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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Three of Us

group Kaneda_Shinaro 2018-04-18

There was always the thing about one of us getting jealous and it causing a huge rift between us. You stand between us in that light green dress you wore to that long-ago wedding. I want him to enjoy you as much as I and I don't want you getting self conscious now. There is a world of difference, and you are at the centre of that. It's longer than mine - I try not to be jealous, but fail - but he's less thick. Do I feel a flash of jealous rage? You look at me with bleary eyes. It makes no difference to me: you belong to me and I to you. You smile at us both, your chest rising and falling with huge gasps.

The Highwayman

group danielblue 2018-04-18

He wondered if he should force the noble lady to submit, or should he accept the offer of the coachman's arse. The coachman handed the pistol to his lady and offered his arse once more to the highwayman. By the time the highwayman withdrew his face the coachman's fuck canal was so lubricated it could have floated a boat. Gabriel clamped his arse knot down on the highwayman's cock, milking it and driving the bisexual butt bandit wild with lust. The highwayman bit Gabriel's shoulder and used his teeth to anchor himself as he fucked his arse. At the same time his arse knot spasmed around the highwayman's cock and seconds later the bandit blasted his ball juice deep into the coachman's arse.

Tricia's fantasy cums true...

group mrclitoralman 2018-04-18

She flashed a smile at me with a quick "Hi!", then moaned out, "Oh my god Trish, that was so fuckin' hot, I almost couldn't wait!" As Angie stepped close to the edge of the bed, our eyes met and she giggled at my amazement, then her eyes drifted to my swollen and reddened hard shaft, still pulsing in Tricia's grip, then asked, "Mmmm, is that for me?!" Tricia let go of my cock as she popped up to her knees and grabbed a handfull of Angies hair, pulling her to meet her lips in a passionate kiss, then she hissed, "Only if your a good get down on your knees!" Angie sunk to her knees next to the bed, and Tricia pressed her lips against my ear and purred, "Please baby, show her how you fuck her how good I can make you cum!" My shaft was straining with anticipation as I looked down into Angie's eyes, and she tilted her head with a naughty girl grin and slid one hand down to massage over her steamy pussy and squeezed her nipple with the other as she softly pleaded, "Please show me."

Love for All

group Cap007Cook 2018-04-18

As soon as I did, Meera climbed onto Gary's waist and kissed him and said "I need you to fuck me." And in one swift movement, Gary put her fit yet soft, lovely body down on the couch, climbed her, entered her tight wetness, and they made passionate, almost angry, love. Happily, Gary and me interlocked our legs, and he aligned both our cocks together and as I felt a tremor pass through me Meera gave me a loving, almost motherly, kiss. We gave each other soft, small pecks and kisses all over the face and neck while whispering in our intimacy "I love you." I climbed down and as we started soaping each other, Meera came in and so we cleaned her too.

Sex in the f****y

group chchboy 2018-04-18

Can I cum in your pussy or do you both want to suck me dry again?".Jake was rubbing his cock against my clit, I was going to climax as soon as he slid in and Liz was playing with my nipples, pinching them, making them stand. I think for the first time we will let Jake fuck her alone, we can suck each other beside them, do you really want to hold my pussy open for Mike?, feed your father's cock in". My s****r was a cock slave as well, fuck heaven, shit, life was going to be good on earth as well, but I had better get going if I wanted hold my son's cock as he entered Sally, Liz was helping her mother strip and rubbing her breasts as I stood beside Jake holding his cock.

Photography for Fun

group aussieson 2018-04-18

Robert positioned us appropriately, with Jean squatting between my wide spread legs and Jean then took my cock between her lips while Robert fired off a couple of shots on the polaroid. After positioning Jean between his thighs in such a way that I could include her free swinging tits in the shot, I told her to take just the knob of Robert's cock in her mouth so that most of his weapon was clearly visible and then I took a couple of pictures. I told her to lie down on the bed and I got between her thighs and started to lick slowly along her slit, which opened nicely until her clit was exposed and Robert awoke from his reverie and took a couple of shots.

Helping a new friend find her inner freak!

group 2018-04-18

The girl followed us over and the handy-men then noticed us.  I sat on the log with Kels ass tongue high...she and the girl frenched...Kelsey's fingers exploring her pussy. The two handy men were still at it, watching the show.  One hand making sure the slut deep-throated me every time, my other one was plucking at Kels nipples which were fully erect.   She nodded them closer and gave each one a very sloppy suck. The last two guys came over and Kels sucked them, my cock in her ass, the sluts tongue on her clit. The slut had been working over Kels pussy when she came, so she was in the perfect position to clean my cock and balls.

