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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jennifer Too

group ofloveandlust 2018-04-23

You asked me to happy hour along with my husband who you didn't know didn't exist and I don't know why but as the day went on I started to think of tonight more as a date but when I thought about how you asked me to drinks as part of a couple I had to suspect that you, yourself were married and that it wasn't a date at all. You said 'We get happy hour,' and I suddenly didn't know if we referred to you and a spouse or a whole group of people and before I get myself into trouble I should probably ask, oh my god, I am so rambling. Jennifer two, who had come to be known as Jenny, as opposed to my wife's preference to be called Jen, offered to contribute toward the tab but was told by Tommy, Kevin and I simultaneously that we wouldn't allow it.


The T-Ball Coach

group thomasbatt069 2018-04-23

It looked like up next was Heather wearing a really beautiful blue lace bra that barely held her 36C breasts and I could barely make out some really nice nipples through the lace. On came the blue panties, this time with a number two sticker, again it had to be Heather as I got to see those perfect breasts again. I heard the two moms switch places, and this time she used her legs to start to take the blindfold off which indicated to me she was ready, and I helped her by pulling it off, and saw the other unshaved pussy.


Nude Beach Adventure

group SuperBill 2018-04-23

Claire filled her hand with more oil and began slowly stroking Fred's dick, while looking directly at me. Inside, Claire moved next to me and whispered in my ear, "I want your big dick in my mouth, right now." Dropping to her knees, she pulled down my trunks and put my dong to her lips. Fred moved up to suck on her tits with my wife, while I was pounding my cock in and out of Claire's pussy. My wife moved her hand down to Claire's pussy, after I pulled out, and massaged our co-mingled cum into her fiery hot box. Claire moved to fondle my dick and we watched my wife bounce on Fred's manhood.

Circle of Eight

group JJ Jadway 2018-04-23

Jaise Nasreen Rana ki, Juhi Munaf ki aur Fez Rahul ke saath ek hua karte the. "Bas toh aisa karte hain ke tu aur Fez ek saath baith kar plan banao. Jab who paani naha kar ek naye pair (kayi pants aur shorts hamare yahan raha karte the) kapde pahen kar aaya toh Rita ne Fez ki taraf muskara kar kaha: Bahar nikal ka dekhe toh ladkiyan abhi tak kamre main ghusi huin hain, magar kaanch ki khidki se baher Munaf aur Rana barbecue par kuch ghost bhoon rahe the, dekh kar bhook lag gayi. Mujhe pata tha ke woh sexy dance kitna accha karti thi, hips matkanein mein mahir thi aur jab jhatke deti tu mera lund khada hojata.


Jake's Tales Episode 01

group JakeMorgan 2018-04-23

Soon she's moaning and groaning and all and I'm pounding away and the crowd is watching and the silicone breasted porno actresses in the movie are entering a lesbian scene and its getting as hot as hell and I'm breaking a sweat and my groin is slapping up against her ass cheeks and my nuts are banging up against her and I need to cum and its building up and building up and building up and then I'm buried into her cunt as deep as I can and I'm emptying my balls into her and I'm done. You really haven't lived until you've got a blonde slut bent over the front row of a cinema and you're fucking her cunt from behind while she's sucking off a guy that bears a remarkable resemblance to Carlos Santana and a black transvestite is leaning over your shoulder to get a good shot of your pussy pounding cock with the blonde's husband's camcorder.


group Silverdollars 2018-04-23

"Now, I had been dating Bev, but I may have failed to mention it to Doug." My wife, sitting in the passenger seat, caught the hint of what we called "A Good Story," something I liked to tell her while we were making love. I knocked on the door and Doug said, 'Go away.' But Bev came to the door, with her lipstick smeared across her face and a smile pasted on her lips. His face took on the look of ecstasy and he unloaded his cock into Bev. I knew when to take a cue and, as Doug backed away, I pulled my cock from Bev's sucking mouth, hearing a "pop" as I did so, and walked to the foot of the bed.

Fish Bowl Blunder Becomes Bliss

group trainman2k 2018-04-23

"I'm Wanda's sister, Wendy," she said as she slid her chair over and offered me a place between her and the lady that had just moments before been rooting for my ass to be relocated somewhere above my shoulders. With nothing to say as a response to Sue, I turned to Wendy and asked if she knew whether or not Wanda was going to be here tonight. When it came time that we had to leave, I heard Wendy ask Sue if there was any place open where we could go for some cheesecake. You remember the rule, don't ya Mister Commando Man?" Sue asked me, obviously thinking I was trying to bullshit my way into Wendy's pants.



group glynnddale702 2018-04-23

my middle finger inside my pussy lips, feeling my wetness. pulling my legs open and I allowed them to see my wet pussy. and he released my hands and said, "suck my cock now!" He bed, his body coming over me, his hands on my hips, lifting so slowly but then he rammed his cock deep in my pussy - I cried took wetness from my pussy to lube my ass and began to fuck his hand on my pussy, felt it was still wet and he knew I was on but once I got my hands on his cock and guided it to my slit, to get a shower and as I turned on the hot water, I heard a man's

A true story from Glasgow's West End

group eireann01 2018-04-23

She was watching her younger siblings abuse me and then she sat down (keeping her Sari on) and moved her pussy to my face – I was being banged by her b*****rs who took it in turn and then as I began the final shag of Salida, I felt a cock going up my arse again and one in front of me – it was truly a f****y affair and I left that house in North Kelvinside never to return and never to see my Indian f****y again.

