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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Naughty at School Ch. 08

group ECHoney 2018-04-23

"I know what the guys want going into the other rooms but what are you girls charging them for what you're doing?" As I was walking by one of the rooms the door was open and I saw one of the other girls on her knees sucking one guy while another was fucking her from behind with a few of the other guys watching and stroking their cocks. I squeezed my pussy down hard on his cock and felt him forcing it open as I moaned loudly enjoying the good fucking I was getting. All the girls went and got dressed then said goodbye to everyone but before we left the best man, the one who hosted the party, gave us each an envelope and thank us for the good time.


Back to the Council Estate

group maturemancock 2018-04-23

Lyndsay said "Follow me" as we went upstairs, she opened the door to her room and it was a mess, as she sat on the bed she said to Lauren "Sit here" as she did I sat down so Lauren was between us. Suddenly Lauren said "Don't stop I'm coming again", when she said that Lyndsay moved and slid underneath Lauren so she was licking her clit as I pounded her from behind, "God I'm coming again" Lauren screamed, as I fucked her I was coming and ejected all my seed deep into her cunt, she oragsmed a few times due to been licked and the feeling of my spunk.

A Meeting Worth Waiting For Ch. 1

group honeyissweet 2018-04-23

"I didn't," she responded touching his throbbing shaft through his pants, "though I was hoping you would follow me up here" she moaned again as he unzipped her dress and ran his hands over her naked back, the straps falling from her shoulders and the dress landing in a pile on the floor. Alex then stepping out of her dress and black lacy panties, she slowly kissed her way up Derik's legs circling the insides of his thighs and kneeling on the floor directly in front of his throbbing member. Lindsay turned her head slightly in Derik's direction and winking with a sly smile, "Sit back and enjoy the show, big boy" she hissed, wiggling her soft ass cheeks at him before diving into Alex's wet cunt.

I Always Wondered

group WyoD_S 2018-04-23

Dave's breathing was coming hard and fast, he was making little grunting, groaning sounds, his head moving from side to side as he enjoyed feeling her pussy clamp down around his cock. Opening my eyes I realized with a shock that I had just accidentally licked Dave's cock where it was sliding in and out of Kristy. I finally let myself go, licking up and down her dripping pussy, every few licks I'd let myself go a little lower to get a little different taste, feeling and tasting Dave's hard cock with my tongue. I started to move my head back and forth, sucking hard, fucking his beautiful cock with my mouth.

One Wild Night

group Dionysus6989 2018-04-23

Amy and Angelina wrapped their arms around mine as we went into another room. Amy was pumping my rigid cock with her voluptuous titties and then I felt her kissing and sucking my shaft up and down before she put me in her mouth. "Suck Amy's clit," I said. Amy had to lean backwards on her hands to give Angelina access. When I accidentally popped out of Angelina, Amy was quick to give my cock a forceful sucking. "Keep at it!" Amy said to Angelina. I loved hearing the fucking sounds as she rode me hard and fast. "Oh that cum feels good inside me," she panted. Amy sat back and rubbed her pussy, showing me her inside flesh.


Koko Gets The Job Done

group buffaloraven 2018-04-23

She didn't seem to mind, distracted by my wife's fingers slowly pulling down her black panties, exposing more and more white skin, letting Koko know that she was shaved completly. Stuff my pussy with it, please!" I didn't want to disappoint the girl, so I did as she suggested, making little circle motions in her pussy to get my 8 inch cock wet, then thrusting in slowly, one hand pulling on her hair, the other continuing to play more and more roughly with her nipples. To have some fun with the girl, I said, "Well, maybe you should wait for me to be able to cum too." I watched Koko thrash harder, and then my wife let out a high pitched squeel of delight and her torso started shuddering.

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 12

group lamoureuse 2018-04-23

He actually pulled the car to a stop at the side of the lane and turned in his seat to face Elena, his right arm trailing the back of the front passenger seat. "You know I love you, right?!" Elena said, her eyes swimming with tears. "I can actually see that." Pam said, still looking thoughtfully at Elena's face. For a brief moment she wished she could unburden herself and discuss the possibility of being pregnant with her best friend, but immediately pushed it down – knowing that such news would create a huge drama and probably cause Pam to want to change her plans. Shaking her head as if the answer didn't matter, Elena went on: "And another thing – I've been working like crazy.


Sexy Lingerie

group bluejeancat 2018-04-23

" Don't stop, Sasha, please." I could feel my hot juices flowing as she sucked and drank them from my pussy. Then, he pushed his hard cock into my pussy, while, Sasha remained on her knees and continued to suck my clit. He was so deep inside my pussy, I cried out to him , "Oh my god, I cumin" Don't stop, please" "fuck me, harder, harder" I could feel the head of his cock getting bigger. He shoved his cock so deep in my pussy I thought it was going through me, as he cried "Oh, I'm cumin." Sasha, sucked my pussy till there wasn't anymore juices left in me.

