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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group kezza6969 2018-04-26

Now that Kate was on her back I was able to examine her more interesting assets close up for the first time as again I kissed and caressed her with my mouth from neck and face, to breasts and belly, along her thighs to her feet and back up again to her pussy. As I snail trailed my tongue from her feet along the inside of her thighs to her pussy Kate lifted her legs, grasped them under the knees with her hands. Then he moved up along Kate’s body and sunk his small hard cock into her snatch. Ron’s cock became harder and harder, the veins along the shaft distended against the skin of my meat as it slid back and forth over him.

Sue and her Daughter Barbara Ch. 01

group Hippoid 2018-04-26

A few flicks of my tongue down to her vagina let me realise just how wet she was, but I continued to touch her clitoris as she began to move more vigorously and breathe more deeply -- and then she was coming, with urgent gasps of breath, and 'oh my god, oh my god' as the spasms ran through her whole body, and she lay back quietly with a deep satisfied sigh, leaving my whole face wet with her juices. After she had explored me for some time, I told her it was my turn, and laid her on her back, to take another mouthful of her cunt lips, once again dripping with her juices; I licked a little down below her vagina, and touched her with my finger, whereupon she turned over and lay on her front with her thighs open, inviting my tongue and touch to explore her between those sumptuous arse cheeks.

4th of July BBQ Sex with Me, some Co-Workers and W

group trumptight85 2018-04-26

With Ricks tounge in my mouth hubby unsnapped my bra and started licking and sucking my nipple, I came for the first time of the night. He kissed me and he let out a little grunt, Angie had found his hard cock and had slid it into her mouth. I wanted to fuck him so bad, I pulled Ricks cock out of my mouth and told and told him so. It was crazy Ricks cock was deep inside me and I was watching hubby fuck someone else. As I licked her clit she got a handful of my hair and began to hump my mouth, my husband's cum and her juices covering most of my face.

Threesome of My Dreams

group nochance69 2018-04-26

My eyes switched back and forth between Tina's mouth suckling my wife's breast and her hand bringing Rebecca closer and closer to an intense orgasm. Rebecca just smiled and looked up at me and said "You ready?" I quickly answered "Oh yeah." She took my cock and slid it into her hot wet mouth and began sucking my dick. As Rebecca encouraged her Tina gently grabbed my rock hard cock in her tiny hand and gently started stroking it. I pulled my cock out and Rebecca quickly crawled over to us and took my cock in her mouth and sucked off Tina's cum. Tina smiled and crawled over to me still covered in my cum and said "Well in that case..." as she took my cock back into her mouth.

Express action: The Office Party

group DirtyCouple011 2018-04-26

How I ended up alone with two of the high flying young senior managers, James and Jason, yeah nearly interchangeable pricks, well it happened and they were talking shop. James suddenly realised there was a young slut under a well cut navy blue dress and I could tell he didn’t give a shit about the look of the workplace now. I was bent over by Jason to suck his rod and the smutty bugger James eased his dick straight into my pussy from behind as my head went forward sucking cock and my body went forward too, filled with cock. Jason at the same time gouged his cock like a spear straight into my unexpected arse.

Incubus Ale Ch. 01

group Nureru 2018-04-26

It'll save my back, and then I can hit on young ladies and be creepy as hell." Erica stooped over, pulled her lips over her teeth, and in her best old man voice said, "Well aren't you a tall drink of water! I've got a big-ass bottle of tequila at my apartment I can't possibly finish on my own, so I'm going to have you and Zoe help me out. "Aw, Zach, you got a hottie at work and you won't share?" Zoe leaned against me and started tracing light little circles on my chest with her finger. "See, Zach," Erica proclaimed before I could retort, "I know what I'm talking about sometimes." She and Zoe shared a look I didn't quite understand, and she quickly started dealing out another hand of cards.


The Vacation

group rosewall 2018-04-26

Linda answered, "We were talking about going to a nudist resort, but don't worry about ruining our plans at least we are getting away from work." Jack looked at Rick, then at Tina and Linda and said, "How about we get naked and get a little taste of what it's like?" Looking across the room, Rick was on his knees licking Linda's pussy. after licking her pussy for a short time, Tina started to moan. Jack looked across the room Linda and Rick were in a sixty nine. Over the next week Rick, Tina, Linda and Jack had fun at the resort. At the end of their stay at the resort, Rick decided to look for a job close to Jack and Linda.

Sisters Sometimes Share

group luvjuice43 2018-04-26

I sat against the door and let her take charge; when I began moaning I saw Betty's head peek over the back of the front seat; I'm not sure what Dan was doing, but her face showed that he was doing something she was enjoying as she watched her twin sister give me a hand job. She laughed, "Sis, we are definitely going to have to have a rule about that." I leaned over the seat and kissed Betty so she could get a good whiff of her twin sister's aroma on my face; Dan pretended to be jealous.


