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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hot Sex in Madrid

group LouisaLove 2018-04-25

The rooms seemed smaller, the heat more intense, the coarse music swamped by the macho banter as Juan and Paco set up some drinks and smokes while Anne and I slipped back into chatter. In a whisper we were seamlessly transported to the bedroom, Juan laying me on the bed and undressing me, while Paco stood by the door, his body pressed closely to Anne's, his eyes intent on our every movement. Usually I was oblivious to everything else when giving head, but this time I had become aware that Paco and Anne had joined us on the bed. As I sucked on Juan's cojones, I was able to watch their heated kissing, his hand deep in her cunt and her hand rubbing his taught erection.

Fun with Friends

group specialknight77 2018-04-25

As they sit down, i go back to watch the match, Dawn slide closer and lay head on my shoulder, I look down at Mary and Clint notice that she has her hand in his jeans and pull on his cock as she lays her on his chest and his hand is in her shorts and fingering her pussy because, she look back at with smile and kiss him on lips and his other hand in her top and playing with tits, he at times kiss her neck and kiss her head.

Massaging Scott and Nikki

group married_but_curious 2018-04-25

I take off my boxer shorts, and then I rub pikake-scented massage oil on my hands and sit on the foot of the bed between Scott and Nikki while my eyes slowly adjust to the candlelit dimness. He loves to let Nikki indulge her wild side, it brings them closer, and he enjoys watching her giving other men blowjobs, having lesbian sex, getting her pussy licked -- anything but another man fucking her pussy or ass. I lean my face close to Nikki's glistening cunt and breathe in her intoxicating scent -- God, she smells so musky and good -- and then I rub a little oil on her pussy lips and slide a finger inside.

Return to Paradise Ch. 02

group dutchpantyraider 2018-04-25

Nathalie and I mainly had a nice long talk with Tom and Susan, and with John and Hans, the younger brothers of Pete and Angie. As I kept on massaging the thighs and breasts of Susan, Nath was pushed over the edge by a particularly forceful push from John. As Pete's brother John and Angie's brother Hans came stumbling forward, the tables were adjusted to a little lower level and Angie and Jessie laid down upon the cushioned tables. The uncles kissed their lovely nieces lightly on the mouth, asked them to turn on their fronts and proceeded with a full body massage, starting with the neck and shoulders. "So, as Jessie and Amy are being initiated by Hans en John, we will start the consecrating of Megan!" Pete said.


A Day at the Lagoon

group rockhardvoyeur 2018-04-25

She didn't quite get it, and said she only wanted me, but I found that saying wild stuff like, "Yes, take that big cock!" while sticking three fingers in her pussy soon had her squirting. Brad must have got too excited and pushed his cock a little too far and I started to gag. Brad turned to face Rachel, and she reached out and stroked his cock. Brad pulled out of Rachel's mouth, and stroked his cock slowly as he watched me fuck her. There was a little pain as his cock head slipped through my tight anal ring, but the pain was soon replaced with immeasurable pleasure as he started stroking deeper into me.

The gym couple

group xxxbottomboixxx 2018-04-25

She asked if I wanted to watch her cum like a girl before I did it and I immediately said yes. She fucked herself with her dildo and I took off Jack's pants and started to suck his cock.After she loudly orgasmed and squirted a little, she came over and slowly stuck the wet dildo up my ass. He later said he knew I was cumming cause my hole got tighter like a bitch hole should. Then he leaned down and whispered in my ear: "I just bred you good, bitch." He pulled out angrily and slapped my ass before his wife licked his cock clean (she beat me to it!).


group LynnGordon 2018-04-25

Trina has loosened up a little now that her friends are here, but I still can't tell if she's interested in me or Ben. I am getting semi-hard from the liquor, the conversation and all the cleavage on display. We're settling the bill and Ben and Trina are trying to convince the other girls to come over and have a mini-party at my place. Trina may not know how the night is going to go yet, but Ben and I have run this play before, and I'm pretty sure everyone will be happy with where this goes. Feeling her hot body clutch me and watching Ben come all over her sets off my own orgasm and I pull her onto my shaft as I come inside her.

My Introduction into Bisexuality

group Salacious7 2018-04-25

With all in a constant motion of euphoria, Liz lifts her wet, raw pussy from my face and moves aside so that I get my first look at her husband's head and attached mouth working his orals skills on my hard cock. My mind was reeling when she moves his head aside and with her hand not leaving the base of my pole, moves her stockinged thighs astride my hips, her moist bare pussy lips poised just above my cock and looks at Frank as he stands up beside her with his shaft pointed at her face.



group Justin_Thyme 2018-04-25

Not surprisingly, Dave looked up, appeared to give my question some thought and said, “No Hon, I don’t believe I feel much like walking on the beach tonight. That and since I was about half horny anyway, the things that woman was saying as she urged the guy to greater and greater effort, were fascinating and there was no way I was going to give up the pleasure of seeing someone, anyone, having sex. Walking along, I tried to imagine what it would be like to have sex with Bill while Dave and Jenny did the same thing nearby, close enough that the four of us could hear everything being said.


