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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Madison's Cure

group Sascha_I 2018-04-20

John licked his lips and looked at Madison, his eyes traveling up and down the line of her body. Or maybe a long, hot shower that featured Madison stepping into the large tub with him, setting her delectably round ass against his cock and letting him smell her arousal, feel her heat. Madison touched John's cock, wrapping her fingers around its girth before her lips curled into a smile. Alicia turned towards Madison, giving John a great view of her profile and her round, high breasts. I've never felt such heat from any woman who has ever sucked my dick," John gasped out as Madison's mouth drew him in all the way and slid him slowly, slowly out inch by painful inch.


Play Time Present

group TheTranscontinental 2018-04-20

Once there, he pressed harder against her and pinned her between him and the bed, his hand moving up from her hips to the underside of her bra cups, the other sliding up under her shirt to find the other breast. Liking the sound this elicited from her, he wrapped his hand around her other breast, squeezing the nipple between his fingers while continuing to work the other with his mouth. Her breathing got harder and her moans louder; one of her hands wrapped tightly around mine and the other moved back and forth between grabbing his hair to pull his mouth against her and down to cup her breasts, offering them back up to him each time he pulled away.

Happy Birthday Babyslut

group Thomas Drablézien 2018-04-20

It was summer again in that corner of southern France that Jenny and John called home, and almost a year had passed since their mundane lives had been turned upside down and sent off on a very different course as a direct result of Nicole's summer long visit. I don't want to reveal too much about the playroom yet, but it had been suitably christened during Nicole's brief New Year's visit, and it was also the main focus of the parties that Jenny and John now regularly hosted for their new group of French swinger friends. When they emerged at the top of the playroom stairs Nicole and John were greeted by the sight of Ben lounging on the big couch, his lap covered with a towel and Jenny standing proudly beside him.


La Playa Ch. 03

group Fog43 2018-04-20

He also installed a number of palapas along the new beach front which looked back into the bay and the main resort, and a large staging cabana with a bar and limited kitchen facilities to provide guests with beverages and light snacks during their island romp, as well as restrooms with outdoor showers for refreshment after swimming or sex. Reaching out to stroke Jack's shaft Diane said "isn't it just the most luscious looking thing?" "Mmmm, yes!" replied Laura, "what do you think of it, honey?" Laura tossed this softball up in the air hoping Larry remembered their pact to both at least try a same-sex encounter during this trip.


First Three

group eagelwolf 2018-04-20

I broke the kiss and looked into Matt's confused face and said, "Hawk and I have this thing we would like to try with you." His eyes went from confused to worried in a literal blink. Without a word, Hawk closed the door, walked passed Matt who looked awkward in his naked, erect state. As I seized Matt with my right hand and took him into my mouth, Hawk's steely erection came into view on my left. "Happy birthday," I said with a laugh then I stood up and got a hand towel from Hawk's closet. Matt sat naked, fully erect on the opposite bed, his eyes on my chest, his hand sliding up and down his shaft.


The French Trip Ch. 01

group JohnnyMax 2018-04-20

"Ok" said Penelope "I'll let David know." She picked up her cell phone and speed-dialed "Hey Bro, our decision is Tahiti. They finally got the full basket into the float-plane and stood back with the other girls. One of the boys who had done fishing before went with Penelope and two other girls to, hopefully, catch some dinner. That left him with three boys and three girls and they headed to the stand of coconut palms. "But your pussy looks so juicy, if I can't suck juice out of a coconut then I'd like to try sucking your peach." That was Simon, Melanie's mouth dropped open and her face went bright red.

Sweet Dreams Ch. 2

group King_Leo 2018-04-20

As Dreamer was forced to bend over, she started licking Mistress' sweet pussy, I pulled Mistress' head to mine, kissed her and told her that I loved her and what a wonderful sight she was. I walked over to the chest and pulled out some silk scarves and handed them to Mistress as she gently pushed Dreamer down to sit in a large wooden chair against the wall. As she ravenously licked her juices off my fingers, I reached below the chair and pulled out a vibrating egg and slid it across her wet pussy lips. Mistress looked at me as I sucked and tweaked on Dreamer's hard nipples then let her eyes roll back as she started to cum.

A Visit From My Little Sister Ch. 01

group chicagophotoman 2018-04-20

They both began to rub their wet bodies against mine; Robyn turning around so she was facing me grabbed my now growing cock with a soapy fist and started to stroke me. As Robyn was sucking me to the hilt, Emily got down and began licking me right between my ass cheeks, her flitting tongue working its way tickling my asshole. Robyn then turned around slowly so she could kiss and rub Emily's hard nipples while I continued to lick and suck her hot pussy and ass. Her face, hair, and breasts were soon covered in my salty cum, it began to run down her cheeks and what she caught in her mouth she swallowed quickly and sucked my dick deep and hard causing another shot of hot cum down her throat.

