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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Party with Paul

group badteacher 2018-04-22

Debbie’s husband isn’t in to eating pussy, Nancy knows, so every chance she gets Nancy throws in a comment about her pleasure with Paul and how good he is, egging Debbie on as they continue to play with toys. As the toy party draws to a close, and all the girls are filling out their order forms, Nancy makes her move and tells Debbie about Paul being in the bedroom, how he is waiting to pleasure them both is she is interested. Paul grabs Debbie’s hand with her own and helps her thrust, eating Nancy fingering Debbie, he sends Nancy over the edge as she orgasms strong and hard.

Eighty-Four Days

group PrincessErin 2018-04-22

Devon watched as Becca pushed the cute blonde on to her back and slid down her body to kiss her tight, toned stomach. He was in awe as he saw Becca tear off Leanne's panties and dive into her pussy, framed with light blonde curls. I can't help it," Devon stumbled on his words as he entered the room and smelled the sweet aroma of Becca and Leanne's pussies. Each time she would suck on the tiny sensitive bud, Leanne would jerk harder, causing Devon to gasp. "Cumming!" Devon gasped as white globes of cum shot out of his cock and landed all over Leanne's breasts. Once all of his cum was gone, Leanne whispered something in Becca's ear.

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 10: Ménage à Trois

group Alpha276 2018-04-22

Groans are escaping out of her mouth, as her hips move in a savage song of back and forth, swaying, trembling, as she closed her eyes, sweat dripping off her tits, which are roughly grabbed by his hard hands. She moans as he holds her ass, starting to thrust upwards faster and faster, making her cries louder as wet noises are filling the room. Now she's standing between us, stroking our cocks, taking turns kissing us, while my hand moves faster and faster between her legs. This time, I am the covering her mouth with both of my hands, starting to thrust upwards at a faster pace, while I look into her eyes.

f****y Porn

group 2018-04-22

I love to pair my mom or my siter with me and my date. My boyfriend lives with me and many nights he sneaks into my mom and fucks her several times while dad is in the same bed. Then he watches my dad fuck my mom several times. Mom has milk in her titties and every one loves to suck them. My other s****r loves to be tied with legs spread and her pussy licked by every one at the party. Dad loves the young girls. The last party I tied him and let the girls take turns sucking his cock. I love to dangle chains from one nipple to the other then down to my pussy.

All in... Ch. 04

group jaismith 2018-04-22

"Yes. Yes, I do, Vicki.....I know what it's like to be under-appreciated in a male-dominated workplace and I vowed never to do that when I became a manager," I explained, my face serious, "So.....your hard work has been noticed, appreciated and I'm taking you out, got it?" "Actually, I'd prefer a relaxing dinner at your place to another couple of hours in business clothes after a day at work," she replied, "but, only if you let me help you," She conceded. "No, its really okay," She replied, taking my hands and placing them once again on her breasts as she continued to float in front of me, "If it relaxes you to touch me like that, I don't mind, Shari......I really don't, it does sort of feel good."

Stacy's First Swing Pt. 02

group Boondocker42 2018-04-22

Stacy had been primed by the orgasm she experienced at the hands of Betty while the older woman had been deeply aroused by the performance of the younger woman. Betty came down from her orgasm and Jared took a moment to rest, letting her ass fall back down to the carpet and then stretching out across her body, his hard cock still clasped in the embrace of her cunt. As Frank continued to fuck the young slut through her orgasm, Stacy's arms wrapped around his body. Jared pulled his hand away and settled into position, his thighs pressed against hers, his cock laying along her slit, pointing out over her clit. As her husband slid into Betty, Stacy pulled herself off Frank's soft but still sizable cock and stood above him.

A Fantasy Fulfilled

group BadWolf9 2018-04-22

"Hey, Becky." Sam said to the bartender. "Hey Ted." Sam said walking behind the bar. Sam leaned on the shelf behind the bar as John and the bartender came back inside. Becky made her way around behind the bar and stood next to Sam. She started telling us about her Halloween costumes. Sam removed his shirt; John unclasped my bra and pulled my pants and panties down to my knees. John pushed my head down to Sam's waiting cock while he fingered me. I could feel the condom he had slid on while I had been busy slurping Sam. I moaned as John slipped his cock into my pussy. "Oh yeah" John said, "Now suck my balls girl."

Hypothetically Speaking

group darcysweet 2018-04-22

"Why do you want it so bad?" Cara asked, trying hard not to laugh as Jess rolled her eyes behind Brian's back. Jess turned to face Cara tilting her head in that cute thinking way she did and said softly, "I wouldn't mind kissing you. Watching him shake out his blonde hair and then slowly rub a towel down the length of his sculpted torso Cara let out an unintended sigh of longing that made Jess laugh."Yes, it is a bit like that isn't it?" she said, "I watch him all the time. Cara saw Cal's eyes narrow and thinking that Jess was losing the guys already she blurted out, "More like we need incentives than rules."


