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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Josée: The Super Slut

group rule225 2018-04-20

I need your cum." I decided to take a look inside and what I saw really froze me: Josée was on her side, facing one of the two black man who was well impaled in her pussy and in her back, with his penis well engulfed inside her ass, the white man. The white man came almost immediately and push his cum deep inside her pussy with a few stroke, then pulls out of Josée. After 15 minutes of fucking in this position, he began to climax, send his cock deep inside my girlfriend Josée and shot his load of semence inside her pussy.

Tom, Rachel and I

group DonkeyOatee 2018-04-20

I looked over to see Rachel, hand in her shorts, pushing her fingers deep into her pussy. Tom's two fingers found their way to my mound and pushed my panties deep into my pussy. He used the cloth of my panties and his fingers like a cock to fuck me until I shook violently and cum gushed from my pussy. Tom mounted Rachel and pushed his enormous cock into her pussy. A few more thrusts and Tom, with a moan, shot his first stream of cum inside her wanting pussy, he pulled out and spewed cum all over her stomach and breasts. Tom was fucking me hard when I felt his cock begin to jerk inside my pussy; I knew he was going to cum.

Complex Family Ch. 03

group PaulStevens 2018-04-20

They were barely in the door before Katy gave them each a huge hug saying, "Oh, I missed you guys." Looking at Ashley she said, "A month is far too long for best friends to be apart." "Yes Brandon, please do go get my wife she has been aching for a good fucking from a man for quite some time now." As Brandon got up to find Katy he heard Mel say, "As for you Ashley, be a good girl and strip off those clothes and come and sit on my lap." "Ladies I think you left out a small house rule to Brandon here." Ashley said presumably to Katy and Mel in the other room.


Best Friends

group alexdaniels 2018-04-20

Sarah stepped in and put her hands on V’s bare hips and massaged them in large circles, moving closer and closer towards her ass. Alex moved his hands down to their hips and began inching their dresses up slowly. Alex gave Sarah one last nibble on her lip and turned his head to met V’s moist lips. As Sarah teased V, Alex moved his arm on Sarah’s side back to her ass. In her excitement, Sarah ran her hand down into V’s panties, finding her now-soaking pussy and began teasing her clit. As Alex pulled his hand away, he slipped it between her lips and into Sarah one last time.


College Cathouse Ch. 02

group DaviBlack 2018-04-19

"This is Jess," Stacy said, introducing them, "And this is Michael and Brian." "Alright Brian, you and Jess come back to the computer room, we'll do it in there," Stacy directed. Brian and Jess got up and followed Stacy into the computer room. "How much?" He asked, groaning, as Jess took more of his cock into her mouth. Michael quickly reached down with both hands, madly pawing at Jess's tits while she sucked his cock. Stacy kept pushing until Jess's lips were almost at the base of his cock, and then she let go. Jess put her shirt back on and we each downed another drink, before she said she was going to crash out on the couch.

Need a Lift? Ch. 3

group darquestar 2018-04-19

When I came back to my desk from lunch on Friday, there was an e-mail from Cynthia asking if I wanted to go out for drinks after work with her and Pam. My weekend was free and after the wild night we'd had a few days ago, I was eager to spend more time with the two women, so I wrote back and accepted the invitation. As I put the car in gear and started up the street, Cynthia put her hand in my lap and slid it up to my crotch, rubbing my cock and balls through my pants. "You'd better," Cynthia laughed as Pam grabbed Brian's hand and pulled him toward the dance floor. From this position she saw us standing in the doorway and smiled around a mouthful of thick cock as Brian grabbed her hair and started pumping his hips into her face as he came.

Greybeard: A Trapper

group JH-1 2018-04-19

I thought for a minute, then said,"Spotted Owl, may Greybeard take these girls to be his wives, and warm his T-pee?" I got off my horse, and gave the deer to Spotted Owl. Leading my horse, I told the girls to follow me to my camp. When I got back to camp, the girls had skinned the deer, and were cutting it into small, bite sized, pieces. Yellowbird was going to refill the bowl a third time, when I told her, "No more, Greybeard is full up to his ears." Both girls started giggling. It wasn't long until Yellowbird began a gentle thrusting, that told me she was ready for me to fuck her good.


Her Fantasy

group FunLuvr247 2018-04-19

I move your legs apart a little and you're standing in between us with our mouths and our hands on you and your fingers caressing my ears and neck and I start to lick your little hot pussy and the tip of my tongue touches your clit and I can feel and taste how wet we're getting you. I can feel my toy moving in me as I move yours against your clit and I slip it up in you a little and watch your mouth open a little as you stare into my eyes and I can tell your getting really turned on and you want this as bad as I do.

