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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Danger Ch. 14

group snowsquall 2018-04-21

The two girls then entered into an embrace and a somewhat deep kiss as Zoe's hands ran back to Sara's ass and began pulling her panties down off her tight ass cheeks. At dinner that night, Sara and Zoe were still wearing their bikinis, but had pulled T-shirts on over them, leaving their gorgeous, smooth legs exposed. The girls had broken out of their sixty-nine position and Zoe was reaching into the black duffel bag while Sara sat with her legs spread rubbing her magic button as she watched the movie. Danger drank in every inch of their beautiful, naked flesh as the movie showed a tall blonde in the shower lathering up her large tits as a hot redhead came into the bathroom and discarded her robe revealing her tantalizing body.


Mark & Shauna Ch. 02

group StrapOnMan 2018-04-21

I asked if they were ok with us proceeding to which she answered by walking over to me, placing her hand behind my neck and pulling my mouth to her breast while her other hand began undoing my pants. Shauna began to work my cock in earnest and I could feel pre-cum dripping freely into her mouth. At the same time Shauna began to suckle one of my nipples while putting the middle two fingers of one hand into my mouth. While Melissa continued to work me over with her mouth, Shauna joined us on the bed, spread my legs and then slowly began to re-enter me with the strap-on.

We'll Meet Again

group tamol 2018-04-21

“So we’re all a bunch of wankers then apart from Bob,” said Peter causing loud laughter to cascade around the table. To my surprise all except Bob admitted to having at least once in their lifetime experimented with someone of the same sex, when I was asked I said no I hadn’t even though I had on occasions wondered what it would be like doing it with a woman. “Okay left to right each one answer in turn, starting with you,” Peter said pointing at John. But he couldn’t move as James continued fucking the boss’s arse, I got the clear impression he was actually starting to enjoy it as it wasn’t long before his cock began to grow inside me once more.

A Day in the Life Ch. 02

group Elizabeth_Cameron 2018-04-21

Alex had just shrugged and said nonchalantly, "She's gone." Jack had raged at him then, angry on his behalf but his friend's lack of emotion took all the steam out of his argument. Jack winced when he realized what little he knew of Alex and vice versa. "About what?" Alex pulled him aside and murmured, "three o'clock." Jack quickly glanced in the direction mentioned and rolled his eyes. Hell, Alex probably rented one of the bed and breakfast rooms that took up the west side of the building for this sole purpose. Like Alex, thought Jack with a tilt of his lips. Unlike Alex, Jack wouldn't jump on this poor woman before he got to know her.


Couple and the Girl Next Door

group Guitarman2016 2018-04-21

Kelly pulled back, leaving Charlie, still impaled on Ian's cock, gasping in erotic pleasure, mouth open. "Come here," Charlie said to Kelly, opening her legs wide and pulling her cunt lips apart. Ian, feeling somewhat nervous, moved the the end of the bed and sat next to Kelly, who took Pete's cock from her mouth and held it out to him. With a finger still in Pete's arse, Kelly moved her attention to his dangling balls, running her tongue around them, then sucking each in turn into her mouth. Charlie bent forward and took Ian's cock from Pete's mouth and ran her tongue around the slick head. Kelly reached down and grasped Pete's cock, moving her hand up and down and running her thumb around the head, smearing his copious pre-cum around.


Hitting a High Note

group Stormysailor 2018-04-21

"We must relax," said Mrs. Williams as she reached over a undid a few of Jack's shirt buttons, "Comfy clothing and breathing, always remember that." Leonard and Mike followed the same path, of course, and for the remainder of term the extra tuition continued three evenings a week for solos or duets as the mood struck Mrs. Williams. The main event involved Mrs Williams on the mat, rotating, two penetrating her and two receiving hand jobs. Jack, Kevin, Leonard and Mike were cleaning Mrs. Williams body from head to toe with their tongues while she was sucking them clean in turn.

The Medb Wine Club Pt. 01

group tdallyn 2018-04-21

I was in the middle of doing something important on-line when my wife Barbara asked if I was interested in going to a wine tasting that she'd gotten an email invite to. In fact, I'd obviously forgotten about it completely and if Barbara hadn't sent me the text reminder, I would have gone to the gym like I usually do for some after work exercise. It was going to feel like an eternity at that wine tasting with me wearing a snug cock sock or thong knowing that Barbara's bare pussy would be just out of reach under her skirt. "What do you mean," Barbara let go of me and put both hands on the wheel as she expertly weaved the high power car through traffic trying to make up time on our way across town.


Ginger and the Twin Peaks Ch. 03

group KenJames 2018-04-21

"You," I said, reaching out and gripping Jim's stiff dick, "are Toy Number 1." Taking Tim's equally hard cock in my other hand, I continued, "And you are Toy Number 2." I gently pulled on both penises, turning the men to face each other. He'd flown in Saturday night and had been waiting in the small office downstairs while I'd met and prepared Jim and Tim. All the time I'd been playing with my twin toys, Ken had been absolutely silent as he watched from the hall. Jim was kneeling between his brother's legs, slowly stroking his hard cock and swollen balls as he watched me finger-fucking Tim.


