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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Gang Bang

group sweetnessuk 2018-04-24

The first thing I saw was black and cream colours of many unusual gadgets around the perimeter of the room. I walked back to the dungeon zone and into one of the empty rooms, with my fuck buddy, of course. A few guys I had my eyes on walked in and starting watching. The black guy started to rub my tits, and my ass. While he was licking my pussy, another guy started kissing me ferociously. Another guy bent down and I started wanking his cock. The black guy began to fuck me, hard, and fast. Four more guys walked in and started wanking their cocks around me. The guy pulled me off and started fucking me from behind, spanking my ass.

A Celebration

group Ziggi1973 2018-04-24

Alex turned and kissed me while Katie still sucked on Tony's cock very slowly, letting him slide all the way down her throat. Alex repositioned next to me and sucked on my tits and kissed my and told me to watch Tony fuck Katie in the ass while she ate me. I want to see you fuck that slut in the ass." Alex took over pumping the vibe into my pussy without mercy, pushing me closer and closer to the edge while Katie sucked furiously on my pussy. Fuck her ass." Alex had been fishing in the bag and I was so intent on watching Tony nail Katie I hadn't notice she was putting the strap-on on.

Two Sisters and the Monte Vista Ch. 02

group erettophallus 2018-04-24

She began to moan and rock her ass back and forth as I sucked on her mouth-watering pussy, penetrating my tongue in her opening. With two fingers in her ass, and two in her pussy, I continued to tickle her clit with my tongue until I felt her start to quiver in ecstasy. The cum screamed out of me, splashing off Jo Ellen's lips and tongue, cascading down her chin to Cindy's open mouth. Jo Ellen climbed on top of me and slid my cock inside her dream like pussy and leaned forward, dangling those wondrous tits in my face to fondle. It felt like a dream, my cock buried in Cindy's ass, with her sister fondling my balls at the same time.

Blossoming Lily

group lily2009 2018-04-24

I reached underneath Renae's bottom and pulled her colder to my face, sliding my tongue inside her and then circling her clitoris and sucking it, she responded with moans and thrusting her hips into me. I could sense her arousal growing steadily, and so I pulled my right hand from underneath her and started to feel her folds with my fingers. "Let go Renae" he coaxed, "Come for Lily, come in her mouth" his permission was all she was waiting for, soon I felt her passage tighten around my fingers, and her hips convulse into me, I could see her face, she was biting her lip to stifle the noise. I pulled his hand from his pants and placed it in Renae's juices, making him moan and her jump.

Story from the Stacks

group Skutvr 2018-04-24

Daphne's surprise melted into a hazy, devilish grin that summoned back that hungry look she had when she first started playing with Dog. Never breaking eye contact with me, she raised herself up slowly and posted back down, Dog sliding in and out of her hot pussy. No sooner had my own manhood swung into view; Daph had a spare hand around it to guide it into her mouth, the other slipping down to play with her clit as she continued to fuck Dog. In a far off world, I heard Dog's moans reach fever pitch and got right over the moon in his own universe, colliding into Daph, who shoved her hot as fuck cunt onto me...


Riley's Exploits Pt. 10

group RileyAriadne 2018-04-24

I leant back on the bed, touching myself again as I watched Andy continue to fuck Alex. I leant over and took Andy's cock into my mouth, licking up Alex's juices. Alex kept it pressed to my clit as Andy pistoned in and out of my pussy, I felt myself tighten on his cock as the pair of them brought me to a powerful orgasm. She pushed it into my arse as I continued to fuck Andy's cock. I heard Alex moan softly and I knew Andy was cumming deep inside her. Even though she was enjoying it Andy took it slow, letting Alex get used to the feeling of having his cock in her arse.

Loving Ch. 4

group Matt 2018-04-24

I know I sometimes get off just watching you and Patty fuck." I stared into her eyes and saw only love and a willingness to do anything I asked of her. Then I closed my eyes and carefully imagined Carol spread on our bed with Charley crawling between her legs his hard cock in his hand. "Fuck this is so hot, roll onto your back Charley, I want your cock in my pussy." Carol looked into my eyes and I knew this was my way of approving and helping her fuck Charley. Carol's words had us all so fucking hot we were about to vaporize and Patty was just directing my cock into her wet cunt as I said, "Yes Carol, I love watching you sit on Charley's big cock.

The First Time... Ch. 01

group StrapOnMan 2018-04-24

In her place at the help desk was a tall, thin, brunette (with a cute bob haircut & glasses) who did not smile when I came in. Taking a break for some wine, Sarita began kissing my neck and throat as I swallowed the wine. Instead of moving away, Sarita grasped it through the material and began to rub and squeeze me while kissing my neck and pressing herself against me. Sarita took her time, working the head of my penis around in her mouth, before lubing the whole area with her saliva. I was almost ready to explode when she pulled away and took some wine into her mouth and came up to kiss me.

