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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

We Suck!

group ukstockinglvr 2018-04-18

Katherine looked uneasy, moving her head slightly away smiling nervously, Sophie leaned in and gave the head of my cock a quick flick with her tongue, giggled and then moved back and pulled her top over her head revealing her amazing bronzed pert breasts, she started to whisper encouragement to her friend. I was sat with the rest of the group in our favoured pub and we were all sat idly chatting, speculating about next year and what university life was going to be like when Sophie and Katherine came and joined us, after they said their hellos they put their drinks on the table and stood and removed their jackets in unison.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 13

group oldhippie1949 2018-04-18

You know, an old acquaintance of mine, Bobby Charles, passed away and there's a song of his that is so gentle, so fragile and so tender, it would beautiful to hear us you know "Tennessee Blues?" Here, let me play it." I played it for them and both wanted to try it out immediately. I walked out to polite applause as Mark and Ma opened "Ain't Misbehavin." It worked perfectly and this time, we all added more to it, giving it a real Hot Club swing. During the break, it sounded like an authentic bluegrass weeper and when I returned to the final verse, my voice broke on the first word bringing a certain anguish or dolefulness to it.


Britney's Adventure Ch. 5

group Moxon4 2018-04-18

“OK ladies, you know the rules, and begin.” The girls circled each other for a minute to which Seymour responded “I said wrestle dammit.” The two girls laughed, and then they engaged, putting their arms around each other, they both fell in a heap on the floor, their bodies completely intertwined, each trying to get an advantage, but each attempt was thwarted by the other, Lindsie got her legs around Britney, and moved around behind her, and grabbed her shoulders, and pinned her down on her stomach, and then used her knees to spread Britney’s legs. Lindsie began moaning louder, and her strokes became quicker and more hurried, as she latched on, wanting to orgasm, and then shrieking loudly, cumming, and then fell on top of Britney, both of their bodies moving up and down as they attempted to catch their breath.

Katye By The Door

group 2018-04-18

“Tom , let’s see you do your stuff with that pussy!” urged Jake as he walked back and forth like an all powerful movie director moving around the bed, guiding here, pushing in there, pinching my nipples and putting his finger in every crease available to him… Tom angled his body behind Sue and I could see his hands reach around her and begin to caress her nipples… She arched her body even more and a deep lost look came across her face.


Adding Another

group absorb 2018-04-18

Of course, Betty already knew the difference and answered smiling, "Believe me I'm Bisexual, not just curious." Jen's heartbeat quickened as she remembered some of her times with open minded roommates back when she was in college, years ago before she had met Doug. Doug took her by her hand and Jen touching her legs and butt, the couple guided Betty from the couch to the rug. Jen had been a multi-orgasm type of woman for years, but she had never had one so intensely slam into the other as when Betty slid gracefully to flick her breasts with her tongue as Doug's thrusts got heavier and heavier inside her.


Fianlly it happened

group ptsteve 2018-04-18

The night came and we met at his hotel (he always got a room in case he drank and if she decided to enjoy the threesome he wanted to happen), she just walked up to him and kissed him hello. He told me later she had massaged his cock the entire time they were walking, kissing and saying how much fun she was having. He pushed a bit harder and his cock went in her willing mouth as she took it all in The same time she was sucking she was massaging his balls. Thru the night he fucked her ass a couple times, her pussy once and made her suck his cock twice until he came in her mouth again.

The Chance Meeting

group Benitta Josephine 2018-04-18

Seth removes his fingers and pulls Josephine up so that he can now hold her body to his, now half sitting with his chest to her back, and asks "Would you like it in your ass now?" A faint "Yes" is all she could say... After a few minutes Autumn declares, "You know, I have never done this before with someone I just met." Josephine, blushing, she bows her head and replies "Me either." She continues, "Actually you are the first woman I have ever had sex with." Autumn, placing her hand on Josephine's chin, lifts her face so that she may look into her eyes.

The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 03

group PenLightStories 2018-04-18

Max hated to leave the room just as it looked like his girlfriend might make-out with this hot young Indian woman in the middle of the kitchen but he finished Sharon's errand in the hopes that greater rewards might await him. Max heard Carla and Sharon slipping off their coverings next to him and he pulled off his running shoes and slid his shorts to the floor He hesitated slightly as he pulled his t shirt off over his head and caught a glimpse of Mikela unrolling the stockings that clung tightly to her legs. After a dramatic pause, the door slowly pulled open and Carla stood on the other side, fully robed like Max, her blonde hair hidden underneath her crimson hood.


