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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Home Cookin'

group samsknightly 2018-04-24

"oh my god, you're gonna make me cum!" the brunette said breathlessly, I leaned forward and said, "yeah baby, I want to feel you cum on my fingers, make my fingers wet." At this, my wife got down on her knees and started sucking my cock while the brunette on my lap fucked my fingers. The brunette sped up her rocking and bouncing on my fingers, I leaned back and watched her fuck my hand, feeling my wife suck my cock, she pumped faster on my cock, she was trying to make me cum. I shoved my fingers inside her hard and fast, she gasped and started moaning louder, moving faster on my fingers while my wife sucked my cock, pumping her mouth faster on me, trying to make me cum in her mouth.

Dirty Little Landscaper Ch. 04

group papafrogger 2018-04-24

Removing one hand she let it trail down past the waistband of her pajama bottoms to rub her clit, looking at Ted she said, "She seems ready, but we'll see," pulling her fingers out from her crotch Chelsea kissed her cheek, Melinda sighed when her hand was gone. Ted got down on his knees and pulled her legs apart, "I think it looks fine, oh granted it doesn't fit exactly perfect but I like the way it disappears in her pussy and how the lips seem to grab it," he ran his finger up and down the fabric lifting his finger to her mouth she sucked it in, "See nothing wrong with that," turning he grinned at the others.


Real Threesome

group sarosh 2018-04-24

I telephoned my superior and told him that I will be on leave in forenoon and will reach office by noon to put up an important paper for which he may be waiting, to avoid he from calling my home as mobile phones were not in Kerala at that time. I called my wife and I told her that I am madly in need of her as I took beer with a friend and be ready with the supper so that we can begin as soon as I reach there.After that I proceeded to my home and my wife was waiting for me completing all her jobs and bath. After two months of his hospitalization Sree called me to his home and asked me whether I could develop our sucking session to a fucking session because he doesn’t want Rani to keep away from sex for his inability.

Great Service at Buy Low

group movie_store_girl 2018-04-24

A lot of the time Alyssa has people ask her why she works at a grocery store when she is in graduate school and could very easily have a much better job. There were many other reasons that Alyssa worked at Buy Low. Rob, Joshua, David, Nicolas, Bryan, Rick, and Al were just a few of them. (I was only able to do this with one manager and that was only when I was wearing a low cut top and she bent over the counter to ask him.) One Tuesday night I was blocking an aisle of can goods when Rick and Al came over. "Oh hey guys, I forgot that you worked at night." "Yea, every Tuesday," said Rick. "If you guys weren't serious I need to get back to work." I started to walk away when I heard Rick unzip his khakis.

Car Trouble

group candi_hotte 2018-04-24

In the same order as before when they ate me out, Jon, Jason, Doug, and Matt subsequently fucked me missionary style while sucking on my nipples, massaging my tits, and French-kissing me. Next, after Matt pulled his big sausage out of me, they lifted me up and put me on all fours on the bed and Robert started fucking me from behind. Then while still giving me a nice slow deep fuck that was driving me insane with desire, he added more lubrication and inserted a second finger into my ass. From that moment on everything became a blur and I started cumming nonstop over the next hour as each in turn did the same as Robert until all six guys had fucked my cunt repeatedly to orgasm while fingering my sweet ass.

Strip Poker: Five Girls, One Guy Ch. 02

group WhiteGuy12 2018-04-24

Finally, though, we found a Friday night that worked, and everyone came over to the place I shared with my beautiful blonde girlfriend, Lauren: Her best friend, Kelly, the super-skinny brunette; Danni, the busty-but-petite one with wavy, dirty-blonde hair; Liz, the brunette with the magazine-cover face and great ass; and Mia, the tall, extremely shy brunette whose virginity I had taken last time. It was kind of funny, actually, as everyone went straight to their previous spots - Liz, Danni and Mia on the couch and Kelly on the floor, where Lauren and I eventually would join her. Figuring I shouldn't suggest that I go first myself, and Mia probably needed a little more wine before going, I said, "Let's start with Lauren and go to the left."


The XXX Bathroom Reader Ch. 02

group Grouchojim 2018-04-24

"Oh, come on Shelly, I wasn't boorish," Sully said defensively, but he was loosening up and took a long swig of his beer. It seemed like forever, but Shelly finally broke our kiss; her finger playfully toyed with the head of my cock as she captured a drop of precum and brought it to my lips. "So do you want her to suck your dick or what?" Sully said, and only semi-hard, he prepared to enter Shelly from behind. Shelly's hand grasped the base of my dick and brought it to her greedy mouth, paused and said, "I didn't like giving head before I met Jack.


