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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Susie's Cum Bath

group Stefan_J 2018-04-19

She looked like a porno actress, globs of cum were streaked through her hair, her face was practically a mask of spunk and her tits were flopping around as her body jerked back on forth on the cocks impaling her. The cum that happened to shoot into her wide open mouth began to accumulate, and finally when it was filled to the brim she gargled and swallowed the huge warm wad, savoring the taste as it slid thickly down her throat. He placed both of his hands on the side of her head and began to fuck her face, she was gasping and moaning around his cock as it slid back and forth over her lips, she couldn't swallow any saliva so it spilled out over his shaft and dribbled down his balls.


Locker Room

group Jen W. 2018-04-19

I could feel his hips rocking slightly, making his cock slip over my back, up and down, his grasp upon my breasts tightened...Then his hands moved lower and from behind spread my legs apart, allowing my hand to easily begin stroking my clit while his hands tempted and teased my entire body...continuing this as I watched the men showering...soap and steam rolling over their bodies...all mine to be had. Two men came over to me, each one attending to half my body...mouths covering my tits...nibbling at my nipples...I could feel each one of them place a hand on my cunt...then felt two fingers of each slip inside my pussy...spreading me wider...two different fingers sliding over my clit...making my clit throb with each flick of their finger.

Friday Night Entertainment

group The Archer 2018-04-19

Several men also gave Kathy a good hard spanking which she loves, and one man bent her across the pool table and gave her ass a slapping with a table tennis bat, this made Kathy moan and shout out crude comments like do it harder, punish her for being such a cock hungry slut, and to keep on using and abusing her body. The landlord said she should "cum" every Friday, she could be their "Friday night entertainment" she agreed saying it would be fun, so most every Friday we go to this pub, in separate cars and Kathy going in first about ten minuets before me so as not to cause any problems, and I usually to find her stripped naked and being fucked bandy.

The Landlord

group FurLove 2018-04-19

For some unexplained reason Robert has gotten her incredibly sexed up and she is looking forward to getting laid, maybe in or on his fur coat? He lays her in the Lynx spread and Bernice nearly orgasms with the touch of the fur wrapping around her entire body watching Robert remove his clothes from beneath the mink. Bernice is already feeling much better than any time before, very relaxed and excited by getting it in the furs yet eager to get fucked having already orgasmed. Robert is floating in fur heaven now with his cock in her mouth and laying in the lynx spread stroking her wonderful blond hair laid out over him with his cock receiving the most wonderful attention as he pumps one last load into her mouth.



group Dr. Gurviest Love 2018-04-19

As she began bobbing her head along my cock, I heard the door of the bathroom open and someone enter the stall at the other end of the row. you know I like licking your clean shaven balls," she said, looking past my body at the pair of watching eyes. With her left hand, Eve continued stroking my cock, and with the right began cupping my balls so she could lick them. When I didn't start fucking her immediately, she pulled my hips forward, causing my cock to push deeper into her mouth. I reached under and over her left leg with my right hand, bringing it to the top of her pussy so I could spread it open more for my tongue.


Directions To Sunrise: Doubles

group regularguy1313 2018-04-19

Mason left and as the two sisters were cleaning up the dirty dishes, Elizabeth said, "Please don't take this the wrong way Charlotte, but you've got the biggest, thickest bush I have every seen. Seeing a confused look on her sister's face and knowing that she never was very mechanically orientated she said, "I'll show you how it works." Charlotte smiled a "Thanks," and spread her legs. Elizabeth, thought back to this morning when she had touched Charlotte's breasts, she sighed quietly and said, "Don't be so hard on yourself. Charlotte reached down and gently tapped Mason's dick and said, "All right big boy, tell us how you won that last point. After Mason left the room, Elizabeth asked, "Charlotte are you okay with this?


True swinger club story, giving oral pleasure

group mj8319 2018-04-19

We went to an empty open room with a large set of mattresses. i kissed her and took off her towel then approvingly stared at her breasts. I started kissing her neck will caressing her breasts and very hard nipples. i could feel her pushing against my leg to give her pussy some attention so i positioned myself between her legs and started kissing and lightly caressing her labia. Being the gentleman, and since pussy licking is my favourite (English spelling) thing to do, i continued licking and finger fucking her until she squirted again. i watched her enjoy the attention of the three other lads for a while, and then went back upstairs.

University Life Ch. 08

group blindjack 2018-04-19

Watching Cynthia work Shaft's penis; while hearing Joy and Mandy slurping each other's pussy; had me rock hard again. As Mandy's hand grabbed my shaft; a wad of pearly cream blasted from the head landing in the crease between Joy's ass cheeks. Pumping my slippery shaft with her hand; Mandy brought three more loads of sperm jetting from my knob; landing on Joy's butt cheeks and back. I let Shaft shoot all over my face and tits; telling you later to pull out of Joy's cunt because our fans enjoy messy come shots. Mandy and Joy have been fucked; so now it's my turn to get some hard cock!" Cynthia commanded, "Lay on your back, John!