I got bored..

group shaggyinit 2018-04-18

Even from the distance from the door he could see her hair, red, sprayed out over the bed like a sea of bl**d with the light shining off it in every direction round her neck was a beautiful ruby mounted on a gold chain. They both turned round and looked up at the busty red haired woman stood in the door frame. She was wearing a pair of lacy thongs, red, that were attached to a Basque that showed of her flowing body and large bountiful breasts, the eyes lingered for a while before moving up to look at the face off their red clad employer. The woman in red let out a soft moan as he kissed her neck and started too slowly un-lace the tight Basque.

girl freind wanting to get back at boy freind (fan

group rick196007 2018-04-18

but this time when she tied me up she left me tied up and put a blind fold on me. she left the room for a few minutes or so and made a phone call. about 20 minutes later she walked back into the room and said you are in for it now you cheater.i asked what she ment you will see. still blind folded she put a mouth gag on me where i could not close my mouth and said ok boys come on in and do your thing. they used my mouth and my ass. when they were done they came all over my face and in my mouth . i liked it all very much.she did too she was watching the whole thing.

The Seduction of My Wife

group tantricjim 2018-04-18

I pulled a nice tit out of Vicki's bra while I slid the other hand into her panties for a better feel of her hot cunt. I began to fuck Vicki and could only throw an occasional glance over to where Rob's boomerang was finally entering Susan's cunt from behind. Susan looked like she was in a trance of some sort; meekly following Rob; her skirt still partly hitched to her hips; her ass bare and tits hanging out under her unstrapped bra. Vicki and I kissed passionately; I rubbed my face in her tits as my cock slipped out of her cunt.

One for the Road Ch. 05

group jeffee27 2018-04-18

June had knocked on the door and offered Ingrid a drink in her room. "Wow," June said breathlessly to Ingrid, "You were right, that is one huge dick. He smiled at Ingrid then started to rub the back of June's head. June was working her mouth along Steven's cock. She took her mouth away from his cock to allow Ingrid to lift the garment over her head. Ingrid put her hands on them and started rubbing. Steven had a tight grip on June's head as he gently face fucked her. They watched Ingrid play with herself on the bed for a while then June ushered him to her room. Ingrid reached out and started stroking his cock.

The Boss's Office

group hotdoll 2018-04-18

Jessica squatted down onto her heels, and began to lick me, working her tongue upwards to my tip, she began sucking it, fuck her thick lips felt good, she then took some more, then the whole lot into the back of her mouth, the motion of her head, the feel of her lips sliding up and down on me made me begin to pump into her slowly, She pushed me into her fully with her hands round on my ass, as one then went free and found Holly's pussy. Back into Jessica I went, a two pussy treat, I wanted to now cum and hard, I took Holly again, pumping her tight pussy, her pussy is so good to fuck, the tightness is mind blowing.


Deidre Ch. 04

group Paris Waterman 2018-04-18

I recall that Elsie told me once that the scent of some guy's cocks could make your cunt clench. Elsie had wanted to come out with me, but I talked her out of it, saying, "Yeah, sure, I meet Mr. Right and he doesn't have a friend so I turn him down just to stay with you." What's more, when he finished he was hard again and fucked me raw, managing to keep his erection while I came at least six or seven times on his big pogo stick. Evidently they'd met at a party a week earlier and I heard Gina tell the girl, "I'll never forget your eyes," before they went into a long kiss.


Love and Death

group fertiegladwyn 2018-04-18

"Third time's the charm." Eugene Gwandoya said, as he prepared to set the ball to his star middle hitter Alaina Lampur. Looking directly into her eyes he said, "you can't just give up, changing things like this takes time." He let his hands linger a moment longer than he needed to and they both realized it. But she can go fuck that Persian she met at Bed, Bath & Beyond." Alaina stared into Eugene's hurt eyes, "Lampur" he whispered, "I'm really digging you. I'm a free ball, anyone, anyone take me." The Persian stood in the corner; his pants down around his ankle while his dark hand ran up and down his average sized cock.

Private Eye Ch. 02

group Bluepen451 2018-04-18

After they left, Lucinda looked at me and said, "Well, Mr. Janison, were you enjoying our little show?" As she spoke I noticed that they had pretty much resumed the show, only now it was Alicia's hand massaging Lucinda's thighs, and Lucinda was working on each of her own tits. As we walked into the dinning room, Alicia let her dress fall completely so the only thing she was wearing was a pair of high heeled sandals and then she turned to me and said, "Be a love and lend me your sports jacket." She put my jacket on, and sat down at the table naked from the waist down and with her tits, still glistening with my saliva, hanging out the front of the jacket.


Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 16

group Andyhm 2018-04-18

"Thanks, because I made a promise to Pete that I would never sleep with anyone he didn't know about and more importantly approve of, regardless if they were members of the family or not." She looked at me happily, just like a cat that had found the cream, "And he's always told me you are the one person I don't need to ask for approval." Angie said, "There's usually a crew but between us we have more than enough experience to sail her and that means there will be no strangers on board, just family." She came over to me and whispered, "You were right, inviting Diane and Bryan was a mistake.


