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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Little Cock Junkie

group we4urplzure 2018-04-26

My huge breasts began to rise above the water line and my large raspberry like nipples pierced the surface, jutting straight up and insisting "everybody, look at me!" My knees and toes bobbed at the surface and I let my body sway from my husband to Martin and back again like a pendulum. My cum poured from my puss, running down over their balls and as they continued to thrust I could feel my wetness splashing back onto my thighs and ass. I felt like a porn star and my adrenaline was pumping so hard I could have gone another round or two but the men, feeling quite spent; decided it was time to retire for the night.

Introduction: We develop a close relationship with

group sunnita 2018-04-26

Joy and Will's two k**s, Mary (4 years) and Len (3) and our two, Dan (6) and Lulu (4) were already splashing around in the pool, all of them naked. I looked at John who had a big grin on his face which I took to mean that he would like to see Joy naked, then I looked at Will who had an even bigger grin on his face. “I wonder,” I said to Joy, “if they would like it if we put Mary to bed with Dan and Len with Lulu.” “Yes. However, first I want to watch John fuck Joy's arse. Normally John likes me to start there, but Will was impatient to experience my ability to deep throat him and so he pressed my head down his cock.

Two King Beds

group Sanomiya 2018-04-26

Lara had curled onto her right side, facing Bryan and Stephanie's bed, clearly content to go to sleep. The distinctive slapping sounds of sex could be heard from both ends of the room, and both Lara and Stephanie let out an occasional little moan. She was still wearing her tank top and the sheets still covered her from the waist down, but she put her hands on Bryan's chest and began riding him, grinding her hips against him and occasionally looking over at us. I sat back on my knees and slid my cock out of Lara, and in the process inadvertently pulled our sheet back, completely exposing our lower halves to Bryan and Stephanie.


Getting Lucky?

group Ebenezer1 2018-04-26

My name is Cheryl and I hope I'm not being too forward but you don't really look like you belong here." "My name is John and it's my first time." he said. She wanted to punish Cheryl because she was really a man but it wasn't funny now that it would be her and Tammy on their knees naked sucking cocks all night. They carried John to the girls apartment where Cheryl/Tim said "Good night sugar. John was confused until Tammy told him that the video would be returned to him after the party in a month where he would do a gang bang for this same group of men receiving their cocks in his ass.

Jamaica Bi-Way

group walterio 2018-04-26

I envisioned Bridget on all fours as Paul fucked her from behind and then I wondered if she took it in the ass. I lay back on the bed as I recovered slowly from a fantastic blow job and watched Paul fuck Bridget until his body stiffened and he announced that he was cumming. Paul pulled his cock from her mouth and slid down Bridget's body to her pussy. My softening cock slipped from Bridget's pussy with an audible pop and a trail of semen trickled out of her just before Paul got there and sucked my seed out of his wife's pussy. Bridget sighed as the hard cock entered her ass and Paul fucked her slowly.


The Initiates Pt. 02 Ch. 02

group BillsTheName 2018-04-26

From half way across the pool Georgette looked directly into Brenda's eyes with a twinkle and teased, "Soooo.... "He encouraged me to continue our little game with you and Bill," Georgette kissed Brenda deeply, maintaining her grasp of the petite girl's nipples, sharing their tongues in a deep soulful kiss. "I think that we can share our little slave girl tonight." He then took Georgette's chin in his hand and turned her to face him. "Let's go play with our little toy," Georgette threw over her head as she almost skipped back to where Brenda was standing. Brenda shuddered involuntarily as Bill pulled his fingers away, "Yes, Sir. Thinking about Georgette telling me what to do is making me very wet."


The Car Accident Ch. 03

group sleakstryder 2018-04-26

My cock felt like it was 10 feet long as I grabbed hold of the hard shaft and steered it toward her heavenly dripping sweet little pussy, and my balls felt heavy and deliciously ready to deliver a giant load of my thick sperm. Looking down between Carolyn's sweet saliva-streaked ass and my own now impossibly hard and throbbing cock, I could see Wendy's deliciously sexy face just as she extended her tongue and began licking Carolyn's throbbing red button. I groaned intensely and started fucking Carolyn's stretched cunt with renewed passion, reveling in the dirty enthusiasm Wendy displayed in making love to my ass, which was now dripping with her saliva and twitching as my cock throbbed inside of Carolyn.

Glory Glory 'Holeylujah!

group roged1 2018-04-26

It was somewhat inevitable that the final 'Time Out' (or should that be 'cock out') was called and as Tod, for the last time that day, was about to shoot his farewell manly load into the last luscious pussy, he was somewhat surprised to see six gleeful faces, hastily arranging previously discarded sweatshirts and skirts, lasciviously watching his ultimate performance. Even in this somewhat dishevelled state, its impressive proportions were still perceptible and many a young female hand could be seen furtively sliding over barely constrained boobs or a slender finger furtively reaching under a skimpy skirt as the erotic ensemble gazed in admiration at Tod's still quite awesome weapon.


