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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Charley's Wild Night (Part Two)

group Anonla 2018-11-16

My eyes met Sam again seeing the flush on his cheeks, his mouth hanging open and then Callum started to rub the bulging head of Sam’s cock around my pussy getting it soaked in my juices before slapping my clit with it again. I felt Sam buck his hips and writhe, I don’t know if it was in pleasure or pain, maybe a bit of both, I rubbed my pussy in his face and felt him gasp, his breath hot on my wet pussy but then he started sucking on my clit again inserting another finger into my arse as I rode his face watching as Callum banged Sam’s arse mercilessly.

He's With Her and She's With Her Too Part 4 (of 4)

group Frobisher 2018-11-16

Lila was lingering longer and penetrating deeper with each lick, and the flat of her tongue pressed and held on Janet's clit at sixty-one, which gave way to sixty-two, then sixty-five, and then seventy. Ever so slowly, Janet swirled her tongue round and round, circling and passing over Lila's clit, and Lila's hips started to rock, matching that same slow rhythm. Roman's hands holding her hips swayed with her movements, and his climax followed right after Janet's, seeming only slightly less intense than hers. Janet held Lila's hand holding the egg against herself, and as she moaned softly, she moved the egg that she was holding between Lila's labia, slowly working it toward her clit.

Black Man Dominates White Couple

group Samuelx 2018-11-16

He told me that he was naturally submissive and didn't know the first thing about dominating anyone, especially a big macho Black man like myself. Emily smiled and told me that when they invited Black guys into their bedroom, Lloyd usually sucked their cocks before they fucked her in ALL her holes. The plump Canadian housewife smacked my face and called me all kinds of names, ordering me to suck on her strap-on dildo like the submissive Black male slut I was. We switched things around after a while, and now I was sucking on Lloyd's big White cock like a good Black male slut while Emily fucked my asshole with her strap-on dildo.


Black Gang Bang Virgin Pt 2

group Kat1963 2018-11-16

Steve immediately forced his huge cock back inside my mouth holding it there for a few seconds. Tightening his grip on my hips, I was soon in position, and with a loud grunt, Steve suddenly slammed his huge shaft inside me. He felt so big inside me. Pushing my hips back towards Steve, I was now begging for more, faster and faster he pumped. Letting out a loud grunt, Steve's whole body shook violently, his huge cock stiffening as he thrust inside me once more, pumping my pussy full of his hot creamy spunk. Slowly, I continued to lower myself carefully guiding Leon's erect cock towards my aching pussy, slowly my second black cock of the evening penetrated deep inside me.

Black Muslim Cuckolding Night

group Samuelx 2018-11-16

"Sheikh, you already know that I like to fuck black guys up the ass with my strap-on dildo, I should also tell you that I like to make them eat my pussy when they take big dicks up their asses, is that okay with you?" Leyla Brown said sharply as she looked at the tall young black Muslim man who stood before her. Sheikh resumed sucking Mamadou's dick with gusto, even as he watched Leyla get closer, that dildo of hers getting dangerously close to his hungry ass... Just like that, Leyla began fucking Sheikh's ass while watching him suck Mamadou's dick.

Not Marriage Material

group PlayfulDude 2018-11-16

Except that at some point during a Christmas party given by Wendy's mom, where the whole gang was invited, I found myself in the mom's bedroom making out with tipsy Claire (a hot little number by the way with strawberry blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, and nice jugs) when drunken Wendy (a tall thin mulatto goddess with blue eyes and small perky tits) entered the room and accused us of wanting to fuck right there on her own mother's bed. I pulled my hard cock out of Wendy's mouth at some point and asked her if she liked blowing me, but stuffed her mouth right away again so that her answer was muffled as her beautiful soft juicy lips kept going back and forth on my manhood.

Top Shelf, Bottom Shelf

group MyNameMayBeLucas 2018-11-16

The thought of her naked and covered in mud with Rachel naked close by caused Will’s cock to become stiff, just in time for the girls to decide to get up and dance. Rachel thought Molly was upset for a second, until she felt her hand push hers down into Will’s pants where she was greeted with a stiff, sweaty cock. Looking up with an awkward smile at Will, Molly said, “That was fun!” She began moving towards the door and pulling Will with her. Molly then smiled and began to unbuckle his pants, while Rachel move in to kiss him. Rachel felt the top portion of her lingerie unsap and fall to the floor as Will began to kiss and suck on her nipples.

A Bossy Somali Goddess In Ottawa

group Samuelx 2018-11-16

Many of us stick to the Old Ways, even when we live in places with names like Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, Hamilton, Halifax, Montreal and Quebec City. Brent and I fucked with a nice easy rhythm, and though he thrust into me energetically, I never let the Black American stud forget that this Somali goddess was in charge. The way I see it, if I can take Brent's nine-inch dick in my asshole, then he should be able to take my nine-inch dildo up his ass. The way I've seen macho Black guys in online porn flicks make women suck their dicks AFTER fucking them in the ass.


