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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Unexpected and Rousing Night

group FaerieDreams 2018-04-24

When I opened my mouth to say something, I felt Bob's hands on the robe sash, pulling it open, and decided to wait and tell them after I had my fun. Karen smiled widely and then laughed softly as I moved a hand back to settle on her hip, and pull her closer to my back. Just when I latched onto one of her nipples, and she was holding my head to her breast with a hand on the back of my neck, I felt a finger slide between my lips on my pussy, and head straight for my clit. Suddenly, I felt his hands back on my pussy, and sighed softly before driving my tongue stud around Karen's clit in torture as I slid a hand down.

It Started with Speeding Ch. 09

group thesoundandfury 2018-04-24

The first time I watched Kat eat my cum out of my wife's pussy, I thought I'd die. Jim pulled out of her, still hard, and she turned around, reversing directions as she took his pussy-slicked erection into her mouth. Jim, who was highly sexed at this point, let his orgasm tear through his body, shooting his cum down Kat's throat for the second time that evening. Jim laid kisses down on his wife's slender neck, his hands moving around to cup her well proportioned breasts through the blue tank top. Jim was positioning himself over her head, lowering his cock down into her mouth as I fucked her tight body.


Project Tendril Ch. 03

group eidetic 2018-04-24

Josie's voice rang out in her living room as her body bucked and thrashed, pinned on her back between Ken underneath her and up her ass, and Sonja's fist in her pussy, her clit sucked deeply into Sonja's mouth. When Sonja's breath began to become a little ragged and she was unknowingly rubbing her thighs together, Josie let a hand drift down to Sonja's mons, gently massaging along the way, pausing as she hovered over Sonja's clit, hidden by her swollen outer labia. At last, when Ken relented and begin massaging Josie's tits, he heard her mutter, "Oh, thank God!..." That drew a smile as he leaned down to flick one of her pert little nipples with his tongue while drifting a hand down her belly to her mons.



group morris40 2018-04-24

I sometimes wish she wasn't so demure about saying those tender little words of encouragement like: "Yes, yes!", "Oh God!" and "Harder!" I can barely remember the last time Linda said, "Fuck me!" So I was really surprised when she spoke. I continued to look down into my wife's face as we made love, but I imagined Amiya's naked body spread out beneath me. I could tell that my wife shared my interest in them by the intense expression on her face when either Amiya or Raman spoke. Amiya and Raman stared at my wife's bare legs and exposed pussy for a moment and then Amiya stood up in the small space between the two beds.


Clare 6 The final story

group zibbles 2018-04-24

With that I plunged my cock into her with one powerful thrust and didn't stop, I fucked Clare as hard and as fast as I could, pounding her into the bed and she screamed out as an enormous orgasm racked her body but there was no rest for her I kept going flat out, full long hard strokes until a second cum was crashing through her and then I let go, feeling her tight pussy clasp rhythmically at my cock was enough to make me release my hot seed deep within her womb.

Seven Days of Lust Ch. 03

group Master_Vassago 2018-04-24

Daisy had heard his request and she tugged at Kay's thong pulling her backwards until reluctantly Kay let Dan's cock slip from her lips. Tina and Jenny now immersed in their own little pussy licking battle near him on the couch separated and watched Kay and Daisy for a moment. Jenny rubbed the cum from her face and once again dropped her head to Dan's lap only to have her hair tugged by Tina, "It's my turn slut," she giggled. Jenny backed away and sat the camera on the tripod as Tina stroked Dan's still hard shaft and then lowered her cunt down and slipped him inside.

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 63

group mimaster 2018-04-24

Tina smiled politely, her body shaking a little as she tried to listen without jumping in with a response before Ann had actually said anything. Ann giggled and said, "He's trying to tell you that he doesn't want any part of this, Tina. But I stopped her with my hand and said, "Don't tell me, babe...tell Tina." Ann gripped Tina's hand tighter as she looked at her, smiling as their eyes met. I leaned my head to my left, and kissed Tina on the top of the head like I had Ann. I had to bend a little farther, since she was shorter, but she still let out a sigh.


All Out

group suzie3w 2018-04-24

Still watching Sharon play with the hard dick in the back seat, I felt Jake's hand slide slightly higher up my leg. Each girl reached inside her guy's pants and found his erection, Cindy looking at Paul the whole time, Tara not able to look Ben in the eye. Girls, make 'em hard!" She said this as if signaling the start of a race, but Cindy and Tara immediately began squeezing and stroking their guy's members until they seemed hard as rocks. "Oh, Trevor, I need more ice," Sharon said, and he quickly went back to the kitchen and returned with more ice, while all of us watched his erection dance in front of him.