Payback With Interest

group Houstonrn 2018-04-24

I could have pussy footed around, but Bette was already stunned so I struck hard: “Jamie is out of town again, and I wanted you and Ron to have a good look at what I am offering you for the weekend. He backed out and began to ram his unbridled member in and out along my vaginal canal while his wife adroitly licked my clit and up toward my hole; she was able to slither her tongue along Ron’s cock as it entered and exited my pussy. I moaned and he groaned and when his cock began to soften he slipped away allowing his seed to drip from my asshole and continue onward to Bette’s waiting lips.


Doing Darien and Derek

group howardb44 2018-04-24

But right now, God dammit, I am going to eat your pussy or know the fucking reason why." And before you can react, I am out of my seat belt and between your legs. I unbuckle your seat belt and pull your sweet cunt to my face. That sweet hot torment is building within you, and now you are the one who would fuck at high noon on Main Street. You watch that hot, stiff cock as you grind your ass into my face. You scream through clenched teeth and my cock twitches hard and semen flies spurts from in for the second time tonight, but this time it finds your chest, and your face.

Stuffed like a turkey

group adams_bttm 2018-04-24

I felt slick fingers find my cunt and rub till they pushed inside, first one then two fingers stretched me open and I moaned around the cock in my mouth as they finger fucked me. Marcus’s boyfriend gave me his cock to suck and with the back of the couch as leverage I rode on thick cock wile another fucked my mouth. I was so slick from being fucked and he slid to the hilt inside me, Marcus was pounding his boyfriend and that made him leak pre-cum into my mouth and throat depending on how deep he was. He held my hips up and fucked up into my wreck cunt while his boyfriend found my cock and took my deep into mouth.

Crystal Clear Ch. 17

group Romantic1 2018-04-24

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read the Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia live together. I wondered if all Crystal and Nadia's teddies would show up the way they had a few nights earlier in our living room. I marveled at the fabulous medley of pussy tastes I'd experienced in the past weeks: Margo, Caroline, Nadia, Tanya, Jill, and Crystal. A few mind bending orgasms later, and the girls changed places, with me plowing into Crystal's cunt from behind her as Nadia did sexually exciting things from underneath us.


Alice and the Boss

group tunotohp 2018-04-24

As time went by- two or three years, she became somewhat lax in making sure the curtain was completely closed and was surprised to see the owner looking her way while she had her skirt at her waist. She bent over a stool in the changing room and let Jeremiah plunge that huge cock in her pussy. Jeremiah thrust and retreated repeatedly as the tightness of Alice's pussy squeezed his cock. Jeremiah pulled out of Alice's pussy with a satisfying plop and told her the g string was hers. About two weeks later, Roger's boss, a big man in his own right, asked Roger if Alice would accompany him at his weekend retreat.

A Christmas Carol

group mcerotic 2018-04-24

Anyway, it was on Christmas Eve. I came into the kitchen and you and Debbie stopped talking and looked a bit guilty, like children caught red-handed. Debbie deliberately lost the next two rounds, so that Carole would not feel she was being set up if she were the first to be naked. I felt your hand come back and stroke my cock as finally I got to see Debbie's cunt, spread by Carole's fingers to open her up for her tongue. "Did you enjoy fucking Carole?" you asked as we cuddled, my cock hardening between your legs. I felt you come quietly in my mouth as Carole came noisily as my hips thrust my cock deep into her cunt.

Pixie, Katie and Me Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-04-24

I have dusty blond hair, a muscular body, a square jaw, deep set eyes that I'm told lures other females into my reaches, a grand sense of humor, and a disposition that allows about anything at all to happen around me, particularly by the Pixie -- and now a two year old named Ashley that may end up owning more of my heart than the Pixie does. The other result was that she set me up to date her roommate, Joy. Mel, Joy and I were a threesome for almost four years; a time period that changed my views about life, love and relationships forever.


Exposed and enjoyed in crowded train....

group vanita 2018-04-24

I could feel the nipple getting stiff.As I was busy enjoying the sensation, another hand caught hold of my other boob and was caressing it softly.Some of the other young boys surrounding me could see the two boys playing with my boobs. I was being held by so many hands to make it convenient for the cock to go in and out of my pussy and my body was fondled and caressed continuously by eager hands.The cock which was selected by the crowd to first go in and out of my pussy, was hard and stiff and thick and long. I could feel the strokes going deep and becoming more faster.My pussy was being pounded hard and the stiff cock was giving me immense pleasure. I could feel the cock in me getting all stiff and hard and pulsating deep within my pussy folds.

