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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Most Interesting Life

group Barnaby 2018-04-21

I just got my own apartment and now my hours are being cut so I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to pay the rent next week. Jeremy had his clothes off quickly as he said “Hell, yeah!” Kevin rose and pulled my tank top over my head revealing my apple-sized breasts. Both Jeremy and Kevin applauded and I laughed and smiled brightly as I lay there dripping their cum onto my bed as more of it dried on my lips. If you’re pregnant, you are going to have to stop drinking immediately along with any other little self-indulgences you have.” I was shocked and normally I would have yelled back at Woody but, under the circumstances, I knew he was right and I just started crying.


My wife a seat cover store owner

group jcomerford 2018-04-21

One day I observed the owner feeling up one of the ladies customers we were good friends I said nothing to him. He wanted to give us a tour the downstairs anyone of us to go see his bedroom my wife one of first he followed behind I told him to take my wife so she could hear it I stayed downstairs they came down about two hours later. But the next day and work he came over to our shop told me I had one hell of a hot wife which I already knew I told him he can have her any time he wanted and to let his friends know about her.

Cin 24: 4:15 until 8:30

group GentleGeorge 2018-04-21

In part three, Cinnamon takes a late lunch break and visits her lover Mark at a motel. Sally moved her head down and gave Cinnamon a little kiss on her neck, and left the room. Mark looked outside, and saw Sally with Cinnamon. Cin sat down on the chair, and watched Mark and Sally. Sally began to unbutton her blouse, while Mark stood there, kissing her neck, touching her shoulders. Sally turned around and faced Cinnamon, and pushed her butt into Mark's crotch. She finished unbuttoning her blouse, and Mark's hands were now rubbing her bra, pinching on her nipples that Cin could see jutting out. Cin continued to watch the couple, as Sally fucked Mark.

Waiting Tables

group fotisampini 2018-04-21

One nice byproduct of Alexis knowing Linda was our sex life. Alexis said, as we were eating dinner, "Remember, Linda, from school, We had just about finished eating when Linda asked, "Charlie, Alexis, "Time to clear the table," Linda said and a couple of people began sucking Ron's cock as he sat in a chair, head thrown back as Linda, our Then, I heard Linda say, "I want our new man next, Charlie, let's got to was still with Martin, holding him by the cock as Linda took the floor. fucks you first, Alexis," she said as Carol pulled up a chair and sat Alexis and Linda's husband, Martin, came in and got in the bed with us.

Getting Guys From The Internet To Naked Massge My

group 2018-04-21

I have been able quite a number of times to get guys from the Internet to come to our home and naked massage her. It is a nice turn on to watch my wife undress and get naked for others to enjoy. The sl**p mask allows them to get nice and close and inspect her tits, arse and cunt. It also allows me full access to take photos and videos as she pose her various ways to show her open cunt and spread arse. On one occassion, the massage guy and I were taking turns to massage and lick her tits and then suck her cunt which freaked her out at first.

Waiting To Take Off

group jeninflorida 2018-04-21

Alexis reached out and touched my hand, "You know, I hate to fly and normally I'm very nervous, but having you here has made my day." Our fingers interlaced. From the devilish look on his face, Mike knew she was not wearing a bra, not that it matted with his skilled hands. I could see her stocking my husband, that was till Mike leaned back down and started to lick the cream from her other breasts. I love watching Mike when he's in an aroused state, the way his legs flexed, and watching his cock move as he walked. Mike walked with Alexis into our roman shower and slowly started to let her down.


I had this wonderful feeling

group 2018-04-21

Tim simultaneously fucked my pussy through that it was a pleasure. I exploded in the same moment when Tim suddenly pulled his cock from my pussy and with a wild cry of all his hot cream on my belly exuded. I sucked greedily now on Andres cock, because I've also wanted his juice. And that was good because the boys appeared to me and brought me into a beautiful underwater fuck three times in succession to the climax. And I do not know what I got to swallow more: water or Tim and Andres sperm that had saved two seemingly inexhaustible in their testes. For Tim and Andre outdoor fans are just like me.

Threesome Ch. 1

group Angelique 2018-04-21

As we began watching the video, I glanced over at them and found that Gina was sitting on the sofa with her legs spread, and Tom's hand was resting comfortably on her inner thigh. As he continued to lubricate himself, I worked on Gina's clit, taking it into my mouth, sucking on it, then releasing it, causing her body to shake. As Tom continued working my cunt juice on to his cock, he slowly pushed himself within my walls. Between Gina moaning, and Tom fucking me from behind, I suddenly felt dizzy with excitement. Gina's orgasm began first, her moans turning into screams of pleasure as she punched her cunt down on top of my hand.

