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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Good Morning Already Pt. 03

group ohface69 2018-04-19

She smiled up at me as she took the tip into her mouth and continued to stare up at me as she sucked hard on my quickly expanding cock. "We are having a late night swim if you would like to join us?" I motioned towards the back of the house and continued "I was going to grab drinks before going back out if you wanna help?" She nodded and followed me into the kitchen grabbing ice from the freezer and cups while I mixed another big container of margaritas. Your friend won when she had forced the waitress on her hands and knees and finger fucked her pussy and right before orgasm stuck a finger in her ass stimulating her both ways at once.

Hot Tub Fun Ch. 01

group B5040905 2018-04-19

Picking up our drinks we walked out on to the patio just in time to see Autumn shimming out of her shorts and Becky slipping nude into the hot tub. Becky got behind Autumn and pushed her head toward Troy's hard on. Autumn hesitated just a second but with Becky's hand pushing her down, she let the wide head enter her mouth. The second time, Becky did not have to push as Autumn buried her face into Troy's lap - her pretty lips wide around the cock. Jim can try to fuck my throat with that baseball bat and Troy can stretch your mouth open." Autumn challenged Becky. I decided not to let Autumn rest as Troy pushed his short thick cock into my Becky's mouth.

Christmas Party Fun

group suelove58 2018-04-19

A few times I felt hands stop and then move repeatedly back and fore over my hips and thighs as they encountered my suspenders and realised that it meant I was wearing stockings under my dress. I noticed that Tom's hands had moved from my hips and realised that he was slowly ruffling the front of my dress causing the hem to rise up my thighs. Somehow I managed to prevent Tom from lifting my dress completely to gain access to my bare thighs and more but then I felt a hand slide across my bare stomach. I realised that I didn't have enough hands to prevent Peter stroking my stomach and Tom getting to my thighs.


Lola's Comes Over

group succubusslut 2018-04-19

After teasing my pussy to the point of no return, Daddy would come over, quietly enter my room, slip off my shorts, flip my little ass over, and start us off by eating me like I was the most delectable thing in the house. "Come on," she said lightheartedly, "Let me get some of that dick." Her casual attraction to the both of us was apparent as she spoke these words into the space between my legs, her warm breath brushing against my clit, making it nearly impossible to feel jealous anymore. "Eat my fucking pussy, you little bitch," she told me, slapping my ass, turning around to moan at my Daddy, who was pumping her with all his might.

The Awakening of Sara

group oldr_betr 2018-04-19

As the beer and whiskey began to take a little effect one of the guys, Gary, turned to me and said, "Can I ask you kind of a personal question?" As I went into the den with more beer and some mixers for the bourbon all eight men looked up and got quiet. "Hey, Gary," one of the men said, "it looks like your sex question got Sara here to thinking." I took the cigar and slipped in my freshly fucked pussy, covered it with Gary's cum and put it back in my mouth. I looked up for a second and said, "Hey, somebody bring me a drink." Then I went back to sucking cock and getting fucked.

The Conscientious Cuckold

group plethodon 2018-04-19

Jack was going to fuck Laura, and Tom had given his the other man's eyes as he looked at Laura. Tom went down on her to prepare for Jack's penetration. Tom looked from the erection to the young man's eyes, and "Tom," Laura said softly as he fought the pull of Tom turned his head sharply, away from Laura, and his Jack pushed Laura's legs down until her knees were "Fuck her in the ass, man," Jack said. "He gets her pussy and offers me her asshole," Tom said one hand on Laura's hip and inched forward, his cock Laura opened her mouth as wide as her lips would stretch, Laura lifted her mouth from Jack's and raised her head.

Graduation Night

group Random_fun 2018-04-19

Some more light laughter comes from the group and Brian adds "While depending on the game you may find out." Trying to get things back on track Katie quickly stands up and pulls of her clothes. Standing up Andy admits, "Hey I've wanted to do that for a while, I was going to enjoy it." Taking his card his card he continues the game, reading it a blank look falls across his face. Chiming in Brian added "For what it's worth Katie you were better at that then Andy." The group laughs as Jen grabs her card. Brian sits for a moment and takes in the scene, he looks over seeing Katie moan in pleasure as Jen keeps eating her out.

The Ad Ch. 03

group Alainn 2018-04-19

I could feel my husband's calloused hands kneading my soft breasts; Dante's slick tongue was tasting the salty heat of my center. Cassidy, knowing my body perhaps better than his own, had my left nipple caught carefully between his teeth, and his tongue lashed at it wetly with pendulous strokes. Dante let his fingers slide between the lips that sheltered the very center of me, and I bit back a gasp, wanting to watch them pleasure themselves with my body. Dante let his tongue follow the valleys of my lips and he stroked me from within, and Cassidy pressed a finger into the tight hole while he rimmed the edge.