Suzanne Comes Again Ch. 05

group yowser 2018-04-23

One of the little mini-plans we got going for Rob was me on top (female-on-top I guess was not one of the things they indulged very much, but it was something I always enjoyed) but with the added amusement of having Sharon drape her breasts into his face at the same time I rode him. How transgressive it felt to have Rob slip his tongue into my mouth, with Sharon right there, Jim as witness. Sharon and I got to his penis about the same time, and we took turns draping our chests into his crotch, giving him a little chest/crotch massage.


My Fiance And A Friend

group WildinPA 2018-04-23

I would like to relate to you a true story of something that happened when my fiancé Jen and I decided to let someone join us for a night of hot sex. She told him to take his shirt off as well and as soon as he had she pushed him back on the bed and leaned forward and began licking the tip of his cock. With that, she let out one tremendous grunt and as I felt her cunt tighten up around my cock, I shoved into her so that my dick was pushing against her cervix and began to unleash a load of semen, the second to bathe the walls of her pussy that night.

It's late, but it happened

group 2018-04-23

His big dick swinging and sometimes touching Lyudina talii.Ya went to his wife's head bent down and sucked her lips, she immediately responded and there was quiet exciting moan She liked to understand it and Andrew and knelt before Lyudina by a pussy he took both hands for Luda thighs and spread her legs apart, Luda did not resist and Andrew appeared to disclose all of her pink hairy pussy that already gleamed from a discharge from it. Wife moaned, twisted ass, Andrew clung to with f***e Person of boobs, putting his hands under the back of his wife and I saw them flattened under his powerful chest, also moaned and began rapidly to pour semen into my wife, I looked for the first time in the Person of strange pussy sperm, and Andrew all finished and finished, this time with some roar, pressing in Luda and sucking all her lips.

After Dinner Pt. 02

group Stories4Her 2018-04-23

Her own orgasm began to build and, in no time, she was moaning and panting. She told him to sit down next to me, his own hard cock quickly enveloped by a pussy that needed more. You were driven by lust and the thought of two hard cocks, two tongues or some combination of body parts from these two men at once. Having gotten hot cum sprayed all over her chest, she erupted with another orgasm. He got under you and started to suck on your tits, one hand rubbing all over your body. She got on her back, as well, her body facing in the opposite direction as mine and lined up to let her tongue attack your pussy.

I Just Love The County Fair

group Vermillion 2018-04-23

We exit the ride a little breathless and apparently Gary is now the envy of several teenage boys that had been in seats around us. As we wind our way thru the exhibit and start back toward the RV's, Ann and Gary seemed to guess the direction I was going. Gary looks over at me, sitting on the edge of the bed, head back, knees wide apart and makes his move. He picks up little Ann and while giving her a kiss that leaves her breathless, he lays her on the bed next to me. We pant and moan and when Gary spasms and makes those final thrusts, Ann and I both come. When Gary stops, I slip off and onto the bed next to Ann. We kiss and caress.

C'mon Ride The Train

group Ryan283 2018-04-23

As she looked around trying to see what was going on, she soon discovered that the people nearest her had moved closer; any slight movement now brushed her nipples against the girl’s and her tush against the man’s erection, making her twitch slightly. She ground her tush against her anchor and moaned into the breast pressed against her lips, her body writhing and arching from the tongues lapping at her nipples and clit, assisted by the relentless kissing and stroking all over her body from who knows how many people. Numerous hands and mouths explored her hips and thighs, and several tongues continued to tease her slit even as the thick erection slipped in and out in its smooth rhythm.

We Met Her at a Wedding

group Mistress Maria 2018-04-23

Another slow song played and Jack graciously asked Jana to dance. Jana said that she didn't want to be a third wheel and that Jack should spend some time alone with his beautiful wife. Jack took a seat on the sofa chair, removed his shoes and plopped his feet on the bed next to Jana. She turned her head toward Jack and gave him a long hot kiss on the lips. Jack moved his hand up to my clit and continued where Jana left off. Jack told me to lie back on the bed while he pulled off my pantyhose and panties, while Jana caressed my tummy and breasts. Jana played with her own lovely pussy as she watched Jack fuck me.


High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 11

group yoursilentknight 2018-04-23

We went inside and I brought Ashley up to speed on the things Jenn had said to me last night about being clueless if not a bit dense. "Confident, calm, cool, and collected," I said repeating the mantra Ashley drilled into my head almost a year ago. As Ashley neared her climax she moved one of her hands down between her legs and began diddling her fingers across her clit. "Well, this will be quick," Ashley said as she pulled a summer dress over her naked body. Ashley was glued to my hip, followed by Summer, Jenn, Jess, the wings, Doug, and Ben. Before our small group could even question where to go for lunch Doug quickly spoke up and said he had made us reservations at his family's restaurant.