The Chair Ch. 28

group Rickd_1960 2018-04-24

The redhead said that this puzzle was a movie title and then as Dawn began drawing, she started a stopwatch. Rose moved to the center of the room as Dennis and Dawn took their positions at her sides and their male host stood in front of her. When the redhead started the timer, Dennis and Dawn both started kissing Rose's neck and their hands began fondling her breasts through the beige bra she was wearing. The next roll sent Nikki landing on a square that instructed her to describe an erotic dream of hers centering on the redhead's guy. When Dawn begins explaining to Alan that this slave "takes well to punishment", the redhead's guy begins to spank her naked ass while she is still being fondled and fingered front and back.


Steve's bowling team and my wife

group dusty48180 2018-04-24

We sat down with the team, whom we had met previously and as Steve, (Peggy's 18 year old fuck buddy) was bowling Robby came to me and asked if I would buy a pitcher and place it along the back table. she spent some time describing all their cocks in detail and I was impressed by Gary's since she said his cock was as big as Steve's but when he got hard it was rock hard. Gary got dressed and he and Steve were in the car and left Matt and Robby to follow us home.

Vacation Surprise

group hot_ladytexas 2018-04-24

She thrives on these trips, on meeting people, getting the party going in the afternoons, body shots, dancing till 4 am and the friends she has made over the years who come back together each year. So after party time at the sexy pool and before a night of dancing she leaves the pool with her husband, they have a drink on the balcony and then make love, soft with deep passion and then fall asleep holding each other. Meanwhile, husband is talking to the other man and finally has to tell him that he needs to get in the shower with them or he will be alone in the room because he is going in to join the fun.

Plugging Katie's Holes

group dpingjessie 2018-04-24

It had taken a long time to build up the nerve to tell my fantasy to Katie, and as she emerged from the kitchen with two full wine glasses, both of which shook in her hands as she came to join me on the couch, I thought back to the last time I'd had a drink with Katie, which was two weeks ago when I finally shared my shameful desire with my friend. Soon, we were both steadily thrusting in and out of Katie, I nailing her cunt while Keith sank into her ass each time I pulled back and then retracting just in time to let me push myself back into her wet sex hole.


Suzi and Lisa: ... Ch. 2

group The Midnight Lurker 2018-04-24

Lisa, Suzi's blonde and buxom cousin, was laying in the middle of the living room floor with two black men - Eddie and Darius - flanking her on either side. "Hey," the man said, "do we get to have sex with both Suzi and Lisa?" Wayne looked at Eddie and Darius, then added, "Or does Lisa only like black men?" Eddie was paying close attention to the sight of the blonde and beautiful Suzi, as she showed her love for Darius' big, black cock. Jeremy was stroking his cock in-and-out of the blonde at warp speed now, with two fingers jammed deep inside her pussy, both of them thrusting and pounding away as well. Darius looked at both Aaron and Wayne, who appeared as if they wanted to fuck Suzi - again.


The Accident

group surferjake 2018-04-24

Swinging her head around she snapped at her friend, "Jenn - cut it out!" and turned back to look at Jake, who got a sinking feeling about asking for her insurance card. Jenn ran her hand down Sarah's ass, under the short skirt, and up along her thigh, as she continued to bob slowly up and down Jake's cock. As Sarah felt the warm hard head against her, she slowly eased down, smiling as Jake moaned around her nipple, shivering slightly as he bit it harder as she enveloped him. Sarah stroking and licking his cock, Jenn licking his ass and massaging his balls, he felt the orgasm coming and let loose.


Window Shopping

group unblest 2018-04-24

The drive to the store was a torturous trip to heaven and back as you insisted on stroking my cock until it was hard and then slipping it into your mouth, working it with your lips and tongue. The door to the dressing room suddenly flew open and a young woman, the cashier and only employee working that day, stared, stunned as she watched me pound into you. When your orgasm subsided, you pushed me away and pulled the cashier towards you, kissing her deeply. I smiled and kissed the young woman, enjoying the feel of her lips but not as much as I did yours. She tried to struggle, but you held her face down in your pussy, not letting her tongue and mouth stop.

The Meeting Ch. 2

group rjohnson 2018-04-24

As I finished filling the woman's mouth in front of me, I quickly looked around the room and most of the other women were watching to two men fuck. As the two men parted, a woman sitting close to them, immediately leaped up and started to lick Tom's ass, sucking up Jeff's come as it oozed out of Tom. Another woman moved over to wipe Jeff off and gently suck his cock into her mouth. I decided that I wanted to find out and after letting the women settle down, I told Tom and Jeff that I had enjoyed watching them and that I wanted to feel both their cocks up my ass before the night was over.