After The Party Ch. 01

group minxx66 2018-04-18

"Finally I get to see the blue one." Nick said as one hand started to caress my breast through the ruffled material. I hooked my fingers in to the waistband of both Tony's and Nick's trousers and pulled them in close to me, feeling each erection. She took that as her cue and started to undo Nick's trousers, whilst kissing him. I took it all then turned to Nick with a grin on my face and leant forward to kiss him. Nick held my hips and pulled me back onto him as he thrust into me, I watched Lynne fuck Tony. I turned to look at Nick and with one hand still supporting myself; I started to stroke his balls with the other.


A Bike Ride

group LindaW 2018-04-18

Two of them walked over to me and pulled their shorts down, offering me their delicious young cocks to suck, which I did with abandon whilst their mate continued to take photographs. They both continued to fuck me with their fingers for several minutes, which really had me moaning, then suddenly, their fingers were withdrawn, one of them went down on me and started to lick and suck my clit, which almost immediately caused me to come very loudly. As he approached me from behind, I felt his cock touch my pussy and I thought that he was going to try to push in alongside his brother, but then he began to push his cock against my arse and I immediately knew what they had in mind.


The Erotic Adventures of Juicy Kelly &...Ch. 3

group irish626 2018-04-18

Miranda opened one of the cabinets and took out a shower tray holding a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions and soaps and brought it over to The Tub. She then adjusted the water temperature and spray while you sat on the toliet, waiting. Miranda took you by the hand, back into The Tub, and bent over, spreading her ass cheeks for you. We entered The Tub and I moved in front of Miranda, offering her both my ass and a body to cling onto. I'm sure that you had no idea there was anyone else but you and Miranda in the tub until the moment that Greg put his tongue up your ass.

Our Little Secret

group Midfielder86 2018-04-18

The beer continued to flow, and seemingly 20 minutes had passed until Tara and Maria entered the living room, giggling and carrying mixed drinks. Tara sat down on the floor next to Mike and gave Maria a look as she immediately came to sit right next to me on the couch. She dimmed the lights and Mike reached over to the stereo to turn on some dance music, and the men and Tara began to settle into the folding chairs. Tara stood up and turned up the speakers, drowning her moans in thumping dance music, and Paul began to open Maria up. Evan stepped away and Mike stepped up, grabbing Maria's hips and turning her facedown-ass up on the couch.


My Bestfriend's Boyfriend

group mzzqt 2018-04-18

I smiled up at him, about to make a smart remark about how he'd like that, when he bent his head down to give me a quick kiss just as I was opening my mouth to say it. My hips were rising to meet her small hand inside my pussy, and then she leaned forward and took my engorged clit into her mouth. I started moaning on Jay's cock, my pussy tightened up on Dee's hand. Her tongue began licking Jay's balls and he pulled out of my mouth in time to shoot his cum all over Dee's and my faces. We found ourselves with little more than an hour before we had to leave for our jobs, so Dee got up to make us breakfast and coffee, while Jay and I went to shower together to save time.


The Birthday Surprise

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-04-18

As I found out later, Lisa had sex with Tim years ago when she was d***k (even though he was dating Anna her friend at the time) and he had convinced her to give his older b*****r a blow job as a birthday present. Larry got in the pool and walked of to Lisa and Tim. I moved over to that side of the hot tub, it connected to the pool and they were standing right beside it. I heard a noise and looked over by the door and saw Larry motioning to Tim to "shhh..." They both stood in the doorway and watched as BJ began to push harder against Lisa's opening.

Three's A Crowd

group secretsadie 2018-04-18

I went back to his neck, licked up the salt and downed the shot before pulling the lime from his teeth with my own mouth, letting my lips brush gently against his. Four things happened at once then - Damien rolled off me, I sat up and pulled the sheet over my breasts, Ryan turned on me furiously - and before he could speak, I slapped him. He put one hand in my hair and the other one against my neck and kissed me the way he always did, and we fell to the pillow together, and in that moment, I forgot about Damien. I kept kissing Ryan as Damien broke away and moved down my body.


Lost My Virginity To Cousin s****r And Her Friend

group 2018-04-18

On one Sunday i have completed my classes early and went to room which turned my entire life.It was a pent house and there are few shops in ground floor no one else enters the first floor.When i was nearing the room i heard some moans from the room where i peeped in the room where i found my cousin friend was having sex with a guy.where i came to later from my cousin that he is her boy friend.I felt some thing different and my dick started to salute seeing the hard fuck he is fucking Priya like a bitch she was moaning like hell.they have changed into different positions and fucked each other.both completed their fuck and later they went on 69 i have seen her cleanly shaven pussy with the love juices .