Have You Ever? Ch. 01

group StallionKinge 2018-04-19

She got an intense look on her face and deliberately kissed back, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling herself against me as hard as she could. Samee looked up at me with a wicked look in her eyes, and began to make her move, but "Not so fast!" I said. Her hips were flat against mine, and the heat was intense, but then the music changed to a harder-charging number, and she broke apart, dancing harder in time. A few minutes of tongue and she let go, her hand behind my head, pulling me hard against her mound. I stopped still for a moment and let her relax, then began circling around inside, and flicking her little inside mouth of a cervix like a guitar string.

The Swing Series

group 2018-04-19

Sue, but she said Pat and Joe would arrive in about 10 size of Joe's cock, just the head of which Pat was now Pat licking and sucking Joe's cock. black hands on Sue's tits was a real turn on and I told seeing Sue sucking away, trying to get Joe to cum. Sue didn't even get her mouth back on Joe's cock When Pat began squirming back against my cock, Sue put that big black cock back in my hot pussy and fuck Pat straddle Sue's face with her pussy and lower herself Sue worked my cock head into Pat's ass and then, That night I watched my wife fuck that huge black cock amazement as Pat took ALL of Joe's giant black cock


The Substitute Teacher

group TurboTits 2018-04-18

Normally it seemed a waste of time to attend a class when there was a substitute but they had heard that this was going to be a hands-on lab today and not to miss it. They wanted to know how often she has these little suck and fuck parties and she said almost every night. She said she especially liked to do parties in the park because there were always other people around and they ended up coming over for some hooters and cunt too. She just carried it out as she strutted outside to her car, completely naked, and enjoying swinging her big 40 DD tits and feeling all the cum running down her legs after another very successful suck and fuck fest.

KC's Story

group tk5555 2018-04-18

Give me a minute to make sure Frank is ready and then come to the back bedroom." Fiona said as she walked away. I didn't want to touch them or anything, but seeing Fiona's tits bounce up and down as she rode Frank's cock was turning me on. I glanced at Fiona; she was looking at the way my pussy stretched around Frank's cock. Having Frank's cock inside me while I watched Fiona have a screaming orgasm was so much better than watching porn and masturbating. I liked the idea of him looking at each of Fiona's friends, or at least the ones with big tits, and wondering which one he had fucked.

Margaret's First Time - Threesome

group Bandra 2018-04-18

While the girls were busy kissing each other, I moved over to Margaret's wet, dripping pussy and planted a kiss right in the middle of her pussy lips and quickly licked her inner labia, and separated them with my tongue. Jeanette was already warmed up and while Margaret kissed her boobs and sucked her nipples, I worked on Jenny's inner thighs. Jeanette was very grateful and to show her appreciation, took my stiff cock into her hands and started to stroke it while my tongue explored Margaret's pussy. While I was busy licking Margaret's pussy, Jeanette stroked my cock, pulled the foreskin down and put my glans inside her mouth. My cock was red with her blood and my cum mixed with her pussy juices oozed out and collected onto the towel that Jeanette had thoughtfully placed under Margaret's butt.


The Husband's Point of View

group pastmyprime23 2018-04-18

A little bit jealous that my wife was going to be wearing my favorite outfit while possibly giving another guy a hummer, but also excited that I may be getting a hummer from the hostess (I got the impression that she would make sure I was "taken care of.") If luck came my way, maybe I would get to pump my wife before the night was over. For the 30 - 45 minutes that Lynn and I were going at it, I gave not one thought to what Desirae was doing with someone like Tom. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to look in a door and see her energetically sucking some guy off when I practically had to beg for it myself.

Wife story nr.2

group zupa123 2018-04-18

Ok, this couple was real cuckold one (if you know what it' s mean):) This was a couple what I wish to fuck for a long time. Wife take off all clouthes- & from bag husband give her sexwife outfit (outfit), white stockings, purple heels & erotic brass. The I start- she was very experienced- sucked cok, balls; fucking in different position, fucking with condoms. First one- i spry on her mouth, then come husband & they started kissing each other.Next spray was on cunt, stomac- husband was lying on bed near (smtm while i fuck her, they kisisng, smtm he hold her legs, & then eaten out cum from wifes body. By the way, this yaer we meet each other once again, but in different small party:):)

A girl keeps warm in the gents toilet

group 2018-04-18

I was sixteen on that night, and already a veteran at cock manipulation, a girl with an enormous appetite for sex, and group fucking, a girl in a perpetual sexual high, a girl who craved cock several times a day, even shagging my b*****r meant nothing to me, it was just a cock, a fleshy pole dance, fitting nicely into my tight hole, my vagina blessed with a sharp right turn, that drove men wild and made the cum, sometimes too quickly for me, but then there was always another ready to use me like a warm tight-fitting condom, I loved that analogy, and as if to emphasize it, I started to masturbate, thank fuck for that hole in my coat pocket.

