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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 02

group 2018-04-26

As Mrs. Keibler started to undress Brittany, Mr. Moore had his camera ready to take pictures of Brit in her underwear. Just like Mrs.Keibler, Mr.Moore had to use both hands to squeeze and massage the huge tit while sucking on it like a vacuum. Mrs. Keibler got up and sat on Brittany’s face, back towards Mr. Moore so Brittany could lick her very first pussy while being fucked. Trying to hold them stead to suck on but Mr. Moore was fucking Brittany really fast and so her big tits keep moving up and down Mrs. Keibler’s face and mouth. Mrs. Keibler moved down to lick and suck on Brittany’s pussy while Mr. Moore was thrusting his dick harder and harder inside.

A Special Valentine Gift to Share

group rougechapeau 2018-04-26

I have plans for this evening; a special surprise for John; a Valentine Gift to share. I've been busy; lots on my 'to do 'list to help prepare for the special Valentine Gift that Cassie is planning on sharing with her lover, John. I know about the incredibly creative and passionate sexual relationship that Cassie and John have. I've always felt Cassie's acceptance of me; but in asking me to participate in this threesome; in sharing her body with me, her lover with me...well the acceptance has grown to a new level. John is kissing Cassie, but I feel his eyes on me. There's no turning back now, I think as I step back and watch my lover, John kiss my friend, Diana.


The new summer job part one

group ab8715 2018-04-26

John finally pulled Daniel's head off his cock, it popped free, wet shiny, "Look there," John said pointing at Daniel's cock. Daniel walked around behind his desk as John reached out felt his cock and John walked around the desk toward the door, Daniel followed, his hands "Yah," shouted the second guy, "nice load man." He gave Daniels ass a firm He was about to yell, when Daniel went to work in John's hard cock. second time, John was fucking Daniel's mouth. Daniel started at John's thighs, ran his hands up and under his balls, up As Justin continued to pull and push his finger in Daniel's ass, John Justin pushed his soft cock into Daniel's mouth, held his head

...Take it Like a Man...

group d4david 2018-04-26

We both looked towards the door below and Charlie pulled me to the floor, with his huge hand around my neck, Charlie whispered menacingly into my ear '...make a sound and I'll break your fucking neck...' Whimpering I reached down and started to remove my pants and underwear, as I pulled my knees up, Charlie's huge penis plopped out of my bung hole with a loud wet sound. Put your arms around my neck, you better do it or I'm gonna start yelling...' Reluctantly I placed my arms around his neck, as soon as I did so Charlie's massive male member came to life again, each time his penis would get hard I swear it was bigger than before.

Elle's Revenge

group FertileMind69 2018-04-26

Elle adds two fingers to the moist slot she is working into a frenzy, and begins to massage the top inner wall of Mona's vagina while kissing and sucking her clit. She returns to the bed and shares a few long, open mouth kisses with Mona before Mona begins to caress and kiss Elle's breasts. As Mona begins to use her hands to move Elle's legs apart, she looks to me and says, "Her tits need some attention while I drink from her pussy. The river that Elle's pussy had become was flooding my mouth, but I just drank it all down as Mona worked wonders on my cock.

Love is Like a Box of Chocolates

group PMDlite 2018-04-26

Repeat as needed" Lori set the order, and as she finished, Amy moved her head to Bob's crotch and used her tongue to lick the length of the underside of his shaft, kissing the tip and moving off. The men rotated clockwise, so Phil went down on Lori using fingers and his tongue to take up where Tom had left off. "Phil, Tom. Bring a hand down here....each of you spread her leg, I'll get in there and eat her raw." Jerry lifted Loris' legs and each of the other men raised one further until her ass rose from the floor and into Jerrys' waiting mouth. You were pretty awesome on Bob. Hot stuff to watch." Phil moved over to talk more with Amy.


My Best Friend Emily Ch. 06

group FerdGerfel 2018-04-26

so I get around the sofa, and the girl is pulling the guy's cock out, and it's huge, I mean..." Emily starts doing hand gestures, trying to demonstrate the size, "Don't get me wrong Joe, you have an amazing cock, but this thing was porn star caliber, and I'm thinking again that I walked into some kind of fucking porno shoot, and now I'm watching this girl suck on this foot long cock. After a few minutes I make eye contact with the guy and he just sticks out a finger and crooks it like this," she pauses to make the gesture, "Like come here, so I come closer, and the girl stops her blow job to look at me, and she takes him in her hand and points his cock at me as if to say, okay, it's your turn.


Camilla Ch. 014

group MawrGorshin 2018-04-26

"A lot of teenage girls are sexually mature for their age these days, like us," Candice said. "We will check a couple of times every week to make sure no new cameras are put in those holes," Candice said, looking firmly in his eyes. Mr. Pierce's phallus, as petrified as he was emotionally, was a perfect fit for Candice, who joyfully went up and down on it, and his frantically busy tongue vibrated against Camilla's vulva and anus in a way that made those two holes seem like the only parts of her whole body, so intense was their stimulation. When the girls were fully dressed, Candice said, "Let's go to your home now and get those remaining DVDs."