Sadistic Threesome

group whm_kelly 2018-04-26

Karen feels Jason's hand slide up her thigh and his fingers rub against her pussy lips. Jason shoves two fingers into her pussy and she clenches tightly while looking directly at Todd. Karen flinches; so, Jason clutches her hand and puts it on her pussy to make her rub her clit while Todd fucks her. She opens her mouth, but Jason pulls back each time saying that she has to squeeze her pussy muscles on Todd. He fucks her hard, without mercy, and it hurts, but she squeezes on him and begs to feel Jason's cock in her mouth. Jason watches Todd finish inside of her pussy and, then tells her to rub it into her skin.

Threesome Reunion

group WFEATHER 2018-04-26

I held the shorter woman with care as Justine approached us, sitting beside us on the sofa and stroking Beth's cheek before pulling her close to share a brief kiss. ...and equally as meaningful was the fact that, all these years later, Beth and Justine both knelt before me, sharing my pulsing erection, taking turns stroking me or suckling at the tip or giving me gentle licks, and as they took turns teasing me, they would also touch and kiss each other, appealing to my visually-oriented mind, captivating my interest in more ways than one.


David, Amy & I

group silverace1 2018-04-26

As soon as the car doors slid shut and you pushed the button for the 15th floor, you and David moved towards me and you both exchanged kisses, first with each other and then, to my surprise and delight, with me! As the car continued its uninterrupted climb upward, David drew me into his arms and, running his hands through my hair, pulled me close into another more passionate kiss as you ran her hands between us to stroke the growing bulges in our crotches. You moved quickly from the chair to lay next to David as I removed my tongue from his ass; I immediately moved my mouth to his precum soaked cock and drove deep until it reached the back of my throat.


group Care2 2018-04-26

Jake bent over Simone and pushed his big hard cock into her hot wet pussy from behind. Andre went to sit on the couch and Jessica got above him and took his hard push stick and moved it into her hot, wet, ready for fun, cunt. Andre was sitting half on the edge so, Simone could take his hard cock into her mouth, and when Jessica lay in that position, she was able to lick and suck on Simone's clitoris while her fingers were fucking her cunt. She begged for no one to stop when she felt her pleasure growing as she kept going on with her sucking and licking of Andre's prick and getting it going faster and harder by doing it with pressed lips.

My Initial Meeting With A BBQ Harem!!!

group imornery81 2018-04-26

Lexi shot me a look as if to say, “This is how you kiss a woman!” Then she grabbed a handful of the other woman’s ass and bit her bottom lip and slowly pulled back. As I feasted my mouth upon a nippled that was beginning to feel heavy and almost as if it was letting down, Baby sitter reached between Lexi’s thighs and began stroking the wetness and then hooked a finger deep into Lexi. Queen started ass fucking Lexi with her heavy tits and long nipple as she leaned over her to suck and kiss the Baby sitter’s bouncing boobs.

The First Time I Ever Scored

group rutsby8 2018-04-26

I won't tell anyone as long as you do me a huge favor." They noticed I was caressing their bodies with my eyes, and they figured I wanted sex. I bet we can make it up to you." As Alison said that, she winked at her friend Jenny. Then, Jenny said, "I think we will have sex first, and then you can choose which one of us you want to fuck." My penis almost immediately went hard. Then, Jenny started to work her way down Alison's body. Then, Jenny got off and Alison licked my cock clean. years later at a reunion, they said they never had sex like that again and we found a room and got it on again.

The Rooftop

group MBeeJay 2018-04-26

She spreads herself over you, placing a knee on either side of you and lowers her dripping cunt over your hard cock, stroking her clit against your length before she guides you inside. As the woman moves her pussy rapidly up and down your shaft, drawing you tightly inside of her, you suck my engorged clit hard between your lips and teeth, and I suddenly feel your strong fingers penetrate and drill rapidly into me, matching our new lover's rhythm as she grinds herself against you again and again. It's strangely erotic to me in knowing that you've just tongue-fucked me as you were climaxing inside another woman, a woman I'm immensely attracted to and so unbearably envious of all at once -- the act of our mutual lovemaking to you was so perversely intimate that my orgasm had nearly made me lose my balance from the ledge.

Fred & Mary Again Ch. 03

group OVERLAND 2018-04-26

Hilary van Nieldenstrom lifted her gazed from Fred's genitals and smiled. Fred kept hold of Hilary's hand and looked her up and down. "Thank you kind sir," said Hilary, almost simpering and moving close to Fred. "On one condition Hilary," gasped Fred as Hilary enveloped his cock in her hand and began to frig him. As Fred licked Hilary clean with his tongue she picked up her glass and finished her brandy. She did pour a little remaining drop into her crack for Fred to finish, caressing his head with her free hand. Fred luxuriously watched Hilary cover her stupendous body with her minimal outfit and then he and Prince walked her to the gate.