Submissive Awakening Ch. 01

group EmersonHarper 2018-04-21

I'd probably be a nervous, quivering, self-conscious wreck - not someone who was ever going to be the life and soul of a party, or the centre of attention, like I knew my housemate always was. Great, I thought, not just submissive but self-pitying too, what guy could possibly resist? This final thought sent me over the edge, and I felt my own pulsating orgasm as my vagina gripped down on my exhausted fingers and my body convulsed and twisted in uncontrollable pleasure. By this time, I was beginning to regain some self-control, but I realised that these kinds of urges don't come from nowhere, and that I would need to get myself an outlet, a way to express them properly.

Meeting My Future Wife

group MerdockMoe 2018-04-21

After the second guy unloaded inside of her, I took a seat closer to the action. Number three grunted and let loose inside of her and pulled out, that's when Sean took his turn. While she was getting rammed by Sean, she looked around the table at the guys waiting their turn and our eyes met. When pencil-dick pulled out, I pulled my shirt off, kicked off my shoes, stood up, let my pants fall to the ground and stepped out of them as I made my way around the table. Without a word, I slowly slid inside of Laura's drenched, cum filled pussy while she was bent over the table.

RV Travel Companion Ch. 06

group Alex_Ho 2018-04-21

She finally said, "Oh my god, stop, I'm too sensitive right now, I can't take it..." I pulled out of her which, given my proximity to Shelley's mouth, resulted in her sucking me in and cleaning up Michelle's juices. Without any additional stimulus needed, Shelley burst into orgasm and began thrusting back against my cock moaning out loud, "Oh god...oh Jim...I love this...oh fuck..." That sent me over the edge as I sprayed my cum in her pussy. I looked at Shelley and smiled, "Well let me tell you a story..." and proceeded to tell her about our adventures on our trip, including the Roman Weekend, the two New York girls we met in New Orleans, the RV park attendant in Louisville, and the couple in Orlando."


Mark and Melanie: The Discussion

group rainman0720 2018-04-21

After our couple got home from an evening talking to Mark and Melanie, they had an extremely intense sexual encounter. I was really getting hard in her hand; my erection told her how much I would like to see her with Mark. I got a taste of that when you were fucking me while Carrie played with my clit and kissed me, and I liked it, experiencing several different sensations at one time. When she finally did come, her fingers dug into my chest; I kept up the same speed and pressure on her right nipple and her clit all the way through her climax, trying to keep her on that orgasmic high for as long as I could.

My Afternoon with Sir

group Hotpants66 2018-04-21

His cock will only fuck your mouth.” “I can use my word at any time if I need to?” “Yes baby girl, at any time you want this can end.” “I wish to proceed Sir.” “Good girl” he whispered in my ear as I felt his hand go deeper in my pussy that was now so soaked that I could feel the juices running down the crack of my ass. “Would you like to taste my baby girl now?” I hear no response but must assume some sort of gesture was made as I can feel someone crawling between my legs, hands under my ass lifting me up, and then being turned across the bed so that my head hangs over the edge.

Brown Bagging It

group Many Feathers 2018-04-21

There was a brief pause then we heard a woman's voice, though try as I might, it wasn't one I could recognize, perhaps due to the fact after we had entered, we stood there facing a very beautiful looking naked body of a woman with nothing on except a brown paper sack over her head with two eye-holes cut out, as well as a place for her mouth as represented by a pair of red lips appearing on it. That was easy enough, and felt damn delicious, though I wish to hell I didn't keep hearing that crinkling of the paper sack on her head every time she turned around to look at me, nor that idiotic pair of red lips that were painted on the bag, slightly more open now in fact than they had been since I'd recently been skewering that very opening with my dick.


Change of Plan

group Frederick Carol 2018-04-21

"It feels good, Kathy, but don't put it in," said Lisa urgently, "I don't want to be fucked for the first time by some plastic and rubber hand-me-down of my sister's. Kathy suddenly got a 'Got it!' look on her face and pressed the dildo gently against Lisa's clit, then spun it. From the corner of my eye I noticed Kathy watching Lisa with a slightly rueful look on her face. I took the towel from Lisa and spread it on the couch, then took Kathy's hand and sat, tugging her gently down beside me. "Mmm," said Kathy, "I like that." Soon her breathing began to deepen as I continued to move my prick gently in and out of her cunt.


A Billionaire's Life Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-04-21

And with that, the young blonde dragged my lounge pants and shorts down to my knees while Cassandra ducked her head and took a long lick along my shaft from balls to crown. I reclined my head back and just enjoyed the sensations as Kaitlyn laid down to start running her lips along my shaft while Cassandra moved to the head and began licking it like a lollipop. "Oh, I think you're liking this just fine," Taylor said softly and then motioned to Charlotte, who was kneeling on the floor between Rebecca's legs, stretched wide by the chains. Kaitlyn kissed him one last time on the cheek and then Taylor helped him to his feet and the two of them headed for what looked like a circular sinkhole completely surrounded by a wall of cushions.