Six-Way Play

group EBSFGNCU 2018-04-25

It all started about a week ago when Ross called up with a proposition, "How about a 6-way with you, Jason, Kevin, Angel and us?" I almost orgasmed at the thought of it! Taking a breather, Kevin and Angel head out of the room for some alone time while Ross flips me onto the couch and impales me with his hard cock. Flipping me on all fours, Ross whispers in my ear, "You sure you don't want two cocks in you at the same time?" My pussy clenched at the thought. "I need more of you now!" We headed back to the bedroom where Ross flipped me on all fours and buried his cock in my still soaking pussy.

Jen: Route 66 Kicks-St. Louis

group caprine 2018-04-25

Another thought flashed into my head and I said to myself, "Go for it, girl." Just as quickly, I pulled my tube top down below my boobs, placed both hands on the wheel, and waited. To create the needed by-pass, another realignment in 1936, brought Route 66 north to the the Chain of Rocks Bridge to take the road west and then south around the city. Finished with my "concrete." I pulled back onto Watson Road and drove to 7755 and the big, neon entrance sign that proclaimed, "Coral Court Motel." The address is actually about one mile west of the St. Louis city limits. I'd both door windows open on Swifty, so I heard the long, low whistle Justin emitted as I backed the car out into full view.


Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 11

group shanti2010 2018-04-25

His whispers urging her on while calling her a whore, and a cock hungry slut who liked having her ass hole fucked made her want his cock all the more, and then as her climax reached the bursting point and her whole body began writhing in ecstasy, he told her that she was being videotaped. As Uday's plane took off his wife was lying across Mr. Riaz desk naked with his huge body covering hers as he slavishly once more fucked into her ass calling her a slut and whore, a cock sucker that would never get enough dick to satisfy her.


Submissive Ch. 06

group linkznut 2018-04-25

Somehow she managed to finish the chapter without cuming, at which time she closed the paper, stood up, shed her pants and panties completely, and headed for the bedroom, discarding her blouse and bra along the way. She tried to grade some of the papers that had been turned in the day before, but gave up after just a couple, unable to get Billy -- or the rest of chapter two -- off of her mind. A specific dildo." Billy smiled to himself as he watched Sandy struggling through the situation he'd created for her, one that was intended to create just a little more embarrassment than he'd originally described in chapter two. Billy watched Sandy as her face turned as red as her blouse.


French Leave Ch. 03

group chriscookes 2018-04-25

"OK," said Kim when we got to the poolside mattress, "Monique has seen what goes on here so I think it's a good place to start." She untied the belt around her robe, slipped the silk material off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground leaving her standing there completely and beautifully naked. Kim changed position with me to crouch on hands and knees between Monique's legs and bent her head down to that newly shaved pussy taking over where I'd left off, licking and sucking at the French girls flowing juices. When Kim saw me she moved herself up Monique's body so that she was laying flat on the French girl, breast to breast their shaven cunts rubbing into each other.

Dani's Cumuppence Pt. 03 - Final

group blackhillsbbw 2018-04-25

"Been waiting along time to feel that voluptuous mouth wrapped around me, Dani!" "Give it to me baby!" he commanded as he stood there stark naked, cock rigid and unbending as he took himself at the root and thrust it at me. A few drops remained on the corners of my mouth when Master Aiden took my hand helping me to stand. Tom was the first as he stood between my legs and he took my knees under his palms, held onto his huge member and thrust it into my wet, craving and voracious pussy. I moved upon the hearth, my boobs jiggled and swayed, my body rocked and my moans picked up speed as I eagerly received them, wondering why I had waited this long.

Helen & Keven: the Beginning

group kevenon617 2018-04-25

Helen told me that she was almost 30 and frustrated because she promised herself that she would try all these different sexual experiences before she was 30 and wasn’t close to completing the list yet. She took the camera from me and told me to stretch out my legs, rest my head on my hand, and give that “fuck me” look. I grabbed my cock with my right hand and began pumping away, making sure that she had a nice view and that I could stare at her. Helen kept repeating “fuck yeah,” rubbed my cum into her breasts, and feverishly rubbed her clit until she came with a loud “ahhhh!” She took her wet fingers from her snatch and brought one up to my mouth.

