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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Other Way Round

group rantfor 2018-04-23

Pausing only to give Mary a passionate kiss, I went back through to the living room, where Jane was still sitting on the couch. So, while I slowly moved my cock in Jane's vagina, I was able to stroke Mary's and even slip my fingers inside it. Because of Mary's position, which was slightly higher up the bed than Jane and myself, her left breast was just about level with my mouth. Looking up from my ministrations to Mary's nipple I realised that her other breast had fallen next to Jane's face. Lucky Mary was having both nipples sucked, her clitoris stroked, and her vagina finger-fucked, all at the same time.

Making a Whore Pt. 05

group dna27fog 2018-04-23

I told her that I knew she had been mistreated in the past and I wasn't sure where her self respect was and I didn't want to do anything that was going to damage her further. "Do you want to touch them?" She liked Scott, and this wasn't the first time he had touched her tits. She had never said that, but it let him know that, whether I LIKED it or not, she was here to find someone to fuck and I knew about it and was willing to let it happen. Soon, she took another guys hand and they started toward the front of the bar, but she was immediately stopped by Scott.

s****rs by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-04-23

I was beginning to enjoy this demonstration, my cock lengthening and thickening to Jennie's exploration when suddenly, she stood up, paused for a moment, legs apart so that I could see the engorged lips of her cunt, then very quickly knelt astride me, held my cock upright and in one swift movement, slid the full length inside her. Meg is a screamer and she was in full song when she came with a series of jerks and shudders while Jennie watched with interest, her hand working between her legs. Meg laughed, "You don't really think I was asl**p, and that yours is the first circumcised cock that Jennie has seen and tried, do you?"

Wednesday Afternoon

group TxRad 2018-04-23

"The couch sounds good but I need a few things from the bedroom," Amy replied as she licked and then nipped Janie's rock hard nipples. Amy's hands left her breasts and when Janie was lowered back to Todd's lap, his hard hot dick was now pressing against her sex from behind. When Amy looked up at her with that big dick stretching her mouth, Janie groaned even louder and flexed her hips. Amy popped Todd's dick out of her mouth and smiled at Janie as she ran her tongue over the slick looking shiny surface of the head. Amy's hot slippery tongue on her clit made Janie jump and then her breath was taken away as Todd lowered her body and the head of his dick pierced her asshole.


Doing her toes - and her boyfriend

group 2018-04-23

She shudders and leans back, lifting her foot higher...II let my lips slip open and her big toe slides in. I feel the hint of her wetness on the tips of my fingers as I slip my hand under her boxer shorts...just in time to hear Brandon die again. She laughs silently and shakes her head back and forth...I rock back up onto my knees and push my hand intot he opening of her shorts, straight against her wet pussy lips. Ashlee's hands reach into my hair and tug gently, I lift my face to look at her and she tells me to let him cum inside me.

Thong Fantasies Ch. 02

group Smooth_Bi_Guy 2018-04-23

I imagined the young couple by the side of the pool, with her wearing a small white bikini and him wearing board shorts, rubbing sun-cream into each other's shimmering bodies. A took another glance at the female and guessed that, as an older woman who was probably more comfortable with her body, she would probably wear a brightly coloured and very skimpy thong bikini. I looked around the coach to make sure that nobody had witnessed my predicament and, with a slight amount of embarrassment, I noticed that the woman from the older couple was staring and smiling at me. I turned the shower-head to face the wall and massaged some shave gel around my swollen shaft and tight balls.


Lawrence of Hairabia ch 3

group belab 2018-04-23

Rehana was being scorned at by Shiraz and she beckoned to one of the other men to come to her and she started to suck his dick alternately but she found it impossible as Shiraz’s prick was too large to allow another prick in her mouth. Now that two of the men had slumped after cuming she motioned to the guy who had tried to dislodge the massive Shiraz from her mouth to put his dick between her tits. He held Rehana down on his cock as he stood up, and started ramming her mouth with his big dick, face fucking her. Now there were only two of us Shiraz fucking her mouth and me below her as I moved into her wet hairy pussy vacated by the ape-man.

Slumming It

group bad_hobbit 2018-04-23

Greg and I set them up in a 69 on one of the beds, with Becca on top of Kelly, then began fucking the girls while each licked the other girl's pussy and the cock that was fucking it. Greg made up for it by sticking several fingers up her and licking her from clit to arse, while Becca carried on lapping her pussy at the front. I managed to squeeze some onto my fingers and started giving Kelly the works - 2 fingers in her cunt and another up her arse, with her clit in my mouth. I knelt behind her, lubed up the condom and my fingers, stuck my thumb up her arse and shoved my cock hard into her cunt.


