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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Unprepared Sitter

group WordWizard55 2018-04-22

I tried my hardest not to admire the young woman too much as that made me feel like a dirty old man, but it's hard not to notice beauty when it's right next to you, and I often caught my eyes lingering on Mandy's face or body a little longer than they should whenever she was over at our house. The bathroom door is closed which tells me Mandy is inside, causing my face to redden as I suddenly realize that the only way for my wife to clean the young woman's clothes is for her to remove them.


The f****y Road Trip- BBBBTS

group therealbk 2018-04-22

sl**py head." said Cassie, my new Step Mom. I just walked upstairs from the basement. Your such a big help." said my Step Mom. Both my Step s****rs giggled as they got in the back of the mini van. Thanks sweetie." said Cassie I turned my head to see my Step Mom struggle to pull her seat belt over her large breast. Crystal moved to get a better look of my cock going in and out of Candy tight pussy. I need some of the big cock before bed." said Crystal. I was going to spend the night in the same room as my Step Mom. I turned the mini van back on and pulled around the back of the motel.

Three's Company

group richardbeck 2018-04-22

The shocking realization that this is not Suzie's mouth is like a cannon ball shot through my brain...I begin to reach for the tie covering my eyes and feel Suzie's hands pin me back against the couch. Then it stops as suddenly as it started...I can feel my cock slap against my belly as it yearns for more attention...several hands secure a condom on my penis...something I haven't felt since my wife went on birth control about ten years ago. I know I know but in that precise moment...feeling all those sensations...hearing a strange woman talking dirty to me while I'm pinned to my own couch in my own living room and imagining it's my boss Kate talking dirty to me...I let it all go in one massive body wrenching cum shot.

My First Bi Threesome

group Facedances 2018-04-22

Although I enjoy sucking cock and being sucked by a man (or men on several occasions) or fucking a guy's ass, I adore women and could never see myself deprived of pussy or beautiful breasts. The wife was absolutely beautiful; firm shapely breasts, a tight tummy, a beautiful shaved pussy with her inviting lips protruding and a great shot of her bent over with an inviting ass beckoning me. We began to exchange text messages, firstly just myself and the husband then the wife joined in. We exchanged fantasies; how they wanted my cock to be totally hairless, how she wanted cock in both her holes, how he wanted my cock in his ass while his wife sucked him and so on.


group yvesmondog 2018-04-22

Before Bill could warn Beth, Maggie's open hand slams down hard on her naked arse. Maggie grabs Beth's head roughly forcing her mouth to press against fat cock. Beth resists but Maggie holds tightly using strong angry fingers to force her mouth open and push cock in. Maggie leans forward pushing her cock deep into the slut cunt and forcing the slut mouth back onto Bill's slut dick. You get sloppy seconds at your slut." Maggie commands as she pushes Bill's face into Beth's cunt. Maggie hammers him hard in the last few seconds before he spurts cum deep into cunt. Bill puts his head between the four legs and trails his tongue from Beth's arse to Maggie's clit.

Two couples first time

group boberickson1965 2018-04-22

The women felt awkward at first with their sexual conversations with the other’s spouse, but both men were able to convince the wives they were ok with it, and actually liked the thrill of knowing their wives were being turned on by another man. Stories at first revolved around the two couples performing sexual acts in the same room and just watching the other couple, but over time the men often talked about sharing their wife with the other. John had brought a special bottle of wine to share, 1989 Chateau Gruaud Larose, knowing that Dan and Kim were French wine lovers. Kim noticed the hand, as well as John and for a brief moment Dan could feel tension, so he quickly removed his hand and excused himself to the restroom.

Let's Party

group svanswords 2018-04-22

Twice she stopped the fellatio to kiss the tip and shaft of his cock, whilst her hands squeezed his scrotum and gripped the slick shaft. The cock in her mouth also let go with a wad of come, emptying his balls on her face and head. A blonde woman straddled his chest, her groin in his face, a redhead sat on his belly, his cock in her pussy, the third was raven haired, madly licking his balls as she lay between his wide spread legs. His hand reach around and flicked at her clit, it was enough to give her an orgasm, releasing a fresh wave of lubrication and allowing more of his cock to slide home.