Firs time threesome true story

group nomate 2018-04-19

About 6 months ago my wife and I had an argument, over what I can't remember but she brought up that night I got d***k, she shouted 'how can you love me if you want me to fuck another man' I was taken back, I had no idea what she was talking about. I opened the door and welcomed him into our house, I got him a glass of wine and we started to chat, a few minutes later my wife came in, I could see Jeff looking at her, I knew then that he would jump at the chance to fuck my wife.

One Of The Best Nights

group fancyface1 2018-04-19

I then felt a pair of hands reach for my head and pull my mouth onto the warm hard cock. He told me to stand up and he reached his hand down to my pussy and felt it wet again. I felt some pain, but it was enjoyable because at the same time his other hand was fucking my pussy. I felt him move in between my legs and started to fuck my pussy with his tongue and my ass with the plug. He then started to suck on my entire pussy and got each and every bit of my cum into his mouth. He was slowly fucking my pussy with his cock and then pulled out just before he was ready to cum and inserted his cock into my mouth.

Decadent Dinner & Movie Ch. 02

group MasonLane 2018-04-19

My wife Kelly and I had invited her best friend Jennifer and Jennifer's new husband Derek over for dinner. The action quickly heated up, with Kelly riding me on the couch while inches away, my wife's best friend and her husband made love beside us. slurping Derek's cum out of Jennifer's wet pussy and Jennifer buried her face in my wife's oyster, intent on retrieving the pearly white gift I had just deposited. That realization excited me and I let myself be swept away by how hot my wife looked with Derek pumping his meat in and out of her pussy and Jennifer wriggling and grinding her hips on my wife's face. To this day, I don't think Derek knows I fucked his wife up the ass right in front of him.

In The Cellar

group Ganyeka 2018-04-19

Fi reaches around your body as you dance and one of her hands pulls the bikini triangle over one breast aside and plays with a nipple for me to see while the other slides slowly down your stomach, under the waist band of the skirt, inside your panties and slips a finger inside you before gently rubbing your clit. But then I start to think, I've already orgasmed off oral sex and seen you licking my come from Fi's tits, so instead I pull her up, and stand as well, pulling her up on to the table with me, before rolling onto my back and having her straddle me, sliding into her slowly as she puts her hands on my chest and settles her sopping wet pussy onto my now rock hard shaft until I am buried inside her.


Gentlemen Prefer Southern Belles

group rhinotoons 2018-04-19

Frank looked up at her magnificent upturned tits, her nipples stiff and pointed, the aureoles rounded and puffy with little bumps highlighted around the tawny brown surface. Misty gripped his thick hair tightly and held his head firmly as she thrust her pussy up and down his face covering his chin, mouth and nose in their mixed fluids. As they waited for their meal to arrive, Frank jumped as he felt his wife's hand move into his lap and grasp his semi-hard penis. As he hung up, Frank thought to himself, ' what a bummer, nothing like a funeral to put a damper on Misty's sudden sexual forwardness. It felt like his dick stayed stiff all night as Frank tossed back and forth trying to fall asleep.


I found Bi-Sex in an ABS

group lostsoul1974 2018-04-19

While Devon removed my shoes and socks and finished taking my pants off, Karen crawled next to me on the bed and while gently stroking my cock began sucking on my nipples and kissing my chest and abs. Before I could really get into my cock sucking, Devon pulled that fat prick out of my mouth and began stuffing it into Karen's pussy. The double sensation of this beautiful woman sucking on my cock, and this big cock fucking my face proved to be too much and in almost no time I moaned and began blasting load after load of hot cum into Karen's mouth which I could feel her swallowing.

Hell, Yes!

group Svenskaflicka 2018-04-19

Then they switched places, and I got to enjoy my Canadian friend's marvelous tongue work. We all got in position, and I moaned happily when I felt my pussy being stretched out by the hard little Union Jack – not that he was LITTLE, in any way! He moaned happily and pulled my hair back so he could watch his cock disappear into my mouth. I got a sudden vision of what this must look like – one guy thrusting into me, pushing me face down over the other one until I'd gotten all that cock in, then we pulled back, and forward we'd go again, like a machine. "Uhm-hmm," I said, and licked on the cock in my hand like it had been an ice cream.

Steph taken

group 2018-04-19

Once I was naked the man who undressed me stood between my legs with his big hard cock hanging out of his pants.The two other men spread my legs wide and he pushed his big cock f***efully into my pussy.I screamed out as if it hurt but I was really loving it.He fucked me hard as I continued to struggle.I climaxed trying not to let them know I did.I hid my climax with screams of anger and pain.After he finished filling me with his cum they flipped me over and I saw one of the other men's big hard cock hanging from his pants.I screamed as the two held my face down while the other man lifted my ass up planting me on my knees in doggy style.He gripped my hips tight and rammed his big cock up my pussy hard,fucking me harder and harder.I screamed and carried on like I hated it but my orgasm was building again.Then he stopped pulling out.I thought he was done but to my surprise he drove his cock up my ass and this time the scream was real.They gripped me tighter as he fucked my ass so hard it hurt.I swore he got bigger inside me.My asshole hurt so bad because I had no lube until he exploded inside me.I could fell his massive load of cum over flowing out of my cunt.

