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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

OHGIRL Pregnancy 1

group ohgirl1 2018-11-16

Normally, many of those clients were just blow jobs, but I felt very giving that week and had let those customers who had requested just a blow job, to also fuck me if they wanted, for no extra charge.They all seemed very happy with that deal and I had ridden quite a few of their cocks to completion after blowing them first. More new customers came out of the woodwork as word got around about my professional antics and I kept up the same sexual pace of my first month off of my birth control, as the excitement of it all brought out the cum slut in me.

Group Work

group Just_A_Guy_You_Know 2018-11-16

We were supposed to pick a topic in social psychology, and design a research proposal around it, which we'd present to the class. By the time I reached the ranch style bungalow, I was sweating. I used it to dry off as much as possible, then circled it around my waist. "Can you just hurry up, please?" I grumbled. Hurry, they did not. "It won't take them long to dry. As soon as Alanna had left the room, Laura looked at me with a devilish grin and whispered, "Hey, you wanna see something?" I couldn't see exactly what Laura did just then, but it made Alanna shout "Fuck-nuts! My tongue circled hers as I grabbed the back of her head, pulling her into me.

Nate and Ariana Chapter 3

group Cherism 2018-11-16

He may be used to young girls who don’t know what a good lover is, but Ariana did and she was going to make damn sure she got what she wanted. Ariana was stroking Nate as she sucked Bradley. Nate wanted to grab her and use her mouth like he used her pussy, but this new type of oral sex was a different kind of ecstasy. Bradley didn’t even realize what he was doing because he gaze was fixed on Nate and how he had made Ariana cum with such expertise. Bradley groaned as his cock slid in, but not nearly as loud as Ariana as her body now felt fully stuffed.

Welcome home!

group breeguildford 2018-11-16

A grin spread across his face when he opened the bedroom door, revealing Stella lying spread-eagled on the bed moaning quietly, while Carly focused the attentions of her tongue on Stella’s pussy. On the one hand Stella’s nipples were hard and he couldn’t wait to take one in his mouth and suck long and hard on it; but on the other Carly’s ass was enticingly on display and the temptation to remove his pants, step in behind her and guide his cock inside her wet pussy was very strong. Brad placed his hands on her hips and finally pushed deep inside Carly, grunting loudly as her pussy tightly gripped his cock and she instinctively began moving her hips in loose circles.

The Second School PartOne

group 1941aaa 2018-11-16

"Time will tell my sweet, just think of how Penny would do it, and then you’ll find that there isn’t anything to it." So I left Ann in the lounge, telling her to wait there while I went round to the other part of the building to greet and collect the arrival of what would be our first set of pupils. With Ann, dried, perfumed and powdered, we went down the staircase to the bar where Peter and Penny were waiting, dressed the same, Penny’s breasts looking as lovely as ever.

Titty Heaven

group TittyFucker 2018-11-16

Serena took the cue and moved down to her neck, her hands teasing Jaime's tits, inching up higher and higher without touching them. Serena's tits hung just enough for Jaime to rub her pussy against the swaying mammaries. Serena moaned enveloped Jaime's nipples into her wanton lips. Jaime took Serena's jugs into her hands and started rubbing her pussy against them. I could see Jaime's flesh pillows bulge as Serena was being smothered by those wonderous tits. Serena leaned down, pushing her tits tightly against Jaime's pussy. Jaime grunted and thrusted her hips against Serena's big, fat mammaries. Yeah, I love feeling that hard cock just glide in between my asscheeks. Fuck our mashed tits with your hard, veiny cock.

Don't Knock It

group DeYaKen 2018-11-16

Dave looked at the way the thin material flowed over her beautiful round ass and knew that, to him, it said "thong or no panties"—anything else would show a line. Dave wore a grey lounge suit while Ginger had chosen a pale blue dress with a skirt just long enough to be decent and was split to mid thigh. Dave just looked at her, thinking, 'Oh no, is this the woman I've got to keep happy all night?' She was in her mid-fifties, short, overweight and so unused to wearing high heels that she walked with her knees bent all the time. By the time the coffee was served, even Ginger could see that Dave had his legs apart and Christina was rubbing his cock with her foot.


Biker Man

group loud_bkr 2018-11-16

Tanya was a well put together woman - sexy mouth and eyes, 38 C bust with large, sensitive, stubby nipples, a flat stomach and slim waist flaring out to rounded hips with a full mound with large juicy lips around her pussy which quickly became soaking wet at the slightest stimulation. There was some moaning coming from one end of the room and Tanya leaned forward to see what was happening and saw one of the girls was topless and sucking one of the men's cock. His other hand came up and fondled her breasts through her waistcoat and when Tanya leaned back further against Gary to let him feel her, he quickly slipped her waistcoat open.