Nancy Afloat

group hulosayla 2018-04-22

Ian had not fucked me at all that day so mid afternoon in the hot sun I told him just how horny I was and laying back on an air bed on deck he plunged that gorgeous cock of his up my fanny and we screwed slowly savouring every plunge which we got going in time with the rocking of the boat. In the past few weeks I enjoyed so many loads of Lars spunk in mouth and cunt and all over me but feeling his cum shoot deep into my bowels for the first time overwhelmed me with lust and I was soon lost in another huge noisy orgasm.


group Raynne 2018-04-21

I was starting to have fantasies of fucking all three of them on a moving train in the middle of Europe, and it was turning me on. I moaned loudly and pulled the other guy's cock into my mouth, pumping his shaft and sucking his tip. I moved away from both of them slightly, still aware of where each man was, and then I told the guy I had been sucking to fuck me. I gasped and moaned when he started to rub my clit at the same time, and came loudly while he continued to thrash into me with the hardest cock I'd ever felt. I didn't care, and I kept on fucking and sucking until the train started moving.

Great Loop Ch. 15

group Creekman 2018-04-21

The next morning, I made arrangements for a car and when the time came we took her to the airport so she could return to Chicago. Back at the boat, Jill and I fucked like rabbits trying to get over BJ leaving, it helped some, but we both knew we were going to miss her. When we finished, she looked at me with a beautiful smile and said, "Even on a bad day, that's a great way to start the day." We needed to leave for the airport around noon, so we spent the morning getting her packed, hugging and kissing, and holding each other. I got pregnant and George kept poking the baby several times a day until the doctor said we had to stop.


The girls are naked before graduation.

group fotisampini 2018-04-21

After the girls finally removed each other's clothes, Ashley, Valerie and Lisa stood up, showing their fully exposed bodies to the pizza man. Bob was looking up at three beautiful bare teenaged butts while the pizza man stared at three sets of firm young breasts and sweet tender beavers. Even with three completely naked teenaged girls in the room, Ashley's mom was getting the attention because her towel looked like it could fall at any second. As she slowly bent over, the girls snickered because Miss Roberts' towel rode up in back and exposed her bare butt to the pizza man. As more and more of Miss Roberts' naked body was slowly unveiled, the pizza man started shaking with anticipation because he knew the towel couldn't stay on much longer.

The Mermaid

group cenpame 2018-04-21

"I want you to perform for me baby." He bent down and began licking my ass now wet with his cum. Keeping it wet on his lips he smeared it over my face and buried his tongue into my mouth; this time pulling it in and out like a cock. Her lips were wet and soft as she lingered on my mouth and I felt my shivers calm. "Christ I'd never felt anything like this before!" Her tongue was inside me hard and stiff like a little cock. I could feel myself start to cum and he took my breasts with his other huge hand and squeezed hard and pulled me against him.

Transforming Genevieve Ch. 07

group R_U_Romantic 2018-04-21

I'll suck or fuck any cock you can get here tonight as long as they are full of sweet cum and as hard as you." I said. He dialed another number, "Stu, its Jim." He paused, "What's up is that I've got this tight little cunt here that wants a gang bang, how soon can you get over to my place dude?" He listened to Stu. I tossed the phone back to Jim and said, "That's four cocks baby, you only need two more." I smiled widely at him and spread my thighs to give him a good look at my wet swollen pussy. "Yeah, well get over to my place fast Bro we're having a gang bang with some fine ass pussy dude." Jim said.


My First Gang Bang

group MONADARLING 2018-04-21

“oh no, and I thought the party was going to be fun” “I suppose it is” he said with a wink as shiv(my boyfriend) walked in with two more guys. Shiv straight away grabbed me and gave me a good long kiss, I felt a bit embarassed getting kissed like this with other guys watching. Shiv immediately tried to grab my ass but he was pushed aside by the two guys saying “Its our day today you are the host, you just get to a side while we fuck your gal”. Karan saw this and holding my hair pulled head back “aaaaaaah” I said and immediately one of them shuffed his dick into my mouth.


group GawdLike 2018-04-21

She screamed oh fuck him is that dick she got back on top of me and kissed her tiny soaking wet pussy on my cock it was so wet and tight i almost came instantly .the look and expression on her face when she lowered her self on my cock was as if she was in pure extacy . She gave me the come here finger as I grabbed her ankles in each hand I slowly thrusted my cock deep in her going slow .I could feel his cock too separated by thin skin thrusting in her ass we started to find a Grove of motion she was moaning and screaming instantly that she's cumming she was shaking and looked like she was gonna pass out .

The Baptist Ch. 04

group Andy5v 2018-04-21

"Yes Mommy, I loved to lick your pussy," Josh replied and began to lick Sally's juices that were already flowing. As things settled down Sally pulled on the string and said, " Now it is time for Mommy to take care of her little man." Sally bent down and began to suck Jack's hard cock. As Sally sat back her rob still open and her pussy still wet from both her own juices and Jack's salvia her thoughts turned to Josh. Sally looked at Josh not believing what he was asking her but knowing she would obey said, "I like to play with my pussy." "My you look a little wet," the lady said seeing droplet forming on Sally's pussy lips.