Houston II Ch. 11

group Paris Waterman 2018-04-25

"Or a random selection might be used instead?" John asked, finding that he was getting into the swing of things, and he bit his lip for making such a ludicrous pun at such a serious moment in his and Argie's life. Just when he thought it couldn't get better, Argie raised up a bit, and allowed the head to loll on her tongue for a few seconds, waiting for her husband to adjust to the sensation she knew it brought; and then she unhurriedly engulfed his entire cock. To his credit, John didn't pull away; instead, he took hold of her ass cheeks and mashed his face into the juicy quagmire that her pussy had become, sucking, licking and tonguing until the first wave began to recede and the second began its heady approach.


The special XXXMAS Party Ch. 01

group Grouchojim 2018-04-25

Eighteen year-old, Evie sat across from her, wearing an extra large powder blue men's shirt that probably belonged to Tucker at one time and nothing else, engrossed in a True Romance magazine when Marilyn threw open the door to the apartment and shouted for them to come out from wherever they were hiding. Marilyn noticed that Evie of late had begun to repeat almost everything Marcie said and thought it was so cute of her that she gave her a special hug. Marilyn was quick to cum and in a few short minutes she had Evie hovering over her face, offering her succulent pussy to Marilyn's lips, while Marcie knelt between her parted legs sucking and licking on her coochie which was oozing a frothy-like substance Marilyn called 'cooze juice.'


Jan the Whore Cums Again

group doom333 2018-04-25

Jan liked smoking pot but avoided the stronger drugs. Jan was stunned that Don that she was the type of girl that would screw a guy for drugs. "Stop and take off your pants." Al told her after a few minutes of her sucking his dick. The feeling of her pussy clenching on his dick sent Al over the edge and he came within a minute of her. The feeling of all seven inches of dick in her sent Jan into a second orgasm causing her to scream out in pleasure. After that Jan realized that paying for drugs was for suckers. One guy after the other sending hot cum into Jan's mouth. Jan told the guys they had to go home now.


Santa Favor

group m_storyman_x 2018-04-25

You should know by now that I'd never try to bribe you that way!" she said, sliding off the desk, letting the skirt slip up her legs far enough for me to clearly see a pair of black panties covering her pussy that showed less than the bikini at the river over the summer. Her slender waist, long brown hair that looked like it went at least to the middle of her back, deep green eyes and full, round tits that were showcased in a short red dress that had a scoop neck of loosely folding material, exposing an expanse of lightly tanned skin from her neck all the way to her bellybutton.


Bull Jones

group hondo1906 2018-04-25

For some reason I had zoomed in on Abby’s face, and through the viewer finder I saw her eyes blink rapidly when Bull said, “bitch!” I widened back out to catch Abby slipping the bottoms off. Abby, now totally naked, except for her heels, took a short walk around the room and came back in front of Bull and stopped again, her legs spread wide, hands on her hips. “You want to suck my cock, Abby?” Bull asked after the kiss broke. “You know a man with a bigger cock?” Abby and I said at almost the same time. When the video showed Abby sucking on Bulls hard cock, I heard Smokey Joe give a soft groan.

When Wednesday Comes

group GillByrd 2018-04-25

As he pulled free from the tight grip of her anus, wiping himself on her bed sheet he said, "That's how Tim will want it." Jill wondered if he would be the only one. Paul had not asked her to wear any particular clothing (unlike some of her older men-friends would), so she put on a thin summer dress with a pretty matching bra and panty set from Marks & Spencer and a pair of low-heeled pumps. Jill had expected Paul to be first but the first was very small and inexperienced and he was soon pulled off and replaced by someone more accomplished; her ankles were pulled up and back over her head and he rode her hard and vigorously.

Double-Teaming Mel

group dpingjessie 2018-04-25

On one such occasion, as Mel continued to thrust forward from Miles's powerful pounding at the other end, her hair flying into her face back and forth and her tits swinging as well, Mel put her hands back on the mattress and, looking up at me with longing eyes, said, "Do you want to try a Mel sandwich?" Attempting to ease my lady friend into the new experience as much as possible, I ran my hands gently up and down her back and sides as Miles and I slowly ground our engorged cocks inside Mel's tight little sex holes, preparing to give the girl just what she asked for.


Back to School

group Babeslady 2018-04-25

On this night Jake, Peter and I sat in the dim light of the toy room and watched a woman all three of us knew dancing topless on stage. I had used this swing before, and I loved the feeling of lying back in it with my legs high in the stirrups while Jake licked and fondled my pussy. "I know a little but I always like to learn more," The need to feel a cock inside me was growing with every stroke. "I don't think you need any lessons in sucking cock." He smiled into my eyes, "You seemed to know what you were doing when I was watching you before."