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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Fun Young Three

group durritticolumn 2018-04-23

Switching the light on Sam lifted her face and smiled, “I wanted you both the minute I saw you, this way I don’t have to decide which one”, she leaned over and kissed me before returning to Paul’s ear- Paul looking me in the eye raised his eyebrows and then turned to kiss Sam full on the mouth. Paul was a millisecond ahead of me, I felt his shivering and them trembling, his sperm pumped into the condom, second later it was my turn, feeling I was on the brink Sam pushed into another finger and pushed hard against my P, I cried out into Paul’s thighs as I came, next came Sam sobbing as each wave hit.

South American Beauty Adventures

group hisigorness 2018-04-23

On one of the weekends(late Sat night to Mon afternoon), most of the band and others went upstate leaving me and my girlfriend, the lead singer and Tony and Giselle to share the 2 empty rooms. Giselle apologized and said that Tony wanted her to come over and then tell him the details while he fucked her when she got back. We then proceeded to ride up the freeway to their house with her on her knees nude in her heels sucking my cock for 40 minutes(I drove slow!) and Tom driving along side jerking off while watching Giselle's ass up in the air with my fingers in her cunt.

The Lock-In

group 2018-04-23

'Then I felt someone's hand on one of my boobs, someone behind me, and he said:"Let's got a proper look at those tits."And whoever it was grabbed my top round the waist and pulled it up. I felt sick at the sight of Kerry sitting there with her puffy face and her drab clothes when she'd looked so fucking hot last night for the benefit of all these other men. but she told me that John had pulled her from the wall, another guy unclipped her bra, two men grabbed one an arm each, John lifted her legs, and they carried my girlfriend, my partner of six years then, naked into the main bar and put her on her back on one of the tables.

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 39

group mimaster 2018-04-23

Ann opened her eyes and said, "Dana told Chad about what I showed her...and that kind of opened a can of worms." But in the process, Dana gets ticked because Chad's involved with something for Ann, and it's taking time away from her and the girls...and yet she doesn't get the bigger picture. Chad and Dana nodded, while Ann laughed and said, "Yeah...that's pretty damn close." Dana smiled at him and said, "And I think I've come to like Bond movies, at least a lot more than I did. I looked at Ann, who gave me a wondering look, and I said, "Looks like there's a lot of sex that has to happen to win in this game."


Shades of Desire Ch. 2

group CarolineOh 2018-04-22

As we waited for him, I leaned against the door and watched as Sherita uncrossed her legs, spread them wide, and slowly ran her fingers from her knees to her crotch. The sight of her full lips wrapped around his hard black shaft turned me on so much that I dove back into Sherita's pussy with renewed vigor, sucking her clit into my mouth and rolling my tongue around it. Sherita began fucking me hard with her fingers while Sam slowly worked his deeper into my ass. Sherita held my hands as I climbed over Sam, then reached down and guided his throbbing cock into my wet pussy. Sherita put her hands on my shoulders, turned to sit on Sam's chest, then slowly slid back over his face.

The Harridan Ch 4

group belab 2018-04-22

In the meanwhile Carol to be one up on Susan reached up taking Harry’s cock in one hand, then licked around the ridge slowly and purposely before sliding it slowly into her mouth. His hands were still pulling the long underarm hair of Susan as he fucked Carol’s mouth. Then he brought it out only to send it back in again, then he picked up the pace just a little, making her moan some more even as Harry thrust his mouth into her bushy armpits. He fucked me relentlessly, at one point I thought I would pass out, then he suddenly slowed down, pulling his cock out, and he started to cum again, shooting his load onto my back.

Stepmom's Special Day

group SexyBeast 2018-04-22

It made Sam feel better, but on the few occasions when he jerked off thinking about Jillian over the years he still felt guilty. There were a few times over the years, when they thought he and Sam were asleep, that Nick had overheard just how much fun his father and stepmother were having. She was surprised when the boys said they would watch it with her and rather than letting her go slip into something more comfortable, Nick guided her to the big couch in the family room, while Sam put the DVD on and drew the curtains. It was only when Nick's hand was massaging up her leg and just reaching under her skirt that Jillian realized what was happening.


Long Arm (Pits) of the Law Ch 1

group belab 2018-04-22

I could clearly see her extremely bushy jet-black armpit hair and that she wanted his throbbing cock in her mouth. She took Sam fully into her mouth, giving him a blowjob, which I hoped she would give me and then I saw Bob taking his mammoth shaft to the hairy entrance of her pussy. Tom said “How can you even enjoy this stuff she is a complete whore” I knew I had to sympathize with him but this hirsute goddess sucking and fucking two hard cocks was too much for me. Sliding down Bob's body to ride his hard cock, Sam pushed his engorged head into her hairy asshole.