Her First Threesome

group dayvette 2018-04-23

As my hands roam, my fingers brush your pussy. "Would you like me to shave you, baby?" I  ask.  "Oh, yes please" .     We dry off and you lie back on the bed whilst I get the things we need.  I return to see you  there, legs spread wide, waiting for me.  I can't help but smile as I prepare by putting the  shave gel on my fingers and rubbing it in all over the outside of your pussy.  Then, opening a  fresh razor, I dip it in the bowl of water, and begin the shaving process.  I'm careful to be  smooth and even, making sure I don't miss anywhere.  Of course, this involves much touching  and rubbing, purely to make sure I get everything nice and smooth. You lie back and just  enjoy what I’m doing. Soon, I’m done, you get back into the shower to wash off. When done,  you show me again, asking me to check to make sure it’s all done. Yes, as I run my fingers  over your smoothness, I can tell it’s as good as it gets. Lovely!    Now, time to get dressed, as it’s not long before 7:00 pm, and Rhett is due. You put on that  new outfit, the black body stocking with the cutouts for the boobs and crutch. You’ve teamed  this with a black, almost cupless bustier. It looks amazing. Hair freshly done and wavy, lovely  red lipstick, you are gorgeous. As you sip on a cider, for a little relaxation, I’m telling you how  fabulous you look, how desirable and utterly fuckable you are right now. Just as there’s a  knock at the door.     As I get up to open the door, you’ve put on a bathrobe. Nice black silky number. I smile, as I  know what’s under, and I know Rhett is going to be impressed. If he liked the way your tits  looked in a nice shirt and bra, wait till he sees what’s coming his way.     Pleasantries exchanged, and Rhett given a drink, he quickly heads for the bathroom. He’s  aware that a shower is a must, and is happy to do this. As he disappears into the bathroom,  we ask each other at the same time “Are you sure about this?”, and laugh. Yes, we both want  it.     Rhett is out in about 5 minutes, and hasn’t bothered dressing at all. He’s just under 6 feet tall.  late 30s, shorter dark hair, and a little stocky. Not fat as such, but solid. We can both see his  cock is already getting hard at the thought of what’s soon to happen. It’s a little bigger than  mine, he’s nearly 7 inches, and a bit thicker. Not circumcised. And his balls are shaved.     He stands there, naked, getting harder by the second, and sipping his drink. I look at you and  say “Well, honey, it’s now or never. Are we going to do this?” You look at me, locking eyes,  and stand. You drain your drink and drop the robe to the floor around your feet.     “Holy crap!!” This from Rhett. “You are amazing! What an outfit. Access already built in. What  a brilliant idea” I look at him. “Well go on then. You looked at them enough in the coffee shop.  There they are”      Rhett starts fucking your mouth now too. Pulling his cock nearly all the way out, then sliding  all the way in, till his balls are against your bottom lip. Both he and you give little grunts as he  pushes all the way in. He pulls out of your mouth, and says “You need to stop that or I’m  gonna cum now. And I don’t want to do that yet”.     I grab your hand and stand you up. As I do, I kiss you, full and deep. I can taste precum in  your mouth… I lay you down on the bed. “How about you come and lick her? Return the  favour?” He grins and moves over. You’re on your back, legs spread wide, as he positions  himself ready to attack you with his tongue. I’m kneeling on the bed next to you. I want to see  him do this. He moves nice and slow, you can feel his warm breath on your pussy. Your very  wet, slick and slippery pussy. My, my, somebody likes this. His tongue touches you, and you  jump. Te relax into it as he begins to roam you with his mouth. Tongue darting here and there,  lips massaging you, he treats you to a very fine licking. And I can tell you’re enjoying it.     You grab hold of my cock and play with it, tugging me to you. It seems you want it in your  mouth. Well alright then. I move to allow this, but so I can still see Rhett face down in your  pussy. He comes up for air, and I can see his face covered in your juices. “Give her a kiss,  Rhett, let her taste herself”. He does, and you devour his face. It’s clear you’re wanting more ­  much more. Rhett, why don’t you see about putting some fingers in her?” I suggest. He smiles  and moves to do so. Immediately he slides two into you, and you grunt in pleasure. He starts  moving them slowly in and out, , bending down to lick you at the same time. The noises you’re  making tell me you love this. I put my cock into your mouth again, so now when you moan  and grunt, it’s around my cock. Which feels simply wonderful.     Soon, Rhett’s fingers are doing their job, and I know you’re building up to orgasm. He can tell  too, moving his fingertips over your G spot, deep inside, He slides a finger into your arse as  well, just for good measure, and  loves the way you take it and accept it. So do I. We can both  feel you, tensing as the orgasm hits you, feeling your muscles grab at his fingers, as your  mouth tightens around my cock. We feel you shake and shudder, and eventually you’re still,  and your breathing is returning to normal.     