The couple in the next apartment building gets kinky

group kornslayer1 2018-11-16

"Would you like a closer look at me having sex with my husband?" Tina asked. "I've always wanted to fuck a woman Megan," Tina said. "You like having a woman kiss you don't you?" Tina asked. Matt was watching her thrust that dildo and then he got on the floor again and began eating out Tina, I finally got to see that up close too. "I've always wanted to fuck a woman like this," Tina said. Matt got right by us and stroked his cock really closely, about 5 minutes after that, he began moaning loudly. "We like that idea, but whenever you aren't involved, feel free to watch us, and maybe we'll invite you over to watch us up close and personal," Tina said.

You think you know someone - Tammy and Barry: Their story. Chapter 4 of 4.

group Bipeep 2018-11-16

'This woman is persistent as well as greedy as she already had a nice looking dick pumping into her cunt,' thought Tammy as she now noticed through the tenting material of his trousers that Barry's cock was beginning to swell. Could she?' She thought as she was tempted to pull Barrie's huge cock out of his pants and see what the expression on the other woman's face would be. Tammy and Barry did meet with a number of couples and had same room sex and swapping sessions with a few of those. That Saturday night went so well that Tammy rang all the participants the next week and asked them if they knew of any suitable couples who they might like to invite along as trial members.

Black Couple Absolute Submission

group Samuelx 2018-11-16

A blonde-haired and very pale-skinned young woman had a sexy, dark-skinned black man suspended above the stony floor from thick chains in a dungeon setting of some kind. Watching the sexy blonde woman fucking the black guy with the strap-on dildo was a real turn-on for me. Unbeknownst to George and Sheila is the fact that Maureen and I have been known to get together without anyone else around. Watching Sheila sucking on George's Johnson, I realized Maureen was right. Not for the first time I wondered what would have happened to Maureen and I if I hadn't transferred from Boston College to Harvard for grad school. Yeah, in the movies, Maureen and I could ditch George and Sheila and run away together.

The Bachelorette Party - Part 2

group NVMii 2018-11-16

Suddenly Robert forced his cock deep into her and held it there as he shot rope after rope of cum into Sarah's hot cunt. Sarah started to moan and finally said, "Fuck me Jacob, I want to feel you deep in me." Alex opened the door and we walked in, Robert was on top of Vivian, fucking the shit out of her and Harvey was straddled by Allie, his long cock buried in her snatch. About his cock size and how tight it filled my cunt and about the many times I came and how I used the mirror to watch Alex and I fuck, like it was a porn movie.

Bisexual Black Man in The Hood

group Samuelx 2018-11-16

Marcia comes home and sees her man, Maurice Henderson watching television. Marcia takes a closer look and notices that what she thought was a black woman is actually a transvestite, and an ugly one too. She felt like telling him that she'd seen him shoving a dildo up his own ass when he thought he was home alone. Marcia gasped when she felt Maurice's thick cock slide into her asshole. After that night, Maurice was becoming seriously addicted to anal sex and although Marcia liked it, it was beginning to tax her. Marcia pulled the dildo out of her man's asshole and took his cock into her mouth.

Memoirs of a Bisexual: Chapter 8 - Another Chocolate Chip in the Cookie

group Avery420 2018-11-16

Anginette started breathing faster and I guess Felecia knew she was about to cum so she increased her pace on Anginette’s pussy. Anginette had taken her hands off of Feleicia and had them up her shirt rubbing her own huge tits as Felecia worked her pussy. “I like watching your white dick slide in and out of her black pussy.” She said as she stared as I fucked Anginette. Anginette was moaning and squealing so hard as I fucked her, Felecia removed her pussy from atop Anginette’s mouth. “Oh yeah, girl, I want to see you get fucked hard!” she said to Felecia as she rubbed her pussy while she watched.

Double Booked

group RejectReality 2018-11-16

Tonya backed into the door, bumping it the rest of the way open with her bare bottom as she drank in the sight of two cocks completing their rise to full erection. “That pussy good?” Vick asked as he watched Tonya squeeze his cock and lick her lips. During the momentary reprieve from the blond’s enthusiastic lapping, Tonya parted her lips and slipped them over the head of Vick’s cock. The blond let out a sharp, high-pitched grunt as he buried his cock a little deeper, eliciting a cry of surprised bliss from Tonya, and then said, “Shit. His cock having slipped from her lips amidst a series of yelps, Vick left it hovering before her tightly closed eyes and busied himself with fondling her bouncing breasts instead.

Fucking my girlfriend's guy

group cindy_4u 2018-11-16

I realized he also had the hots for me so I knew that even though the first night together would be about getting Nicole over her sexual inhibitions, it was becoming more about Alex and me finally hooking up. Alex and Nicole were fondling and kissing each other as I watched, but I wanted his tongue in my mouth. Nicole was finally standing topless, Scottish-plaid skirt and fuck-me heels ready to play, asking to be eaten. Before I knew it, Alex was naked, behind me kissing my ass, pushing my thong to the side and wanting to finger fuck me. Alex stood and stroked his cock till he started to cum, his hot semen sprayed on our faces and into our hair.