Daniel 12

group ab8715 2018-04-19

was shooting a string of hot cum out of my hard cock as I tried to stifle had a line up of hard cocks waiting to shoot a load of hot fucking jiz in Jason's cock was hard and penetrating my mouth and throat with deep There, I wrapped my wet hand around Jason's hard cock as it slid My mouth opened wide as my hard cock slipped past my wet lips that quickly began to pump my contorted body full with his hard 10 inch cock. Dave was great, as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my ass with That last push on his cock unleashed my load of ball cum, and my mouth

The Teen Orgy Ch. 01

group dutchpantyraider 2018-04-19

After being fucked in my backdoor for some ten minutes the black guy emptied the hot load from his big balls deep in my ass. And as I felt the sperm of that thick black cock trickle out of my ass, right past my pussy and my legs, I started to feel horny again. "You will probably go with her tonight, to pleasure her and her parents," Alicia said to me, "But I see another new girl as well, look over there." I saw a young chick with big breasts and a shaved pussy. One came to Alicia and I thought I recognized that dick: not too big, sturdy, and very little pubic hair.

A promise is a promise... (part 3)

group sheridan56 2018-04-19

The men couldn't look away, the women were more evenly divided, half studiously ignoring the activity of the three women and the younger man, the other half obviously watching and getting turned on by Mark's slow deliberate strokes up the women's inner thighs and his massaging hands wrapped around their breasts. Ashley lowered herself onto Mark's cock before he was even fully prone, Lauren lowered her pussy to his face and Sheri slid between his legs, licking his cock as it moved in and out of Ashley's pussy. Lauren took her husband's thick cock into her mouth and began to suck him while Mark ate her pussy. Not to be left out, Ashley took Mark's cock into her mouth and licked and sucked him back to a healthy erection.

Student Nurses

group Dusty933 2018-04-19

Diane and Susan, two nursing school students were taking the class to fulfill requirements of their program. Diane also pulled off her shorts and climbed upon my throbbing cock, without warning I felt the soft wetness inside her as she moved to an even rhythm and I stroked Susan and at the same time nibbled at her breast. Susan moved to the floor in front of my chair after taking several tissues from the box on my desk, she said, "I'll tidy up a bit." I don't know who came first, Diane or me; perhaps it was simultaneous; however, I came like a cannon shot, so much so that Susan took my cock out of her mouth and spread cum around on her face.

Summer Camp Counselor

group Nogrod63 2018-04-19

The window opened into the Dr's office and inside Brenda, naked, was standing over the examination table her legs spread wide and her ass thrust back as Kris ran his rigid cock in and out of her pussy in long slow strokes. Brenda rose up supporting herself on her hands allowing Kris room to caress and squeeze her breasts, teasing her hard nipples as he speeded up, thrusting his rigid cock into her wet pussy. I know Brenda liked it a lot." Ingrid felt her pussy grow a little damp as her mind replayed the scene in the office. "Tell me what you did then Ingrid, tell me everything," Kris whispered, his hand beginning to gently squeeze her breast and pinching her hard nipple between his fingers.


Dawn and Marie

group BogartsBoss 2018-04-19

Dawn laid a hand on Marie's arm, lightly caressing her skin, "Oh, I'm sure we'll come up with something interesting. Slowly, Dawn calmed herself, when I saw her visibly relax I had her stand before me; "The next several hours will determine our relationship with Marie. Dawn watched closely as Marie exposed her small, perfectly shaped breasts; they stood proudly, having no need for support, probably a b-cup in size. Marie looked at Dawn, her eyes enlarging when she saw the panties. That is when Dawn began; "The first number we selected is a simple, innocent, white one piece." As she was speaking, Marie stepped into view; her hair was draped simply over her shoulders, the golden blonde transitioning into the wide white straps of a teddy-like, body sculpting work of art.


His SchoolGirl Fantasy Come True

group sweetrapturedlight 2018-04-19

The shirt came off and the friend was down on his knees and moving her to the edge of the couch, spreading her legs, he started licking and rubbing her panties. He was erect and there was precum, she lapped that up and it tasted good, she smiled as she went down on him, feeling her man's fingers slide inside her pussy and in her ass. His friend was moaning, he knew it would be soon, with that he drove his cock deep inside her pussy and fucked her hard, rough, the way she loved to be fucked. Her man rammed her ass, pumping her hard, fast, she continued sucking his friend's cock. Her man eased her back as he was pumping her ass, spreading her legs apart revealing her hot, wet pussy.