Kate the Librarian

group KatyVaughn 2018-04-24

The boy in front grips my hair, making me look up at him, and rubs the head of his cock on my face and lips. I turn my head to one side to take the cock in my mouth as the boy on my chest squeezes my tits together and begins to fuck them. I turn my head back and forth, taking turn with the two hard cocks on either side and feel the boy between my tits start to buck and tense. The boy pulls out of my mouth with a gasp and a loud breath and taps my lips with the head of his cock. I turn my head up, letting him cum on my face and feeling it oozing out of the corners of my mouth onto my tits.

My Lesbian Girls.

group 2018-04-24

I looked in the direction of the house it was coming As I reached the house the moaning grew more and more Suddenly the women the two women began to come time and attempted to run but my hard dick, cut arms and twisted The window flew open and both girls were yelling at me. She told me to stay where I was or she was going She said I was to come back that weekend and repair the slowly stroking the first girl's breast, pulling on her With one hand I controlled the vibrator and with the other I began to massage the second girls vagina now pumping both girls as fast and expertly as I knew

The Joy of Joy

group LenNeal 2018-04-24

Victor spread his hands, palms up, and nodded in an exaggerated way, making Joy laugh again. Finally, at the second floor landing, she turned to Victor and said, "You know, I'm not going to miss this place at all. Victor had gone out with Joy before, for after work drinks, and he knew she wasn't really great company. Victor had no idea if the guy was really so horrible, but in Joy's embittered view he was an ogreish piece of shit with no redeeming features of any kind. Heads of both sexes turned when they walked into the bar area, and Victor smiled wryly, knowing perfectly well nobody, absolutely nobody, was looking at him.

Biker Bitch 4

group albertaman24 2018-04-24

There was Rick naked on the bed stoking his cock a look of excitement came across his face as we entered the room. I stripped her and took her over to the bed where Rick told her to crawl to me and beg him to fuck her because she was in heat. When she got to Rick's cock she was told to suck his balls as he stroked his meat. She went from his balls and slide her tongue into his ass Rick continued to stroke his cock make it become bigger and harder. "How is that my little bitch in heat" Rick yelled as he started to slam his cock into her cunt.

Happy Birthday

group jez56 2018-04-24

They sat me down at the small dining table in front of the window and Sandy went to the kitchen nook to put the fish suppers in the microwave whilst Brian put on some music and then asked how I liked my coffee. The way Sandy had been sitting opposite me in the armchair, gently parting her legs so that I could see her inner thighs and occasionally licking her lips, had been working under my skin for the past few minutes and now, with Brian's words, she smiled deliciously, like the cat who got the cream. "Still like what you see, Frank?" asked Brian, from behind Sandy's shoulder. As Brian turned back to the bed Sandy reached out for his cock and started to wank him, slowly and carefully.

Bi Sisters Take Control Ch. 01

group neolithic_one 2018-04-24

“Does it feel good Bob having a sweet little virgin sucking you cock knowing that soon you are going to penetrate her, take her cherry and make her into a woman?” I wanted her to like being fucked and did not want to make her fear the next time, so I pushed my cock slowly deeper up her hot wet cunt until she gave a little cry and her body jerked as my tip pressed against her hymen. “Relax Lisa, it may be a little painful when I break your hymen, but that will quickly fade away and then you can enjoy the real pleasure that a woman desires when she is wet and wanting, the feeling of a man’s cock filling her aching void as he fucks her to orgasm.”

Tina and I

group dlcalguy 2018-04-24

Mack came toward me squeezing lubricant onto his fingers and quickly reached down and started rubbing it onto my ass and then between my cheeks and finally a slippery finger went into my anus. I felt Mack'’s fingers leave my ass as I began to suck on the hardening cock in my mouth and then another man took position behind me and shoved his cock deep into my ass. Tina returned to my side and took my cock back in her hand as the old man above me fucked my ass. He withdrew and I looked again to Tina and watched her face as Mack reached his own climax - shooting his cum deep into her ass - for what I hoped would be the last time.

An Orgy in the Woods

group willhunter26 2018-04-23

"Everyone's obviously a little horny right now," said Jake and he slid his hand down the back of Whitney's boyshorts. "I'm going to go put on some pants," Whitney said and Jake frowned as he saw her soon-to-be covered ass walking back towards their tent. Jake won the next round and Tim and Whitney stood up and walked towards each other wearing only their bottoms. Whitney's back was to the guys still sitting on the log and they had a perfect view of her sculpted ass that Tim was playfully spanking with his left hand. Just when Will thought he was about to explode inside of Chrissy, she jumped off and began walking over to Tim and Whitney who were still fucking doggystyle near the fire.


Push Me Ch. 06

group datedsoul 2018-04-23

I didn't fuck you both unconscious just to sleep on the floor." Shelly twisted, pulling the limbs on my side of the bed against her, and flinging her other arm and leg over Moira, who promptly reciprocated. Moira turned and frowned at Shelly's supine form before she lay down beside her blonde friend, resting her cheek on her own arm. Receiving additional re-enforcement from Moira that she was completely OK with everything that was happening, I spent some extra time working the lotion into Shelly's back and shoulders. With programming, you have to be equally prepared to handle bad and good data, and you need a final solution which will accommodate all possible eventualities; otherwise, you don't have a complete program, and the first idiot that does something for which you are unprepared shows you the fallacy of the term "fool-proof." Life doesn't work that way.


