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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ma Marca / Mother and I Part 2

group MsMarca 2018-12-02

  Watching this scene unfold in front of me and Eric sucking my nipples and by this time he had moved a finger to my pussy and was rubbing the lips as I squirmed on his rock hard shaft, and watching Thomas's cock plunging in and out of mom's mouth was too much. "She is and she has a friend they will be with us for who knows how long!" The black man smiled and moved his hand to his crouch as I was turning to face him I took my fingers to my breasts to wipe off the light colored cream of Eric's mess from each nipple.

Caught my Boyfriend Cheating

group KingNikki 2018-12-02

My boyfriend fucking some girl like she was me. I spread both legs over the arms of the chair and started fingering myself. "So I see you like fucking my boyfriend. Well let me tell you this, this is the last time you're ever fucking him and unless you want me to beat your ass today, you'll do exactly as I say." I motioned for her to come between my legs and suck my pussy. "Baby, come fuck your pussy.” He shoved his dick and started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I told Alex to sit in the chair and finger herself while she watched me fuck him. She quickly got on the bed and sucked every drop of his cum from my pussy.

The Truth Shall Get You Off (Part Two)

group Espresso 2018-12-02

Marcus continued to fuck my pussy from behind, while I kissed Curly and handled his dick in my hand. I couldn't help but look up at Soren for the first time since I'd been with Marcus and Curly. I sent him an air kiss and began to ride Curly, slowly, feeling every inch of him, gratified by how turned on he was by my movement while watching Soren. The combination of the two throbbing dicks inside of me, in both of my holes, the two tongues licking my skin, and the two sets of hands gripping me in violent pursuit of satisfaction, sent me reeling and I was loudly having the longest, most intense orgasm of my life.

Black Men Dominate The World

group Samuelx 2018-12-02

Male student-athletes at Haverhill rejoiced as the man-hating dyke who wanted our teams ruined left the school for good. Haverhill College is a formerly all-female school that has taken to diversifying lately, and they've added new sports like football, cross country, soccer, bowling, swimming, wrestling, ice hockey, lacrosse, baseball and golf to attract male students. Two good-looking, well-dressed young black men strolling around the city with lots of money in hand tend to attract all kinds of attention. She introduced us to her friend Christine Pederson, a big-booty, somewhat plump yet still sexy chick with the darkest skin I've ever seen on a black female. The big-booty black stripper fastened her succulent lips around my cock and began sucking me like her life depended on it.


Black Folks Orgy Ch. 03

group Samuelx 2018-12-02

Like me, he's a tall, good-looking black man from the hood. There were good-looking men and women around, mostly white folks but a few Asian, black and Latin folk here and there. I saw two black men kissing each other, while two sexy women who seemed to be their wives watched, fascinated. The person I bumped into was a tall, good-looking black woman who was a little on the plump side but still sexy. I met a tall, good-looking black man named Maurice Goodwin and another brother named Julian Woods. Marie told me that it had been a long time since she'd been with a man other than her husband.

My Wife the Stripper

group llkop 2018-12-02

Melony rolled herself over on the table and hung her head over the edge of the table into Carl’s lap, still moving to the music her tits bounced and allured Carl's hands, but just before he could grip them she moved away teasing him. I'm not sure what I was more disgusted by: the fact that my wife was sucking on my friends cock right in front of my eyes; the fact that my friend was doing nothing to stop this, in fact he was enjoying it, running his fingers through her hair; or the fact that I really should have enquired as to what exactly my wife did to earn as much money as she did performing these VIP shows at her work.

Valentine's Lingerie Gift - part 2

group Cherism 2018-12-02

“I’d love to spend more time exploring your body and fulfilling your fantasies, and after tasting Steve’s cock, I want to see how well he fucks and swallow his cum myself.” I need to cum so badly.” Amber increased her assault on my tender pussy while Steve quickly replaced his cock in my mouth. Steve and Amber readily agreed when I said I wanted to see his cock buried in her wet pussy. I suggested that we move to the bedroom so Steve could fuck Amber again, but this time I wanted him to cum in her pussy, then suck his cum out of her just as she had done to me. Amber came right after him, clenching her pussy around his cock, sucking hard on my fingers.

cuckold lifestyle 39

group woreout 2018-12-02

She said when she pulled into the church parking lot she saw Tim's pickup setting in the corner. She said well he started by sucking my nipples and that got me hot and I pulled off his shorts and sucked his dick to full glory. My wife said she pulled her bikini bottom off and joined him in the water. He looked up and she said I just got fucked twice at the lake and I may not be all that clean down there. She said I had just enough time to get a shower ,start the washer with my bikini and towel in it, and get dressed before you got home.

