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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Three's A Party, Not A Crowd

group 2018-04-20

I withdraw my finger from her ass then grab her hips and start pumping she's gasping, this time it was followed by a string of unintelligible words as I slam my cock in and out of her, she comes again and again I feels my balls boiling. Greg was moaning and telling his wife what he was going to do to her, the sound of Chrissy's mouth working over her husband's cock, and also the slurping and squelching sounds that emanated from her pussy as I worked my now four fingers into her pussy. As I got out and started to dry off, she stuck her head out of the shower and said, "Greg and I want you to come back again real soon..." and as the door of the shower closed she added, "...and next time maybe bring your wife"

From the Outside Looking Inside

group redaxis1 2018-04-20

Amy licked harder, faster, and then brought her hand in, sliding two fingers into her mouth and then into Holly's hungry pussy. "You like that, don't you baby," Amy said as Holly deep throated her fingers, nodding in approval and seductively closing her eyes. Amy bent forward again, and began to lick Holly's tender nipples while she fingered her pussy. I began to moan, and hearing Holly say "Cum on my tits, baby" I yelled out and spurted harder than I ever had before. Then, Amy's probing tongue began to lick my cum off of Holly, even sucking up the long spurts which had been deliciously hanging from Holly's nipples.


Dream Vacation Pt. 06

group Xenolan 2018-04-20

It was only a short ride to the ship, unfortunately not long enough for Trina and I to have much in the way of back-seat fun, but we did have time for some deep kissing and naked tit-play. Again the girls kissed, and then Akimi put her tongue out and let Kiko's lips touch her there instead. I felt hedonistic and shameless, and I loved knowing that if I wanted I could strip down right there and have Trina suck me off while I watched Akimi and Kiko make out for my benefit.


The Apt Ch. 03

group timjac2 2018-04-20

Lisa saw my face fall and said "Don't worry, I am not moving far, and I wouldn't want to give up the amazing sex that I have been getting, and I am sure that Monica doesn't want to either. That told me that Ashlee was a good looking girl and Lisa thought that she might be willing to join. It was now getting late and I knew that I had to get going, so I gave Lisa, Monica and Shauna a kiss good bye, and was about to leave when Ashlee piped up, "what about me?" A week later, I went over to the house, and Ashlee greeted me at the door, she had just finished her run for the day and was all sweaty.


Fresh Start

group Shylady 2018-04-20

As I brushed my hair, my mind drifted to thoughts of the two men I work with now, Tim and Ned. I looked at my reflection and wondered aloud if I was "woman enough" for Tim and Ned. I sighed and pushed the thought out of my mind. Groaning softly, I slowly traced my tongue around Ned's cock, teasing him, flicking it against the ridge, before sucking it into my mouth. Then I switched and gave Tim's cock the same loving treatment as Ned's, slowly licking and sucking, teasing him, making him harder than ever. I felt his tongue tracing around my pussy lips and clit, and sucked his cock back in my mouth.

Anal At Last Ch. 12

group scottishmeat 2018-04-20

She moaned as I took it in and sucked hard on it, gently nipping it with my teeth, as I slid my hands underneath her to grab her ass cheeks and pull them apart to stretch her asshole. I went back down with the DVD, and started it playing in the player, then stretched myself out on the sofa behind Angela, my semi-hard cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass, one hand cupping a breast. "You want the other man to finger you just like that slut on the screen, don't you?" I pulled my hand away from her mouth, and squeezed it between us, sliding it down to her asshole, rubbing a finger around the outside, spreading juices from her dripping cunt around.


After the Prom

group Learningfast 2018-04-20

Lying there, waiting for the first girl to come along, David was pleased to feel his erection tight inside his briefs. By the time David had lifted himself out of the channel and walked the three or four steps to the next position, where the girl must have had her orgasm, she was no longer visible. For a second time, he saw a girl totally occupied by men and almost invisible from sight by the press of other around her; feeling and touching her breasts, her hands, her buttocks as they quivered under the pounding from the boys. After maybe 40 minutes, David found himself gaining erection again as he looked up into the pubic area of a black girl dressed in white stockings attached to a shiny tight satin waspie.


Jenna's Fantasy

group Paris Waterman 2018-04-20

Having satisfied her that I wasn't going to come for some time, Jenna began experimenting; wrapping her tongue around my cock and making me feel pretty damn good. Without the slightest hesitation Jenna moved to my testicles, holding the soft globes in the palm of her hand and examining them carefully before applying her tongue to them, licking softly, knowing they were delicate beings, and feeling the joy of having me trust her to handle my 'crown jewels.' I gave her a savage tongue lashing that had her moaning and then squirting (yes, Jenna was a squirter.) into my mouth and face while she squeezed her nipples and told me she was cumming.


