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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jessie's Surprise Evening

group desirea69er 2018-04-25

Jody began placing soft kisses along her neck, Jessie opened her eyes in surprise and turned towards Jody as their lips met, their tongues entwining. Gavin bent down and started to lick at Jody’s wet pussy, slowly flicking her clit, she was so wet, he lapped up her pussy juices – “you taste so good, no wonder Jessie loves to lick your pussy!” Gavin fucked his wife slowly, driving his cock in and out of her wet pussy. Jessie was cumming all over Gavin’s cock, which made her drive the dildo faster and deeper into Jody, this drove Jody over the edge as she met her every stroke, driving her crazy, deeper and deeper it went, faster and faster and she could take it no longer and came all over Jessie’s toy.


group ThePack 2018-04-25

I joked to Phil that it was a pity that Tina hadn’t finished what she was doing as I was sure to get a boner if Laura was sunbathing naked, after all, just one look at that gorgeous figure and red muff was sure to get me hard. “Did you see the size of that guys cock?” Tina said to Laura as we approached, a wicked grin spread across Laura’s face. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was had got hard again, but watching Laura’s tongue slide up and down Tina's cunt in time with the strokes of my cock in her cunt, I was in danger of shooting too quickly.


Mary's Introduction Ch. 01

group MistressMerry 2018-04-25

Alisha is at the airport sending the kids to her mom's for a few weeks." Steve smiled and said, "We're on leave as of now and so are you." "Does that feel better Love?" Alisha said as she started to rub the sponge down my legs. "Mary, I think we need to shave," said Alisha "You're just a bit stubbly and we should always be smooth." Alisha was playing the water over my breasts and my nipples started to get hard. "You have lovely breasts Love," said Alisha as she started to stroke and caress them. "Women, my Love," she started, "know how to suck breasts better because we know what we like.

Mature Nudist Beach Threesome.

group yorknudecouple 2018-04-25

did I rolled over slightly and inadvertently my stiff cock came into view - I tried to cover She said " I guess I should help you out with that as its my fault...!", and kneeling between my legs pushed me back saying " just lie back and enjoy the ride..." cupping my balls gently and One finger moved to below my balls close to my arsehole - I gasped, she smiled and said "do you like that?". I looked over to her husband – he just waved and started to stroke his stiffening cock. Hubby walked over and slid his cock into her mouth just above my head. started to spunk deep inside her like I couldn't stop...

My First and Only Foursome

group cubsrule1972 2018-04-25

Seeing the making out turned me on....before my guy could say anything, I leaned in and started kissing him. I looked at the 2nd guy and decided he was probably going to pass out, so I gave in and leaned back to resume the blow job I'd been giving. It wasn't long and I heard the 2nd guy rustling, then felt hands on my ass. I was already wet and the 2nd guy quickly took his fingers out and I knew he was going to start fucking me. The first guy started rocking his hips and I felt him swell before he exploded in my mouth. I tried to focus on the blow job I was giving until I felt the dick pressing against my butt.

The Italian Stallion Ch. 06

group sexynursechef 2018-04-25

I went back to the shower and found Mario dreamily sudsing himself up, gently stroking his cock. Not that we needed any, LOL...the looks some of the women were giving him were searing. Several of the women got up and starting dancing with each other. I got the show started when I felt the crackle of erotic energy in the room. With a nod from me, all the women disrobed, filling the room with Female essence. One woman had him stand up, and began to stroke his straining cock. "Fuck her, fuck her good!" they were cooing, "Make her cum!" "Fill her cunt!" "Look at her face!" I wrapped my legs around his waist as he took me to Mt Olympus...up to the clouds and the sky.

Kenny Stops By for a Quickie

group ccat99 2018-04-25

James suggested I let him take over the cocksucking and crawled up behind me giving my ass a few little licks as he reached around me grabbing Kenny's cock as I stood up letting him crawl into position. He kept his tongue on my clit long enough to make me cum and as I gushed and writhed on his face I felt James come up behind me and give me a good ass licking too! He asked me if I might like to watch him do that and I told him that I couldn't argue with my pussy and since I'd become increasingly wet listening to him tell me about how much he wanted to have a big fat cock deep inside his tight asshole.

With Three You Get... Ch. 05

group Rathgon 2018-04-25

"She has great tits," Dinah said, "I'd have her play with them, stroking them, then pinching her own nipples." Ivana complied with Dinah's directions and Mark felt a fresh rush of juice spill from Dinah as her hips began moving faster on his face. After the spurts finished Dinah moved the still dribbling cock back into to Ivana's mouth, "Suck him gently now," she ordered as Mark relaxed, moaning between deep breaths. Ivana let out another moan, "I'm going to cum again," she said, "oh my gawd, I've never come twice this close together." Her hips began bucking and Mark had a hard time keeping his mouth on her moving target.


