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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sin City: Hotel Desire

group cambria543 2018-04-19

I lay back, reaching my fingers between my wet thighs, pull my knees apart and tease my poor lonely little pussy. I find it scrumptiously perfect how the Las Vegas strip, the heart of Sin City, with it's reputation for loose women, looks, from the sky, like a 2 mile long cunt. I reach my hands down into the water and begin to pull on my nipples when suddenly I feel fingers caress my clit. Steam rises off my skin as I step from the hot tub, and let the air bathe my body in goose bumps. I pull my stockings up , and slip my dress over my moist body and take my leave, looking one last time at the view of the strip before shutting the door.


At the door

group diddliedoo 2018-04-19

Mary had a fantasy where she would suck another guy's dick while Bob fucked her from behind. She would suck his dick in the door way as Bob fucked her from inside. She took hold of his cock with her hand and slowly stroked it with the head in her mouth. As she sucked his dick her husband eased his way in behind her. He grabbed hold of her hips and eased his dick into her pussy. Her husband was fucking her hard and she figured he was enjoying the fulfillment of this fantasy as much as she was. Mary licked the stranger's dick and balls clean and smiled as she slid the door closed.

Hot Babe Romi Ch. 03

group MONALISALEE 2018-04-19

Romi's tits were flush and Robin started sucking them while the other young man ran his hands all over his wife. Romi put her legs around him and pulled him to her and as he got closer Robin could feel his prick rubbing against both of them. The other man was panting and turned to caress her breasts, and then he put his hand on her cunt under the water and started fingering her. Suddenly he turned around facing her and put his prick between her tits and started humping them, then he pointed his hard cock at Romi and came all over her tits. The man took Romi's sarong off and started licking her cunt and feeling her tits.

Watching the Show Ch. 01

group babambi4696 2018-04-19

Leroy, 5'11", 174 pounds, 22 year-old early grayed hair, blue eyes, eleven-inch long and 3.5 inches thick-circumcised cock, a runner and light weight-lifter, was truly built for his size. David, at 6"4", 226 pounds, 26 year-old black hair, brown eyes, nine inch long, four-inch thick base-circumcised cock worked out in the gym every day after working in a bowling alley, and he was always horny. Lori began sucking the other end of the double-headed dildo, stood up and slid that end up inside her pussy. Lori guided the dildo to Beth's ass and began pressing against her anus till it opened and slid in. Leroy and Bryan began pumping their cocks back and forth into Beth's pussy and ass while David fucked her mouth until they all exploded.

cuck couple

group pendulum10 2018-04-19

He asked for a place for 3 I grabbed the waiter slipped him a ten and told him a booth in the back we got to the booth and Carol sat down and nick rushed to sit between us so I just moved the other side and slipped in beside her. Carol and I continued to kiss in the back seat as I played with her breasts I slipped her dress down off one shoulder and then the other, exposing her beautiful bra I unclipped it with a flip of my fingers to expose her nice round breasts and erect nipples, I started sucking on them both one after the other.

The Fuck-Hungry Malay Aunties

group johara 2018-04-19

"Aunty Sutinah now you have to make aunty Rohaiyah horny before I fuck her as you wish" Reymon said stroking his cock. Watching her two sexy aunties making love was making Harlina extremely horny and she cried out, "Eat her hairy cunt aunty Sutinah! Although she loved the screwing she was getting with a huge cock from Reymon, she wanted to lick her friend aunty Sutinah's shaved puffy cunt. She gave aunty Sutinah a look that said, "I'm going to eat your shaved cunt." Reymon finally built up to his peak and erupted saying, "Here is it aunty Sutinah…take it…AAAAARRRGGAAAAA" and then he began to slow down his pace. Reymon began fucking her hard slapping and massaging her big butt finally exploding inside her wet cunt.


group cattitude1965 2018-04-19

Looking her in the eye, with the alcohol making me bolder then I might otherwise have been, I said, "I'd love to suck your wet pussy until you cum for me." I pulled my fingers out of her, but kept sucking her clit and fucking her with my tongue, drinking her sweet cum, until she relaxed again. Then I kissed and licked my way down her body and pushed my tongue back into her dripping pussy to scoop up some of her hot cum. I pushed two fingers into her cunt; finger-fucking her pussy while tonguing her tight little asshole – all the time you were doing the same thing to me!

Blackmailed Teachers Ch. 01

group TheDarkCloud 2018-04-19

But come Thursday night, usually at Maureen's house (because she was widowed and lived alone) or occasionally at Julie or Pam's (whose husbands worked away from home mid-week sometimes), everything changed. The content and activities of their 'Literotica Ladies Night" had formed over the weeks and months and now the format went roughly like this: One of them would read out an erotic story from the Internet, another would supply various pictures from the internet that they found suitable to their particular tastes and then following a usually short discussion there would be some roleplay and fun that would turn all of them on to go back to their loved husbands and give them some stimulation when in bed.