Julie's Night of Exploration

group LadyTemptress 2018-04-23

They heard Amy cry out with a deep guttural moaning sound and Mark and Julie looked down to see that Kevin had lifted Amy to her knees and was pumping his hard cock into her wet pussy which made her work the vibrator more and suck harder on Julie's now swollen clit. As Julie felt her self returning to where she could once again talk, she looked up at Kevin and said, "Hurry up with my woman, I want that pussy now!" Kevin slipped his cock out of Amy and in one motion turned her around onto her back, spread her legs and said "Here you go Hun, make her scream."

Threeway in the Cold

group powelldonovan 2018-04-23

Then there was a moment of blissful stillness before she squirmed out from between us, and suddenly I felt Barry half on top of me, his face way too close to my dick. Barry's cock stuffed my mouth full, but I wasn't even close to gagging -- I felt nothing but the thrill of giving him pleasure, and distantly, at the other end of my body, a growing climax as his talented lips and tongue worked me over. At the same instant, Barry's come was filling my mouth faster than I could swallow and I was choking and gagging and letting it drool out of the corners of my lips, while the rest of me exploded in an orgasm that felt more powerful than the one I'd just had in her cunt.

Lake Powell Ch. 02

group Tim413413 2018-04-23

In a voice loud enough for most of the gang to hear her, she hissed at me, "What were you two doing out there?" Then, without giving me a chance to answer, she added, "If you've fucked up your marriage, you are going to be short at least two friends!" Before she could say anything else, I cut her off by telling the group about Stephan teaching me how to skim stones. Amy dug herself a hole by saying, "Honey, I don't know why you want to go home or why you think our friends don't like you. "Stephan, Amy spent so much time in the lake today her snatch probably DID smell like fish." One of the guys told me I had gone too far.


Sex Ed 301.1 Vixen's First Lecture

group Ice_Tease 2018-04-23

As your orgasm builds your hands reach up and grasp your breasts, tugging at your nipples hard as you feel your body tense. Moaning loudly you orgasm, arching your back and tweaking your nipples as you do, my fingers rub slower as your body begins to relax slightly. I quicken the pace slightly as I continue to talk to the class, you know that all twelve pair of eyes are staring at your wet pussy, watching my fingers move in and out and it excites you even more. Reaching down you pull the part of the chair supporting your thighs trying to keep the dildo inside you, but you can't as I continue to alternate it over your clit and in your pussy.


The Maid by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-04-23

Call Mrs. Bradford at 555-1534.” Mary reread the ad several times trying to decide if she even wanted to get into domestic work. After giving her vital information--age, education, work history, etc., Zoe Bradford explained what her duties would be if she took the job. Both women gave each other a glance and then Mrs. Bradford said, “You will be paid $2000 per week for your services.” Before Mary could say a word--she was stunned to say the least, Zoe Bradford continued on, “There is, however, one more duty that I have not described to you as of yet. Mary could feel the contractions when Cora blew her own nut!These two old bitches were hot!!!

My Girl-Sandy

group NickyFaulkes 2018-04-23

I got a call from Sandy who was passing through town and wanted to spend the night at my place. Once she was convinced I wasn't finished, she began a fantastic blowjob that started on the living room floor and continued in the shower after I got to my feet. I gave her a kiss at the door and told her to send Dan to me when she was ready for her clothes. "Finally," I said, "Only something special for your birthday will let me thank you properly, so I left a surprise in your room." It took me a while to convince him to go check it out, but eventually he did. The clothed girl rubbed her eyes as she woke up and said, "Julie says you're a good fuck.


Deep Crotch Mother Chapter TWO

group 2018-04-23

Timmy and Beth were already snuggled into bed, and they gazed at their mother young Beth thought as she watched her mother Beth couldn’t quite figure out why the Lord cared what a woman wore underneath Young Timmy had his own thoughts as he watched his pretty mama, bent forward, “Isn’t it wonderful,” Marcella said, “to have a nice soft bed to lie down in? Marcella drew her moist nipple from Timmy’s eager mouth and stuffed her dry one Timmy sucked all the harder at his mother’s big, rubbery nipple as she rolled his Beth rolled over and faced the other way, tired of watching her mother and b*****r mouth from the big rosy nipple he’d been sucking.