Bisexual Black Man's Soul Mate

group Samuelx 2018-12-02

Right now, I've got my husband Stephen Vincent on all fours, face down and ass up. A five-foot-eleven, busty, voluptuous and big-bottomed, dark-skinned sister like myself definitely looked exotic in the streets of Boston. My husband Stephen is screaming as I ram the dildo deep into his ass. For love and for play, I like Black women and bodacious, big-bottomed and dark-skinned Latinas. My last serious relationship was with Stacy Morgan, a six-foot-tall, sexy and big-bottomed, stunning Black woman I met in the city of Atlanta. I got fucked in the ass for the first time, and I absolutely loved it. Lots of Black guys are dying to get fucked in the ass by a dominant sister wearing a strap-on dildo.



group K_Finn64 2018-12-02

As the band members went to their respective rooms to freshen up, Andrea and I made our way to the pool area where the party looked to be starting and grabbed a table. I had about given up waiting for Mark to come by our table and was preparing to make my excuses to Andrea and go look for him, when suddenly I felt two strong hands on my shoulders giving me a relaxing squeeze. Sitting up, Kathy raised my right leg over her left shoulder and began vigorously grinding our pussies together as Mark watched with a look of lustful fascination. Rising up on his arms, Mark leaned towards Kathy and they exchanged a long passionate kiss as he continued to fuck me with deep, powerful strokes.

Summer 2000 - true story

group Jaque69 2018-12-02

The load kept coming and I swallowed most of it, some of it came oozing out of the corner of my mouth, he took his finger and pushed the cum in my mouth so that I could swallow it. I didn’t, and I felt Jimmy’s cock jerking, he groaned and let go a great load of hot cum but kept on fucking me, shooting more loads and finally he fell on top of me rolled over and looked at me with a great smile. Billy spread the cheek of my ass and plunged his cock into my ass hole and both started fucking me hard. I squeezed my pussy and my ass hole and with that I came and I could feel both Jimmy and Billy getting ready to drop their load into me.

My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 1

group LuvitAll 2018-12-02

I developed such a high state of arousal rubbing his cock that my pussy would leak and I would orgasm easily when he fingered me again. I was surprised at how soon he would be hard again after his orgasm and wanting another tug. We fooled around like this every day, only interrupted occasionally by his brother when he came in to listen to music or watch a TV program. He was a nice guy too, and they both got on well. I would sit on my boyfriends lap and he would have sneaky feels of my tits. I thought nothing could be better than this most sexually powerful feeling, until the day I was sucking him and he held my head down firmly while he spurted into my mouth.

Sexy Couple

group prem2015 2018-12-02

As Dipak introduced me to Mita, she hugged me, held me closely and kissed my cheeks firmly making my face almost wet with her saliva. My wife who was wearing only a saree and nothing else (no blouse, no bra, no petticoat and no panty) started planting kisses on his face and lips as if devouring his mouth. Mita was looking like a sex goddess in her transparent silk saree tied in her pubic region exposing her deep round navel and also some pubic hair. My wife sat on the carpet near Dipak and started caressing his penis, which I was sure was getting hard. Meanwhile, I was firmly holding Mita and kissing her face and lips in turn while she was playing with my dick.

Are you ready to join - Part I

group rubylynne 2018-12-02

I moved my lips down from her lips, and she pushed her body close to me as I trailed my tongue over her collar and between her breasts. I grabbed one tit in my hand and fit the other in my mouth, circling my tongue around her nipple and flicking it over the hardening tip. She moved her hands around to my pussy, stroking me over my panties, gently at first, then quicker. She grabbed both my tits in her hands, massaging them gently then flicking her tongue over each nipple as she kissed her way down my body. After a few minutes, she moved her tongue and pushed her fingers into my cunt.

Roommates Fuck a Friend to Destress for Finals

group simplename 2018-12-02

But, she kept sucking and started to feel overwhelmed with pleasure in her ass as Ryan kept lubing up his cock. With Ryan anchoring her ass, I pushed my log into her tight pussy, stretching her to what was surely the biggest she had ever been. She began to moan as my massive dick expanded her pussy and sent waves of pleasure up and down her body. Sasha rocked back and forth on our dicks with a cute yet horny smile on her face as if our cocks were a rocking horse. After a while we just couldn't take it anymore and Ryan and I came inside Sasha as she had a full body orgasm.

I Experience My First Orgy

group Mairi 2018-12-02

I thought that was a good sign as I liked Nancy, she was a very down to earth lady. Catherine drove to the estate where the party was being held, and as expected we arrived long before any of the guests. The servers, (Nancy and Catherine) cleared things away to prepare the room for the party. Catherine and Nancy were kept quite busy, replenishing their drinks during the evening So far other than guests exposing themselves, making lewd comments and touching one another, there was no active sex taking place. I loved it and didn’t mind them stroking my arse, but managed to prevent them from placing a hand between my legs.