You look at us, and exclaim “Holy fuck!!! It’s never felt like that before!”  I smile and tell you it’s  not over yet, neither of us have cum yet, and we’ve only sampled one of your available holes.     Rhett sits on the bed, and simply says to you “Ride me”. You move to do so, straddling him  and slipping your pussy over his cock. “No cumming inside me, ok” you remind him. “No  worries” he says. You start to move back and forth on him, sliding your way over just about  the whole length of him. I’m simply sitting there, watching you fuck this man. And I’m so  turned on it’s not funny. I reach out to touch you, just to be near you  whilst it’s happening.  You reach for me to touch my cock and get me hard.       “You need to get some lube, I think” you tell me. Immediately I obey and grab some, putting it  on my fingers. You bend over Rhett, so your boobs are right in his face, and he takes the hint  to start playing with and sucking on them. My finger, now lubed, makes it’s way into your  delicious bum.   Slowly at first, in a little, then out. In a little more, and more, until it’s all the way in. Then I’m  rhythmically moving it in and out in time with your movements fucking Rhett, whose cock I can  feel through the muscles between your pusy and your arse.  Strangely it’s a turn on. I slip a  second finger into your arse, and again the process of getting it all in. I know you like the  feeling of being filled in both holes. my cock is lovely and hard, so I make to get behind you,  and fill you up from behind. But you tell me no, you have something else in mind. You’ve  brought along a butt plug you want me to use. So no problem, I lube it up and gently begin  inserting it. Slowly, carefully, making sure there’s plenty of lube. Meanwhile, Rhett’s cock is  sliding in and out of your pussy.     The butt plug finally makes it all the way in, and your bum closes around it to hold it in place.  It’s a glass one, and it looks fucking fantastic. I’m staring at my wife’s now rather full arse  hole, and can see Rhett’s cock entering her.     You climb off Rhett and lie on the bed, legs spread. “Fuck me!” you tell me. “Yes, dear” I joke,  as I’m already moving into position. As I’m sliding in, holding your legs high and wide, I can  feel the butt plug. It’s making your pussy a bit tighter. You look up at Rhett and motion him to  come to you, and you grab hold of his cock, bringing it to your mouth. You can taste your own  juices off him. I can’t believe how this looks, I’m fucking you, there’s a butt plug in your arse,  and I’m watching you take an effective stranger’s cock into your mouth, all at the same time.  I’m absolutely loving this. I love seeing you suck and lick him, your hand moving on the shaft,  the head popping in and out of your mouth.    I notice that even all of this isn’t enough. I see your free hand is playing with your pussy,  feeling your way to your clit. I tell Rhett to make sure he plays with your titties as well, that will  give you the full set of sensations. Fingers touch your clitoris, and you moan. Faster the  fingers move, and I know you’re not far from cumming. “Get your cock deep in her mouth” I  tell Rhett, and he does, just before you cum again. Once more, the shaking, shuddering,  clamping around his cock with your mouth. Your cries tell me this is a big one. I thrust into you  harder and faster, building up to my own orgasm.     “Stop, stop”, you tell me, breathlessly. “My pussy just can’t take any more Bring your cock up  here”. You sit up on the bed, Rhett and I are either side of you, hard cocks pointing at you.  Taking hold of both of them, you begin gently pumping them at the same rhythm, all the way  along the shaft and back. Then lean forward a little and gently lick each one in turn. I know I’m  not far away, an Rhett can’t be too far either. He reaches to grab his cock out of your hand,  but you tell him no. He must allow this to happen in it’s own time. You speed up a little,  gripping slightly more firmly, harder and faster you get, licking and wanking both of us. Still  with the butt plug in place. We both play with your boobs at the same time, until Rhett tells 

A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt5

group imornery81 2018-04-23

"Gem is probably bouncing up and down on his cock while Chloe is either letting him suck on her own big tits or is getting that juice cunt of hers sucked by Don's tongue." She stepped over and instead of her prediction, both women were bent over the side of the bed and were kissing and fondling one another as Don stood behind first one ass and then the other, alternating a powerful fucking from one to the other! She plugged it into her laptop and then came to bed and after we had kissed a few minutes before she twisted her lithe sexually charged body around and began sucking on my cock and balls as I sucked, liked and rubbed her most sensitive flesh!