Play Date

group Sweetp26 2018-04-19

When she finished she looked at me as she got up as to say, "It's on now me and you later." It was now her turn she looked at me then to David then back to Justin and said "I want you David to let Justin Suck the head of your dick for 15 seconds." David looked as to say what the fucks wrong with her, and so did I, but Lacy just smiled and looked over to Justin who was also smiling. Lacy had a big ass smile on her face and told Justin "Let David Fuck you in the ass." the room got quite.

The Reflexology Session

group salanore 2018-04-19

She responded by standing up and pushing her ass into cock, rubbing it from side to side all the time keeping her head down between Jennifer's legs. After I replied that I was, she lay back down on the bed and taking hold of Caroline's head and pushed it further into her pussy. It wasn't long before Jennifer started to make loud moaning noises and as I stood up to watch her, Caroline brought her to a huge orgasm, causing Jennifer to writhe all over the bed. Caroline continued to lick and suck my cock for several minutes before Jennifer sat up on the bed. Caroline then told me that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass while the dildo was inside her pussy.

Hot and Sweet Ch. 10

group errant_dreamer 2018-04-19

Dana was caressing her sister-squeezing her ass and rubbing her pussy-while sucking on one breast. I could see Erika's pussy between the curves of her ass as she bent forward to suck on Jana's breasts, first one then the other. Erika moved around to the side of the table and leaning across Dana's leg so as not to block my view, began to lap at the brunette's shaved pussy. Jana straddled my chest and began squeezing her Dana's tits and kissing her sister from behind while I continued to work my tongue in Dana's wet pussy. She brought enough life back to it that I fucked her bent over the side of the table so we could both watch Dana working on Erika's pussy.

The Pact: Wilder Still

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-04-19

That way, you can get it up a few more times and enjoy a little more fun today before you get too sore," Bacchus promised, as I felt Felix put more lube in my asshole and then slide his cock in afterward. The best is when I'm fucking Tammy's pussy or ass right after him, but this is not bad, either," Bacchus urged me to cooperate, which was no trouble for me, since my anal cherry was already taken by Felix. It was quite clear that both Bacchus and Felix were very adept at sodomy, knowing exactly how to make a man or woman enjoy their dicks in the ass. Des smiled even wider as Bacchus joined Felix in getting cock licked and sucked by her right after buggering me.


Our First Swing:...

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-04-19

It was at this point that Sheri admitted to wanting to play strip-poker, but never having the chance - having walked out of a high-school party where others were starting up a game, and being curious every since. I had decided to mix it up a bit, and not go into a pairing off mode where I disrobe Lisa, Bill disrobes Sheri, and the girls try to disrobe us. The next two hands went to the girls, and we got back to form, Lisa had me remove a shoe, Sheri had Bill remove his socks. Lisa did the girl thing, and joined Sheri in the bathroom, where there was way too much laughing going on. Lisa won on Sheri's deal, and asked for my pants.


Should Old Acquaintance?

group docBlue 2018-04-19

Gyen remembered Dave telling him that as the years went by, Maureen started blacking out if she drank more than her share. Gyen hadn't been over to Dave's condo in a few years because his former girlfriend really didn't like spending time with Maureen. Gyen thought of all the times he helped Dave take Maureen out of situations where something like this might happen, and now here he was watching in anticipation! "No she won't – watch." Dave said as he moved his hands onto the middle of her collarbone and spread them causing Maureen's blouse to fall to her sides, leaving her top completely exposed. Gyen looked up at Dave like he was losing his mind, but he really wanted to feel Maureen's tits.


Happy Birthday to Me

group cdsexslut 2018-04-19

I got on my hands and knees, arched my back and really stuck my ass up into the air, and as I licked the sperm from his chest, one of the other guys slid his cock into my warm, tight, hairless hole. When it was all said and done, I had pleasured 19 cocks for the Night Owl block and I am pleased to announce that I did, indeed, swallow every single load :-) While many people, especially women, don't believe me, there is an ecstatic state that can be reached only by swallowing lots of cum and somewhere between the 8th and 9th load, I got “cum d***k”.

The First Time... Ch. 02

group StrapOnMan 2018-04-19

I slowly came to my knees in front of her, resting my face on her abdomen and allowing my arms to encircle her hips and my hands to grasp her amazing ass. Sarita must have felt them as well as she quickly pulled out of my ass and stopped working on my penis, pressing hard against my perineum and pulling by balls away from my body. After a time she collapsed forward, drenched in sweat, and I grasped her ass with both hands and began to fuck her as fast and as hard as I could. I began to match Jennifer, stroke for stroke, all the while working Sarita's clit as fast as I was able.


group jim313 2018-04-19

I felt myself coming and told her that I was ready to orgasm and that I wanted her to taste and swallow my juices when they flow and then let go the first, thick spurt which she greedily sucked up and then proceeded to draw deeply on the head as she sucked up each spasm until there was no more and my cock began to relax. She slid her tongue inside and licked up all the juices she could find and then worked her way up to the clit where she wrapped her lips around the erect organ and gently sucked it in and out of her mouth until Tyko screamed and went into orgasm. Vicki reacted naturally and slid her tongue deep inside the hole to lick up the juices as Tyko slowly came back to Earth and relaxed back on the couch with Vicki's mouth still covering her pussy.


MMF Threesome delight

group glen19922 2018-04-19

“Take my husband’s clothes off,” she said in a curt business like tone, “but leave his underwear on for now.” She flashed me a pretty smile and a shiver passed through my body. My cock drooled a steady flow of precum onto the bed and I felt my climax approaching anew when she stopped suddenly and pulled her big cock from my quivering asshole. My hips moved slowly and steadily, pumping my flesh rocket into her as her husband guided his dick into my waiting ass. My eyes rolled back and I grunted like a wild boar as a huge batch of hot cum spewed from my throbbing cock deep into her pussy.

Two Man Full Court

group sophistikat 2018-04-19

The sound of the basketball game starting on TV along with Steve's gesture of peace, calmed Karen enough to grab the beer and march into the bathroom and close the door. Steve and Brad were engrossed in the game as was Eric, the cute guy from next door, who had joined them. By the way Karen that is a cute little star on your back." Brad stammered as Steve dragged him toward the door. Steve kept getting up to check on Amy but nothing changed the door was still locked and she her only statement was "Go away!" The game ended but the boys quickly found another one to watch. Karen looked at Steve and then at Amy and half heartedly said "It's ok."

Fantasy World

group Dr G Spot 2018-04-19

Now and then she would feel a brief touch as someone brushed against her as they danced, each time this happened Jill experienced an ever increasing feeling of sexual arousal until she became fully aware of the warm, wet, heat between her thighs, made worse by the friction of her thighs rubbing against the now swollen outer lips of her vagina as she danced. Jill could feel the outer lips of her vagina swollen and wet between her legs, her clitoris was on fire, crying out to be rubbed by one of the secret fingers presently teasing the warm space between her upper thighs but not quite touching her pussy. Her skirt moved in the gentle breeze that blew up under it, Jill felt it caress her pussy, gently touching the wet outer lips of her vagina in a way that made her wish it were a hand instead.


A Journey Out Of The Orthodoxy 01

group mojodojo 2018-04-19

I was wrestling with my predicament deciding to call Sanjay or not when Asha hugged me from behind gave me a kiss on my shoulder and softly in her lovely voice said " don't worry honey they will be here". "Sanjay, I know Rajani and Asha are both not going to like when I say this to you, let us have a quick smoke." – I Said getting up. "Come, I will get you some swimming wear" – Asha said while taking Rajani away and left us guys alone. "Well I don't know what Asha told her when we were having our man talk, but she sure is relaxed and looking forward to some excitement now." – he said finishing his beer off.


My New Place Ch. 12

group p_c352006 2018-04-19

As I started to walk back to the bar I could hear him say "If I get to see that every time I get a beer I'm going to get pretty drunk tonight!" The guys all laughed in agreement as they continued playing. You can try and deny it all you want but I know deep down you're a dirty little slut like the girl on my phone." As he said this he pushed a finger into me through my wet panties causing a rush of pleasure to run up my body. I opened my eyes to see John and Rick smiling as I began stroking their cocks in my hands.


FotoFun: Angle of View Ch. 01

group Hypoxia 2018-04-19

I placed it in a good position to capture a front angle, hooked up the power cable, and set the timer for one-second intervals, giving twelve and a half minutes of shooting time. I shifted the camera to capture a rear angle, with Mackie's dark dick obviously splitting Dia's wet pussy, and my pale cock just as obviously dividing her shining lips. Mackie pushed forward at one stroke; I pushed at the next; Dia swayed between us - all an immaculate machine of Neapolitan ice cream flesh-tones rendered in stately monochrome, in vanilla and caramel and chocolate together; and faster, deeper, more powerful, fading in-and-out of synchronization with the metronomic motorized SNAP!-pause-SNAP!-pause-SNAP shutter soundtrack. Dia sat up with Mackie's dick still buried in her ass and her wild pussy wet and puffy-red from my fucking.


Dream Club

group agent5150 2018-04-19

Beyond caring at this point, you obligingly begin sucking this strange cock as somebody reaches around from behind you and presses their fingertip into the soft folds of your cunt, resting against the hard button of your clit. Slowly I begin to rock, sinking in a little deeper with each forward motion until finally I sink in fully, my balls pressing against your soaking wet pussy lips as your ass stretches around my thick cock. Even blindfolded, you can tell that it's me beneath you, as I see you mouth the words "I love you." A moment later, you throw your head back and gasp, shaking, as you feel someone slip their cock into your ass, all the more tight with the addition of me sunk deeply into your pussy.