The First of Many Ch. 03

group boo_dreaux 2018-12-02

"When I was much younger," Ree answered as she continued placing little pecks on Kai's body, getting closer to her breasts each time, "I had an older girl cousin that liked to fool around with me and show me stuff. From the bed, Kai smiled, and rolling Ree over on her back, said to me, over her shoulder, "Take your time, sweetie, I'm going to play with your wife." Her hand removing Ree's suit bottom as she was saying it, her head moving towards Ree's, now exposed, pussy. As Kai and I settled onto our bed, Ree was now kneeling over Ron's reclined body, her hands pulling off his pants, her head and mouth never stopping as she continued to suck him.


(5) Superheroes in Trouble!

group BBC 2018-12-02

Pummel's already massive black shaft and cock head grew impossibly larger in Leasa's delicate hand. Leasa choked on Vicious' big black cock as his violent thrusts were most unexpected. Watching and thinking about sinking his big black cock into her ass hole made his shaft expand even thicker. Leasa had been taking in big black cock balls deep for a good long time, but now she felt something pressing against the entrance of her ass hole. Pummel plunged his big thick black cock in Leasa's tight ass hole. Leasa felt her stomach shift up towards her rib cage as the big black cock was shoved in her ass to the hilt.


A Visit

group sahebji 2018-12-02

Seema stopped me and said, "Chacha abhi mat nikalo, mujhe ek baar aur chodo, please, bahut mazaa aa raha hai (Chacha [uncle, term used for addressing the younger brother of one's father] don't take it out yet, please fuck me one more time, I am enjoying it very much)". When Seema and Kiran had gone to sleep, Saroj called me to her room and without much ado said, "Sahebji aaj raat ko aap mujhe chodo (Sahebji fuck me tonight). One morning Seema said, "Chacha agar hum teenau mil kar chudai karain tau bahut hee mazaa aayega (Uncle, it would be fun if we all three of us could fuck together".


Swiss Girls Finishing School, Part 1

group silkpantygirl 2018-12-02

“Now then, girls,” said Lucy, “This is John, and he had kindly agreed to help our class this morning. She straightened her clothing and Miss Lucy indicated John's cock, now fully, almost painfully, erect. Reluctantly, the last girl relinquished John's genitals back to Miss Lucy's hands. “Well, done, all of you,” she said, “as you can see, you've been able to maintain the erection, and,” - here she squeezed a large drop of pre-cum out of the tip of his cock - “you can see a significant amount of lubrication as emanated from the penis.” As he began to ejaculate, Lucy expertly pressed her thumb into the base of his cock, holding the flow back for an ecstatic couple of seconds, then she let go, and a long stream of white cum spurted out onto his belly.

My beginning and pathway to group sex. - Part 15

group LuvitAll 2018-12-02

  I saw her in the café at lunch the day following our first time together and she asked me to come to her room later that afternoon; she had something to show me.   It was too much and I came quickly against her mouth while she fucked me rapidly with the vibrator, pressing it against my walls with wide circular motions in my cunt.   I sat straight up and pushed her down on the bed, kissing her and running my tongue over her lips and into her mouth. I wanted to keep going and started rubbing her tits but she sat up, laughing and said she couldn’t, she was meeting a new guy for a fuck in his room and she was now, very ready.

Unexpected Guests

group CuriousKevin 2018-12-02

Helen said, "I'll join you." Before I had a chance to let Lisa out on my side, Charles was already moving to give way. Charles sat down, turned to me and asked, "Do you know what Lisa has been doing for the last ten minutes?"  Lisa got up and asked Charles to help her move the coffee table. Helen then looked me in the eye and said, "Do you want to fuck me? While I worshipped Helen's nipples, Lisa and Charles came into the room. Helen lay on top of me as Charles continued to fuck her back door. Charles pulled out of my mouth and Lisa moved in and started kissing me, eager to get at the cum that remained in my mouth.

In-Cyndi-ary Tryst

group FirstBlush 2018-12-02

A full length wall mirror just behind Cyndi’s head reflected her reclining landscape of jutting boobs, a valley of midriff, knuckle bulged lime green knickers, then Shy Guy's full frontal attitude rising like a lecherous Denali from between her thighs. While he corrected his distubed balance and considered his predicament, my right hand crept around and hovered millimeters from his hard shaft, close enough for him to feel its warmth but not its contact. While my strong hand clenched and pumped him, a fingertip from its supportive twin teased and feathered Cyndi's lube along his swollen head and just beneath it, mimicking the licks of her tongue.

My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 16

group LuvitAll 2018-12-02

  During this time, I was still fucking many of the guys I had met during the Uni years plus weekend pick-ups and the occasional guy from work or clients.   I usually preferred to sit at a table a little away from the bar so that men could stop and chat without the barman or their friends listening to their cheesy pick up lines.      The most common routine was to get them on rotation where I would go to my room with one guy first, fuck him dry, and then get him to send another one up from the bar and so on until no one else knocked on my door.