A nice couple

group cman47390 2018-04-19

I can't believe how good it is to have two warm wet mouths working on my cock and balls and the feeling of melting away and then the sensation of the coming orgasm. She is thoroughly enjoying this and I start to get a little life back in me and I am kissing her and start to work my way down to her breast and I give them all the affection and attention they deserve and she starts to spasm as I reach out and start to rub her clit as he fucks her slowly and deeply. I start to really feel the wetness of their two bodies melting in my hand as I rub her clit faster and faster.

Strip Tease

group Sitara 2018-04-19

Jade began to dance around the pole on stage to the song "Nasty Girls", rolling her hips against the silver metal and staring deeply into each man's eyes she made contact with. "I've wanted to do this for a long time, ever since I first saw you dance." Ramala began to kiss Jade passionatley, probing her mouth deeply. "Ooooh, you taste nice...I knew you would." Ramala's tongue probed deeper into Jade's pussy, with increasing firmness. She rubbed between Jade's swollen lips with the dildo for a moment, kissing her pussy drenched mouth, then, in a flash, Ramala whirled Jade around and bent her over the table with her perfect ass in the air. "Good to know." Ramala pulled out suddenly, placing Jade's limp form on her back again and began to lick her pussy again.

helping my wife pick up a guy at a party

group middleman502000 2018-04-19

I closed the door and said you should have locked it, my wife giggled and said she forgot to.This poor guy didn't know what to do, I just smiled and walked over to them and started rubbing my wife tits, I unbuttoned her blose and pulled the front aside so they were fully exposed and told her new friend don't be shy, and he reached up and startid feeling her boobs and she groaned in delight. my cock was hard by now so I opened my pants and took it out and rubbed it on her lips which instanly parted and she took me in her mouth and slowly sucked my now hard as a rock cock.I asked her friend want to trade places?

I Got Id

group cal28 2018-04-19

I started to drift off to sleep and the final image of the fantasy played in my head, Jane licking my cum off of her lips and thanking me. Jane wants to watch you stroke your cock!" There was a large bang as the phone was dropped and I could here the two girls wrestling and tickling each other. I know you have wanted Jane for a long time and you will never have a better chance than tonight," Sarah said with a hint of desperation in her voice. Jane had one hand twirling my head like it was a door knob and the index finger of her other hand was rubbing right over my sweet spot.



group Prizmatic 2018-04-19

That made me feel a bit more confident, so I joined the game, moving my hands all over them to enjoy their smooth skin with scallops of tight muscle underneath, their soft blond body hair, and finally their cocks. It wasn't too long till his body started to tense, then quiver, and I felt a surge run through his cock and knew he'd come into Leigh's mouth. "Take a piece," Leigh said, and the next thing my hungry pussy felt was Leslie's sweet cock sliding in. Leigh got on me, grabbed me by the hips, and worked his dick in deep, giving my pussy long hard strokes that got faster and more forceful, till he plowed in with all his strength and his hot sperm flooded my cunt.


The Pyjama Party Ch. 01

group sally69er 2018-04-19

My heart was racing as the three other blokes walked towards us, one stood by my head slowly rubbing his hard cock only inches from my face as the other two stood either side of me lifting my baby doll nightie over my breast. The bloke fucking my pussy caressed my arse moving a finger towards the tight little hole to my arse, slowly his pushed a finger into my arse as he continued fucking my pussy, his mate was almost ready to cum I could feel his cock starting to throb hard then I felt him cum hard, sending long hot jets of cum right down my throat.

The Ruining of Patricia

group laceysgirl 2018-04-19

Yes!” I hear her whisper into my ear and I realize at that moment that I'm going to take her virginity and I also realize that she is taking mine...I have dreamed about sex and have masturbated a lot thinking about it but this was my first time too and it felt so right I knew it was okay for me to do it so I pulled back slightly and then pushed in firmly I felt the wall crumble as my cock pushed past her hymen she cried out softly but kept those heels dug firmly in my ass and then I was all the way inside her and our pubes were pressed tightly together I never dreamed anything could feel so good in all my fantasies about sex I never imagined that it could feel so amazing I knew that it was because it was Patricia it never would have felt like this with anyone else there would never be anyone else in my heart but this beautiful incredibly sexy hot little Asian girl lying beneath me for the rest of my life I would always remember this moment everything else from this time forward would pale in comparison!

Sally Ch. 02

group Grey Eagle 286 2018-04-19

He turned back and saw Sally on the bed her legs spread wide, caressing her pussy with her hands, her eyes were half closed and she was softly moaning. Sally kissed Erika softly on the lips then pulled back and unfastened Erika's little white bra and freed the girls breasts. "Stop and set up so we can get that robe off of you, I want Erika to help me suck your beautiful cock." After the robe was off the two girls kissed around John's shaft. I want to watch your face when you cum." Sally climbed over Erika's face and lowered her sopping wet pussy over the girls face.