Bill & Annie Ch. 01: Friday Night

group Fog43 2018-04-23

Jack's was the first real cock that ever penetrated my ass, and Diane taught Annie how to make a girl squirt. Jack stretched back on the bed with a satisfied look on his face as Annie caught her breath and rolled over to offer her ass to Freddy. Annie moaned in a bit of pain as his cock head popped past her resistance, but Freddy wisely held still for several moments to allow her to adjust to the invasion, all the while stroking her back and telling her how good she felt to him. Jack was laying on his side, idly stroking his cock and watching Annie eat Diane's pussy, something the girls did often during the day while our kids were at school.


Wife Gang Bang

group bryan7635 2018-04-23

Kim actually got her hand inside what little I was wearing and started rubbing my clit and pussy while the “boys” watched she breathed and said Patti you are so wet the guys are going to love you today she took her finger out and looked at the boys and sucked it for them. Mike was moaning and saying oh fuck Patti it feels so good with my cock buried in you and cummmmmmmmmming deep inside you mixing my cum with the other three guys cummmm that’s in you I was still wrapped around Mike and said Mike you really know how to fuck me and make me happy I love your cock so much it’s so big so hard for me I want you to fuck me all the time.

A fun night out...

group soab 2018-04-23

She turned around instantly, walked uo to Alex, who looked puszzled.But instead of telling him off or slapping his face, she asked in English, in an innocent voice with a slight Eastern European accent: ”So I take it you want to buy me a drink, don't you?” I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, so that I could whisper (or probably yell would be more appropriate) into her ear: Not being too creative after a few drinks and getting more and more horny, I went straight to the point: ”So, do you want me to fuck you, sexy?” After a few slow moves, you started riding Alex faster and faster, moaning in a cute sexy voice, and I could hear a slight splashing sound every time his cock entered your wet pussy again.

my first weekend with charlie and susan

group sabrinaslut1 2018-04-23

charlie told me that i would be fine and began to run his fingers up and down my cunt lips, he very soon made me cum, and saying to me what a naughty little slut i was he went back downstairs and for the next hour or so i could hear him fucking susan. charlie was still fingering me and it was not long before i was cumming, just as i was coming the first guy who had fucked susan pushed his cock into my mouth and made me lick and suck his cock clean.

Fun with Rosie & Armando

group birunner 2018-04-23

Her condition was that she would get to be fucked by both of us but that she wanted to watch him suck another man's cock. He then stopped sucking me and was stroking my cock when Rosie said "no Armando, you have to swallow his cum." He went back down on me and I immediately shot the biggest load of my life down his throat! Rosie said that it was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen and as Armando was hard again, she sat on his cock, burying it to the hilt in her pussy. I was hard again and she said, "fuck his ass for me Brian." I did as I was told and after a while his asshole tightened around my cock and he came in Rosie.

Threesome On The Deck

group NakedinNC_ 2018-04-23

Tina paused, took a deep breath, then continued: "When I see Trevor semi-engorged, I get wet just thinking about how good it would feel to have his big cock sliding in and out of my pussy. As she took in the situation she noticed several things that her mind processed in an instant: the deck was raised and had four or five steps up to it, Trevor's hand was between Tina's legs, Trevor did have a big cock as Tina had said and Tina was getting aroused as evidenced by her long, stiff nipples and a small wet spot forming where Trevor's fingers lightly caressed her camel toe through her shorts.


The Girl with Two Boyfriends Ch. 03

group Dariander 2018-04-23

Isabel watched Mike, Wendy and Steve as they stood there laughing and wiping away cum from between their legs. "That's a good idea," said Dan and he disappeared towards the kitchen in search of a beer, followed by Wendy and Mike, who had by then stopped sucking Isabel's tits. Fuck me - slowly to start with and then give it to me hard and fast." She'd found the cock of her dreams - it was as fat as Mike's and as long as Dan's and what's more, the owner knew what to do with it. After Steve and Wendy had gone home, Isabel curled up in Mike's bed with her two boyfriends beside her.


