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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Decisions Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-04-20

As soon as the doors closed, Grace plastered herself against me, held my face in her hands, and jammed her tongue down my throat. Grace's breasts had stopped shaking as she froze into a still life of passion over me; her nipples were standing out almost an inch from her large areolas, proving the high level of sexual excitement she was feeling. "Go away," she said, "I was dreaming that I'd found the ideal fuck machine and it was bringing me orgasm after orgasm." She cracked one eye open and looked at me then added, "Oh wait, that wasn't a dream.


Once in a Lifetime Between Friends

group HankReardon 2018-04-20

As Steve began to watch the movie, he looked first at Sue, who smiled and nodded. After they pulled Steve's shirt off, Sue leaned over and gave him a deep French kiss, and grabbed his cock through his pants. As she pulled out his hard cock, Sue turned to Lynn and gave her a long wet tongue filled kiss. As Sue turned around, Lynn began lapping at Sue's wet pussy, and the hard clit protruding from her fantastic lips. After a few minutes of rest, Steve began to slowly lick Sue's pussy, as he gently stroked Lynn's still hard clit. Sue grabbed Steve's cock, and began to suck and lick the shaft.

Mark & Ted & Craig

group BigDave1340 2018-04-20

Ted and Craig’s mouths gaped and Helen felt a sudden tingle when they saw Mark’s nine inches of flaccid cock flop against his thigh. In her left hand, Helen took Craig’s cock and began to wank him slowly to hardness. He pushed slowly allowing just the tip of his cock to enter Helen’s pussy, causing her to gasp lightly as she felt his size stretch her opening further than she had felt in a long time. Mark knew he was having the desired effect on Helen, he felt her vaginal muscles contract, her breathing shallow and her body tense as he felt the tip of his cock press hard against Helen’s cervix.

My wife at a party

group dgoodall1701 2018-04-20

From the bar I watched as they got a table and were just chatting Wendy looked so good setting there here long brown hair in contrast to here milky white skin she kept laughing at whatever Steve kept saying to her. I said “you know this is calming down in here do you think you would want to come up to our room for a last round?” Gary looked at Wendy and said “sure why not.” And to our surprise the guy Gary was talking to said “hey can I join.” Gary said Shane this is Steve he works with me is that ok?” I thought great no fun now but Wendy said “Sure why not the more the merrier.” The four of us headed to the room.

Sun and Showers

group Ghostbear58 2018-04-20

I thrust my stiff shaft into Rebecca, watching her hands stroke Wendy's smooth thighs, hips and stomach, her long nails gently scratching over the skin before reaching up to fondle the round breasts, pinching and pulling the hard nipples. Smiling at Wendy, I pushed her face down between Rebecca's thighs, and watched her nimble tongue lick the bald pussy clean. I stroked Rebecca's smooth back with one hand, while the other slid from Wendy's throat, over her chest and ripe breasts, firm belly, and down to the strip of downy hair between her wide open thighs. I pulled Wendy to me, my mouth pressing to her breasts, licking, kissing, nipping, sucking at the soft skin and hard bud of nipple.

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's a Dirty Slut

group JilnarJardalyLustCum 2018-04-20

I cannot not imagine what could be more pleasurable than the sound of four men all moaning and cumming at the same time, all having their lust completely satisfied by one lucky girl - me! Every day, thereafter, she would wait by the clock for me to get home from the Dubai-TV newsroom, taste-testing my pussy soon as I got through the door to make sure I hadn't been with any men. But a few, excited by the site of Marie and I kissing, caressing and writhing in the sticky cum pool managed to get up and shoot a few more loads all over both our faces while we were and Marie didn't even seem to mind, not at all.

My Boyfriend's Girlfriends

group AlinaX 2018-04-20

My head was being more logical: "Hey, Ali, you wanted him to share you with other men, so it's only fair to share him with other women." My inner slut was meanwhile imagining Fiona on all fours with her tongue in my pussy, Ben thrusting into her from behind, and that image was doing nothing to cool the furnace between my legs. To the man between my legs I said, "Hey, Ben. Fiona needs some of that." "What do you think?" I asked Ben who had moved up the bed to lie alongside Fiona, with me kneeling between them. Ben and Fiona were kissing while I readied him, but I certainly got his attention by lowering myself slowly onto him, penetrating myself with his cock.

It's Better With Two

group twitterpated6260 2018-04-20

Both Corey and Dan stood in front of me and I went from one cock to the other sucking and licking. Corey moved away so I could just play with Dan. He lay down on the bed and pulled me away from Dan; I got on my knees and started sucking Corey's nice hard dick. It was getting a little hard to concentrate on sucking Corey cock because Dan was fucking my pussy hard and fast. Corey down by my pussy kissing and licking my clit and Dan kissing my neck moving his way down to my tits. I could feel myself about to cum; as Corey started to fuck my pussy faster I started sucking Dan's dick faster and harder.