Being a Good Neighbor

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-16

After we had such a wonderful time, I wanted Laura to enjoy you, too," said Brenda from behind me, her breasts feeling so nice rubbing around on my back. "Mmm, oh, yes, oh, Vern, you've got me there, oh, yes, AAH, AAH, AAH, unh, unh, oh, yes, yes, oh, so, so wonderful, uuhhm, yes," and she bent down and began kissing me as her hips continued on moving up and down, fucking me so nicely. "Mmm, you're a wonderful lover, Vern, a real dream," and we kissed for a few minutes then I rolled off her as Laura came in the room, still naked, and sat on the bed.

It's A Sign: The World Is Going To End

group Idol 2018-11-15

My sister freed her mouth and while still jacking off the men around her, responded, "I don't know Saki but everyone's really enjoying this sudden control. Tears came to my eyes as I heard the same noises that sprung throughout the village. A small tingling ran through my fingers and veins, my hands suddenly lifted and pulled my huipil off of my body. The leader, Caine, took his rightful spot between my legs, another hovering above my face, four more heading to the ends of my hands and feet. My breasts were immediately devoured by two men, ones tongue sucking, licking my nipples, the other pulling with his teeth. My hands jacked off the two men immediately as my toes got sucked on.

Big Women's Butt Holes Are Hot

group Samuelx 2018-11-15

Lots of black men like to fuck big women in the ass. Ever since I could remember, I've been scouring the Internet and adult video stores looking for videos featuring big women getting fucked in the ass. He's a big and tall, blond-haired, good-looking security guard at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Yeah, I've always had a thing for fucking big people in the ass. I like big women with fat asses. Truth be told, I have fucked tons of big people in the ass. The plump Asian chick squealed as my cock penetrated her ass. I dug my fingers into the tender flesh of Amy's hips as I held her big ass into place and fucked it.


Quebec Women Are Slutty

group Samuelx 2018-11-15

I like older White ladies but it's only in frigging porno movies that they go for young Black guys they've never met before. I was telling you about these two sexy older White ladies I was checking out inside Saint Laurent Mall. A young Black man gets picked up by two sexy older White women for sex. Marie spread her legs and ordered me to lick her hairy pussy while Jennifer fingered her pussy and sucked my nine-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. Then it was Jennifer's turn to get her pussy licked while Marie sucked my dick and fingered my asshole. Yep, the big sexy older White lady climbed on top of me and impaled her pussy on my dick.


Look Buttons, no thatch!

group carmen_has36 2018-11-15

None had tried anal until Terri offered the fifth guy her ass since she and Buttons had one in front and behind each, leaving him out. Terri showed up at Buttons' wearing a short little flowing mint green dress that was all but sheer at the top. Terri finally took a seat between two on the couch as Buttons stood talking to three of the guys. Buttons laughed and facing Terri pulled down the front of her shorts revealing a blonde patch of fur and came back with: "Let's get this party started! No one was counting, but Terri did distinctly remember the 'biggest cocked guy' cumming for her three times for sure.

Azzie's Silver Tipped Surprise

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-11-15

But last night, opportunity had presented her pretty face and he was able to enjoy fucking his secretary hard and wild like he had always craved he would be able to. Eight months ago he had a wild night out with Azzie and two of his co workers, John and Steve. While his friends danced, Pierce arranged for a strobe light room with specific furniture and was assured it would be ready in the exact way he wanted on the day and time he had chosen. Pierce guided Azzie's beautiful blind folded face into his crotch and felt her lips encircle his throbbing need. The audience was pleasantly seduced when beautiful Azzie started loudly begging for the trim, muscular men's hard cocks back inside her.

Blossoming Chapter 3

group captive8ed 2018-11-15

In her dream, she couldn't help but think what a dirty little girl she was, doing this so openly with Mark and Anna watching her, knowing that the feelings in them were also building at an alarming rate. She faced Anna, making her watch her every move, knowing that it would drive her crazy, and also noticed that Mark had moved closer to the tub, still with cock in hand to watch also. Nicole made her way around to where the action was, kissed Mark like she had never done before and reached her hand down between Anna's gorgeous arse and Mark's stomach and teasingly pulled his hard cock from her pussy.


A nice Evening

group mbifa 2018-11-15

The next day Pamela and I were going to my apartment where our spouses: Alice and Michael, were waiting for us. Michael didn’t feel shy and looked boldly at my wife’s beautiful breast seen in the décolleté of her dress. Alice forgot about us and slowly lowered her hand to Michael’s cock and started stroking it. At the moment when Alice stroked the man’ balls and cock and then took the shaft into her mouth Pamela was going to join her. Pamela lay beside them to observe how her husband’s cock entered the woman and then left it being covered in her juices abundantly. When the man shot his loads into my wife and Pamela returned from the bathroom all of us lay on the sofa feeling satisfied and happy.