A Weekend Away

group amyredek 2018-04-18

Knowing that the other two would rather sit together, Diane went and sat in the arm chair as Mark poured out some more glasses of wine from the second bottle and settled himself down on the sofa next to Tracey who put her arm through his. 'Let's make something special tonight,' Tracey had said, the next time they were expecting Mark to come round for dinner. On receiving the tentative kiss on the cheek from Timothy, Diane then had second thoughts if she was doing the right thing by accepting Mark's word that he was a fine young upstanding man.


Church Tales Ch. 5

group Jimilinden 2018-04-18

His next little loving barb about "preferring to spend the holiday with Leo" was softened by his broad-faced grin. By far the most exciting view from my small window was Leo's profile waiting for me on the observation deck of the picturesque pueblo styled terminal. Before I could tease him about his obvious excitement Leo whispered in my ear, "I hope you notice my attention pressing against you. Leo raised his hands in defeat and, with his usual thoroughness to precise detail, lamented, "Ten thousand steak and lobster houses in Albuquerque. I've heard it said that the night view from the top of the West Hill, where I-40 suddenly exposes the Albuquerque vista, is possibly the Eighth Wonder Of The World.


Soccer Studs

group udubstud 2018-04-18

I leaned her over and asked, "You want to get fucked by the two biggest dicks on the team?" Her response of grabbing at both of our tents made Mickey and I pretty excited. I kept right at tonguing her puss and she blew me, and it was beginning to feel fucking amazing having this girl finally sucking my dick. Mickey leaned over and stared rubbing his dick on her hole to tease her, so I just licked at her clit to give my bro some room. She's just feeding on my dick, and I can feel her moan as my bro fucks her puss hard right beneath me.

Amy's Anal Training

group Azuldrgon 2018-04-18

She instinctively opened her mouth and felt the comfortable feeling of Master's cock sliding in. As she started to slowly suck him, she could hear the door open and close before she felt her skirt being raised. Amy moaned on her Master's cock as the feeling started to disappear and the door opened for the second time. Her mouth opened instinctively and she felt something sliding in before she closed and started to suck. As the third tool used her ass, she could feel a desire to moan louder as she started to taste precum from the cock between her lips. Her pussy was starting to feel needy before she felt a cock slide into it and something like fingers slide into her gaping ass.

Fertilitas Gelamen Ch. 02

group jaynej 2018-04-18

We struck up conversation with some of the girls as we waited, many like Debs had been before and all talked about the need to "leave yourself at the gate," and to "walk in with no thoughts of right and wrong," with "everything being permissible," and to make sure you satisfy your own desires as well as letting "them" satisfy theirs. We walked over to some tables at the far end of the room, there were two other girls already laying on theirs. Once in the robing room the light became very dim and there were women assistants in translucent white dresses walking around distributing packages of clothing to the girls, the shape of their bodies clearly evident through the material.

Bisexual Friends and Neighbours

group danielblue 2018-04-18

Cindy's kisses were as sweet as honey, and her experienced hands and nails teased Abe's cock while Mark's strong hands had started stroking the tops of his thighs, where he was most sensitive. She had completely forgotten about her husband but when she felt him gently moved her legs away from Abe's ass and on to the bed she knew that he wanted his share of the action. It was one of the most beautiful asses Mark had seen on a man and when he parted Abe's cheeks and saw his little pink pucker that looked all innocent and virginal he decided this simply was the best ass it had ever been his pleasure to get to know.

First Night

group FunLuvr247 2018-04-18

Then he raises his musk-scented fingers and tastes and smells them and tastes them appreciatively, "Mmmmmhmmm – this is such a delicious appetizer." His other hand slips between your now wide-spreading thighs and his middle finger slides smoothly and deeply into you, and he curls his fingertip upward into that sweetspot, bringing you closer to ravenous abandon, and with his scented and licked fingers, he draws your halter-top up over your puffy nipples and gently takes each one in his mouth before allowing the cloth to fall over them again. "Yes – I want some cock in my pussy while I'm licking you," and she moves to the edge of the bed and arches her back, presenting her puffed little slit to his swollen prickshaft, and you move to watch awhile as he teases her folds and her button with the head still glistening from your hot mouth.

Sharing the Christmas Elf wife with the guys.

group gdhubby 2018-04-18

She had me tell the guys she wanted a sex toy from each one of them, and that they would get their gift from the blue Christmas Elf. We both dressed as Christmas elves with electric blue spandex pants with shinny green spandex tops with whit fur trimmed stocking caps, she had on pointy ears with blue smudge proof makeup on her face and down her tiny A-Cup breast. We watched some Santa Mrs Claws and the elves porn, during which the crotch of my wife's tight spandex pants got nipped by scissors reviling her thin shaved slit of a pussy which responded to being fingered by each of the guys as they passed her between their pants shedding hardon sprouting laps.