Revenge on New Years

group Sirene27 2018-04-20

Before he could speak, she leant forward and said, "Joe's office, five minutes, come alone." That would give her just the right amount of time to get all hot and heavy with the hunk in the suit, who was now making his way down the hall to Joe's office. He didn't even feel guilty about Joe. The guy was a bastard, and had been cheating on her for so long, this just felt like karma. By the time he had stood up and walked over to her, he was getting hard again. As he did so, three things happened simultaneously; the door opened and Joe stood there, they could hear everyone call out "Happy New Year" and they came together.


group mstwistedangel 2018-04-20

Abby stopped sucking Nick's cock and looked up to watch him bring Daphne to orgasm with his fingers pressed inside her and his tongue on her clit, licking, sucking, and using his other hand to reach up and play with her nipples. Nick let go of her and started gently rocking his hips, moving his cock back and forth inside Abby's pussy as he looked up and began licking Daphne's clit again, reaching up and sliding two fingers back into Daphne. Daphne lowered herself, giving Tony access to her soaking wet pussy, and he began working his fingers into her, his tongue pressing hard against the nub of her clit as Abby rode him, and Nick buried his cock deep and hard into Abby's tight ass.


Anal Epic Ch. 12

group Benny024 2018-04-20

I quickly withdrew my finger from Diane's pussy and slowly directed it to Trish's mouth. Knowing Diane was on the verge, Trish began sucking her clit as if it were a cock. When Tracie's eyes closed, both Diane and Trish gently cupped a large, beautiful, brown breast in each of their small, white hands and lowered their drooling mouths onto Tracie's enticing, erect nipples. Diane moaned so loud that Trish and Tracie stopped kissing to look. As soon as I saw Tracie's dark, perfectly round, gorgeous ass, I fell in love and then into lust, especially, when she reached back, grabbed her smooth, brown cheeks with her long, sleek fingers, and pulled them apart.


My First Double Penetration

group Novocaine1 2018-04-20

I know it’s very common that girlfriends harbour secret fantasies about their boyfriends mates and probably very cliché, but I have never felt guilty masturbating to the thought of Johns rough hands touching my body and the things he can do with his tongue. “You know you are going to get fucked like a proper slut today, don’t you?” I felt the stinging crack of his hand as it connected with my ass cheek. “Yes, Yes please” I replied Johns cock was solid in my hand and Billy’s solid at my ass and all I wanted was to feel them inside of me. All of a sudden both cocks fucked me deep at the same time and I came instantly, my pussy throbbing and my ass hole aching.

The Beginning Of Our Adventure

group bonnyg 2018-04-20

A little smile curled on my lips as I thought of the other guys by the pool, taking furtive glances at my wife, imagining their hands exploring her smooth skin, tracing their fingers over her barely hidden breasts. "Coming right up, I'll be back soon" he said with a deep voice, peeling his eyes away from her smooth brown legs and smirking at me. Let's do it!" My wife replied, looking firstly at me and then the well hung black guy. "You only want me to go out in this because it all the guys will stare and drool over my boobs" She said, looking down at her impressive cleavage.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 16

group SteveWallace 2018-04-20

René asked if we were a 'couple,' and we simultaneously said, 'Sort of.' Jane gave a short explanation, just saying that we liked each other a lot and had fallen in together in a number of nice ways. Jane gave me an evil look, and I heard her ask René, "If I took you to a place where the orgasms are unbelievable would you want to be our sex slave and lover for the rest of your life?" René's body arched up off the bed in a contorted form, and Jane had a hard time keeping her hand ensconced in her cunt as she fisted our new friend. "She tastes better than honey." As she finished, Jane leaned forward and kissed me, rolling her tongue wet with René's juices through my mouth.


Out for a run part 8

group 2018-04-20

. Before I continue, let me describe myself, I have a distinct look – 51 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, Hispanic with darker skin, brunet hair – shoulder length, mouth that loves to suck cock and has acquired the taste for cum, breast size 36D with mouthful size nipples that love attention and are extremely sensitive, abdomen not fat, but enough cushion for some good pushing, dark well maintained pussy hair – no shaving here, pussy that loves action – tight and warm, very toned legs from jogging, flat butt that has just lately started to enjoy anal sex – the flat butt leads to great penetration without needing to move the checks away, and I enjoy being naked, but have a shy side.

A Wedding Day to Remember Ch. 03

group Linda Jean 2018-04-20

Feeling the man behind me fucking me in my asshole at the same time that I was watching myself on TV being fucked by Terry -- and add to that the feeling I was giving myself on my clit and fingering my hole -- took me way beyond any kind of reality, I was lost to this feeling of lust and animal desire for the pleasure to never stop and I wanted it all. I looked back up at the TV to see Terry pull out of my asshole and when he did I could see this huge gaping hole that was my asshole, wide open as I laid there with my face on the floor and my ass in the air while, all the time I kept rubbing my clit and finger fucking myself so I could get something from it all.