The Birthday Present

group stoppiello 2018-04-22

Katie is about to fall out of her chair laughing, and the rest of the students who actually turn and look up from their books are just shaking their heads before going back to their own little world that Cassie's outburst has disturbed. "Well Katie, I don't own any jeans." (I have thick thighs, jeans are uncomfortable as hell to me) "Your choices are cargo shorts, sweatpants, or a dressy version of khaki's, and if that doesn't work, guess I'm not going." (yes, after events played out, I realize this last statement makes me a complete moron, but at the time, I was looking for an excuse not to go, I'm not a "nightclub" kind of guy, and I knew that's where they wanted to drag me)


A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 08

group mrsterygor 2018-04-22

"Right now, I'm going to change and prepare for this competition," Becca said, as she opened one of the suitcases and pulled out a pair of white tennis shoes. After a few seconds of panty rubbing, Beverley tossed the undergarment aside and lowered her mouth until it was up against Becca's twat. Becca pushed Beverley's head aside, moved her right hand over her pussy, and collected the cum off of her twat. As she sucked on Kyle's cock, Beverley wrapped her right hand around the base of his cock and began to stroke it. Ami drank the cum right out of Becca's snatch before she lifted her head and began to prepare for the next stage.



group butterfly1763 2018-04-22

James pulled off Jennie's shirt, and started to feel her small breasts under her bra. Julie started to ride him, and James lovingly ate out Jennie's pussy. "I want you to come inside me, James." Jennie smiled and moved back on top of his dick, facing away this time. Julie laid down, interlocking her legs with James's, and Jennie bent down and started to tease her pussy. They both wen tot James's penis and started to lick the cum, both his and Jennie's, off of it. As James sat back down on the bed, spent, Jennie and Julie licked the cum off of each other lovingly, then kissed and shared in the taste.

LORNA AND GRACE. (a Lesbian tale)- PART 2

group mib14 2018-04-22

The day after they slept together for the first time, Lorna and Grace were regular friends for most people, except to the lesbians who noticed the looks they gave each other as they left after work, the touching of the shoulder or the arm, that special first smile in the morning. “My landlady at the rooming house came in after you left last night”, whispered Lorna to Grace at lunch (they had lunch outside in a small park). The reader probably wonders how two inexperienced and blackmailed lesbians like Grace and Lorna could participate so willingly in a suckfest with two experienced and dominating dykes as Marge and Erica.

No, She Said

group jazm49 2018-04-22

Assuming it was very likely Rob, testy as he was, would tell Adele I'd found her out, I decided that the best course was to talk to my wife myself. At first the conversation was a little stilted but Rob kept asking us questions and sharing his thoughts and soon we were all talking as if we'd known one another for years. I think if he'd been any other man I would have felt threatened but in some way I didn't understand he created an ambiance in which those feelings never even began. "Do you want us to stop?" I asked, giving Rob a devilish grin over Adele's shoulder.

The Bag

group Flashlight7.5 2018-04-22

Donna looked back and forth between the list and Fred’s giddy face three times before she took a breath and then pulled the Pathfinder to the side of the road. Donna jumped back in surprise as two foxy blond women with large breasts in matching blue and white cheerleader outfits and their hair in pigtails stepped from the bag like they were coming up through a trap door in the floor. “Jenny, why don’t you eat your sister’s ass for a little while?” Jenny moved like a snake down her sister’s body, licking a long line down her spine before pushing Amy’s blue and white skirt up onto the small of her back.


Beach Lovers

group Clohi 2018-04-22

Marcus closed his eyes briefly, enjoying the feel of Felicity's mouth on his cock, then he opened his eyes and looked at me. "I want to get on my knees in front of Felicity, pull her tight little shorts down and suck her tender little pussy. As Felicity moaned and squirmed in Marcus's lap, her pussy teased his cock, rubbing it with her juices. Using my tongue, I moved from Felicity's pussy to Marcus's cock, licking and sucking both of them. Felicity moaned and arched off Marcus, her pussy nearly dipping down to engulf his cock. I didn't have time to think, just to feel, as Marcus pulled me on his lap, his cock ramming fully into my pussy.

Accidental Bisexual

group FiftySomething 2018-04-22

"If I didn't know better I would swear it felt like your cock was in my mouth and my pussy at the same time." "But hey," she continued, back to her normal husky alto, "I came so hard with your cock down my throat." She slipped two long fingers into her wet pussy to the knuckles, then brought them out dripping in her juices. She started to climb onto the bed to wait for the "stranger" as we usually played it out, but I grabbed her arms and quickly cuffed her hands behind her back with the handcuffs I'd kept in my jeans back pocket. She was licking me, stroking my balls, and vibrating the head of my cock all at the same time, while right in front of my eyes Mike's heavy balls were slamming into her vulva.