The Jamesons Ch. 02

group TJsLilAngel 2018-04-23

"Johnny's scheduled to land tomorrow around lunch." Alicia said as my breathing slowed, raising her head from between my legs and wiping her face, "He wants us to meet him at the penthouse. Between the excitement of sucking Johnny's dick, the super-soft sensation of Alicia's tongue in my pussy, and the sharp feel of Gabriel nibbling my nipples, I soon came with a fury, bucking into Alicia's face and pressing Gabriel's head into my breasts. Alicia chose this moment to suck my clit up between her teeth, and at the sight of Gabriel and Johnny cumming all over each other's dicks, I climaxed violently. As I deep throated Gabriel, a trick Johnny had "helped me learn", Johnny took advantage of that moment and slid half his dick into his friend's ass in one fluid movement.

The Generations of Cock

group Brittni4u 2018-04-23

He placed his hands on the bench beside him and I took hold of his jeans button and unbuttoned it before I tilted my head upward, raised my eyebrows, and then took hold of his zipper and slid it down as I said slowly in third person before I put two soft kisses on his lower lip, "Oooo, let's take these off so Brittni can see it and make it feel really good. Corey's cock was still so hard, that it would not pull down easily which caused me to have to position myself a little higher in order to suck it like I desired. I gave him little open mouthed kisses in-between whispering things like, "You want too, don't you baby?" and "You wanna put your dick my tight warm pussy?" and "Fuck me Corey, it's wet and ready for you."


A Fantasy

group Rain_maker_girl 2018-04-23

All of our faces were turned forward now, our eyes locked on the screen, moving left to right as we ate up the delicious and erotic writings of the story before us, the deep panting breaths all the more evident as my breasts rose and fell to brush against Tracy's back, while John's strong chest did the same, pressing against my own back. John's hands moved to the curves of my hips, squeezing their round contours for a moment before he lifted me up, much stronger than his slim body eluded to, the movement causing my legs to press up in between Tracy's spread thighs, and jarring my hand forward to bump finger tips into her slick lips, pressing her panties into them.


An Alley, Then a Room Ch. 02

group jenyes 2018-04-23

I ask them if they had any plans for the remainder of the night and I'm answered my Roger's hand grasping my ankle and the rigid cock I find in Quinn's crotch. Quinn's hand covers mine and he stands, pulling me with him and away from Roger's cock. I pull my mouth back to where I am only sucking the head of Quinn's cock. Roger decides to help and his hands are back upon my head, pulling the thick sausage deeper in my mouth towards my throat. His hands hold me flat to the bed and I feel his cock in the thick of my hair at the back of my head. Roger pulls his cock from my lips and I lay back on the bed, my eyes closing.


Bonking for Britain

group neonlyte 2018-04-23

So I figured if I got Wendy pissed before the event started there was a good chance she was not going to be a lot of use to anyone who came after me, on the plus side, she might even throw up on one of them, damn certain I couldn't fuck a girl with a technicolour yawn decorating her breasts. Hey ref, dis 'aint fair, I can't fuck no girl wiv puke on my dick.' Thank you Wendy I thought, thats the competition out of the way. Eventually she shuffled over and helped herself to the vibrator amid cheers and applause from all around as the Italian got timed out, unable to extract any response from Wendy and not keen to use her puke stained mouth.

The Dice Game

group XXXNoBounds 2018-04-23

The four of us were sitting in his living room, drinking beer and watching some DVD he’d rented when John asked, “You all want to play a game?” I said, “Sure,” since Christy and I were no longer a couple and Jennifer was a slim five foot three, one hundred and twenty pound sexpot with a stunning eighteen-year old body with long exquisitely shaped legs and a perfect pert ass, with long flaming red hair (a true redhead I might add), blue eyes, and a set of pouty red-lips made for sucking cocks. With a dick that had been rock hard virtually since the girls had stripped, I moved forward and without hesitation pulled Jennifer's legs over my shoulders and sank my hard cock straight into her dripping pussy.

After the Gig

group Dabchick 2018-04-23

As he put his guitar in its case, he got a good long look at the brunette - her feet on the rail as she bent over the bar, with her skin-tight jeans stretching over a perfect heart-shaped ass - and felt his pants begin to tighten. The bartender returned with their drinks, but Michelle ignored him for the moment and, with a lingering look into Ricky's eyes, responded, "Both," then promptly paid for her drinks and handed one to her friend. As Ricky's right hand caressed Michelle's neck, his left made a long lingering journey down to that incredible ass his eyes had been drawn to throughout the night.