Mike, Robin, & Me Ch. 01

group wileycoyote035 2018-04-18

From our conversations over the past few days, you know that I’m pretty nervous about this, but you’ve both made me feel very comfortable and I’d like to move forward. “Well,” Robin said, “as we talked I gave Mike a sign that said I was interested in going further with this and he gave me the same signal in return. “Well, Mike, I want to know what it’s like to make another man hard. I want to know what it feels like to have a guy suck my cock. “Play with his cock, Mike, show him how good it can feel when a man strokes it.” She kisses my ear, nibbles gently on my earlobe, both of them slowly driving me crazy.

Like Father Like Son

group hot thunder 2018-04-18

Jack had stopped teasing my clit and Jeff's mouth moved to suck in my clit, licking. He took his finger and began to massage my clit and with that touch I came hard and he licked, sucking my juices into his mouth. I sucked Jack's cock, moving my tongue around the head and licking down his length. I moved my mouth around the head of Jack's cock, licking the tip then sucking the head. My moans vibrating against Jack's cock as I sucked, my mouth moving up and down on him harder and faster. I sucked Jack harder, moving my hand to caress his firm balls, feeling him about to explode in my mouth.

Vixens - The Candidate

group Nellskitchen 2018-04-18

Unlike our encounter out on the street, where the city's general dissonance had obscured almost everything she said, this time I would face her knowing what Vixens really was, that it was one of New York's posh escort services. It's where she orients the likes of me, new prostitutes -- the word made me cringe - to her way, a different way of looking at things. Even the expecting mom to whom the Irish girl put her curious question, simply shrugged, offering a "what's a chemist," sort of look in return. I shook my head slightly and looking into the girl's friendly green eyes, I whispered, "I think Eileen will do that privately," "Oh...I see.


Malik's Playtime Mansion

group ahforaliya 2018-04-18

She cried out, clutching at Malik's shoulders when the slave boy began shoving her hard member up her ass. After a while Malik reached over and grasped the blonds leaking cunt, he pulled her over and shoved her face into the junction between his and the redheads bodies, she was told to suck on the redhead's clit. As the first of his seed began shooting up the redhead's cunt, she let out a scream of release, triggering the boy up her ass to pump faster and expel his seed; the boy in her mouth grabbed ahold of her head and shoved his dick down her throat sending all the jizz down it.

Touch Class Ch. 15

group Uzi_Johnson 2018-04-18

I'll be inviting Karen and another friend named Ashley. "I'm having a little get together this Friday evening and I'm hoping you can join us. "Well, we can certainly have a nice private time soon, but I wonder if you'd be interested in something a little different." I haven't told more than a couple of people about this, but when I was a teenager I felt a strong attraction and curiosity to explore with a pretty cousin who was about my age. It was wonderful while it lasted, and I missed her terribly for a long time. "Gretchen, that is really great news that you'll be joining in. "And two other nice ladies will also be joining us, Gretchen and Ashley.

The Listing Appointment

group Shoeman 2018-04-18

Kelly said," I think he likes the little show so far," as she reached and started slowly stroking my cock though my pants. Kelly turned the lights down low with a dimmer switch, and Traci called out, "SHOW TIME!" Traci started to hit some buttons on the remote – magically music came on (you guessed it, good old hard-rockin' strip joint music), lights came on out of nowhere and there were the two of them standing next to the bed. Next thing I know, Traci hovered her face up close to our fucking and started to dart her tongue back and forth over Kelly's engorged clit. As I pulled out of Traci, Kelly quickly grabbed my cock with her hand and started to pump.

Hawaiian Sacrifice

group BiPhreakyDezign 2018-04-18

The guy in your pussy was groaning, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he let loose. to fuck back the dick that mercilessly pounded your pussy. their dicks going into your mouth and pussy. One in your mouth, one in your pussy, one in each hand, and another fucking your tits. The guy in your pussy, was turning your vaginal canal inside out as your inner walls hugged As the guy in your pussy shot his load up in you, you had your third globs of cum ran out of your swollen pussy and down the crack of your ass. You liked watching your woman being used by all those men baby?

The Computer Repairman Ch. 3

group Sean Devon 2018-04-18

Mark took the phone from me and said, "Rob, Ms. Taylor's been working on her pussy and it's really hot and wet. As she looked up at my friend with glazed eyes, I said, "Rob, listen, I think your Ms. Taylor here really wants a good, hard cock fucking." Rob groaned. "I...well...well, yes," I admitted quietly, looking up at Mark and gently fingering his big cock, "Are you mad at me, honey?" Mark had lifted my hand and started to slowly lick my sex juices off my fingers. "You want him to fuck you, don't you Barbara?" Rob taunted, "If you want that big cock of his splitting your sweet pussy lips and thrusting deep inside you, you better do as he says"