Strip Poker on Class Trip

group joshmacphee 2018-04-22

Amy lost next, and she pulled her t-shirt off so I got my first ever look at her smaller but remarkably perfect, firm tits that stood at pert attention. My cock was moving so fast that we heard that noise a few times a second, and Emma's screams were being sexily muted by Amy's pussy. I was fucking Emma so hard that I couldn't even tell that my dick was ever leaving her pussy- I never felt that cold feeling of my cock meeting the cool air outside of a girl's pussy. I slammed my dick into her pussy, my second girl of the night, and immediately I was fucking her just as hard as I had fucked Emma.

Two Men in the Boat

group Heironymous 2018-04-22

I was sitting in the bow of the boat with Tom and Ben on either side of me and I took another sip, put down my glass, and leaned towards Tom. Snuggling up to him just a bit, I sighed and thought about how absolutely wonderful it felt to be with these two good men tonight. I felt Ben move even closer and I reached my arm out and wrapped it around his shoulder, covering him with the blanket as well, pulling him closer as Tom's hand began straying to the inside of my parted thighs. With my lips locked in a passionate kiss with Ben and his hand gently caressing my nipple, I felt Tom's hand move up the inside of my thigh and begin to lightly caress my wet slit through the now soaked material of my bikini.


Heather's Husbands Pt. 01

group vickidawn 2018-04-22

Are you sure this is necessary, Doctor?" Other than the pleated tartan skirt bunched up around her waist, pearls, jewelry, and the red stockings and high heels, Heather lay nude on the exam table with Dr. Steele at one side and his nurse at on the other. Dr. Steele moved a microphone near Heather's face as the nurse checked a video camera directly over the exam table."Good, please begin." Doctor Steele took the other end and - without much effort - wiggled it into Heather's wet folds, watching her sumptuous pierced and ringed pussy lips molding around it. Open." With that, the doctor slid his rigid cock into the dark hair over Heather's face and between her red lips.

Friendly Girlfrend at the Frat

group MrMsScrewloose 2018-04-22

She looks a little anxious, like, you know, Where this is going to go? Watching her kiss them both and let them handle her body, feel the shape of her breasts, touch the skin of her legs. If they take off her last protection, if her cunt is naked and exposed to their lust, their hands, their tongues, their cocks, then there is nothing to stop them from fucking her. She looks at me, then at them, then lies back and softly breathes, "Nooooo, Nooooo." But at the same time, she spreads her legs far apart to let Mac stand between them. Mac steps between her legs, unzips, pulls out his cock, He twirls two fingers around inside her to open her up.


Mom & Lots of Friends

group 2018-04-22

What I later learned was that Mom got turned on watching my friends lifting and lugging and working their muscles for her, and since she hadn't had sex literally in months, she thought of rewarding them. (I still live at home with my Dad but on weekends drop by Mom's as well.) Around once a week at night, my friends would go over to my Mom's place for a few hours and fuck her silly, and she loved it. Actually she watched my Mom do all the work at first, teasing the guys, stripping for them, and getting them out of their clothes, while Carol just sat on a chair, eyes bulging, watching their cocks get hard.

The Dinner Party Ch. 08

group zebra2001uk 2018-04-22

With one hand he opened up her vagina and with the other hand he placed his cock at her love hole entrance – and then he pushed and Rosemary saw this massive black rod disappear completely into her body – no half way house but all the way in – all ten inches of it. Rosemary opened her lips and proceeded to take that big, beautiful black cock in her mouth yet again – she began to suck it and lick it until she had removed all the combined juices and it had only her saliva on it. Meanwhile, as Malcolm had cum in Rosemary, at the same time Martin had ejaculated into Mai Li. She knew she was going to receive his cum – she could feel his cock beginning to spurt.


Mary Pulls a Train

group Bakeboss 2018-04-22

Mary said she was going to make a date with a man named Jack from her work that had a reputation of being a Cocksman and hoped to be fucked royally. Mary said she was so hot that when he instructed her to take her panties off she did so right at their table. I asked Mary what she did next and she told me she fucked all three and at one time had Jack in her mouth while one brother fucked her rear and the other fucked her pussy. Then she said she couldn't wait until next time saying Jack told her he had two more brothers.

Sex Ed

group dr_mabeuse 2018-04-22

Zanny stopped in the hallway and looked behind her to see Mr. Zobel fighting his way through the mass of students heading for the exits. Wearing her hair in a school-marmish bun only accented the natural symmetry of her face and her sensuous mouth, and the glasses she wore in order to flatten her looks only called attention to her large brown eyes, at once honest and naturally somewhat seductive. And when he intoned in the same bright voice that “The clitoris is the only organ found in the human body, in men or women, whose sole function is to generate pleasurable sensations.” The class exploded into loud laughter and catcalling, some pounding on their desks.