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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Good Girl Turns 18 & Bad

group SamanthaW 2018-04-25

Not to say I didn't think about fucking all the time or hadn't learned the classic Catholic girl blow-job to appease my boyfriends but all-in-all I was a good girl and a virgin, that is until I turned eighteen. "I think she wants something else Darren," Sheila finally spoke as she touched my hand and put it in hers. Sheila and Darren seemed to sense my nervousness and Darren smiled and said "it's ok if you just want to watch." He turned to Sheila and began caressing her ass. Darren was stroking my hair back on my head as Sheila reached around and began playing with my pussy.

Melissa's Visit

group jalbpowsl 2018-04-25

They didn't have much in common, honestly, but Melissa was a nice girl, pretty, friendly, fun, and she and John had been close for a long time, so she had the benefit of the doubt. Let me assure you, there are plenty of things men are good for." She looked at John and gave an obvious wink and smile. Melissa was looking forward to this weekend because she wanted to get away from memories of Matt and thoughts of her horrible history with men. "There is a guy out there who is right for you, who can make you feel...amazing." The almost ethereal smile on Leigh's face made Melissa pause. Leigh looked her deep in her eyes and said softly, almost in a whisper, "John knows me in ways I can't even explain.


The Cheating Game Ch. 03

group temptanddestroy 2018-04-25

He's got some work to finish, but I thought I'd stop by." She said to Simon and Graeme in the lounge. She sucked at Graeme's mouth, their tongues caressing each other then she turned her head to Simon. Jane put her hands to their crotches and began to rub them, Simon sure wasn't endowed but Graeme had enough cock for both of them she thought. Simon returned and through half closed eyes Jane realised he had a long red dildo in his mouth. Jane took in his words and she thought to herself, 'after she'd had your cock, Simon's own 5-inch penis could no longer please her...'. Jane had planned to take the men one at a time and she couldn't believe that they were both penetrating her.

The Stockroom Ch. 04

group patricia51 2018-04-25

"I know you like to watch, Adam," whispered Janey as Paula rained kisses over the younger woman's neck and shoulders, even as she unbuttoned Janey's blouse. So fuck her Adam, fuck her hard." The young blonde locked her ankles on Paula's back and began to hump the older woman's face. She pushed herself up to meet Paula each time the force of Adam's thrusts drove the older woman face deeper between the younger one's legs. Janey moved forward, wrapped her arms around her lover and hugged her tightly before slipping from the chair and stretching out beside Paula, She rested her blonde head on a bare shoulder.

Strip Monopoly Ch. 02

group LstDghter1 2018-04-25

Steve was dangling a pair of white panties and bra on his finger as Dave stood next to him waggling my eight inch vibrator smiling. They had a little whisper, and I took the opportunity to question Lisa asking how good were they, she replied "Depends if you can handle direct clit stimulation or not, if you can they are very very good" I was interested, sadistic as it was, I think I wanted her to lose. Lisa smiled and just said "not half as wet as I am" as she opened her legs to show me, sticking her tongue out playfully. Then Dave stood up and picked Lisa's underwear up, "Wow" he said "they really are good aren't they, either that or you pissed yourself".



group theevilangel 2018-04-25

Tell her if you want to fuck her," he spoke the words quietly, and she went wild, suckling the rock hard cock in her mouth with even more force. "Tell her how you want her; she won't move until you do," his voice washed over her again and she felt her thighs tremble...she wished it was him that was going to fuck her, not his friend, but she knew if she was good, he would reward her with his cock. She whimpered when she realized she was quietly begging him to fuck her cunt, her ass, whatever he would like...she just needed him. "Get that pussy," her man spoke urgently, and she could feel him watching her, his eye hot on her cunt swallowing his friend's rock hard cock.

A Beautiful Wife And Mother

group qualitywheat 2018-04-25

She slid off him, and under the covers as the two excited girls jumped in. He dashed into the shower hiding his erection from the girls. Her complexion was flawless, the hue of her skin was slightly fair coloured, so when she sunbathed she would go to a golden tan. Eventually her father came for his grand children, they squealed and jumped at him. She only had her bathrobe on, it was short chocolate coloured. Gathering his senses quickly, he noted the look on her face, he was sexually up to date, he knew an excited bitch when he saw one, he hoped. Slid his hand into her robe and gripped a nipple, and squeezed it.


Jet's First Double

group vincedarden 2018-04-25

Jet put her right knee up on the lounge, then swung her left knee up, straddling his waist; and with a slight turn of her head back towards me (making sure I was watching), she grabbed his glistening shaft, settled it between her now-soaked pussy lips.....and slooooowly sat down onto him. Jet rode him for a couple of minutes, making sure to arch her back and give me a full, ample view of her beautiful pussy eating his shaft. I held her in my hands but didn't pull her back onto me, and Jet pushed back.....back......back......she let out a deep "unnnnghh".....then paused as my head disappeared just inside her.