The First Time is Always a Bitch Ch. 05

group peeder_exposed 2018-04-21

"You know, Dave," Janis said, "the thing is, it's getting kinda late, and I don't wanna see Gary have to fluff everybody up all night long. Getting a world-class blow job from Yvonne that fulfilled all my fantasies and then some, I watched as three men crowded around my wife and offered her their cocks. The second man Barb was blowing started pumping away, forcefully fucking my wife in the face with a broad-headed cock that looked eight or nine inches long and was sheathed in veins that bulged like those in a power lifter's arms. Barb took a cue from Janis and took two cocks at a time into her mouth while two other men waiting for blowjobs swirled their dickheads around her nipples that were already slick with semen.

A Night in the Town Ch. 04

group GrantBricksly 2018-04-21

You wanted something to be able to tell me later, and so while she was bent over a little at the sink, trying to wash cum off her face, you came up behind her and reached around her, pulling her shirt open, and started playing with her nipples. the waitress gets down on her knees, and takes my cock into her mouth, and begins to suck on it, bobbing her head in time with your strokes. As you do this, she leans in and sucks my balls into her mouth, taking my cock into her hands and stroking it, milking my cum out onto your tits, and keeping me going just a little bit longer.

My Secret Room Ch. 03

group MrRobbur 2018-04-21

Mom is very sick and I need Karen and you to come out to New York and visit her right away." Sam told me with a little sadness I her voice. The video opens with our current Mayor Cathy Smith (she was a real estate agent back then) lining up on the large bed in my guest room. The other posters showed her eating out another woman, taking it in the ass as other men roughly fuck her mouth, riding cock cowgirl style and a close up of her smiling face covered in cum. With that all done, I put in a special tape of our Mayor Cathy Smith to watch in my living room.


A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 22

group riverboy 2018-04-21

Carol and I hung the art work and put the finishing touches on things so Lindsey could walk in with her first guests and see the big mural for the first time when they all did. The day of the big event Carol met me there early and we made up the 19 feet of wall to wall bed with satin sheets, arranged about twenty pillows around the perimeter of it under the mural, stocked the refrigerator and wet bar, set-up a nice playlist of music, and did a final clean-up. Besides Carol and I, the guests included Julia, Connie, Liz, Barb and Ed, Chloe and Bobby, Greta, and a big handsome graduate student from Senegal she was dating named Abdou. Moments later Mark was on his back on the big bed with Julia sucking his cock and Chloe grinding her pussy into his moaning mouth.

My first threesome

group 2018-04-21

I sat down next to the bath and reached under the water and began to massage both girls' clits at the same time. We started on al the usual stuff, I was to kiss Jenny, which was very nice; I got the girls to kiss, fondle and lick each others nipples etc. Sarah moved in and hungrily began to lick and finger Jenny's pussy. I again withdrew early enough so I didn't explode and Jenny, on her knees started to lick and finger Sarah. I moved in behind Jenny and licked her saturated pussy from behind until Sarah came as she laid on her back. Jenny pumped my cock as Sarah sat on my face enjoying my lips and tongue.

Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.5

group HankWilliams1956 2018-04-21

Just as my cum shot into Janet's mouth, mom squeezed her leg down on my head, and started trying to pull away from me, "Oh Danny, I have to have your dick in my pussy now." Waking up the next morning, I was feeling something that felt real good, which was a warm wet mouth on my hard cock, and looking down at it, I saw mom between my legs giving me a blow job, and my cum, about ready to make it's way up to my dick head, to shoot into mom's mouth.

Evening Stroll

group killerloopone 2018-04-21

Cam ignored her pleas, and started to kiss lower on her neck down to a spot half way between her neck and shoulder, and wrapped his arm a little tighter around her waist. Cam had felt that Alexis was not wearing panties, realizing this, the blood started to rush to his cock. Alexis was starting to moan, licking her thighs would do it every time and Cam knew exactly what to do for her. Cam stopped rubbing her g-spot, but kept his fingers inside Alexis. As Alexis looked closer she realized that they were both women watching her and Cam. The woman and Alexis' eyes met. Alexis put her hands on either side of the woman's face and leaned in to kiss her.

Behaind my back, she is sold at a sex slave auctio

group wetchin54 2018-04-21

The 4th to be auctioned was a transvestite, Big tits, huge cock and surprisingly to me, an attractive face, someone I could see and the ArAB pushed the bid beyond 4K, with the Arab making the final bid at 4.6K, Up fifth was a gorgeous brunette, with a pinup figure, The three top bidders went beyond good sense and Black Diamond took command at $7,200. That left My wife, Black Diamond wanted to dump her, The biker had been shut out, and the Arab seemed only partially interested, and had three of the six already. Then pulled her spread legs up to waist high with a chain fall, tied her hands to a ceiling beam, and rocked her back and forth on my hard shaft until I dumped a load in her pussy.