How to Stop Smoking Ch. 06

group Jim McKay 2018-04-21

I heard a little gasp when Jody began working on Ann's lower legs and her feet. As Ann's pussy was milking my cock, Lois began to massage Ann's large nipples until they were rock hard. John leaned down and inserted the head of his cock between her pussy lips and began to stroke back and forth. Taking some of the warm oil, he began to massage Jody's ass cheeks and her tight little ring. John withdrew his cock from her ass and, with Lois's help, managed to get Jody off me. Ann came over and, putting my cockhead at the entrance, slid my cock inside her warm wet pussy. Watching Mona and Ann riding my cock made John hard.

Circus Secret

group eastern_lotus 2018-04-21

I begin to suck on it , alternating with wrapping my tongue around the uncircumcised head and finishing off with feather light chews which has the dwarf shudder and push so hard into my throat that I can feel his hair and balls ramming against my lips. Pulling my crotchless panties back into place I kneel again to be at their eye level and wearing my best school girl expression reply "Matthew is an arse dwarf, Chris loves the clitoris and you, my favourite big boy Howard have always loved to hear me gag on your hot meat.

Unforgettable Journey

group Redlilly 2018-04-21

I could feel the tension well up inside him so I held my breath and felt my orgasm come. We were standing there entwined in each other and I felt a hand up my legs, the hand pulled my pants down and returned to feel my still hot cunt. He has his hand on the back of my head and every so often grabbed my hair, pushed my head back to watch his cock slide in and out of my mouth. I began to suck away again on my awaiting lollie when I felt a finger up my arse again. I knew what was coming and felt my arse stretched as the third cock to enter my body.

A Man, Two Women, and a Cuckold

group 2018-04-21

I was actually having a great time helping Suzie and enjoying her company when she turned to me and said "should we check on those two k**s, we don't want them doing anything they shouldn't!" Suzie pressed into me from behind reached around and squeezed my obviously hardening cock and said, "it seems you are not only going to let him seduce your wife, but you are enjoying the show!" Suzie whispered in my ear, "when was the last time she kissed you like that?" She made me realize the answer was 'not in a long time.' As I was contemplating this truth, Steve was ratcheting things up. Steve kept repeating "Swallow it baby" and then in a shock to me, turned towards me, made eye contact and said, "Enjoy a real man's cum!"

Sarah's Journey

group Sylvester_Ladywater 2018-04-21

Sarah was self-conscious about her little belly, despite David explaining to her over the internet many times how cute he thought it was. Right enough, out came a black cloth-like material and was fastened around Sarah's head, covering her eyes. The man underneath her had a nice aftershave, thought Sarah as he ran his hands round her curvy sides. The man underneath wriggled more aggressively and his hands grabbed Sarah's bum. Sarah felt the man underneath her spank her ass cheek, then she felt his penis dig its way into her anus. It came out incoherent as per usual, so David untied her head from the headboard and undid the black strap at the back of the mask to remove the gag.

What Tommy, Anna & I Did

group fendelle 2018-04-21

Anna said, "Tommy, your penis is very pretty." At this, we roared in laughter. We were laying around the bed drinking coffee when Anna asked Tommy about his bisexuality and his take on the quality of sex. Tommy drove off the turnpike into an industrial park and pulled up to a small nondescript building with a small sign that read, "A & S Video Productions, Inc. Adults only." Anna and I were wearing open blouses with no bras and shorts sans panties. The cock apparently was set to hair trigger as Tommy pulled it out of his mouth, spit on the floor and began to jerk the cock as it sprayed semen across the booth.


Bukkake For Beginners

group vampanya 2018-04-21

But last Friday I got four guys to cum on my tits in a late night bukake session at a dogging site near where I live. Hands were all over my body, tweaking my nipples, stroking my belly and thighs and only after one asked if he could touch my pussy did they all feel me. Yes. You're to tell them that you want them to wank over you and cum on your tits. If you like the look or feel of any of the cocks you're wanking you're to ask if they will fuck you for a short time. One says he's going to cum already and takes his cock back from me before releasing it all over my tits and the table.

My First Apartment Ch. 4

group T@nman 2018-04-21

My nuts began to tighten as Ruth pressed a finger tip against my puckered asshole and as I thought about sucking Lisa's clit. Connie sucked the last of the cum from my cock, stood, kissed me, "I hate to eat and run, but George will be home soon." Ruth and Connie went over and kissed Lisa goodbye and told Kathy goodbye. Frank was giving my cock long, slow strong sucks as he work his finger deep into my ass. I thought, "This is what Kathy feels when we sleep together and I wake her by pushing my cock between her ass cheeks." I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom.