife’s apparel.

She Said, "Anything"

group dragonothic 2018-04-27

The redhead bent over and kissed Annie on the lips, before whispering, "I want to hear you beg for his cock. The redhead's fingers wrapped around it, Annie's lips felt his cock against her mouth. The redhead continued to help guide the cock into Annie's open and inviting mouth, "Mmmm that tastes so fucking good. Looked up from her redhead, her eyes darted around the room taking in the sights of so many people watching and turned on by her. Annie's eyes rolled back in a moan she couldn't contain, feeling the cock inside of her getting closer. Annie moaned again, feeling the redhead's boyfriend's cock slip from her lips.


Tabitha the Slut

group dantemustdie 2018-04-27

She took her time on this cock, taking it out of her mouth to give it a very pleasant tongue bath until she felt the head of a large cock position itself against her pussy. The two cocks ravaged her pussy and ass as a newcomer took Harold's place and she immediately began sucking. She fucked him and sucked the guy in front of her while a medium sized cock was placed against her gooey asshole, invading slowly. Tabitha wondered what her pussy tasted like and wanted to eventually find out but for now she was content to press her ass back against the two invading cocks and take on whatever man stepped in front of her.

Happy Anniversary

group herandtheoldman 2018-04-27

We walked back to our room by this time the evening meal was being prepared and so we freshened up and got dressed, it gave me the chance to put on the gift hubby had bought for me, first I put on the black lace panties, matching bra and suspender belt, followed by the sheer black nylon seamed stocking with the lace trim, wow I felt real sexy and must admit looked good too as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, think hubby will approve, I finished the look off by putting on my little red dress and red stiletto heels, and grabbed my black wrap as we headed for the dining room we were feeling a little hungry by now, what a delicious meal we had, fresh salmon, new potatoes and a lovely selection of vegetables all home grown of course, the salmon had been caught just that very morning and was all washed down with a very nice house wine.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 10

group SteveWallace 2018-04-27

Brad said, "Mike tells me you're looking for a way to launder some cash to your parents that continues to hide your escort business. Martin said, "I have a friend named Jerry, and I wondered whether it would be all right to bring him down for the remainder of our week with the girls. Edie pointed next to Amber, "You know Kat, and then Kir, and next chaise over is Margo." Edie noted that Margo had again turned a scarlet hue in embarrassment because a new man was seeing her naked. Mike and Edie were well into their lovemaking session when they heard the splashes in the pool as Amber and Jerry again dove in. Later, when they were alone, Mike asked Amber, "How was your time with Jerry?"


The Resort Ch. 03

group jim313 2018-04-27

Then, with a flourish, the judge announced the winner and when he called out the number and Carla walked up to the center of the room with her gorgeous penis swaying straight out in front of her, the crowd went wild in delight and applause. As soon as they got up to Carla and Jorge's room, Bill walked over to Bruce and put his arms around his shoulders and consoled him for not being a finalist and then asked if Bruce would let him worship his beautiful organ because he thinks it should have won. Carla was fucking Dianne as she sucked on Jorge's gorgeous organ so Bill walked up behind her and pressed his body against her fabulous ass and let his flaccid penis rest in her ass crack as she stroked away.


New Assignment Opens His Eyes

group walterio 2018-04-27

One by one they eased their impressive cocks into the sweet round asses and began to slowly fuck the cute gays. He moved around filming the action from different angles and he decided that with their cocks and balls hidden from view the sweet gays looked like girls getting butt fucked. Brad got behind Tristan and Tony behind Leslie and eased their cocks into the curvy bottoms. Tony and Brad switched places fucking the pretty gay asses. Tristan moaned when Tony's big dick entered his ass but much of the sound was muffled by Leslie's cock. The image of Tony fucking the cute Leslie crept into his mind a few times but he quickly replaced that with the image of Andrea on all fours.

The Office Team-Building Day

group thewhitestripe 2018-04-27

I felt a stirring in my shorts as Nat pressed her arms against her chest due to the coolness of the water, pushing her massive breasts out from the sides of her suit. I gently massaged Nat's back and shoulders, as Sarah placed her hands tentatively on my shoulders. I leaned forward to attempt to get a look over her shoulder at her breasts, but she held the bathing suit material in place with her forearm. I could feel my cock beginning to swell, as I imagined gripping handfuls of Nat's glorious breasts. Suddenly, Nat pressed into me, grabbed my hands roughly, and placed them directly on top of Sarah's boobs, forcing me to squeeze them firmly.


Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 07

group HiddenDevil_ 2018-04-27

Even as cold as she was, though, she couldn't help noticing Mike eyeing her body, just as Todd had, passing ever-so-quickly over her bare legs, the arc of her slender hips clearly visible in her dress, the curve of her perky breasts pulling against the dress's flimsy top. Still jacking off Mike, Trisha let her hand slip off of Todd's cock, resting it on his thigh instead for support as she dipped up and down on his thick rod, inhaling deeply as she tasted his meat. A hand snaked across Trisha's back; it was Todd's, feeling the smooth skin of her body, the skin that had looked so gorgeous as she had stood in her dress and her heels in the night.


Traders Assistant

group happinesscums 2018-04-27

A soft gasp for air came from my mouth as Matts right hand was now venturing inside my French knickers. As Matts fingers sought a damp place, I couldn’t stop my hands working down his body to the semi hard lump in his trousers. Matt had now worked my tights and French knickers down below my knees and was stroking the inside of my damp inflamed lips. As Matts hands worked my breasts and rock hard nipples I felt a twitch from below. I them heard the door to the storeroom open, so I quickly slipped on the jacket, straightened out the skirt as best I could and got the shoes on my feet just as Jonathan came round the corner.