Tommy Awakens Ch. 09-11

group HotTommy777 2018-04-23

After sucking on her other nipple for a minute, I slid down along Sarah's beautiful body and began to kiss her stomach, slowly moving lower. With a finger moving in and out of each hole and my mouth glued solidly to her pussy with my tongue sliding across her clit, Sarah's entire body began to shake in orgasm. I placed my hands on Sarah's hips, aimed 'Peter's' dick for her pussy and pushed it home. Sarah thought about it for a few seconds, walked back in; got Stephanie's cell phone charger and put it in the suitcase. Sarah put a note on the suitcase, paid the men and we went to the patio to face the inevitable when Stephanie got home.


Katie & Stephanie

group windowpane 2018-04-23

We entered Katie's and I was starting to notice that no one else was there. Katie then came over and started on me too. I couldn't believe how sweet her mouth was plus she was moaning from what Katie was doing to her southern regions. After what seemed like forever Steph released me and put my dick to Katie's hole. When she did it squirted out like a fire hose and landed all over Steph's face and my cock. As I had Steph on her back Katie came over and lowered her cunt to Steph's mouth and Steph wasted no time. About an hour later I woke up with two mouths going up and down my shaft desperately trying to get it hard again, but that story is for another time....

Four Girls Ch. 01

group Taunus 2018-04-23

Trisha looked into the mirror. Trisha was not a tall girl; she was five feet four inches tall. Looking from the mirror, Trisha saw the students moving along the sidewalk to morning classes. Trisha was a dark brunette with light brown eyes, a pale complexion, and an insatiable libido, which she carefully concealed from the other girls. The other two girls were Sam and Jessica. Sam and Jessica each sported a D-cup. "I don't have the academic burden that Sam has," Susan interjected. "What are you majoring in, Susan?" Trisha asked. "Trisha!" Susan interjected. Are you aroused sexually right now?" Trisha's pale skin turned to ruddy ochre with embarrassment. "Look, girls," Susan continued. Sam knows about electronics and computers.

Please, Call Me Debbie

group silversword 2018-04-23

He stood up from the post desk and was about to go looking for Sue when an audible gasp came from Debbie's office, he looked towards it and then looked around uncomfortably, almost everyone had their head down but his gaze caught the startling green eyes of Jess, she smiled at him, bringing her finger up to her lips she "shushed" him. For the first time Luke noticed a genuine look of excitement on Sue's face, she smiled at him, "Could you just drop these onto my desk," she said passing him a file of papers. As he did he opened his eyes and saw Jess adjusting her skirt down, she looked at him mischievously, but before she could say anything Katie took her by the arm and the two of them left the storage room.


A Surprise Gangbang

group Anna Ry 2018-04-23

The head of his penis pushed hard against my cervix and still he thrust just a little deeper. Then he slowly thrust deep inside me, and when he was fully buried in my body the men at my sides said "Two". As the men beside me quietly said "Four" my body tightened around the head pushing hard against the opening to my womb. My hand went to the wet head of the penis bouncing between my legs as he prepared to violate me for the ninth time. When they tired of fucking me that way they took turns putting me on top of them and fucking all my holes at the same time, filling every single orifice with penis.

After Work

group hotcocoa 2018-04-23

While my Sunshine is taking his time to fully awaken my erotic nature again, I watch David as he begins to touch himself. Well, the panic quickly turns to anticipation as David begins to walk toward the edge of the desk clasping his manhood in his massive hands. The tingling sensation that Sunshine is responsible for tenfold as David gets to the edge of the desk. We get a good in and out rhythm going when Sunshine (damn, I had forgotten he was in the room, let alone in me) withdraws and comes around the side of the desk with his dick in his hand... David cums in a rough second, his moans are choppy as his body is hit with each burst of his climax.

Finding Flagstaff

group blackrandl1958 2018-04-23

He wasn't moving, the sound of his heavy breathing telling me that nothing short of a bomb going off outside the window was going to awaken him. "Ellen," I told her, "Do I look like I bite?" "I love little blonde girls," I told her. "Well, I can tell who we need to invite to a party," Rosaline said. I just know lots of black girls and they talk about stuff like that. "Sahara, I think I'm going to fall in love with you," she said. "Hey, you liked Ellen's joke," Rosaline said. I went to IHOP for breakfast and I was getting in the car to leave when the sound of a serious cam lope through some Thrush pipes made me turn my head.