Safety Measure

group MissionaryStyle 2018-04-23

One night out with the office guys, Lana got pretty drunk and started talking her sexual adventures with the other girls. I was relatively near and managed to hear when one of the secretaries asked her "how was Dan in bed", and she just made a dismissive gesture with the hand and started talking in what she thought was a soft voice: "It's obvious; Dan gets to fuck me in the ass, because you know you are too big for that, Brian". I forgot quickly about condoms or Brian when Lana started alternating on our cocks. Lana grabbed each cock with a hand, pulled them hard, and put both heads in her mouth.

Carole's New Friends Ch. 01

group norfolklad 2018-04-23

Jules had obviously been watching for your arrival and opened the front door as you got out of your car. Jules had already removed her bathrobe to reveal a one-piece but very fashionable and obviously expensive costume and had laid down on one of the sun-loungers. 'I'm going to take advantage of the sun for a little while,' said Jules, as if to change the subject. Jules's husband Bob had arrived home without you hearing and he wasn't just watching as Jules caressed you, it was his hands that had run up the inside of your legs and were opening up and arousing your sex.


Sex Class Ch. o2

group TheBeavMan 2018-04-23

The teacher looked around the room at all the action going on and said "Well it looks like I’ve lost control, oh what the hell it is the last class anyway!" Just then Kelly came skipping over to the teachers desk and if asked there was anything she could to do assist her (she was always a teachers pet). The teacher responded "Alright Kelly why don't you continue to give Mr. Weaver a blowjob while I get ready." "OK" Kelly said then she reached over and unzipped my pants and pulled out my stiffening cock and began to pump it to get me even more aroused.

Photo Session With A Happy Ending

group EmmisDos 2018-04-23

I directed her while firing off ten or twelve frames before Tess took over, suggesting that Meegan lift the front of her skirt for a show, revealing her tight white panties that showed serious camel toe. Meegan smiled and closed her eyes as Tess slowly ran her fingertips from Meegan's shoulders over her breasts and down to her tummy, then returned them to her erect nipples for a gentle squeeze. Meegan repositioned herself so that her face was close to her partner's sexual center as Tess lifted her knees to afford unrestricted access for her lover. As Meegan recovered from her orgasm, Tess stood up and climbed up on the couch with me, straddling my thighs and positioning those glorious breasts in front of my face.


Dinner with Janet Ch. 02

group JTallon 2018-04-23

Then she moved her kisses to trail down his body to his flaccid cock taking it into her mouth licking and sucking him clean of their mingled juices. He was now feeling Janet climb up his body placing tiny kissed on his skin as Karen rose brushing her teeth tenderly along his dick. Reaching around her hip he rubbed her clit with the middle finger of his right hand while his left guided his still hard cock to her entrance. Holding on to her hips he began pumping, and Karen reached a hand between her legs pushing on her clit increasing the pressure and stimulating her clit.

Memories Ch. 05

group DarkAngelRider 2018-04-23

He kissed his way down her throat and to her breast and began sucking on the nipple, he noticed Steve's hand was inside her robe feeling her ass and Dave had taken the hint and was sucking her other breast. Robert watched as Steve fucked her mouth and Dave fucked her pussy, she laid there limp for a few minutes and then began to respond to the fucking by bucking back with his every thrust. Steve rubbed his half hard cock and watched with Robert as Dave fucked her. Finally after 15 minutes or so of this slow fucking Trish began to moan in his mouth and raised her legs up pulling his cock deep into her as he pumped away slow and steady.

I Love Sucking Cocks

group charlessmythe 2018-04-23

So tonight, because, I really think, with your sometimes feminine ways and wearing panties that you really would also love sucking a real mans cock." To my surprise, I didn't even hesitate for a minute, as the head touched my lips they parted and I took Jim's cock right into my mouth. At the time I was so horny and mesmerized by how much I loved having it in my mouth and sucking his cock that I didn't care if she took a picture of him fucking me up the ass. Barbara says, "I'm a gay sissy cocksucker but loves having me around to suck her new man's cocks and to show them my tiny little cock," and says it's always turned her on seeing me in panties and being such a girl.

Christening the Hot Tub

group WorkFred 2018-04-23

As Jamie chattered on about how the champagne was already cold and how this looked like fun and how she always wanted to try a hot tub. "Well, Fred if you wanted to have a look at Ann's tits your really should have asked first!" Fred having finally recovered moved quickly to a seated opposite Ann. Ann was trying to pull up her top with one hand and cover herself with the other. Ann finished fixing her top as Fred and I helped Jamie in to the tub. The reaction on Jamie's face mirrored what Ann had gone through; Surprise, shock and amazement turning to delight, joy and contentment. "Me too" she said "Me too" I sat across from Fred and turned Jamie so she could watch also.