The Hunt Ch. 05-06

group i_would 2018-04-20

The bearded man treated her breasts rather roughly, twisting and pinching her nipples until she screamed in pain while his friend put her legs on his shoulders, used one hand to aim his dick and then pushed all the way in and immediately started to pound her hard. The men gathered at the gate, where the girls were lined up, still handcuffed, and commented on the girls, "Nice catch," "Looking promising," "Hey, we had her this morning as well," "Yeah, tried and tested," "Lovely," "Can't wait to fuck them all," "Indeed, but who's going to get my load, gonna be a tough choice."


Foursome and Moresome

group Nudisttwo 2018-04-20

They asked if we wanted to join but Sandra said we would stay and watch our stuff just in case. "Alicia and Tony look quite good together" Sandra said. "So we went down a hidden path off the beach into the brush a bit" Alicia said "then we both looked at each other when we heard the sounds." "I would love to see it" Sandra said "Mark, let's go, Alicia and Tony want to come along again?" For the next few minutes we just watched as they fucked and Sandra stroked my cock and I continued to finger her. "Yes" Sandra said "we are reasonably open minded and are glad to have similar friends like you we can share fun and nudism with."


Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 01

group Jeremydcp 2018-04-20

"Well, sucking Jeremy's cock has always seemed to cheer me up," Pamela offered, her right hand having already replaced Kristanna's at the base of my shaft. "I've always loved watching you suck cock," Kristanna cooed, the smile on her face enormous, as she rose up to her knees and moved behind Pamela. I love you, I love Jeremy, I love my Devvy, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, Scarlett..." A single tear trickled down Kristanna's cheek as she purred, "Every day, I wake up and all of this feels like Heaven on Earth to me." Amy was married (to not only me, but Kristanna, Pamela and Lindsay as well), and she felt, with a little daughter on the way, her life would soon be complete.


A Girl's Desires Ch. 01

group w.b.p. 2018-04-20

To her enormous surprise, there was Aunt Ellen wearing nothing but a bra, sitting on the edge of the bed, legs spread open while another naked woman, who Jeanelle had never seen before, was on her hands and knees in front her, licking her Aunt Ellen’s vagina! Jeanelle squirmed down in front of Aunt Ellen, pushed her face between her open legs, and kissed her hot, wet, open, naked pussy! Then, after a little rest, Aunt Ellen went to work on Jeanelle, licking and kissing all over her body, even turning her over to nibble her ass cheeks and tongue her quivering brown asshole, but mostly kissing and fondling and sucking her hot little nipples and cunt lips and clit, til Jeanelle seemed to burst with sexual pleasure, orgasming more times than she had ever thought possible.


It Started in January

group Moondrift 2018-04-20

I don’t think I’m a nymphomaniac or anything like that; it’s just that I enjoy sex, and I can’t recall a time when Ted approached me when I wasn’t ready for him. As I’ve said, I wanted children and I held to the view that the more times Ted made love with me the more chance there was of getting pregnant. It didn’t happen like that on this occasion, but he said the most wonderful and loving things to me, telling me how beautiful I am. What was notable about that day was that Ted did not go out in the boat, contenting himself with doing a few odd jobs round the shack and fucking me three times.


The Pool Sitter Ch. 03

group Loveitinwater 2018-04-20

Throughout the night, I recalled Alyssa in her orange floral bikini, her knowing smile as she walked to the hot tub with me behind her, her moans and gasps as her orgasm shook her and she pushed my face into her sweet pussy, her deft touch as she licked and jerked my cock into explosive jets of cum that coated her cheeks, neck, and petite breasts, and finally, the silky soft feel of her tight pussy as my cock plunged into it. I slid on hand down to Alyssa's tight ass while Diana licked her way up and down the shaft and hummed on my cock.

A Night with Stacy

group sohowanderer 2018-04-20

She wanted to go up to the room, have a cocktail and relax but since she didn’t she want to be all alone and since she hadn’t seen my wife in years she thought that would be a great way for them to catch up on each other and Stacy and I to get to know each other better. The next thing I knew Stacy was holding me back (as if I really had to be restrained with my mind racing to where this might be going) and Kathy was pulling my pants down. Stacy licked Kathy deeply and even started alternating between licking Kathy’s pussy and ass.

My Girlfriends and My Ex

group patdown 2018-04-20

They went like that for a while before switching positions, Amy got under Harriett and Jaime wearing the strap on gave to it Harriett up the ass. Before stuffing my face between her tits she said, "I'm in a generous mood Matt you've got your hands free so you can enjoy feeling my big bodacious body." Looking down at me, figuratively and literally, Harriett gave me that wicked smile again and said, "Well Matt this has been a night for you to remember, got to see a wild lesbian sex show, got fucked by, if I do say so myself without being modest, an awesome woman, got to feel up my big incredible body, got to eat my delicious pussy.