The Babysitter

group Zorro69 2018-04-26

She looked up and caught Ying's gaze, pulling her mouth away from her pussy, she asked, "Do you use dildos on yourself?" Ying shook her head; Fiona took her handbag from the table. Ying felt her orgasm building and she let Darren's cock fall from her mouth, she took him in her hand gently pumping him to maintain his pleasure. As Darren shagged her his strokes quicken, Ying opened her eyes, seeing Fiona finishing removing her knickers and then standing naked next to them masturbating as she watched her husband fucking a young girl. Ying started to finger herself while she licked, looking up she was getting so turned on at the sight of Darren's cock sliding in and out of Fiona's mouth, his balls slapping his wife's chin.

estrenamos a una pareja en el swinger

group elvirahot 2018-04-26

Bueno pues, al otro dia amanecimos bien calientes, nos echamos el mañanero, y…fuimos a buscarlos, con las señas y domicilio atravesamos media ciudad, alla por el norte, y subimos a su departamento; la cara de Alfonso fue de sorpresa, pero de agrado, (mas como iba yo vestida, con un mini minivestido rojo super escotado, y una minifalda que cada tres pasos deja ver el inicio de mis nalgas, (en el comdinimio cuando llegamos mas de tres me gritaron en la calle “mamacita que rica puta, prestala” etc; ), pero al estra frente a Alfonso decia, nosotros solo acertamos a decir el clasico “es que pasabamos por aquí y”,,, nos invito muy cortes a pasar, y en unos minutos salio Elsa, con zapatillas de tacon de noche, con un negligé negro semi transparente; a Uli se le caia la baba; y yo bueno, como dije llevaba una de mis microfaldas asi que cruce las piernas para deleite de la pupila de Alfonso.


With the Neighbor Ch. 02

group Paendragon 2018-04-26

Teá's right hand slid slowly inward until her palm hovered inches away from Leigh's beautiful shaved pussy. A low moan slid out of Leigh's throat, and I looked down to see that Teá had slipped her finger inside our neighbor, and was slowly fucking it in and out of her. Teá's hands were cradling the back of Leigh's head, tangling her fingers in her hair, holding the younger woman's lips to her nipple. Leigh pulled back to the tip of my cock to circle the head with her tongue, and Teá slid her hand lower to cup my balls, before Leigh plunged her head low, and sucked me deep into her mouth.


Under the Table

group laffalot 2018-04-26

"What kind of work are you talking about?" Jess asked, wondering how one night of work could earn her enough to pay three months rent and still have money left over. "I'm getting to that." They walked into a large dining room and that was when Jess saw the huge table for the first time. Realizing that she wasn't getting anywhere by just sitting here and her bills wouldn't be paid if she wasn't paid, she slid over to the nearest man and, with trembling hands, she opened his robe and looked at his flaccid penis. As much as she didn't want to admit it, the smell was kind of intoxicating and Jess noticed a familiar tingle in her own pussy that she hadn't felt when she sucked the penis.


Wonderful Evening!

group nihilist222 2018-04-26

I could see Tom unbuttoning his wife's shirt, slipping his hand inside, and feeling her breasts while I kissed Carla, our thighs touching. Carla by then had started moaning and her hand caressed my crotch and felt my raging hard on, Tom by now had slipped her shirt from her shoulder and I could see her beautiful breasts with swollen nipples. I was feeling Carla breasts and was too engrossed in my worldly pleasure to notice that now I had two tongues sucking my cock and when I looked, Tom had taken hold of my cock in his hands and was taking turn to suck my cock along with his wife.

Blackmail In The Cabin - Part 2

group fotisampini 2018-04-26

Then looking Stan right in the eyes, brought the cum to her lips Stan watched as Lucia pushed up his cock against his shirt, and then “MMmmm…” Lucia moaned around the hard cock in her mouth, the feel of “Oh fuck,” Trey moaned, “I want to cum in your fucking mouth. Stan watched, slowly stroking his hard cock as Lucia stripped off her Lucia by the head, pulling her face down close to the tip of his cock. Lucia could feel the pulsing of Stan’s cock as each blast of cum “Mmmm…” he moaned at the feel of her soft hand sliding over his wet shaft. Robert sighed and closed his eyes as Lucia’s hand left his cock, her

At the Theatre Ch. 2

group 2018-04-26

In the bathroom, Sophie ran a quantity of warm water into the large tub, so that when Robert and I were seated facing each other, legs intertwined, the water just came halfway to the opening of my cunt. You may try it as soon as you have finished where you are, but do not return thereafter." With that thought, Sophie turned her attention to my own ass, licking all around the rim and then up to my clitoris in long strokes, before penetrating my rectum easily with a finger slick with my juices. As I reached down to find my pleasure spot, I felt Robert mount on the sofa behind me, straddling my legs and Sophie's arm, so that in a matter of seconds he had penetrated my ass deeply with his cock.