Pool Time Ch. 01

group kandie 2018-04-22

Kandy looked into John's eyes with a sad expression on her face and confessed, "I hope this couple is not like the last one." John's face lit up with excitement, he trembled from head to toe, flashed Kandy a devilish smile and admitted, "Oh God baby, the idea of seeing another man fuck you has me hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July! We all got up and Rex took John's hand and admitted, "I like the way you think." He then winked at Kandy and said, "You guys can 'cum' over anytime." Kandy sat quietly in her seat for a moment and then flashed John a questioning look and inquired, "Hey, you didn't by any chance tell Rex which buttons to push to send me into orbit?"

A European Adventure - Part 1

group A bit of Africa 2018-04-22

He introduced us to the rest of the gang, Charlie, a middle-aged man with a regal face and balding hair, Sam, a Spaniard with the kind of dark looks women go ga-ga over, Sheila, a somewhat horsey-faced, but not unattractive brunette, Jill, a pretty blonde, Bob, a wiry fellow with glasses, John, my namesake, but built like a tank, Eddie, a young blonde guy who looked like he came off the beach, and a few French guys whose identities kind of merged, Thierry, Willie and Gerard. John smiled slightly and said, “All the better to give you the fucking of your life.” He lifted her legs by the knees and pushed his cock against her cunt lips, which though loose from her prior fucking, were going to have to stretch to accommodate John’s size.


Naughty Schoolgirl Night

group SecretSmileToday 2018-04-22

She rarely masturbated these days with so many willing men (and women) offering to help, but when she did it was often imagining herself in a professor's office, on her knees in the outfit she was wearing now, working ever so hard to earn that "A." She'd brought it up a few times lately, and apparently, her husband wanted to help make it happen. Being found out- that sexy woman feeling the vibrator in her pussy with the woman's husband and the professor looking on- should have been mortifying, but instead she felt a small orgasm waft through her body without any more stimulation than the thrum of the vibrator and the heat of the eyes on her skin.

Holiday FFM Fun

group postman1 2018-04-22

I moved around the back of him kissing his neck sensually and grabbing his nipples, he turned and kissed me passionately as Jenny leant down and took his rock hard cock in her mouth. At that moment I felt him tense dramatically and saw cum flow into Jenny's mouth, she took it all and Craig leant down and started kissing her passionately tasting his own cum. Before long Jenny had asked Craig to fist her pussy, she moaned loudly and as she moaned I could feel Craig grow harder and harder and I wanted him to this time cum somewhere he hadn't before.

Dawn's New Life Ch. 04

group palles 2018-04-22

"I need a drink" Cindy said to Dawn as they turned to leave the dance floor. Dawn moved closer, Cindy turned to face her and they embraced, thrusting their breasts together before kissing full on the lips. "Very nice, but your going to have to do better than that if you want to play!" Cindy teased as she once again kissed Dawn, this time playing with her breasts. As on cue, Cindy and Dawn dropped to their knees and each pulled a side of his boxers down in an instant releasing his cock to bounce upwards. "Suck his cock baby, he wants to have it licked." Cindy said. Dawn pulled her head back and Cindy rushed to the door.

Kaitlyn and Cheryl Ch. 02

group WhatIKnow 2018-04-22

A minute later the door opened and Kaitlyn was staring out the door at Cheryl with a look of complete disbelief on her face. Tammy led Cheryl into the house and when the door shut Kaitlyn said, "You shouldn't have come." Believe me, I want to right now more then you can imagine, but I'll be a lot more fun after a shower." We kissed for a while longer and then she pulled away and went to her closet. "I'm going to the car, are you guys coming?" Kaitlyn headed to the door, leaving her bag at my feet. "Sure." Cheryl looked at Kaitlyn with a smile and then left, shutting the door behind her.


Sex in the Suburbs pt. 1

group gameman 2018-04-22

A man dressed as in regular clothing walked in and said, "Welcome, I am Tom Miller, you are all welcome in my home and that hopefully you were in for a treat." And now without further ado let me introduce my wife Amy and our very old friend from Seattle, George. When it came into view Amy eyes glazed over and she started moaning wantonly, she fell on her knees before the great cock and grasping it with both hands she started stroking the shaft up and down. Amy began kissing George's huge cock and licking it while she continued stroking it with both her hands.

A Very Special Massage

group ava23 2018-04-22

He reached up to grab her legs again, and in one swift movement, before Jeannie even knew what was happening, pulled her body against his, pushing his cock all the way inside her. The blond was fucking Jeannie hard and quick, his hands moving up to firmly hold her hips, and Jeannie automatically wrapped her legs around his ass, pulling her hips up, causing him to sink even deeper inside. As soon as he pulled out, and started moving to other side of the table, the dark-haired man pushed Jeannie's hand off his penis, and moved down to the bottom of the table, looking at her soaking wet pussy, red from the fucking she had just taken.