Underground Adventure

group Caramel_girl 2018-04-20

I feel my pussy juices dribbling from my smooth shaven cunt down my spread, caramel brown thighs...I'm cumming at the sight of you fucking J's ass...I love to see the strength of your bodies together, your cocks both stiff and thick and full of cum..I can't touch myself because of my tied hands and I can't even rub my pussy between my thighs, so I use my cunt muscles to make it pulse hard, then release, trying to give myself some sort of pleasure... I moan loudly as he begins forcing his cock in and out of my cunt, ramming it into me hard while he gently rubs my pussy...the control that he has to perform two opposite tasks at once amazes me...and causes a rush of juices to flood over his cock..."That's it my lovely slut...feel my cock make you cum.."

Safety Net? What Safety Net?

group writermike 2018-04-20

Jenny moved behind and put her lips to Tina's vaginal opening and making loud slurping noises started kissing her wet labia looked towards the audience opened her mouth and a good twelve inches sprang out and quite quickly she stuffed all of them into Tina's gaping vagina and when she pulled her head back the last foot and a half was dangling from Tina's hairy pussy. Bring your naughty but wonderful mouth here you baaadah little girl!" While Jenny snaked her way under Tina she flailed the free end like it was a penis at the boys and in a teasing voice said, "I bet you 'all...!' want a piece of me by now.


First bi experience

group km0721 2018-04-20

It was at that time that Ron asked if I had ever watched any porn videos before. As we were watching I looked over on the couch they were sitting on and noticed that Beth had one leg extended over Ron's leg and brought his hand over to her pussy. As we were all pleasuring ourselves, we finished disrobing and Ron told me to come over and sit between them on the couch. The second his cock started to throb, Beth gently pulled it out of her hole and let it come on her pussy and my cock. With that, Ron and I took turns cleaning up the "mess" we made all over Beth's pussy.


group XXXNoBounds 2018-04-20

I wanted to make sure she got hers first so my free hand was all over her body, squeezing her erect nipple, as I slid a finger between her pink lips and into her pussy. Warm water cascading on to the back of her head, Barbara went to her knees and encircled the head with her lips and slowly inch by inch took my approximately seven uncut inches into her mouth down to my balls. As I pulled back and releases my suction, I started using my amazing tongue in a way Barbara claims only I can, sometimes quickly, other times slower, moving it vertically or making slow, lazy circles around her clit while working a finger inside of her and penetrating deeply.

A Day at the Beach

group VinsanityOrElse 2018-04-20

"Wow, you guys don't seem like you've been together that long." Peter smiled, emptying his wine glass. "You know, if you make a good enough impression on me I may leave you my condo when I die." He pulled me closer to him, "wouldn't you like that?" Peter's gaze caught my eye as he came around behind me, grabbing my ass he maneuvered my pussy to his stiff cock, burying it in my wet hole. Standing in front of me, suddenly Peter pulled his giant cock out of my pussy, plunging nut deep into my ass. I caught a wicked grin shared between Peter, Roy, and Alex as my boyfriend slid into the seat beside me.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 12

group SteveWallace 2018-04-20

The five young women sat at an outside table at a nice restaurant in downtown Sarasota named Maurice's: Edie, Kat, Amber, and their new friends Crystal and Melody. There was some talk about the summer jobs that the latter two girls had taken: Crystal as a part-time waitress during the dinner shift at TGIFridays restaurant, and Melody as a clerk and stockgirl in Heaven – a woman's clothing boutique. Kat gave Crystal a nudge and she joined Brad on the dance floor while she ordered some drinks. She watched Crystal and while she obviously had some questions she wanted to ask her about the protocol of having someone else suddenly join them unexpectedly, she just played along and followed Kat's lead. A few dances later Brad and Kat sat down; Mark and Crystal quickly joined them.


A Kitten's Tail Ch. 31

group wolfdragon76 2018-04-20

"We played together quite a few times on the island during your training Rebeca, so I know you have seen me climax before," Hope said. She trusted Kiera to take care of Nicky, but she usually grabbed a quick shower as soon as she woke up and rushed off to check her daughter the nights she stayed in the master bedroom. I'm going to get Vivi started first and I'm sure Zara and Marcello will come in once they finish." I turned to the twins, knowing I had changed their plan for the morning and they wanted to take care of me still. Rebeca looked nervous, but Gianna crawled over and put her head in Vivi's lap to help encourage her.


Twentieth High School Reunion

group Irish Moss 2018-04-20

Before she started moving again, Erin let out a cry above me and I could feel the tremors in her body as they went down her legs to her feet and caused the bed to vibrate on either side of my head, beyond Therese's knees. As soon as Erin finished cumming, both of Therese's hands dropped to my head and I felt her start to hump her pussy toward my face. When I started to feel a bit selfish, knowing that I wasn't giving either pussy 100% of my attention, I looked up at Erin with her nectar all over my chin and told her she didn't want to miss out on Sandy's skilled tongue.