The Gift

group triptych466 2018-04-23

After their drinks came, Lorrie sat back, holding her drink with one hand and the straw to her mouth, meeting it first with her tongue and slowly closing her lips around the tip before coming down, slowly, to the mid-point of the straw. Jerry placed his hand inside the slit of her dress and rubbed her naked thigh as his wife kissed this other man. As he sucked and licked at her pussy lips, Lorrie, for the first time, let Ron’s cock completely out of her mouth and threw her head back in pleasure. The pleasure racing up Lorrie from her pussy was so great, she could no longer lower her head onto Ron’s cock, so she just grabbed it with her long, slender fingers and rubbed it rhythmically to Jerry’s tempo.

Night of Surprise

group suzzee_qq 2018-04-23

Jane and Mike had met Rachel and Peter at a local night club a few weeks ago. Jane watched as Rachel removed Mike's shirt and slowly kissed her way down his chest. His belt and pants were around his ankles before Jane could take a breath and she watched mesmerized as Rachel lowered her lips to his waiting cock. Jane heard his sharp intake of breath as Rachel's lips caressed him. She slowly sucked Rachel's nipple into her mouth at about the same time that Mike lowered his tongue to her waiting pussy. Jane's lips sucked Rachel's breast into her mouth each time Peter's cock slid into her moist pussy. Jane looked down Rachel's body and her eyes met up with Mike's.


My Fantasy Ch. 02

group SecretLoveGoddess 2018-04-23

I break our kiss knowing if we continued the night would be spent in our bedroom and not out dancing. The vibrator continues to tease my clit, I moan more into your ear. I take the vibrator out of my panties and I place it in hers, giving her clit some attention before taking my hand out and licking my fingers. My friend continues her assault on my pussy, her tongue fucking my hole then coming up and sucking my clit into her mouth. I let her know that I want to lick her sweet pussy, that it was no fair that she is the only one having the fun. Her muscles start to jerk and she moans, I tell her to eat my pussy that I needed her.


Ron Ch. 01: The Party Begins

group Susie_O 2018-04-23

Then he was paired with Eva, Sarah, Sally, Dahlia, Marlene, Jennifer, and Kate in that order. Knowing nothing about bra sizes he simply categorized them as very small (Sally), small (Kate), moderate (Eva, Jennifer, and Courtney), large (Sarah, and Dahlia) and very large (Marlene). Ron relaxed, enjoying the sexual touching as he watched Jennifer remove Trevor's pants and Eva remove David's. Ron sat back, his hands continued to massage Kate's firm breasts and hard nipples. "Eat your heart out girls," she exclaimed, "I get this in bed every night." She pulled the briefs quickly down and Jerry's almost nine inch hard cock popped out and his large testicles dangled several inches below his crotch.


The Vicar's Wife Ch. 02

group sarahloveitt 2018-04-23

After the Sunday service, whilst waiting for our husbands, Susanna, the Vicar's wife, took me to one side outside the church. Well, the upshot was that she did call in for coffee a few days later, and I explained to her that I had a lovely friend with whom I was very intimate, and met with now again, to examine the other's underwear and what was beneath it.' It might be as well if I mentioned right at the start, that after our meeting together, Hannah wrote to Sue about her marriage with Jonathan, and Susanna gave me a copy of it. As Sue completed her arabesque her eyes met Hannah's and I suspect both knew in that instance that they wanted to make love, to explore the other's body.


The Visit - A True Student Story

group BigVic77 2018-04-23

Needless to say, this had distracted both Shelly and me from our own coupling momentarily, but as I watched the underside of Mike's cock, slick with saliva, sliding over Shelley's plump bottom lip, I felt her start to move her hips again, this time in rhythm with her boyfriend's steady thrusting. As Mike began to come with a series of grunts, she moved her hand from his shaft to his balls, and I could see the taut ridge along the underside of his cock throbbing and pulsing as it pushed spurt after spurt of his fluid into Shelly's eager mouth.

Cumming on Caitlyn Ch. 01

group BradGarrettStories 2018-04-23

"No way man, she will love it," replied Matt quietly as he stood to the side of the couch, his pants undone and his hand silently stroking his erection which was pointed towards the face of their sleeping friend Caitlyn. Caitlyn sleepily opened her eyes to her name being called and right as she noticed the head of Matt's dick pointing directly at her, he exploded with long strings of hot cum across her sleepy, beautiful face. She then turned to Matt who was now resting with his arms folded on the side of the pool and said, "I think I'm just going to lay out." She then got a stern look on her face and said, "Don't be trying to steal my top again either or I will kick your ass."


Arpita – Wife At Stake continue

group cuteb0y25 2018-04-23

Later Rahul and Anjan were at the living room, watching TV, while Unmesh took Arpita inside the bedroom. Unmesh rubbed his cock hard on her cunt, but soon he felt it more throbbing and wanting to feel the warmth of her pussy. Unmesh stood up first, he lifted Arpita on his lap and then carried her back inside the bedroom, followed by Rahul and Anjan. Arpita grunted as his long cock penetrated deep inside her and then Rahul held her tightly and pulled her body towards him. Arpita continued grunting as Rahul started fucking her cunt and Anjan her ass. Anjan sucked one of her breasts and pressed the other, while Unmesh continued fucking her cunt with his fingers.