Sally's Third Conquest

group Dantheman55 2018-04-25

I stepped back away from Paul about arms length and kicked off my shoes, Pulled the jersey over my head and dropped and stepped out of my shorts in less than ten seconds, so fast that both Benny and Carol didn't realize I was undressing till they saw me nude. I looked over and Benny was now completely undressed and it was clear to me she thought like me, when she pulled her sundress over her head, she was as nude as I was as she continued the blow job she had started with Benny on the other side of the bed. I was surprised how sensitive I still was and drew in a breath sharply, then he started with a slow deliberate light rocking motion I was enjoying while Paul began a hard fast ride on Carol.

Sally Ch. 03

group Grey Eagle 286 2018-04-25

Mr. John grinned and said, "Ajax, illuminate the chair, Miss Sally will occupy the chair." John helped Sally into the chair she smiled and said it was comfortable. "Ajax, raise back twenty degrees, and head thirty degrees" John smiled at Sally, "Ajax, Spread legs. John agreed and added that the sensation for the sucker seemed to come from the knees and from the chair because the cock being sucked seem to be vibrating on it's own. The chair then moved so the seat was over Leo's cock, then lowered slightly until it stopped a foot above Leo. Ajax said. Leo commanded, "Ajax, vibrator on lower chair on low." Sally and John and the others watched as the chair holding Jo slowly rotated around Leo's big cock.

Car Orgy With My Office Friends

group 2018-04-25

I turned to back seat and I was shocked to see this – Jyothi had pulled down her pants and had vibrating dildo in her hand using which she was masturbating herself and Hema was taking a video of her. Ashwini who was just driving till now, stopped the car at a remote place near the highway and took camera from my hand and started shooting us. Ashwini took off her pants and inserted the dildo in her pussy and did the similar way Hetal was doing. Even Hetal, Hema and Jyothi went down without their panties. Also, if you all want to have sex chat, role play, share fantasies, connect to me.

First Time Cumslut

group Loves_music_loves_to_dance 2018-04-25

As she gripped Bill's warm, hard cock in one hand, she felt her little skirt pulled up high on the back of her ass, high in the air as she knelt on the bed, and the wonderful sensation of a man's tongue on her pussy lips. Giggling, she said, "Alright, but make it fast--I can't wait to feel your cock riding high inside me." Her breath caught in her throat as she finished speaking, for Bill had her clit firmly trapped between his fingers and was sucking it for all he was worth at the very instant Scott slid his cock, none too gently, up her ass.

Scott and Scotty

group steffymi 2018-04-25

Scotty and I hit it off, and when his friend Scott arrived, I was totally comfortable with them both, and we were having a good time. Scott invited me to his place for some late-night hot-tubbing. Eventually, however, it was obvious that Scotty and I wanted to be alone, so Scott slipped out of the room. When I saw him, I feigned a shocked surprised look, but continued to ride Scotty, all the while staring Scott in the eye. But he didn't really ask and didn't really give me the opportunity to protest, because as I was riding Scotty, Scott sort of slipped his cock right into my ass, as if I were a porn star and do it all the time.

Careful What You Wish For

group Mag58 2018-04-25

The big lad with tattoos is Lenny, he organises these things." Then he whispered, "He's fucking evil." He picked up his voice again when the second black man grabbed Andrea's tits, "I think he's called Shola. “She looks fucking well tight boys," The Jewish man announced, "They'll enjoy themselves with this posh bitch." I turned to see that he already had his trousers around his ankles and was wanking his long thin cock. Lenny grabbed her head and tried to make her suck his thick cock, but she kept her mouth shut, as Joel and the Asian guy finally pulled her legs apart.


Two Girls, One Boy, Multiple Orgasms

group eroticorgasm 2018-04-25

Like last week while my cock was pushing inside Brenda and her lover Sandra did what she could to encourage me. Looking at Sandra in the blue light of my living room, her teeth biting her bottom lip; her left hand on the small of my back pushing me into her friend -- her right hand maneuvering from her round breasts to her shaved pussy and clit. I pulled her panties to the side and sucked hard on Sandra's clit and pussy, looking up to the two lovers as they touched as kissed. Again, I pushed into her body's passion while Sandra moved from Brenda's breasts to her clit and pussy -- pressing her face hard into her friend's passion.


group Starr 2018-04-25

My step-mother has a hot friend named Kay. She comes to our house every Wednesday at noon for their weekly tennis game. As Kay and Diane play, they giggle and shower each other with compliments, like "nice serve" or "good return." Kay took a step back and turned toward Diane. "Sounds good to me," Kay said, then jogged toward Diane's voice. What I thought was going to be the sexual highlight of my life had been thwarted because Kay and Diane decided to play bridge or sun themselves at the pool or do whatever they were going to do. "I thought we might find you doing something like this," Diane said. Diane fingered Kay's hole and lapped at her clit, like a cat does milk.