Loren (pt III)

group jayjayhayhay 2018-04-26

My cock was so hard just watching and I realised Liz had hitched her skirt up and was vigorously fingering her wet pussy. With one hand still holding her hair, the driver reached over with the other and gave Loren a hard slap on the ass. Then the driver slipped his finger into her ass and began fucking her with it. I took my hard cock out and looked at the driver. Loren was moaning with pleasure now, and then began gagging even more as the driver pumped a load of cum into her mouth and down her throat. She shoved her finger hard into Loren's ass, pulled it out again and licked my cum off it.

A Great Night at Our Old Sex Club

group piperX 2018-04-26

As we were walking though the club, a good looking black guy walked up behind Claire and whispered in her ear: "Give him a blowjob so I can fuck you from behind." She didn't tell me this, but when we came across a big empty bed, she pushed me back onto it and pulled my pants off. We thought we'd better take a break and went back to the bar, wondering how many guys in the club hadn't had some kind of a go at Claire. While all this was going on I could see hands from behind the sheer curtain playing with Claire's feet and legs, and feel lips on my neck and back while I plowed my way to a mind-blowing orgasm inside Jo's perfect pussy.

Mindy's First Time with Three Guys

group Luv2pleees 2018-04-26

Ashley said they had a big house and nice private swimming pool and that we could skinny dip. Ashley's arms were up and folded under head, so when I got up near the sides of her breasts I wasn't sure what to do so I rubbed the lotion all the way to the chair as I had done on her ribs. I opened my eyes and saw Ashley standing a few feet away talking to a big black kid who looked incredibly strong. Vincent has seen me topless so many times I don't even think about it, Ashley replied sorrowfully" It's an incredibly nice day for a swim and I wasn't sure if I would see Ashley again before I head off to school in a couple months."


The Laundry Room Ch. 3

group Sperman Alexie 2018-04-26

"I said..." Mrs. Bellker, the landlord of our apartment complex, viciously grabbed the back of Candace's head and forced the younger lady's mouth against her enormous right tit, "...SUCK THEM!" Candace's soft pink tongue began to lick experimental circles around Mrs. Bellker's stiffening nipple. To my surprise, Candace latched back on to Mrs. Bellker's right tit and began sucking like her life depended on that milk. Mrs. Bellker grabbed Candace's head with both hands and began moaning in delight. Mrs. Bellker's hands continued to work Candace's cunt, whipping the 20-year-old into a frenzy. Mrs. Bellker pressed a button on the remote control she had dropped in the center of the room and Candace began to move toward me as the complex system of pulleys whirred to life.

Funny Tag team orgy

group bardio09 2018-04-25

crabs himself …i quickly pulled out to check on my little man while screaming at the top of my lungs…he looked as if he had been in a car reck and mario on the other hand thought it was funny assuming that i was a screamer when i nutted ….i quickly told him to get back to his pussy as i interrogated her about the incident that had just occurred ..she told me she had a birth control implant by the name of mirena inserted into her vagina and that i would have to be careful with my strokes or else mirena would attack again…..i went back to work as if nothing had happen 3 min's in and out the pussy mario began howling and barking like he was a victim of b**stility if i'm not mistaken he sounded as if he was transforming hahaha…

Pia and I slept with Daddies old friend

group 2018-04-25

This had not escaped our father's notice as he instantly offered Pia as a bed warmer, this caused our guest to like his lips, 'Just a bed warmer', he queried, then laughed in a somewhat embarrassing way, 'She can warm your Willie too', replied my father, somewhat more thickly, as the idea of this man lying with her and taking advantage of his hospitality, excited him. I looked across at Pia, but she remained silent, resigned to sharing this mans bed, in fact as I looked she remained somewhat nonchalant, only her breasts showed signs of what lay ahead for us, her nipples had clearly hardened.

Song of the Whales

group Mystery_Meat 2018-04-25

"Reiko's even better looking in person than in her photo," Diane observed, as Sean was removing his shorts. While Diane watched Sean fondle Reiko's breasts, she quickly removed her own shirt and shorts, revealing a skimpy white bra and white bikini panties. Reiko watched Sean's hands fondle Diane's large breasts over her bra. Reiko had been wanting to touch those beautiful breasts all day, so she reached up and placed her small palm over Diane's left bra cup. Diane paused kissing Sean, smiled at Reiko, and said softly, "That feels so good." As Diane watched Sean licking Reiko's nipples, she hooked her fingers into Reiko's waistband and began to slide down her pants.