Chapter 5: The Real Turning Point Part II

group BrendaH 2018-11-16

My mouth was dry and I was beginning to yell out "Fuck me, fuck my pussy, god you feel good, fuck me, cum in me!" I began to orgasm and I just jumped down on him and kissed him as hard as I could while pumping away. God that would feel good." That got the boys pretty worked up and almost simultaneously James began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth while I sucked as hard as I could. I took a final drag and tossed my cigarette away into the street, exhaled and said "well I've got to get home." turned and walked away.

Surprise Homecoming

group Pegasus4 2018-11-16

Plus the fact that my wife was watching me have my cock sucked by her best friend whilst she sat with her skirt pulled around her waist, her knickers around her knees and her legs wide apart. This sudden show of lust from Jay had a tremendous effect on Sue as she pushed back harder and faster on my thrusting cock to very quickly reach another intense orgasm, gasping and convulsing with intense pleasure as her eyes were locked on Jay sliding the banana in and out of her own pussy. I grabbed Sue by her hips and plunged my stiff cock deep into her hot, tight pussy, slamming my hips hard against her arse with each thrust whilst we both watched Jay fuck herself with the banana.

Making New Friends

group celticbtrfly 2018-11-16

I felt the man who had been sucking on my breasts move away and a moment later, I felt the smooth head of a large cock gently push against my mouth. As the orgasm subsided, the fingers filling me pulled away, but the tongue gently continued taking long licks over my labia, dipping inside me occasionally, and avoiding the clit to allow me to recover. I slowed my movements as my husband continued to thrust up into me and our friend slid one, then two fingers inside my ass, slowly pumping in at out as he leaned against me and started kissing and nibbling on my neck. A moment later, the friend's fingers pulled away and a few moments later, I felt the large head of his cock pushing up against the opening to my ass.

The Girl Next Door

group sophiebirdd 2018-11-16

She crawls down my body and starts to use her tongue on my clit, circling it, flicking it, teasing it in any way she can as she pushes the toy in and out of me. I suck your tongue into my mouth just like I would your cock and I feel you moan softly.  I feel your hand on my thigh and you start to work it slowly upwards before you're teasing my pussy with your fingers. We embrace and she kisses me deeply, her tongue teasing mine as her hands wander over my body, gripping my ass then playing with my nipples. I moan loudly as she uses her tongue to tease my clit and lick your cock as you thrust hard into me.

Lexi's First

group jamman 2018-11-16

I became so turned on by this, I knew, I wanted Lexi to fuck him. Once Lexi was naked, she rolled over and began sucking Steve’s cock. Steve moved her into a sixty-nine position and started licking and sucking Lexi’s pussy. He turned her around and she was positioned on top of him – pussy and cock touching. Lexi reached between her legs and directed Steve’s cock into her pussy. Steve slid his cock out of her pussy and I rolled her over and positioned her in front of me. I began slowly moving in and out as she started sucking Steve’s cock. As she stroked and sucked Steve he began moaning.

Den Of Debauchery Ch. 09

group sahebji 2018-11-16

'AAAAAAYYYYYIIIIIIEEEE GOD RANDY THAT HURT,' Seema screamed with pain as my cock buried itself deep inside her and I started the fuck motion. 'Yes papa that is exactly what I said,' Seema replied, 'Randy please fuck me again'. Randy is a sexy man with a huge cock,' Kala said, 'if I was a virgin today I would have gladly let him pop my cherry'. 'Sorry my dear you should have listened to your papa, now nobody can help,' Kala said, 'I suggest that you relax and take Randy's cock up your ass like a man'. While Arti, Sudha and Mala ate Seema's pussy and she, in turn ate theirs I fucked Reema.


A Better World For Men and Women

group Samuelx 2018-11-16

I told them about a big black woman named Mary, who was being seduced by Paul, one of the macho and good-looking studs of Samuel's stories. He's fond of creating attractive and super confident men with heavenly bodies and gargantuan cocks who go after tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed women. This self-assured bisexual stud and self-styled men's rights activist wrote stories about big women getting their asses filled with cock and these so-called empowered women liked it? I read them a chapter about a big black woman named Louisa, and her two lovers, a tall and muscular Latin stud named Jorge and James, a tall and sexy black man.


OHGirl: My Turn at Porn

group ohgirl1 2018-11-16

Surprisingly, we all ended up in bed together that night and we shared Mikey with one another, both of our lips along each side of his long, white shaft, sucking him until we both rode his hard tool and I sucked the cum from my daughter’s freshly fucked pussy after he had ejaculated in her. Velvet had told me that she had fucked both Nelson and James in her last film and that they had DP’d her in every hole before filling her with cum when they both ejaculated in her asshole during an anal DP. The filming took place immediately after the wedding and my mom and I undressed each other in front of Nelson, James, Rudy and my two other male wedding members, both male porn stars whom I fucked on occasions.