Just Good Friends

group armistead 2018-04-25

I break the tension by quickly whipping my tee shirt off and with that gesture both Pete and Hannah start to undress until all four of us are naked as the day we were born and all sitting in as modest poses as we can manage while all looking slightly embarrassed and not speaking. She teases me that I will have to repaint the ceiling, only in a more conventional fashion, then she moves to sit cross legged on the bed beside me where we idly chat in a post sex sort of manner and gently play with each other, me stroking her little breasts and her twirling my now flaccid and shrivelled cock with her finger while laughing that she bet Hannah would not be so impressed with that tiny thing.

The Watcher

group KM_Martin 2018-04-25

Next thing I know Mary slipped her hand under the table and began to softly massage my hard cock. She had a firm grip on me and I could feel her hot titillating breath as she began to wrap her full soft lips around the head of my cock. When we got out of the cars Mary went to Megan and asked if she took my cum in her mouth. I was still trying to get my shirt off when she took my cock into her hand and raised her head to the tip of my raging hard manhood. She looked at me and said that she was going to suck my cock hard and asked if Megan had done a good job getting me ready for her.

Summer Heat Continues 02

group marriedheat 2018-04-25

"Baby?" I asked, "what did you just do?" I could still hear Rob moaning as Jeanie giggled even more. "Mmmmm, I just took Rob's cock all the way to the bottom in one motion," Heather replied. In my mind, I could see Heather sucking Rob's cock as he laid back enjoying her attention. I began stroking my cock with gusto as I pictured Jeanie sucking Rob, taking his girth in her mouth, and thinking of my wife perched on his face. "Oh, baby, Rob is eating me," Heather moaned, "and Jeanie is lifting her dress to sit on his fat cock. Diane stroked me as she was talking, I could hear Rob pounding away at Heather's sweet pussy.


A Visit to the UK

group newventure 2018-04-25

Dave poured a little warm oil in the crease of her buttocks and watched it disappear down the crevice between her bum cheeks, and proceeded to knead first one cheek and then the other, alternatively separating and closing the cheeks of her bum as he massaged her hips, this exposed her anus to view producing a gentle waft of her "lady" odour rising up from her pussy to his nostrils. Dave removed his face and fingers from her pussy, gave it kiss and proceeded to spread her love honey around the entrance of her love canal with the end of his cock before tenderly guiding his hard throbbing cock into the entrance of Jane's wet vagina as she lay exhausted.


Dionysus Retreat, The Initiation

group sleeplesssailor 2018-04-25

Before Brandi could invite a sex partner to descend to her chrome and leather altar chair, Sonia motioned two lesbians with a clear rigid strap-on to ascend to the altar and make one final demonstration before the initiation matings began. Brandi's blood-filled engorged pussy lips were suspended for the moment hanging just above the piercing upright spear Usa had hoped she might get to use to plumb the depths of this new wife-initiate. But because of the excess lubrication each wife-initiate had been expelling for hours, and because of the surprise dropping of her full body weight, and most of all because of the astute design of the fucking chair, Joan found her cunt opened up to greater depth like a pierced peach.


Another Woman in Our Bed

group Bazzza 2018-04-25

Addie's hands and lips slowly worked their way around between Vanessa and I, and eventually found her large naked breasts. Vanessa closed her eyes as Addie fondled her breasts for a short time before lowering her mouth to her nipples and suckling on them, her hands moving down to her thighs and panties. Addie and I spent some time seducing Vanessa further into submission and removing any doubts of the fun that was to follow, two mouths and four hands worked her body continuously leaving our victim trembling and breathing deeply in arousal. We began working Vanessa's upper body, our hands caressing her neck and shoulders slowly moving down over her breasts.


Steve & Greta Ch. 1

group Brrrdt 2018-04-25

The other woman looked over Greta's shoulder as she came and saw Steve's rock hard cock waiting and she guided Greta back to a seating position. Steve continued to fill her completely, while the wet and gentle female tongue made love to her clit, Greta was sucking on the anonymous cock like it was the only thing she could focus on. As the mystery cock faded out of the picture the tongue on her clit and Steve's dick inside her seemed hellbent on making her come two ways at the same time.

Friend Does Us Together

group creamspice 2018-04-25

Megan crawled onto the bed, positioned sideways to Matt on her hands and knees, head above his penis, and turned to look at me, biting her lower lip, a smile in her eyes, and a question as if to say, "Are you ready for this? Then she turned her face back to him and raised her arm in time with her motions, thrusting to meet his penis plunging into her, then raising herself off, showing the glistening shaft with the head buried inside her. Megan rolled off the other way, eyes closed, the most content look I've ever seen on her face, and the wettest pussy gaping open and leaking semen down her crack.