Crystal Clear Ch. 04

group Romantic1 2018-04-20

At six o'clock a couple of days after Crystal left for Europe, the studio door opened and Nadia appeared. I turned slowly to take in Nadia's adorable nude body: a magnificent visual study in sexuality -- a perfect ass, trim shapely legs, a flat tummy, and full and excited breasts. Nadia's lubrication started to flow and it tasted like some exotic cocktail with an aroma you know will stay with you for a long time as a memory of the event. If you keep doing that, I'll get messy again --maybe in your mouth." I thought of the time a few days earlier, when Nadia had shown up as Crystal and I made love on the living room sofa; she'd cleaned me with her mouth and done the same to Crystal.


Shameless Christmas Party

group tomlitilia 2018-04-20

It wasn't Sandra's idea, but since most of the other girls thought it was the perfect activity, she took it upon herself to find an appropriate photographer. It took quite some time before she returned to her champagne sipping friends, and Sandra noticed that she was adjusting her bra as she entered. The way he said it made it seem like it wasn't really an option not to take it off—it was only a matter of time. The assistant joined them as the photographer flicked through photos, and she had to agree—she did look great, and very sensual. Afterwards, Sandra felt somewhat ashamed by what she had done, thinking that it wasn't appropriate for an aspiring young lawyer to pose for erotic photos.


Escapades of a Sexy Strumpet

group Promiscousgyrl 2018-04-20

As Byron and I started to get into it more, James suggested that we drive up the coast to the La Jolla Coves, another beach. Then he put my legs down and took off my shirt and bra, and he finally got undressed himself. James was sitting in his seat with his cock out, jerking hard, while watching us. Byron stopped assaulting my pussy, pulled out, and turned me over onto my stomach, legs spread wide and continued fucking my pussy in one of the positions I liked best. After James shoots his load on me, Byron finally pulled out and shoots hot cum all over my ass!

School's Out

group jt123 2018-04-20

Seeing Amy and Debbie's breasts covered with only bras would have been enough, but also having Stephanie undressed was nearly enough to make him cum in his pants. Stephanie lost several hands in a row and as she removed both her bra and panties Dave could almost feel the lust and sexual energy in the room. Amy and Debbie continued playing and suddenly Dave felt Stephanie's hand on his shoulder. Amy looked Stephanie directly in the eyes and said, "That sounded fun." Amy then very deliberately looked at Dave's still wet dick and gave him a quick wink. As Amy's dance continued Dave noticed that Stephanie had reached over and was slowly stroking her fingers along the top of Debbie's thigh.


Laura's Job Interview

group merlotus 2018-04-20

"Yes, a pretty cunt indeed," added Kathy, who was now prying Laura's panties to one side to examine her pink hole. Kathy joined Steven in licking and sucking Laura’s cunt and ass. After what seemed to Laura like an eternity, Steven and Kathy again positioned her on all fours. For a time, Laura was ball-gagged to muffle her screams of pleasure/pain while Kathy and Steven took turns lashing her backside with Steven's belt, and feeding on her tits. Kathy greased her hand lightly with massage oil and took hold of Steven's cock. After a time, Laura found enough composure to ask the question, "Did I pass the audition?" Kathy and Steven smiled at each other, and then broke into laughter.

Two Wives Are Better...

group Christie052780 2018-04-20

I asked her if she loved Doug and she said she did, but that since she had taken this new job she had been so tired that she had lost interest in sex. It took a long time but I eventually felt him start to rock himself in and out of my body with his cock going just a little deeper into me with each thrust. I woke up later that night only to feel Jen and Doug next to me making love. That night, after we got back to our room, Doug went out to get more champagne and some chocolate (I love chocolate!) and Jen and I were left alone.

halloween at eh omega pi frat house with my wife

group dusty48180 2018-04-20

I took advantage of the situation and felt pats cock and then she began sucking on me as I felt brent too. Pat was good, but Peggy wanted fucking, so I slipped down and sucked pat as she took brent into her pussy. Peggy and brent continued for a good 10 minutes when Pat was rock hard again and he said keep me hard while I wait for them to finish. Brent came and slid out so he could get his cock sucked clean by me and as he entered my mouth, Pat slid into Peggy. She came and continued to cum until Pat pulled out and I then replaced his cock with mine and Brent sucked on me.

Dirty Slut Contest Ch. 01

group littlegirlinlove 2018-04-20

It didn’t take long before I was starting to cum and when my pussy started to squeeze his dick he shot load after hot load of cum inside my overused cunt. when the forth guy seen my dripping cunt he said that there is no way he would fuck that so he jammed his dick up my virgin ass. After not to long in my ass the guy with the monster dick pulled out and stuck his tool in my pussy. It didn’t take long before I was cumming again thrusting back on his dick and screaming like he was killing me from the inside out. He pulled out and told me to squat over the bong so all the rest of the cum would flow out of my pussy and ass.