Life's Lessons - The Aftermath

group ChuckEPoo 2018-11-16

Ann yawned and stretched her arms. She said nothing as she came up to me burying her head into my chest and hugged me like I was her lifeline. As I ran my fingers through her hair I thought what a lucky man I was to have this beautiful woman in my life. Standing above her I shoved my cock into her mouth fucking it like a pussy, just as I saw Bob do to her last night. “I was just asking your Hubby if you two would join me at my place for dinner tomorrow night,” Bob repeated the offer to Ann. Walking over to Ann, Bob pulled off her blouse off and said, “We need to get you more comfortable.

After hours party

group onelongtongue65 2018-11-16

You ask him to dance, which he readily accepts, taking your hand and pulling you to him, both of you swaying to the music. You pull away and take my hand, and begin to dance with me while he watches, you lean in and kiss me passionately. You press up to me and kiss me as your hands start the process of undressing me, pulling my shirt off and reaching for my pants, stripping me bare. I feel your body shake and soon you grab my head and pull me tighter to you as you cum. Its too much for me and I start pushing and pulling until I too cum, deep in your ass.

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 04

group mrsterygor 2018-11-16

The cheerleaders on the squad were Amber Goodman, Sheila Jokansky, Trisha Odanick, Holly Raymon, Katie Lorrance, Riley Preston, Kristen Torman, Lauren Bocher, Julie Crawford, Valerie Cranshaw, Nicole Dalemort, and, of course, Emma, Becca's best friend. As Emma tried to catch her breath, I moved my tongue back and forth, smiling as I licked the cum right off of her thighs and pussy lips. Sheila let out a loud scream as cum gushed out of her pussy, covering my mouth, her crotch, and her torn cheerleader panties. As she stimulated my cock with her boobs, I placed my right hand underneath her cheerleader panties and began to finger fuck her. I moved my head underneath Becca's miniskirt and pressed my mouth against her pussy lips.

Gazebo #8

group LadyLexxx 2018-11-16

Opening my eyes and looking up into the sky, I see what no summer walker wants to see, dark rain clouds. I feel the rush of blood through my veins, my cheeks going red, my clit engorging, my passion making my breath catch in my throat. But here I am, bending over a railing in Gazebo #8, getting fucked by a stranger in the middle of a rain storm, while his lady licks me and I can continue to hide from the one thought that occupies all others; I fucking love it! Leaning slighting back, my ass rested against the man's stomach, I look down and see the woman licking her man’s cock.

Submissive Alyson loves being used

group arbymore 2018-11-16

They finished their drinks and Master Roger said, ‘Pull your skirt down,’ Alyson did as she was told and they all stood up and walked out to reception where John the manager was. Master Roger turned to the others and said, ‘So who’s going to fuck her first, make sure you cum inside her and fill her cunt for her. She loved the feel of the cock fucking in and out of her cunt and with the vibrator against her clit she actually climaxed seconds before John spunked deep inside her. Master turned the vibrator off for a moment just to give her a short respite and as he stood in front of Alyson he could see the guy’s spunk start to trickle out of her red and sore cunt.

A New Horizon

group Jordan8181 2018-11-16

" Look I have no interest in anyone else but you, the idea of watching you fuck someone else really gets me hot, and now I think I'd actually like to see it, but not if you have a problem with it, Tom." Joan said swiftly. Flicking his tounge across her clit, Tom let a finger slowly slide inside Bethany's soaked pussy. Thrusting slowly until he heard Joan say " Fuck her, fuck her Tom." Pushing himself in and out at a faster pace, he felt Bethany tense as she came. " You two had this planned all evening I take it." Both women nodded, and then Joan smiled " Hope you got enough energy left for round two." " I think I do." Tom replied already feeling himself grow excited at the idea.

Adonia’s Breeding

group letsbeliberal 2018-11-16

Adonia sat at the library of religious studies department atYale university reading about ancient pagan rituals. Adonia is the pagan festival mourning the death of Adonis; the “Lord”-the most handsome man in the world. Adonia’s grandmother passed away just after Adonia turned eleven. After a year of trying, Adonia finally got a guest invite to The Pagan Federation’s Equinox festival party. The man put one foot on the table, put his hand round Stella’s head and started ruthlessly shoving his cock down her throat. One black lady in the crowd started stroking the man’s balls as he throat fucked Stella. Two women came in to the room and untied Adonia and removed her blind fold. A huge black man step forward, he towered over Adonia.

Billion Dollar Booty Call

group TXGirl 2018-11-16

Chelsea thought the woman’s hands lingered just a bit too long in Liam’s lap, but was gratified to see that Liam, ever the professional, continued to film the gyrating pole dancer in the center of the cabin and didn’t seem to notice the attentions of the pretty brunette. Liam couldn’t decide where to aim the camera, but settled for a quick shot of the hot flight attendants before focusing back on Dirk and Chelsea. I was never remotely interested in what you have to say, but I’ve never stopped wondering what it would feel like to shove my cock into your tight little pussy.” Dirk dropped the flight attendant on the bed, then turned around and gestured for Chelsea to join him.