Mother daughter bonding

group climaximum 2018-04-27

Every Friday, i would go over so me and her dildo, Jake, could fuck her warm pussy. "You're doing it all wrong." Sam's mother said as she walked in the room. This surprisingly got Sam hot as we fucked right in front of her mother after her experienced fellatio. While me and Sam had the hottest sex of my life to that point, her mother used Jake right in front of us. After our simultaneous orgasm, Sam and her mother both sucked me off, it was great teamwork i must say. As I got my third climax of the day, a personal record, I ate out Sam's dripping pussy. I stopped going over on Fridays but me and Sam still fucked often, now with great oral sex.

A Visit from a Friend

group Frank Noir 2018-04-27

"Frank is coming over tonight," Mike said as he came home from work. "Yeah," Mike said, "like that, Alison. Grunting approvingly, Frank grabbed his swollen cock and guided it towards my pussy. As Frank's cock pushed hard against my labia, I looked over at Mike. Frank was fucking me deeper now, slipping the entire length of his cock into me with each stroke. Frank kept fucking me, grunting like a beast, his excited cock hammering away at my tender flesh. In a frantic rhythm, Mike pulled 'The Thing' up and down, his cock fucking the latex pussy. Frank's orgasm subsided, but Mike kept masturbating, his cock squirting creamy white semen onto my face, my shoulders, my back...

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 06

group sarahloveitt 2018-04-27

It was then that Sarah had this sudden crazy thought, that the man on the back seat with his cock up the woman bouncing on it, was her husband George. Unable to wait any longer, she pulled the cock towards her buttocks, pressing it into the crack of her bottom, willing it to penetrate, whilst all the time, imagining the man in the back seat to be George. With her eyes never leaving the sight of the couple in the back of the car, Sarah felt the end of the curiously shaped cock edge between her aroused, fleshy labia, seeking the passage to sexual fulfillment. After a heart-stopping moment frozen in time, Sarah watched the cock eject a thick jet of starch-like fluid which splattered over her nose and right cheek.

ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #5

group FrankSinner 2018-04-27

The three guys headed inside and Beck looked out to see Trina Vega's car sliding into two spaces, signalling that she was definitely driving, which meant Tori, which meant Nate would be here too. "I say good fucking riddance, right Tori?" Jade said, scratching her friend's back while holding Freddie's hand under the table. When Freddie introduced a single finger, because she seemed too tight for two, Tori couldn't handle it and let out a shriek that would have woken the house if Jade hadn't put a pillow over her face just in time. "Can I..." Tori said weakly, her eyes glued to Freddie's member, Jade smiled with his dick in her mouth and slowly pulled herself off his hard cock.

This Is What Happened

group BiCurSubCplinFL 2018-04-26

Then, out of the blue, Mike asks, “Do you want to fuck his wife?” I gulped hard, in shock at his forwardness, and I just simply asked, “Is that a trick question?” We all laughed and he said, “No, you can answer honestly”. Just as I was about to ask how I was going to earn it he said, “beat me this next game and you can have her, any way you want her, right honey?” Lori chimed in, “Sure, sounds good to me.” “But if you loose. Lori is opening my cheeks wider to aid her husband’s entry into my ass, “just relax and accept what is coming.” Mike put his hand on my back and pushed his cock a little bit firmer.

Spanish Beach Ch. 02

group glory_first 2018-04-26

Reaching a decision at the start of the final straight stretch leading down to the beach parking areas, Elizabeth reached over to her husband's thigh, asking whether they were going to the nude beach, her hand sliding higher, remarking she hoped so, since she hadn't brought a bathing suit along. Finishing her beer in a couple of swallows, she lay face down, closing her eyes, saying 'take your time, both of you.' She heard the lotion being opened and poured, then felt the first touch of hands on her back, followed by a second set on her legs.


The Family

group jim313 2018-04-26

On the way inside, George started to strip and by the time Trudy lay back on the bed, he was naked and ready and got down between her legs and resumed licking and sucking her pussy. Frank was startled for a moment as he never expected it but George's mouth felt wonderful around his cock so he let him suck it and then noticed that Trudy's eyes were bugging out as she watched and her fingers automatically flew to her pussy as she jilled herself. George was good and had him going in no time at all so he grasped his head in his hands and began fucking the voracious mouth sucking his cock while Trudy watched and played with her erect clit.

The Trick is in the Treat

group bb1212 2018-04-26

"Trick or treat?" Said another, and Victor turned to see another girl, this one was quite short, and was dressed in a black leotard and a cape. "We'd better come in then." The witch said, her tits still out, and the four girls walked inside, pushing Victor in front of them. "My turn." The witch said, and she took Victors hands and put them on her tits. "Now me." The witch said, and she dropped her cape and peeled off the remaining part of her leotard and stood facing the other girls just wearing her pointy hat and a pair of black high-heeled shoes with long straps twisting up her calves.


She Made It Come True

group mikoli5763 2018-04-26

Sandy started telling me how she had met April in an online chat room during one of those late nights she couldn't sleep. Sandy leaned over and gave me a big kiss then she turned to April and they started whispering and giggling to each other. When I got into the room, I saw Sandy and April standing in the middle of the living room kissing and caressing each other. April started kissing Sandy's mammary flesh above the lacy red bra. Sandy pushed the bra away from April's breasts and started suckling the left one while tweaking the right with her left hand. April must have sucked on her clit hard for Sandy suddenly arched her ass off the bed and started to shudder.