Fun in the Changing Rooms

group j_smittt 2018-04-25

"Mmm Jack that tastes nice, I might have to lick it more." Holding the shaft with her right hand Sophie licked from the base to the tip of the penis. After a minute or so Sophie removed Jack's penis from her mouth and let it flap all over her face, covering her with pre-cum. The men looked a little nervous now, but slowly each of them removed their shorts, revealing a line of four stiff cocks covered by four pairs of boxer shorts. "Ooo boys your cocks are desperate aren't they?" She ran her right hand across the tips as she walked back along the line, soaking her fingertips in pre-cum. The man began wanking his cock against Sophie's face as she licked the head.


In Memoriam

group pandsal 2018-04-25

"My dear Pam," she murmured, moving round to remove my blouse and bra, bending closer, "You can't imagine how much I've wanted ot do this ever since you came to work for me." "Pam, my darling," she said as her composure began to return, "I'd been waiting a long time for that. Because the latter always works, and because I wanted to please Fay, I went straight away to the two-finger method. Fay pushed herself up and leaned in to see exactly what I was doing; satisfied, she lay back and looked intensely into my face, all the while offering soft words of approval and encouragement. But on the point of reaching a wonderful orgasm, I felt my wrist gripped firmly by Fay's hand.


The Library

group MissPimp 2018-04-25

I let out a light sigh as he trailed his hands down my body, feeling his way over my curves, then in one fell swoop he lifted me off the floor. "It's Alex, what's yours?" he replied, feeling his way up the outside of my legs to my bum. The girl (whose name I still didn't know) pulled me down as she lay on the floor, and wrapped her legs around my waist still kissing me. I could hear her screaming out into the otherwise silent library, as she came closer and closer to orgasm, then I quickly thrust two of my fingers inside her as Alex grasped my waist, pulling himself further into me.

Letter To Tommy Ch. 2

group Linda Jean 2018-04-25

I mean comes in, bye." He hung up the phone and asked "are you close yet?" I started to shake and shudder into a very hard, very strong, and very long climax I heard Josh say "Bye the way slut, Dad said he loves you" I heard that and squatted down hard onto my rubber dick. Wait I have another idea, you are always getting hit on aren't you mom?" I said "Oh I guess you could call it that, I get allot of compliments from men when I am out and about." Josh said "good, from now on when ever any man comes up to you and says he wants sex with you, in any way or manner, you will do it, you will have sex with him.

International College Roommates Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-04-24

Benji and Michael got on their sides in a 69 position and sucked each other's cock while they were fucked in the ass by Roberto and Wally. Gladys worked her hand back and forth letting it glide smoothly around his cock then she looked up at Wally and smiled. That night Wally and Gladys were in her bed and Roberto and Michael were getting ready to join them. All of this was too much for Michael and he lubed his cock with the lotion and knelt behind Roberto to fuck him in the ass. When Wally filled her pussy Roberto slid out of her ass and experienced Michael's cock penetrating his ass fully.


My pastor's 18 y/o son David -part 6-

group Slave4str8twinks 2018-04-24

I told Daniel to come by my side, i could take care of his huge cock, i was volunteering to take the elder Smith b*****r in my waiting anus now, his cock was too big to fit it in my tiny anus with spit though, so i told Daniel to bring some vaseline or baby oil from the bathroom..Daniel was having anal sex for the very first time in his life, so i should have had to guide him, i told him to smear some of the vaseline on his penis first and into my anus later, massaging with his fingers, making sure the greasy vaseline going deep inside my asshole..David trained my rectal muscles quite well with his cock, so it didn't hurt much when Daniel shoved his purple mushroom-headed cock up in my ass, he was holding from my hips now..With the excitement of having a young married guy in my ass,i got rock hard, i could feel my throbbing boy-clit touching to my belly ,then i suddenly realized Daniel started to stroke me in his hand , i wasn't expecting that, Daniel being completely straight and religious..Now Daniel was screwing me from the behind whilst masturbating me at the same time..

Ceremony of Acquiescence - Group

group SimonSeeward 2018-04-24

Sometimes it seemed to Maria that for as long as she could remember, she had spent every Sunday night stroking herself to orgasm beside the Queen whom she adored, whilst the other Ladies of State did likewise about them. Her Great Hall echoed then not to the rapid and sibilant working of hands upon shafts, but to the far noisier and more obscene sounds of slaves slurping, sucking, licking and slobbering upon the beast's swollen knobs. How long until all that could be heard would be the cries of pleasure with which the slaves fed their swollen teats to their eagerly suckling beasts, whilst their cunts sucked with equal eagerness upon the cocks that thrust into them?


Carol Ch. 01

group Mikro 2018-04-24

Tom still kept trying new things and then one day, after eight years of trying, one of these mad ideas actually seemed to make sense so we started our little business. "I am completely professional Carol you should know that surely." Eddie said, "We have to assess the damage we may need to carry you out of here or even get an airlift as this place is in the middle of nowhere." Without warning I felt the warm water hitting my knickers and running over my pussy, making it's way down between my legs. I was too tense to say anything as he used it to dry the damp area, running up my leg till his hand pushed into my pussy, I could feel the material of my knickers brushing my inner lips.