Let The Games Begin! Ch. 05

group antonia363636 2018-04-20

"After what I've just seen," Linda agreed, "I'd second that motion." As she did so she opened her legs to allow the men to get a good look at her pussy, deliberately of course, before adding, "There is still Shirley and Julie to come, if you know what I mean, and I for one can't wait but," she paused, "I could kill a beer right now!" Tom smothered his face into the sweet smelling armpit that oozed with moisture and began by using that to run his tongue down smoothly along her inner arm before returning to the apex and repeated the operation down Julie's right side, stopping where he could see, and feel, the pantie-line that the sexy knickers had left, those same red knickers that he now had wrapped around his cock.


Triad Ch. 08

group SteveWallace 2018-04-20

We were tired, and had come from three different directions: the west coast (Abby), Europe (Anna), and me by way of South America where I made an appearance and speech in Rio. What welcomed us besides the security team was also a gaggle of paparazzi at the end of our driveway; many of who occasionally made forays onto the beach to try to get an angle on us from that direction. I explained, "We have free time and would like to help in some way - to pay back to the community and the many people who have been so kind to us by reading our books and thinking kindly of us."


Making Fantasies Reality Pt. 03

group monkeyjoe3 2018-04-20

“You’re gonna fuck me so good later,” she said, talking to my cock as much as me, “but you’re gonna have to save it for later because I’m going to have fun teasing you tonight!” “Come on, get dressed, Andy’ll be back in a bit and you’ve got to go and buy enough wine to get us all slightly drunk.” I shrugged, knowing when I was beaten, and pulled on my boxer shorts, jeans and a t-shirt. “Well I guess I don’t mind being taken advantage of by you,” he said to Tricia, “although I reckon I’ve nearly got the hang of this now, so you’d better watch out!”


The swim

group 2018-04-20

You head went back and you gave out a huge moan, as you felt Bobbi's hot breath between your thighs, and then felt her wet tongue around your pussy. Bobbi kept up the suck for a good 30 seconds, by the end of which, your pussy was drenched and you felt your juices running down the inside of your thighs. Moaning, you saw Carli tense as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her, and then a stream of girl juice burst out of her body like a fountain. You felt hot breath on your face, and Bobbi's voice filtered into your consciousness - "Are you having fun?" she asked, but your brain was elsewhere, and you were unable to answer.

Suburban Couple's 18-year-old Toy

group Alex_Ho 2018-04-20

Erin's mouth hung open as she looked from Joe to Sandy, "Really, you mean like, we could have a three-way?" She said, "OK honey, suck it like you've always wanted to, eat my pussy and drink my juices...yeah, that's it...just like that...good girl..." Erin turned into a real dynamo, licking and sucking Sandy's pussy. Erin sat up about half-way and asked, "Joe, please fuck me now, I want to feel what it's like to have a real man in my pussy?" Joe looked over at Sandy as if asking for permission and saw her nodding at him as if to say, "Go ahead, fuck her." "Well I want some more alone time with you and our little fuck toy first," as she grabbed Erin and gave her a big, sloppy, wet kiss.


Rich Bitches Get Their Deposits

group The Legend 2018-04-20

"Thank you, you look really handsome yourself!" Cindy said as she gently brushed her hair and returned her hand to her side. "Perfect, but we were wondering, we have never been in your house, could Sam and I get a personal tour?" Cindy grinned as she placed her finger in her champagne and gently ran the sweet liquid across her lips. Samantha removed Danny's pants and underwear in the same fashion as Cindy had done and began to taste his cock. Moments later, Scott's moaning increased as he told Cindy, "Im about to cum!" Her mouth never lifted from his cock and he blew his load deep in her throat as she looked at him seductively.

High Card Wins

group kandie 2018-04-20

Oh God, Joe loved watching Kandy play with herself and bellowed, "Oh yes that's it baby, play with you hot pussy! Trudy looks at Joe's cock and slowly removes her robe revealing large firm tits and luscious hairy pussy. Oh fuck, Joe love's Kandy's large breasts and pink nipples, but Trudy tits are bigger. Oh God, when Kandy let Trudy in Joe's cock started getting hard again! As Trudy excited him with her hot tongue, Kandy moved toward Joe, lowered herself to her knees, and began licking his hard member like it was an all day sucker. When she slid her finger inside Trudy, she moan paused from sucking Joe's nipples and said, "Finger fuck my hot cunt sugar, and make Trudy cum all over your fingers.


Challenge - Wife's View

group PrevertedMe 2018-04-20

They both had the bodies of active, even athletic, young men and both were handsome in their own way; Chris' features were warm and comforting, while Jake had mischievous eyes, a devilish smile, and a rugged jawline. Eventually he grew so comfortable I became lost in the action, my mind drifting off as we kissed again and again, our body heats mingling. Jakes' fingers traced delicate circles on my arm and I felt the weight of his other hand at my side, its heat radiating through my shirt. Jake's hand slid upward to press at the side of my breast like Chris had. It wasn't long before Chris' hand slid up to cup the bottom of my breast, his fingers barely tensing.