The Podium Ch. 02

group Baron_Cumhausen 2018-04-25

My goddess, despite my desire to be with her, made clear that she was totally in love with a guy she calls her Adonis. Her Adonis would love to suck cock and revel in cum as much as she did. "You've tasted the cream" she said then paused to lick the shaft, "now taste the nectar!" As she finished that line, she closed the remaining gap, pressing my thirsty lips to the throbbing tip and guiding my cock between her labia. She leaned forward and kissed me, the cockhead between our lips, our tongues dancing around each other and this beautiful cock we were sharing. The silky hot flesh felt so wonderful sliding against my lips, tongue, and back of my horny fucking mouth.

Our Little Duplex Ch. 03

group rigidtotem 2018-04-25

Wyatt was continuing his tempo, and I could hear Rob softly saying 'Tammy yeah' as I watched my wife tongue and suck his cock. Rob began to come just as Wyatt finished and I got a perfect view of my wife swallowing most of it. "I don't know if this is going to be a one time thing, or if she wants to keep doing this." I began, "But whatever we sit down and decide, I hope this won't make things fucked up, you guys have been good friends." they both kind of quietly nodded. This time I had a bird's eye view of my wife's already tender ass being spread by Wyatt's cock as she sucked me off. Wyatt was gone, and my wife was sucking Rob's cock.

Freaky Pair

group beaverhunter76 2018-04-25

When the song changed, she slowly slid the dress off over her head, exposing her round breasts for all to see, and her black lace panties that covered up her much desired pussy. Then, sitting down on my chest, her wet pussy sliding across my muscular body, leaving trails of cum, she slid her waist down until my cock was pressing up against her ass. When my pants were down around my ankles, she gave a little gasp of shock when she saw that I wasn't wearing any underwear, and that twinkle once again returned to her eye, but this from seeing my 10" cock sticking up into her face.


True Love and an Affair Ch. 02

group NaughtyBella 2018-04-25

Moaning loudly in response to this pleasure, I rubbed his semen into my skin, spreading it onto my breasts as I was fucked for the third time that night, this time by his tongue. Feeling guilty, I told Luke I had work to do and that I would be back in a few hours and Bradley picked me up in his hired car. Martin pumped me a couple of times and came inside of me, and Bradley took over, shoving his penis roughly into my arsehole that had before today never been touched. Bradley dropped me off at Luke's with a vagina aching more than it had when I had left that morning.

Stacy's First Swing Pt. 06

group Boondocker42 2018-04-25

Frank got between the young woman's legs with cock in hand, ready to give the nymph a good strong fuck. As she watched her husband nestle the flared head of his latex-sheathed cock against Betty's rosebud, Frank did the same at the entrance to Stacy's dripping pussy. Betty was grunting and squealing under the twin assaults of the large toy in her cunt and Jared's eager cock in her ass. Without a lot of fuss and no hesitation to speak of, Stacy balled her hand into a tight fist and pressed it into Betty's hot pussy. Stacy was digging in deeper into both her own cunt and Betty's body when Helen noticed a shadow pass over her.


My New Place Ch. 11

group p_c352006 2018-04-25

I looked over at Caroline as she dropped her head down onto John's dick and began bobbing up and down on the stiff meat. Caroline climbed down from the couch and told John she wanted him to fuck her. I looked to my side at Caroline and she sat with her legs spread playing with herself while she watched John fucking me. I heard him start to moan and say he was going to cum but instead of making him pull out Caroline wrapped her ankles behind John's head and let him spill his cum into her. When he pulled out his cum began to leak out of Caroline's pussy and I couldn't help but climb down to the floor and crawl between her legs.


Training Bella

group nrjhnsn 2018-04-25

"Yes," Bella said, turning her head to look at him. "Good," Eli told her, "because you are going to be pretty bare tonight." He gave her a lingering kiss before scooting off the bed. "I have to go get dressed and help Brae." He went into the bathroom to prepare for the night as Bella rolled onto her side, facing the door, and rested for a while. When Bella opened the door to admit Jess, she was greeted with a squeal and the sight of her best friend clapping her hands and jumping up and down like an eager child. "Shit, Brae and Eli are going to come in their pants just looking at you," Jess said.


The Basketball Game

group crabber 2018-04-25

I ask my wife as I talked and she no way, no make up, no underwear, and no time change before the game would start up. When my wife and friend broke their embrace, her nipples were hard and you could see his semi easily through his sweat pants, he obviously did not have any underwear on. My wife then bent over with her big tits hanging and flashed him her ass, then sat down and said it is your turn to our friend. He staggered over to his pants and my wife pulled her pants and shirt on we all hugged and we went home where we fucked the night away.

Eurotica Ch. 02

group nickthefingers 2018-04-25

All six men wrapped their fingers around their cocks and began to jerk to get them standing to attention. Before long she was stood looking at six hard cocks, she climbed up on the table and crawled down it on her hands and knees like a horny cat – taking a glimpse of each one as she passes. She turns around and lies on the edge of the table, three men look down at her. Cock in her mouth, tongues lapping her anus and pussy – she could hold her climax no longer. Her climax tipped over the edge and the three remaining men jerked hard to cum at the same time.