First Class

group mscleavage 2018-04-21

His eyes light up, and he does not hesitate to take your suggestion; very lightly he places his open right hand upon your silk blouse over your left breast. Again, as if scripted, each man now has their hands around their assigned breast while sucking on the nipple and you began gyrating your pelvis a bit, showing your oral nipple pleasers that you are fully appreciating the rush of erotic feelings that are pounding through you at this moment. You grab my cock with your left hand and open your mouth and pull my member deep into the moistness that the other man was enjoying only moments before.

Everyone Has Katie, Again

group TessMackenzie 2018-04-21

In Fiji, she'd had sex with seven men she didn't know, and hadn't cared where they'd been or who they'd been with, but the idea of Peter inside Julie, of them kissing or touching each other, that made her feel sick. Two false jabs that slid past, and then he was in, hard and deep and far inside her, so she opened her mouth, and gasped, and tasted carpet, and turned her face so she was lying on her cheek, and ached with half of herself for him even as he raced in and filled her. "Better?" she said, and this time he ate her out like he had in Fiji, until she ached and panted and couldn't think.


Summerotica Ch. 01

group therick2004 2018-04-21

Wendy pushed my head closer and closer to her (like it could get any closer, but I didn't mind at all.) and I sucked as hard, but as soft, as I could. I'm not totally sure what happened, but a couple of minutes later, I had the hot and vivacious Wendy stroking and sucking my cock again and the sexy and sweet Shannon (who, from what I hear is more into girls than guys) sitting on my face playing with her clit, just out of my tongue's reach. Cum for me Eddie!" she moaned and just as she begins to cum on my hard pulsating cock, I let another stream of cum spray out of me inside her pussy walls, already extremely wet and sticky.

Marte's New Set of Challenges 06 Pt. 02

group storytyme 2018-04-21

Terra' sucked the tongue in her mouth and felt the deliciously warm lips pressed against her mouth. Terra heard commotion on the other side of the wall as she became more aware of Marte's increasingly loud and frequent moans and groans. Terra felt hot, swollen skin pressed against her lips and she eagerly wrapped her lips around the hard penis. Terra swirled her tongue around the normal sized penis as it lay in her mouth temporarily motionless. She felt her body begin to rock as the penis began gyrating against her chest. The tapping continued as she felt a finger slide her pussy lips being spread with something the size of a penis. Cindy felt the penis moving faster between her breasts, shaking her upper body back and forth.

She likes to cum

group dgg 2018-04-20

My husband loves to see me performing with other men, but it all started Wayne shook his head and my husband invited him to feel it, which he did. A short while later my husband went to the loo, so I danced with Wayne. husband came back, Wayne was kissing me and his hand was between my legs with Wayne had so much stamina and my husband was getting really excited watching us One night he came home and told me that he had asked a Black friend from the Slowly, Leon pushed his prick against my bum while Jim was pumping up my cunt. But seeing Jim wasn't going to give up his hole, Leon came round to my head and

The Hotel Manager

group cjhh17 2018-04-20

Susan noticed this and lightly brushed her hand over CJ's cock, CJ moaned in pleasure and Susan asked him to remove his slacks so she could make sure that he did not have a burn below the waist. Susan took the cock in her hands and started jacking CJ off she knelt before him and started licking his cock causing CJ to moan in pleasure at the sensation he was in heaven and wanted to come in her pretty mouth. Susan swallowed all of his come and started to lick him clean when the door to her office opened and Ann walked in with CJ's shirt.

A Sex Lesson For Jessica

group bardeen 2018-04-20

Hmmm she said… You smell delicious, and playfully licked my shoulder… I smiled and said , Jessica, get your arse out of here before we both do something silly and your mother has my nuts on a plate! Stacey came into the room with a see through nightdress on, breakfast tray in her hand and stopped dead when she saw Jessica in the bed. Jessica wasn’t aware of her Mother watching for a long while until she lifted her head and saw Stacey standing with her back against the wall fingering her nipples. Meanwhile I was too horny to care which one was sucking my cock until Stacey said, Jess… let me show you another trick men seem to like Jess tongue fucked my arse for a long time with her mother gently stroking my cock.

The Experience

group Brad Phillips 2018-04-20

A hand goes up and pulls back the shower curtain, standing there is Leana and her friend Petra. As her mouth found mine, Petra slid this plastic monster into Leana's ass, slowly at first, then gradually thrusting more and more, harder and harder, forcing her down onto me. I rolled on my side and started caressing her tits, running my tongue over her nipples squeezing handfuls of her breasts, biting at them, she loves this. Petra is on all fours in front of me, what an ass, I sink my fingers into the cheeks of her buttocks and pull myself deep inside her soaking wet pussy, she wants it hard. After recovering and cleaning up, both girls kissed me, Petra said she would like to do it again some time and Leana?