Summer Heat Continues 01

group marriedheat 2018-04-26

When the kiss ended, Mary's hand remained in Matt's lap as Diane reached behind her head and pulled her close again. Mary sat quietly, eyes fixed on Diane, mouth gaping open, and placed her hands lightly on Matt's. Matt, still caressing Mary's feet, turned her to face away from him and slowly started up her right leg with a hand on the outside and one on the inside, moving up her calf, to her knee, up her thigh, under her dress, but stopped short of her love nest. Careful not to break the rules, Mary turned to Matt and said in a sexy, soft voice, "I guess you're about to find out." As soon as she finished her sentence, she immediately turned her gaze back to Diane.


A Week in Tuscany

group eberhart 2018-04-26

Between her carelessly spread legs, I saw her neatly shaved sex, wet and swollen with pleasure and a small line of fresh cum dripping down her crack. I pulled aside Jenn's thong and began to run my tongue up and down her trimmed slit, comparing it to Sarah's shaved cunt, wondering how she tasted. As I looked at her wet cunt, I thought back to Sarah, spread out in much the same position. Then I drove into my wife, who was rubbing her clit furiously, her small tits bouncing in rhythm with my thrusts, her eyes tightly clenched with pleasure and her mouth open, gasping and moaning loudly as I slammed into her.

Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 03

group tonyl65 2018-04-26

I love getting fucked in the ass so much that I actually cheated on my wife just so that I could feel a real cock deep inside my boy pussy, a secret I have kept from her. I so wanted Brian to put his big cock in my pussy and fuck me good and hard, but then again, Carol's tits being dragged up my back as she crawled up the bed felt nice as well. Carol ran her tongue across my lips, "I knew you would like that, now let's get showered we have to go pick up David and Laura and meet them for lunch."


A Titillating Tale Ch. 07

group MKvDeepSea 2018-04-26

Billie sat up, saying, "I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'll take a hard cock in my pussy over a slimy tongue any day." Laughing she asked, "How can this thing be so big and hard one minute and look like an oversized slug the next?" Billie popped my cock out of her mouth laughed, and said, "Even soft... Billie burst our laughing, she said, "When we were finished with dinner he asked me if I'd like to come up to his place. I chuckled and said, "Oh, I knooow what he wanted..." Billie laughed, "Okay, you know-it-all... Laughing, Billie said, "He did in fact slip an oily finger into my pussy and started finger fucking me.


Sex Ch. 04

group innocencejreicher 2018-04-26

Because I witnessed the murder of an informant and knew what the person that did it looked like, and after being sworn in and signing my life away, I was told the entire story of a drug ring on the Rivera that was targeting the wealthy. As I pump Maries face, Manuel fucks my ass, god I loved threesomes like this. I hopped out of the sixty nine and quickly jumped into a missionary position, kissing Marie licking the cum off of her face and sucking on Manuel's throbbing cock. I kissed her on the lips making my way to her small tits sucking on her erect nipples after I put her legs over my shoulders and with one hand held her head kissing her, while the other finger fucked her pussy.

The Last Customer

group walkwolf2 2018-04-26

Niomi lent back moaning at the feel of his mouth on her breasts, his cock thrusting deep into her body. Jade stopped when she saw Niomi and Jared, her eyes widening as she watched them fuck. Jared pushed himself up of Niomi, thrusting his cock hard into her, Niomi hissed deeply as she felt him entering her pussy, sliding in and out. Niomi gasped loudly feeling him thrusting in to her hard, fast, and deep. Niomi watched as the blonde girls larger breasts bounced with the hard thrusts into her. With Gregor pushing her head forwards Niomi slipped her lips over Stephen's cock. His body went ridged and Niomi watched as he thrust hard into Jade's ass.



group aleistercrowley 2018-04-26

Since they fucked me, they both grab my ass occasionally but things haven't gone that far since that one night, though I helped Tom get his dick wet when he came over one day Leah was out. Bracing on leg on the toilet paper dispenser (effectively knocking my glasses to the floor), he slowly slid that monster up my soaked pussy, and every inch he went I reached back, scrambling at him, talking in tongues, wiggling, squealing, scrambling to tug on his nuts, grab his ass, hump back, because it felt like it wasn't entirely in.

Fantasy Fulfilled

group FilthyAngel 2018-04-26

If I thought I was horny before, it is nothing in comparison to now - both of my nipples being sucked and licked at the same time, and now a hand between my legs feeling my arousal and working me towards a climax. I kiss him from his lips to his face to his neck, spending a little time there before moving down his chest and nipples to his torso and stomach before finally sucking first one ball then the other into my mouth. You both kiss and caress me until you are sure I'm definitely feeling horny (like it was going to just go away!) and then you pull me down onto you so that I am again impaled on your cock.