The Grand Party: Second Year

group GreenDemonGurlie 2018-04-24

I rest my ass against the edge of the tub as you run your hands up along each thigh, pulling down my stockings and removing my shoes. I can feel a woman slip beneath me as she starts to lick my clit as the hard cock pounds into me. Hands pinch, grab, caress my breasts, the cock slamming into me, the woman’s tongue on my clit, a finger slipped into my tight asshole, a woman kissing my lips. As I near the edge, I see you with your face buried between a redheads thighs and a blonde licking your cock as she slips a finger in and out of your asshole.


Three Sisters All at Once

group shambles 2018-04-24

They knelt down on either side, and as I turned my head from side to side I could watch their fingers playing with their pussies, opening them wide, pulling the cunt lips apart to let me look up inside the open holes, rubbing what I later learned were their clitorises. I was almost past being aware of anything except the fact that I was pinioned helpless, at the mercy of the beautiful girl who was sitting on my face engulfing it in naked genitalia and using my tongue to masturbate herself, my mouth forcibly filled with salivating cunt. All the time my cock was stretched and released by the grasping muscles of a throbbing vagina, and my mouth drank in the love juice from a salivating cunt, I knew I was in heaven and gave myself up to the ultimate pleasure.


The Inquiry

group dak2742 2018-04-24

Helen could feel Bill's hot, sticky cum running from her pussy as Kevin quickly took his friend's place, and it was much easier to take his thick cock this time, although it still made Helen gasp when he first entered her. A sigh that soon turned to a moan when he started slowly fucking her, almost slipping every beautiful inch of that cock out of her pussy before he would change direction and thrust back against her. With a moan of pure passion, the tall sergeant rapidly jerked his cock from her throat until just the head stayed in her mouth as she started stroking his shaft as she sucked hard on the tip.

Claudia's Confession

group LaPapillonette 2018-04-24

Before I could remove his pants, he tumbled me over onto the bed next to Claudia, and deftly reached down and began to massage both of our breasts in tandem. I looked up at David and he gently reached his hands down to both of our pussies and delicately began to massage them. I told her to wait just a bit longer and see what it feels like to have a man suck on her pussy. I asked Claudia to lick my clit while I reached up and rubbed hers and David's balls simultaneously. When we heard the door close behind him, Claudia and I made love one more time, reaffirming our closeness, not to mention our ability to cum like crazy even if there's not a man around.

A Long Way Home Ch. 10

group dan57 2018-04-24

Naina and her sister now considered themselves as Tim and Tom's wives, wearing often sarees like married women. Tim's hand had now reached under Naina's saree hem, pushing aside her petticoat. They were thus not really surprised when he pushed his right hand under Naina's saree and the left under Ritu's. It was sooner than we had expected but from what Dan had told us, you would have found a way to make us have a good time why you enjoyed Naina and her sister, wouldn't you? When we'll give lectures to Indian students, we don't expect you to attend and if Kyrhan proposes you to spend some time with him or with another of his friends, I suggest you place yourself at his disposal!


The Dinner Party Ch. 06

group zebra2001uk 2018-04-24

With Angela pleasuring Rosemary's cunt, Rosemary began to play with her own breasts, cupping them and squeezing them, tweaking the nipples and imaging for some moments what nipple clamps must feel like – she would persuade Martin to buy her some for her birthday and allow him to affix them and then lead her around the house whilst she wore them! When she eventually came around, she found Angela lying naked beside her, her fingers running softly across her body, her lips touching her skin and leaving soft feelings of delight in all her most erotic areas.


Twin Succubi Ch. 01

group RichCharm 2018-04-24

I navigated to Netflix and then Doctor Who, the twins just stood awkwardly in the doorway, looking at them I said "Well let's get started, 'ave a seat." They came and sat on either side of me, Alexis on my right and Samantha on my left. Alexis sat up, taking her feet off my lap and leaned forward, kissing my lips as her sister sucked on my neck and started to stroke my now hard cock through my pants. Alexis straddled my hips and started pressing her pussy against the underside of my cock, Samantha licked the tip of her tail then moved closer to the couch.

Kris and Kelli Ch. 01

group wizarddriver 2018-04-24

Finally the mass of dancing hair turned slightly as the striped arse continued to bump Kelli's hips, and I received a great beaming smile from Kris. Kris is the receptionist for Don's company, and she always makes you feel uplifted every time you see her behind the desk with her winning, welcoming smile, bright young face, lovely hair; and as you reach the desk to sign in, the sight of her amazing rack of tits sitting high but firmly on her chest. Shit, I felt like the only man in the world at that time as I fully appreciated my luck dancing here, my vision filled by two stunning young woman; that my prick wanted to fuck the arse off each, 'In your dreams', I thought to myself.