Donna's threesome in the garden

group maturemancock 2018-04-18

Wayne got hold of my hands and pulled me to my feet, my dress fell to the floor as Wayne pulled my knickers down, and he said “Lay on the grass” as I did my clothes were totally removed, Andy knelt down in front of me and started to lick my cunt, he wasn’t doing a bad job as Wayne’s cock was soon in my mouth and hand. Only a few minutes went by when I could feel another climax building, even though Andy wasn’t doing a great job it was enough, as I licked and wanked Wayne off it happened, my body shuddered as I came for the second time, my juices flowed and Andy said “She’s pissed on me” when I’d come round Andy had his cock in his hand and he was rubbing it up my slit.

How We Met

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-04-18

Then in a bold and dangerous move he asked, with a twinkle in his eye, "Your qualifications look good, but can you suck cock?" His smile said he was kidding but his growing hard on, indicated he was serious. Sometimes I enjoyed feeling the power of a strong cock erupting in my mouth, knowing I had the power to do that, other times my mouth felt sore and overly stretched by the big pieces of muscle that penetrated it. I had to go to the river several times a day to bathe the men's cum from my body and mouth. All eyes fixated on the Time Keeper who ceremoniously walked into the chamber after talking to the man who wanted to claim me.

Jackie is suprised when her bosses make her an off

group 2018-04-18

You’ve been with us for three years and we’ve come to like and respect you as a person as well as your faultless work and we feel it’s about time to let you into a few secrets and ask you to do something very special for us.” She paused while Jackie took in what she’d said. Rebecca starting gently caressing Jackie’s right thigh through her dress and said, “I’ll give you the best sex you’ve ever experienced and we’ll treat you to the greatest orgasms you’ll ever feel.” She purred in her ear.

A Journey to Desire Ch. 02

group swingerjoe 2018-04-18

I glanced over at Michelle to make sure she was okay with me touching this woman, but she was engrossed in conversation with Dave, and didn't seem to notice. While we continued our casual chat, I felt Michelle's hand rubbing my left thigh, and I responded by rubbing hers as well. Then, after handing off my cock to Danielle once again, she moved over between Dave's legs and took his dick in her mouth. Watching her take Dave's long cock down her throat, seeing the expression on his face, and hearing his low groan, was so incredibly arousing, I immediately felt an unstoppable surge of cum begin to erupt straight through my shaft.


Love Thy Neighbors Ch. 06

group RonCabo 2018-04-18

Maude and Darrell reclaimed their places on the love seat; Robert sat closest to them on the sofa next to Roxanne and Brad on her other side. Going down on Maude, Joan noticed that the woman's hand had been on Darrel's lap, probably touching her husband's penis. But the desperate sounds that were coming from both Maude and Darrel made Joan want a dick in her pussy too, so she balanced herself on her back on the wide arm of the love seat and spread her legs. Still all naked, the others migrated back into the living room and joined, Joan, Brad, Maude and Darrel on the floor as the center of attention was now Robert and Roxanne.


Emma's Pool Party Ch. 06

group thewhitestripe 2018-04-18

Emma was watching porn on the computer screen--at that moment, a busty young brunette was sucking enthusiastically on a large cock, while having her pussy licked by another skinny blonde girl with small tits. It wasn't long before Holly began a steady rhythm of cock sucking, bobbing her head on my rock hard erection as Emma sucked at the base of my shaft and fondled my ass and nuts with her nimble fingers. I am going to fuck you girls silly," I moaned, pushing a lock of hair away from Emma's face as she suckled the very tip of my cock, tasting my oozing pre-cum.


The Theater Pt. 01

group Stephisissycd 2018-04-18

I'd think about that at night and stroke my cock while I played with my tight smooth hole with a thin black butt plug I bought at a local sex store. I put on a red lace g-string (that made my ass look really sexy) and a pair of skin tight black booty shorts. I walked into the porn video section and picked a "preview" video of hot white girls getting gang banged by hung black men in the hood. A huge black guy came in and locked the door behind him. He pulled out a bag of Coke and made a big line for me and handed me a rolled up $100 dollar bill.

My First Threesome

group latinman_94803 2018-04-18

The second message was from a woman named Jenny, who said that she and her boyfriend were looking to find a third, and my ad caught her attention. When we got to her place, Jenny introduced me to her boyfriend, Dave. She took my shirt off as we kissed and started rubbing my cock through my pants. He and Jenny were kissing as I took off her shoes, then her pants. I remember seeing the pleasure in Jenny's eyes – they'd roll into the back of her head as my finger went inside her. As Jenny's climax began to build, Dave moved away from her and let her focus all her attention on her orgasm. Dave kissed Jenny as I fucked her. Dave came up behind Jenny and started fucking her from behind.