6900 Lovers Lane Ch. 02

group Angel Undercover 2018-04-22

Sheila leaned back in the chair pushing her skirt up and opening her blouse so that her bare breasts were exposed, I repositioned myself so that I was lying on the ottoman and slowly began licking her cunt, looking into her eyes while I did so. She moaned loud and so did I, and Sean slowly began to fuck me from behind, pulling my hair back so he could see my tongue work on Sheila's cunt. Looking at Sheila as he positioned himself between her legs he asked, " may I?" She looked at me and I nodded, it was my turn to watch, I sat on the floor right next to them and watched Sean enter that pink cunt I was just licking, slowly my legs opened and my fingers moved into my cunt as I watched them.

An Elevator Story

group BigMan 2018-04-22

Camille got them started asking me the "man's point of view" and time passed quickly. At one point I felt a hand on my thigh, around my knee that started off still, but slowly began to move. I began dueling tongues as the girls continued whispering and fisting my cock. Then I felt lips on the head of my dick, and she sucked the knob a few times and then a tongue began to lick the shaft. She pulled up, and whispered "shoot it down my throat boss" and plunged back down deep-throating me again, and my nuts contracted and I began pumping my cum down to her stomach.

A Late Night's Work

group Walt W 2018-04-22

Stan, now moaning, was enjoying the sensation of her hot mouth and supple tongue and reaching down, placed one hand on her head, guiding Jen's mouth farther and farther onto his cock. Groaning, she felt the man's cock grow as it filled with each pulse, filling her mouth and then squealed around it's fullness as she felt a huge, hard cock push past her engorged pussy lips to bury deep inside her. Totally filled, Jen felt Stan slowly start to fuck her as the other men ran their hand over her quivering body. One of the men quickly climbed behind Jen and rubbing his cock head in the cum surrounding her pussy, began to push his cock into her virgin ass.

Black Cuckold Couple Ch. 03

group Blkkink 2018-04-22

Tasa moaned out, "Oooh baby, I think you like the idea of your friends taking turns fucking me, sliding their dicks into me at the same time, and filling all me with their cum." Jerome had also turned his head, saw the surprise look on Robert's face and said, "Don't worry about Tasa, she gets that way when she's drunk." Tasa rubbed up and down her thighs and pulled out some sticky cum she played with between her fingers showing Jerome as she continued, "And when they both had me sandwiched on the dance floor I could feel their hard dicks rubbing through their pants in front and behind me.


A Country Excursion for Sex

group d4david 2018-04-22

Buddy said, 'we will wait here it will start getting dark and they will head this way, we just have to stay here so they can find us.' Buddy turned his attention to me as we sat on the grass 'I hear that you like big cocks.' I was shocked and looked at Zachery, he was sitting looking down at his feet. 'Damn Buddy,' Zack said, 'you do that every time I told you to be careful, don't do David like that.' Buddy was humping into Zack's butt with glee, I looked over my shoulder and saw the expression on Buddy's face, it was plain bliss.

Basketball Diaries Ch. 06

group Kellog 2018-04-22

But, from the way that Joey looked at her unashamedly that first night as she watched Joey and Kevin making love in the backyard, Kaci knew that even if she was rejected, she wouldn't need to feel embarrassed around Joey. Besides, she thought, how could someone who would fuck the boy's basketball coach on the gym floor, then fuck a whole basketball team in the school locker room, and then go home and fuck her own brother while her boyfriend watched from his bedroom window, not be willing to try sex with another woman? He thought back to the last time he had run into Kaci at the school; when she had told him to go looking for Joey in the boys locker room, and how to get in through the back entrance.


Unexpected Threesome Ch. 06

group Joanmcarthy 2018-04-22

Justifying his decision with the internal argument that the tear was in the front section of the sail and doing so would give him better access to the underside of the torn section, Ned pulled the section needing stitching in front of the mast and clear of the rest of the body of the sail, where he sat down and went to work. "You're a perceptive young woman Amy. I am scared of emotionally hurting you if I give full vent to how I feel towards you physically [Ned held back from adding 'and emotionally']; particularly with what I know about your relationship with Frank.


Truth or Dare 02

group dansouthwest 2018-04-22

Her high whimpers convinced me she was on the edge of her first orgasm so I tried the same trick I did with Sophie as I pulled back until just the crown was imbedded in her pussy and then slowly pushed my whole cock back inside her hole. "I am going to flood your pussy with my cum," I screamed as I pulled back and pushed my cock back in her love hole as I reached the point of no return. I pulled her back all the way to a point where her ass was touching her ankles as I buried my cock for one final time inside her asshole and emptied my balls inside her.