The Chair Ch. 03

group HannibalSmith 2018-04-24

Stacy giggled and turned her head to kiss me, her lips tenderly embracing mine, before parting to allow our tongues to dance as the hot water dripped over our bodies. Her hand began stroking my cock in time with her tongue's action of my balls before she took one into her mouth completely, just as she had seen my wife do last night. "Hey, hon," my wife said as she released Stacy's nipple, "clear the table, would you?" Without another word she dove right back into pleasuring our guest, caressing one breast with a hand while returning her lips to the other. Stacy began to rub her nipples in small circles and my wife's lips teased all around her sweet pussy.

The Challenge

group CrownJoolz 2018-04-24

The pledges all stood silently in the water, watching Marty take four more blows, while the Alpha Sigma Sigma brothers stood on the shore chanting “Give him another one, better than the other one!” Brother Mark had tapped a keg, and handed each pledge a plastic cup of beer as we lined up for a stick and a dog. There we saw the other group of pledges each tied to a tree, having his dick sucked by a brother. I felt Brother Mark slowly press into me as I watched the dick slide into the ass of the pledge next to me.


I married a slut.

group exoticcpl 2018-04-24

This woman I had been watching all week was on the pool table in the barracks break room naked and getting fucked by this group of guys she had driven onto base with earlier. As I continued to finger this woman, this guy walked into the room and told this woman that he and his wife were going to a friends house and that they would be back later. On the drive to my soon to be wife's house she asked me if I intended for her to remain faithful to me after we got married. When my soon to be wife saw me, she told me that Gary, the guy she was with, and her b*****r and s****r in law had agreed to witness at our wedding.

wife invites friend to join us

group phuck 2018-04-24

I sat next to her and began to grope and than fondle her as she watched TV and suggested, "why not lay on the couch?" Shreen asked instead, "would you mind if Sean came up here instead of being all alone down there? Within 2 minutes Sean came up and stood in the doorway looking at Shreen with her body covered from the waist down and seen my hand moving under the blankets as I fingered her with 3 fingers. Slowly I ran my hand up her body up to her tits and uncovered them as her nipples stood erect and I looked at Sean and asked if he'd like to play with a tit?

Interesting weekend with a new couple

group andrea0817 2018-04-24

We all had turns dressing the boys, after Patty figured out how to make the adjustments with Ken, it went easy. I'm now snuggled up to Patty's husband Mike with my own hand on his cock. The girls break their kiss and Cathy tells Patty "help me" and she points Ken's cock right at her. Mike was buried inside me and I was pretty filled when I announced, "Ken looks close to exploding" which got Patty and Cathy to work all the more on eagerly. Mike's cock, the deep f***eful stroke and watching Patty and Cathy sucking my husband gave me my first climax.

Just For A Drink!

group misspandp 2018-04-24

As my wife was trying to pull away from Colin her legs came apart exposing her white panties. Again Colin grabbed Sue and kissed her hard pushing his tongue into her mouth. Two of them held Sue's hands above her head making her tits stand up even higher and as they help her secure, they pulled her legs wide open. As he was fucking her he saw his mate put his cock against Sue's lips. As he rolled away from her Sue opened her eyes and looked at me, "pervert!" she smiled, "what next time?" I told her we'll think of something as I eased myself down on her and took my turn fucking her.

The Absurdity of Assumptions

group PayDay 2018-04-24

For the life of him, the realtor could not understand why a wealthy man like this would want a classic single family home with only one and a half baths. If it had not been for Jillian, her father, and sweet old Mrs. Davies, she would have never been able to raise her two children, and support her family. His life was good, he knew it, and he stepped out of the truck for his normal Sunday routine, silently thanking himself for finishing all of the yard work for three houses yesterday, it wasn't difficult. "Maybe I could meet a girl or something," he thought as he absorbed the scenery, and what was left of a wonderful cup of coffee he picked up at that down-home rest stop an hour ago.


Ginny's Witnesses Ch. 05

group jay.palin 2018-04-24

"You passed the screen tests, by the way...with flying colors!" I said, as I leaned over the back of the bike and took Sam's purple glans quickly into my hot mouth for the first time since yesterday. I opened my eyes to look down and saw a woman turn and run outside from the bell tower floor many feet below, only to be replaced by four or five other curious men and women who felt it necessary to take a peek upward at our feverish coupling. It wasn't until my wide open eyes saw Rafe, one of my Australian acquaintances, climbing up the stairs with his camera clicking at us, that I realized I was split wide open for all to see from below, with Sam's huge brown cock plowing the pink furrow between my legs.