Dirty for a Day

group tammyken 2018-04-26

There, sitting at the kitchen table with Adam was a girl who looked like a drab version of Mary Louise Parker. As soon as Adam closed the door, he grabbed his digital camera and Laura removed her clothes. As Adam resumed his picture-taking, the following events went a little something like this: Jackson had sex with me, then Jackson had sex with Laura. As Adam tugged at Laura's underwear, Jackson stuck his hands down his pants and looked at me. Just as Jackson reached out to put his hand between my legs, I jerked myself to standing and sprinted to the door, but not without giving Laura one last look, which wasn't really a look, but more like a pernicious glare that suggested death.


Saturday Night

group joetgm 2018-04-26

Pushing gently on her shoulders, Sue fell back onto Derek's lap and he instantly wrapped his muscular arms around her, before pulling her face to his and finally kissing her. He spread her legs slightly and swiftly pulled at her panties; Sue lifted her bum and placed each of her arms around his head as she suddenly felt the cool air hit her now bare pussy. I stood up slowly and looked down; Sue had my cock in her hand and she was now pushing it into her mouth whilst Derek licked and kissed at her neck and earlobe. Suddenly, a hand pushed past my face and I watched as Sue pulled Derek's cock against her wet pussy lips.

The Holiday

group Haley__F 2018-04-26

The quicker she did the dare the quicker she could deal one back to Jen. They both knew that was always a bad idea to go topless on a British beach, people stared at you like it was illegal, let alone totally nude. Sara had told Jen about her wild sand dune exploits although under duress, she wasn’t sure she had the guts to tell her best friend to begin with but eventually lost her nerves as she got going with the story. Dan and Shane had proposed they go their own ways for the night; the lads wanted to go bar hopping in the local town and the girls had struck up a friendship with some students from the beach who had invited them to a party at their flat.


Rose's Indecision

group Orkys 2018-04-26

Sam's eyes turned to look at Rose and she gave her a smile just as she wrapped her small hands back around my pulsing cock and ran her fingers down the length and then back up again to just under the head. My head lulled back slightly but I forced myself to look back down just in time to see Rose move a hand up from her own side and raise it to push hair from Sam's eyes and hold it into a pony tail. "Good," Rose said, finally releasing Sam's hair completely, "now take the jeans off, take the underwear off and sit on the couch..." Rose paused as she adjusted her knees so she could face towards me more, paying me attention for the first time, "and watch how a woman should enjoy a man."


Naughty Christmas shopping

group 2018-04-26

I was about to say something when the the toilet door opened and a man coughed, Alex put her finger to her pursed lips and pressed it against them in a shushing motion, she had a wicked look on her beautiful face, and similar memories came flooding back from my c***dhood with my grandfather, when he worked the men's loos, and I watched them.

Porn Theater - My First Time

group softail28 2018-04-26

As I walked down the dirty dark hall to the theater I was shocked by the waves of guys that came out of nowhere. I must have really got into it because I didn't notice the guy to my right facing me holding his cock. I began stroking his cock slowly over the head and all the way back. Next I felt his cock rubbing against my pussy. Another guy in the seat next to all this stood up and shoved his cock in my mouth and began fucking my mouth. At the same time the guy fucking my mouth shot a huge load down my throat. He shoved his cock inside me and began fucking me harder than before.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 27

group SteveWallace 2018-04-26

Fran had two close friends she'd grown up with – Val and Loren – neither of whom were sexual players as far as we knew, and they both needed to be convinced to be in the wedding and to play sexually with our perverted bunch of partiers. When talk about the wedding started I tuned in a little more, but I had no idea how Fran intended to broach the delicate subject she'd really wanted to explore with Val. Fran mumbled, "I think I want to change jobs, particularly at a hundred an hour." Val and I laughed. On the way home, Fran and I had a little pretend game where she played the role of a phone sex operator, and I called in.


Fun with Her Little - By Him

group nerdy_thirties_cpl 2018-04-26

When we got her to her bed, she told me I was lucky to have met Mandy, then she said something along the lines of, "I would totally let you fuck me if you she hadn't gotten you first." After getting a few last thrusts in Heather I put my cock in Mandy with the intention of fucking her until I was ready to cum. As soon as I was sure Mandy had finished cumming, I pulled my cock out of her and moved up the bed to be just behind her head. Mandy licked some of the cum off of Heathers face and they made out with it on their tongues.


The London

group Darkdesiresforyou 2018-04-26

Still standing behind Patti, both of you quietly watching my show, your left hand is ever so gently stroking her side, then brushing against her left breast while your right is moving slowly in front of her, moving up her inner right thigh under her dress. Patti is getting aroused looking at her friend's mouth on me, and her eyes wander up and down my body, from my flowing dark hair to my long legs. Glancing over at Rene and Patti, I reach into the waistband of your shorts, free up your wonderful cock, and wrap my warm wet lips around it as I pull your shorts to the ground. Your cock is hard against my ass and you start stroking it with your right hand as you finger my wet cunt with your left.