Wanda's Story Ch. 13

group rpwilbur 2018-04-21

They had been kissing, and planned to go out to dinner, but Lou had dropped her dress just as Lorraine got on the phone, revealing the strap-on she had worn instead of underwear. Finally one man, drunk enough to have courage, rose and found a new seat, on the same row as Lorraine and Lou. As they fingered themselves, he pulled out his cock and started beating it. Lou took the man's sperm in her mouth, then smiled and kissed Lorraine. Suddenly Lorraine's body stiffened, she moaned into Lou's mouth, and came hard, flooding the condon-covered cock with her cum. The next day, Wanda and Astrid took the new student tour of the Boise State campus.


Valentine's Day in June

group Scorpio44 2018-04-21

Women must arrive at the party ready to spend the weekend away from home on a romantic, erotic date. I looked up and said, "We started thinking about going to a party one weekend soon." They talked about Santa Barbara for a few minutes and then Marie looked at me and said, "OK. We decided we would put both suitcases in my car Thursday night and meet home just long enough to shower and dress for the evening on Friday. The first guy picked an envelope from the box, tore it open and read, "Allison Garrett." He looked up, caught her eye and saw her start to pick up her suitcase.


A Taxi Ride to Remember

group reg1000 2018-04-21

You sit upright so I can go deeper in you, as your move forward the pretty driver leans forward and your lips meet, your shocked at first but as I kiss your neck go go with the flow and you want to kiss her, your red lipstick covered lips meet hers and you kiss, you push down hard on me and I meet your thrusts, your tongues meet and she now caresses your breasts, she leans back to watch again, your eyes lock as she pulls your blouse open, she now licks and sucks your nipple, you lean back against me and allow her to continue to kiss you lower and lower, as my cock enters you back and forth again and again she is inches away from your pussy, she flicks her tongue and licks your clit.

Girlfriend displayed and used on Spanish Beach

group pete1233333 2018-04-21

I stopped fucking my girl so that the guys could get a good look at her cunt. The other guy had moved to my girls head and was wanking near her face, no doubt hoping to get a bj, but that was not going to happen; not least cus he had a very ugly cock! We then had another 2 guys come over and the first one with a really nice cock put the condom on he went instantly soft and stomped off upset with himself! Another guy got a condom on and with my girl still on her hands and knees he got on board, but he went soft after only a few strokes!

Educating The Newlyweds

group indiajones 2018-04-21

Three nude bodies on the bed, Sunita with her legs spread wide exposing her puffed up shaved pussy, her breasts falling to either side of her torso and Priya on her knees holding Amit's condom covered cock and guiding him gently into Sunita. Slowly on Priya's prodding Amit started moving, gently riding his wife, Sunita moaned, her husband's cock was finally satisfying her pussy. Satisfied that she had caused Sunita's pussy to secrete more juices she withdrew her hand and tapping Amit's buttocks motioned him to start fucking his wife again. Amit stared wide eyed as he watched me fuck his wife doggy style, but he soon got distracted as Priya rode him and placed his hands on her firm breasts.

Awayday (chapter 7)

group pinks43 2018-04-21

"You old romantic you, do you really, that's not like you," she said coming back in from the bathroom, "oh, now I see why you feel like that, is there no getting him to lie down?" her eyes were pinned to my hand slowly rubbing up and down a very hard 'meat'. "Too damn right I wouldn't, what would I do if I couldn't rely on him being awake twenty three hours a day?" she said, slowly laying down between my legs, propping herself up on her elbows and watching what I was doing to him, "what a lovely sight, he really has got a lovely head on him you know."


group BOIDYNHO 2018-04-21

Shan6969 turned to me and said softly “I must be d***k because I just wanna fuck all your friends right now..” She started rubbing my cock threw my jeans as she look at me with a big smile. She was loving being taken and use by all these guys, a cock in every hole filling her up with each thrust, we took turns going from mouth to pussy to ass using Shan6969 like are little fuck toy and she was loving every moment begging for more.

A New Playmate

group Ken65B 2018-04-21

My right hand went back to Carol's pussy as I kissed, licked and sucked at Linda's breasts. As I kissed and licked my way down Linda's body my right hand was still busy with Carol. My back arched and I shoved as hard as I could into Linda, trying to bury my balls inside her clasping cunt along with my spurting prick and Carol's wriggling fingers. Linda shaped four fingers of her right hand into a cone and started hand fucking Carol's cunt with a vengeance. Carol was twisting on the floor and thrusting her hips up to force Linda's fingers deeper and her moaning and whimpering showed that she was getting close to her orgasm.