Sunrise Shoot-Off Ch. 3

group Bonaire 2018-04-24

Celia was impressed; not so much with Karen's sucking abilities, although she wondered how Karen's mouth would feel on her pussy, but with the size of Randall's cock for in addition to being over 8 inches in length, it was as thick as Celia's wrist. Kathy felt a pang of jealously over Celia getting all of Randall's cock, but she knew what was coming later, the infamous Sunrise Shoot-Off, and she licked her lips in anticipation of what Celia's young pussy was in store for. Randall shoved his cock deep into Celia, her eyes snapped open as she felt the deepest intrusion her pussy yet, and he emptied his balls all the way inside her cunt.


group Allan_Arbinger 2018-04-24

"A ride to the convenience store?" answered Rene who turned to look her right. "Sure, Allan," Rene answered, "we'll ride in your caboose tonight." I moved to the now vacant seat and looked over at Cleo who was amusing herself by putting her face into a stream of leaked air that gently tossed her hair and cooled her face. Cleo took me by the hand and, to my surprise, led me into the dark of the back room where Rene was finishing off John. I stood behind Cleo and let my hands fondle her breasts at will, the nipples now hard, until John climaxed and collapsed. Rene gave a look at Cleo with a crooked smile.


Jen and Roger, Stu and Shirley and the Others

group trumptight85 2018-04-24

“I want you to clear your mind of everything you have been taught about right and wrong,” Roger said gently, in the voice she had learned to trust as sincere, “ Imagine yourself in the missionary position, all excited and wet. Their new focus on life meant they seldom had time for Roger and Jen, and their place was taken by Stu and Shirley. As she fucked Roger after these evenings, she often wondered if Stu knew the seduction had already happened. Then one night while they were making love, and the juices were just below boiling, and Roger was pumping his love into her, she called him Stu. She didn’t know it at the time, she was too tied up in her own orgasm.

A Christmas Wish

group dragontatto 2018-04-24

"How would you like that to be real, Garth?" Kris said softly from the corner so not to startle the young man. "Oh hell, yes." Kris ground out as he lifted the Laura-lynn off the bed and stood straight up and shoved the orgasming elf up and down on his near to exploding prick. As his long awaited orgasm rushed through him, he couldn't help but think about his up coming visit to Lauren, Garth and Jeremiah. Then you realize that you're being watched by another couple who are so hot and bothered by it that they can't help but tear each others clothes off and fuck themselves silly." Kris said painting an image in the young's man head.


Hitch Hikers Two

group amyredek 2018-04-24

'I'm coming Chris, I'm coming now,' and he began to buck as I had and I felt the extra little bit of stiffening in the hand held cock and the throbbing increase as the underside sperm tube swelled and he came in a great burst of come into my waiting mouth. 'This is the only way we can do it as we don't have the same number of holes that a girl has, but there's not a lot of difference except that I think we will be a bit tighter.' I heard him spit on his hand and guessed that it was for lubrication as I trembled there on my knees, looking down at the grass as I felt him put one hand on my hip and then feel the touch of the head of his erection to the hole of my arse.


Train Slut Part II

group heyheymymy1984 2018-04-24

One friend had began filming the show whilst my other friend and I each rubbed her naked breasts which were swinging back and forth with the rhythm of my mate pounding her pussy. The temptation of the camera man being stood before her eventually became too great to resist and as he continued to film she took his dick in her mouth. It took barely any pressing before I was deep inside her arsehole, my friends cock separated only by the wall between her pussy and arse. I held the camera between the two lads now fucking her holes, my fourth friend was up top having his cock sucked clean.

The Trespasser

group Alexxxy 2018-04-24

She wanted to see more clearly what was going on and so she very gently pushed the door just a centimetre further open. Her pale, slim figure was a delight to both their eyes, and they knew that they both wanted her in their marital bed. She didn't look but she knew by how it felt that it was adequately long and of considerable girth. After a few minutes, he thrust himself into their visitor again and the three naked bodies writhed around the bed moaning delightfully. She moaned with satisfaction as she licked the remaining cum from her lips and fell back on the bed and into a state of bliss.


Stress Relief

group sandymonroe 2018-04-24

The finals were really hard and I needed the stress relief indeed. So when Karen, my sexy FWB texted me, I knew we'll have a steamy hot night. And we can stop anytime."  "Are you ready for the next thing to try?" He opened his eyes but didn't object because he knew my plan. Then I helped Karen taking down her blouse and the bra while she went on licking and slurping on Greg's balls. My plan worked. "This will be the last thing to try tonight, I promise. My shallow reasoning was working. This wasn't my first time filling up her asshole and I was hoping it wasn't the last. The idea wasn't part of the plan but I did it anyway. "Call my anytime."  

My Hot Group Sex with Kim and Bob

group BrooksChampion 2018-04-24

Kim was already cumming maybe five times, whereas after every small orgasm she gets off his shaft and puts his penis in her mouth, slurping while hand rubbing at the same time, maintaining his erection. All of a sudden Kim mounted Bob again and started going up and down his cock with a ferocious force like there was no tomorrow. Ultimately, after hard violent fucking on Kim's part, Bob looked as though he's ready to climax: he tensed, his facial expression turned stiff and then his ball sack shrunk; he must've had a warm sensation spreading from his testicles to the head of his penis.