Wifes First Orgasm

group deggles 2018-04-19

My wife followed Martin without saying anything. Martin and Enzo both started to take their clothes off, Enzo's cock was not the size of Martin's but thick at as it slipped into my wife's willing cunt and he fucked minutes and then Martin took his place and fucked her. I asked my wife, who was underneath Martin with her legs I told the driver to drop his pant so my wife could see my wife's body as Martin blew his load into her. As Martin, Enzo and I watched the new guy, whose cock (My wife told me after we got home that he'd given her, it looks like my wife won't be for some time to come.

is it lust or is it hot sex CHAPTER 5

group 2018-04-19

harder and hardershe cumed in my mouth and made me cum in her pussy she got dresed and walked out then candy came in wearing a strap on she grabed me hips and shuved it up my ass hole. she then sucked my hard cock and stuck it in her pussy untill she ccummed she left to then rachile came in and started sucking on my dick and kissing me. then when she was all filled up.then snow started sticking her pussy hard and latosha stuck sandys head in her ass as milessa started masterbaiting until she cumed on her body. i started craveing anal agen i started kissing hard did u fuck some wan in the bath room i asked know she replyed did you.


group ChordStriker 2018-04-19

You let yourself imagine the bar at the end of the night: unusually quiet, lightswitch flicking off, Mark turning the key in the lock and looking over his shoulder before thrusting his hands into his pockets and heading off to wherever he calls home. His mouth is sweet, and you reach your hand up to touch his face as the bell above the door to the bar suddenly rings. She slides each hand up along your legs as she slowly stands, and then reaches them forward to outline your pussy lips before moving back around to your ass. "Don't you dare stop kissing." She reaches past you to grab Mark and pulls hard, and you are sandwiched between the two of them.

A Day At The Track

group dalva69 2018-04-19

Steve reached from behind me, grabbed my breasts and 'raised' them as if in an offering to Tom. Tom leaned down and took one hard nipple in his mouth, and started pinching the other in his hand. As I took Steve in my mouth, Tom started to rub his cock against my crack and then he slid it down along my slit. As Tom started to move his hips, I let his rhythm rock me on Steve's cock. While I felt Tom throb inside me, I tightened my muscles down on him so I could milk him for every drop at the same time I swallowed all that Steve had sucking him dry. "Steve, you better make sure you reward your pet for doing such a good job," Tom said with a grin on his face.

Delilah's Special Weekend Ch. 02

group DeeAnne 2018-04-19

Karen wrapped her fingers in Delilah’s wet hair and pulled her head back slightly and traced her delicate neck with kisses, making her way to those gorgeous ivory breasts. Karen backed Delilah against the coolness of the marble wall and pulled Delilah’s right leg up until her foot rested on the shower seat. I’m cumming, right fucking now.” Delilah screamed as she grabbed Karen’s head with both hands and fucked her face hard. Karen bent forward slightly placing her hands against the cold slick marble wall and pushed her backside out and spread her legs a little more, giving Delilah full access to Karen’s womanhood. Delilah loved the feel of Karen’s velvet pussy walls snugly wrapped around her fingers.


What If? Ch. 10

group PaulStevens 2018-04-19

Hell, she even got her younger brother off his ass and making something of himself and I never thought that would happen." He said the last part with a chuckle then realizing his 'short chat' had gone for several minutes he said, "Anyway the point is, son, whatever you two decide know that Katy's mom and I are behind it, including marriage, not that she or you need a fools permission, but you have it. Katy smiled and said, "I was thinking that yummy redhead standing at the bar." Brandon looked at the girl in question. Carly was even better up close and Brandon could not help but notice that her friend was one of the girls he had pointed out to Katy. He pointed to the floor at their friends, "Katy, she took me out one night and didn't rest until she got me laid." He paused then said, "Sound familiar?" Ella nodded, looking at Carly.


Perfect Jerk...Threesome!!!

group notoriouslild07 2018-04-19

She smiled nervously and stood and went into the living room and said, "Why don't you come back here with us?" After about three strokes he reached back to Candy, who was behind him and pulled her arm over him and said, "Get in front of us where I can see you watching." We exchanged smiles and I closed my eyes as he went to work on me, pounding into me with tremendous force, pulling my hair as he'd learned I liked him to do. I said, "It's fine by me, I'm happy." and looked to Candy girl who was staring up at him with her large brown eyes smiling as if unable to speak.


My last Bi sexual experience

group cockfromvt 2018-04-19

Ian and I lay down on the bed, Annie knelt between us and poured baby oil all over our backs and arses, she started to massage very very softly and sensually until she got to our arses, She would use both her hands on each one of us at a time, opening up our arse cheeks so she could see out tight holes, first a finger, in and out, slowly and softly, then 2 fingers, fucking our arses with her fingers, MY cock was solid and ready to explode, she knew where that special place was and could massage it to within a minute of cumming before she stopped.

Own Me, Mistress

group HeyAll 2018-04-19

Instead of overreacting, the Mistress reached over to the table and rubbed Jennifer's diary, the same way an elderly woman would caress a kitten. When the Mistress finished reading, she lowered the diary and turned her full attention to Jennifer, while also smiling at the same time. Instead, when Jennifer removed her bra, and then her panties, she saw a look of subtle delight on Mistress's face. Jennifer complied and held her hands out so the Mistress could tie a bow, binding her wrists together, with a long extra ribbon which could be used as a leash of sorts. Mistress came forward and pulled Keith's blindfold away, allowing him to look down at his naked wife, with that gift wrap bow tie around her wrists.