Just a Little Tennis Match Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-04-20

As Nicole got set to make her next serve, Michelle simply removed her blouse, leaving her wearing only a sports bra on top. "Hey honey, Alan was Nicole's ride, and he took off already, so can we just drop her off at home on the way back?" Originally, Michelle had planned on coming over to my place after the match, but a side detour to the girls' apartment would not be very long. Nicole then turned, still in her shirt and heels, unbuttoning then thrusting her hand down Michelle's jeans. Michelle took ahold of Nicole's hands on her tits pushing them against her breasts and directing them to tease her nipples.


Party Show MFF

group maxpriapic 2018-04-20

Sara has her dress fully open and her bra pulled down below her right breast as she dips her erect pink nipple into my mouth and caresses my abdomen with her fingertips. My spunk sprays all over our hands, Sara rapidly licks it off my fingers, getting it while it was still hot, sucking each finger into her mouth one at a time, and Stephi swirls it around my stomach and softening cock. Upon my return I find Sara and Stephi in an embrace, kissing, and caressing each other's bodies under the stream of hot water. My fingers delicately glided over both their lips, cupping their entire vaginas in my hands while letting the stream of the shower beat down into my hands, filling them up with hot water and splashing against their clits.

iCarly: iSlut

group bobcox69 2018-04-20

The blonde girl rubbed her arms and thought for a moment before slowly pulling down her arms, revealing the small perky mounds that jutted out of her chest, her puffy nipples starting to harden in the open air. “Those are pretty sexy Carly.” Sam said to the other girl as she pointed towards the small, pink triangular piece of material that barely covered up the girl’s womanhood. Stretching out her tongue, Sam hesitantly touched it to the bottom of her best friend’s cunt and pressed it in between the two lips, tasting the juices that began to flow, “Hmm. Not that bad.” she thought to herself as she reached around and embraced Carly’s firm butt cheeks.

Double your Pleasure

group bluewaterguy 2018-04-20

Her hand was stroking his cock and she now looked up at him as she began to gently lick and suck on the head of his cock, paying special attention to his favorite spot, the Frenulum, where his foreskin was attached to his cock. After his orgasm stopped Jenna continued licking and sucking the rest of the come from his cock cleaning him totally as he sat satiated in his chair. He was straining to hear what they were saying as he watched Janet cup Jenna's breast with her hand and kiss her on the lips. Jenna leaned forward to kiss and suckle each breast while Janet stroked her head.

Bus ride

group monkeymonkey42 2018-04-20

“Right, where were we?” Julie said and she began to strip off her clothes, Claire and I watched her take off her coat, fold it and place it on the seat behind her, as she bent over I could see Julie had removed her panties and I was staring at her tidy gash again, my dick hardened again and Claire rubbed my knee, then moved my hand around her shoulder, we stayed like that for a bit while Julie continued to tease us. Claire found the opening of my jeans easily and out came my cock for the third time, balls and all this time, I lifted Claire’s vest up off her body and saw her frilly bra with lacy transparent cups, her little nipples perked up while I looked, I slipped her left cup down, her bare tit fell into my fingers, at the same time she’s jerking me off.

A Foreign Affair

group fotisampini 2018-04-20

Yolanda relayed the offer to Angela, who said why not, while I told the guys I thought we would get some beers and head to my house. Pablo had watched these going on's with barely contained excitement, and while his attention would wander back to Angela, as she stroked and touched him, seeing Yolanda go down on me had clearly worked it's magic on him. "Yolanda!" Pablo and Chago answered, while Alejandro said "Angela." I looked over to where Pablo had bent Yolanda over the edge of the bed and entered her from behind, having forgotten his intentions for Angela, at least for the moment. Angela was groaning and crying now, but good old Alejandro was holding her head with both hands and fucking her mouth.


group satinexinhose 2018-04-20

Payment in cash is required on the completion of the job." said the man, his voice betraying slight annoyance at the Tracy's attitude. Tracy caught herself looking at his crotch wondering how big Jamall's cock was, but the pressure of the move stopped any further pondering to her inner self '' i'll bet you at least 8'' and a thick 4'' girth to it'' ......Mmmm Nice.!!!! The hand felt heavier and heavier as Jamall pressed down until Tracy's legs finally gave way and she was on her knees. Although BigBubba's penis was only about 6 inches long, it was quite fat and Tracy could feel it sliding in and out despite her wetness.

Creampie gangbang in a van: Chapter Thee – Creampi

group Smiler2000 2018-04-20

This guy was very excited and did not last very long, he let out a deep grunt of pleasure as he held himself deep inside the mommy whore and pumped his hefty spunk load right up her wet accommodating pussy. He slowly got off her face and all she could feel was her whore pussy impaled and so full from that long cock r****g her and three guys biting her massive tits. Dianna, let out a loud moan in pain and pleasure as the guy with the long cock fucking her, steps it up a gear, really fucks her with such animilisitc f***e, she can hardly breathe with the pleasure and pain as he tears hard and deep into her.