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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cosplay Bingo

group nikki_2021 2018-04-18

'I tell you what, why don't we let Brad and John draw up the cards and the rules and then we'll see,' Nikki suggested, the twinkle in her eye letting Jane know that she was in exactly as much trouble as she suspected. 'That's Nikki I guess,’ Brad said, knowing that even though she was incredibly liberated sexually and known on many fronts as a slut that he'd give his right testicle to get to be one of the notches on her bedpost. John going to dress as the Green Lantern, Brad was going as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones and Jane had opted for a very sexy looking Supergirl costume.


Linda's Runaway Adventure with the Band

group Johnsexlife 2018-04-18

That's all these four horny guys need as John slowly slipped his 9 inch cock into her very wet vagina, Billy put his cock into her mouth and started pumping away while Pete and Jack sucked on her breasts. Linda wanted them all and yelled switch Pete entered pussy, Jack her mouth while Billy and John sucked her breast. She wanted all of them inside her at once and instructed Jack to lay down as she slowly took him into her pussy; she instructed Pete and John to work both their cocks into her ass at the same time while taking Billy into her mouth. All four guys started sliding their cocks in and out of her at the same time with their strokes getting faster and faster as Linda had nearly continuous orgasms.

Shop Assistants

group sciper_101 2018-04-18

All three pairs of eyes were on were my hand rested, and Kachiko answered first "we are very good at this and I am sure one of us will be able to fit you" she said and all three shifted slightly to display the differences in their body types. Good" said Liu as she pushed Kachiko out of the way and assumed a kneeling position at the foot of my throne. Breathing Heavily from my Anaerobic Exertion My focus fell upon Liu who was delicately stroking my semi erect cock, she looked at me with genuine fear in her eyes as she saw the desire, the need, the want I had for her.


The Houseguest Ch. 1

group CCMAguy 2018-04-18

At the same time she moved her hand inside the waistband of her panties and slid it down to cover her mound, I could see through the shimmer of light, the movement of her fingers rising and falling as she touched herself in a most intimate way. I watched in anticipation of what was next, and almost at that instant that I thought it, she moved the huge rubber cock down once again between her legs and began to push it into her wet, swollen pussy lips. Jill was sucking me with great fervor now, taking me into her mouth and throat deeper than I had ever had any woman do before, the feeling was intense, and coupled with her finger in my ass, I was going to explode at any time.

House Warming and Surprises

group seekingfun22 2018-04-17

Wow, I am watching our new neighbors undress my wife in front of us while this man was preparing to fuck Linda right in front of us. Amy and Cindy slid my wife down to the edge of the table and spread her legs to reveal a drenched pussy ready for action. After Amy was undressed she climbed on the table and placed her pussy over Linda's mouth. Linda immediately began licking Amy. Cindy started undressing along with John and Jim. At this point I decided to get undressed too. Linda was getting another round of orgasm ready when Jim pulled out and John placed his cock into my wife once more.


Four Girls Ch. 03

group Taunus 2018-04-17

If you want something of value, tease my tiny pearl." Jessica moved her fingertips to Susan's clitoris and worked it from its hood to a tumescent, engorged state, hard and red with sanguine arousal. Susan noticed that in Jessica's gym bag were various toys: dildos, butt plugs, lubricant, nipple clamps, and the like. As Trisha continued the process of dilating Sam's Holy of Holies, beads of sweat appeared in her armpits and in the small of her back. As Jessica worked in a butt plug into her ass and a vibrator into her vagina, Trisha began to insert the proctoscope into Sam. Sam's anus was tiny. Trisha inserted an indwelling female urethral catheter into Jessie's bladder and pumped in a maximum of warm salt water.

Wild Night Ch. 2

group Fritz 2018-04-17

"So, did it get too warm for you girls last night?" I asked Barb, noticing they were missing their nightshirts. As my cock got harder, Angie felt it stirring and started stroking it, under the sheet. Her words started to get choppy and her eyes rolled back in her head a few times. Barb looked down, breathing heavily and saw Angie with a mouthful of my cock. I looked down and saw Sam's head buried in Barb's pussy. "Good morning everybody!" Said Sam, picking one of Barb's pubic hairs out of her mouth. "Barb, look, I think Angie has something for us," said Sam, seeing that Angie had a mouthful. Angie leaned over me and started to give Barb a kiss.

The Gift Ch. 01

group sola_naceae 2018-04-17

Out of the corner of her eye, she spied some random acquaintances- Delfina, a 5' 6", slim, creamy-skinned light brunette with perfect red lips, a non-stop body and a radiant, confident aura; and Rick, a slightly taller, square-jawed, spikey-haired, thin, blonde tech-guy with an unconventional style and a sharp wit that Solana found endlessly attractive. So Solana ordered another Ketel and soda - double, for good measure - and sipped at, hands trembling, thinking about the plan Delfi had concocted for Rick's birthday, and all of what might happen in just a few short hours. Rick groaned, and slipped his hands around the waists of both girls, squeezing the tender spots right above their hips, sinking into Solana's soft, willing mouth while Delfi kissed his neck.


group Fantasy Girl 2018-04-17

The man guided us down the hall to a set of double black doors and above the doors was a Pink neon sign that said "FANTASIES" and below the sign was another sign that said "For those of you who love to excite and give pleasure, want to receive pleasure or just like to watch". I noticed a man walk into the room with a ripping hard on and walked over to the first girl he saw, he peed all over her face and tits all the way down to her pussy covering her whole body with pee and the woman moaned uncontrollably and the man proceeded to insert his cock inside her while she remained tied down to the floor.


The Hospital Appointment

group Gindrinker 2018-04-17

Page after page was full of glossy photos of young women in various states of undress, their legs akimbo, their pussies and arse holes spread wide, cocks plunging in and out of every orifice, mouths open, lips red and covered in huge wads of semen. She tried to imagine Mrs Issacs with all her holes filled as in the magazine 'Anal Sex': trying to swallow the length of that big slick cock and then she realised the woman was smiling at her. Zoe knocked back the rest of the wine and placed her empty glass on a tray by the door as she followed the small group of women out with Nurse Stacey leading the way.


The Foursome (bi-sexual)

group pure_lust 2018-04-17

As soon as he finished saying that, Tyko walked over and got comfortable between his legs and began lightly licking his cock and balls as Lisa got up on the couch and had him lay his head back on the cushion as she fed him her pussy to suck. Joe walked over and took Tyko's place as he fed the head of his thick cock to Brian who eagerly took it into his mouth and began sucking feverishly on it as my wife was enjoying his huge, thick penis filling her vagina.

Shelly's New Dance

group eagelwolf 2018-04-17

With a shrug Minnie said, "It's not a big leap for me to do a little exotic dancing on the side." Giving Shelly an appreciative look she bull on. "No fucking way!" Shelly looked at Minnie for a few seconds and her eyes grew wide. "Your friend Francesca has a big mouth, sorry," Minnie said quietly as she walked down and stood on the landing two steps above Shelly. "When I heard the story I knew that you were a wild thing." After a short pause Minnie added softly, "You said yes to all this a bit too easily Shelly." Minnie sat down on the top step of the riser and stretched out her long legs.


Dillon Court Neighbors Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-04-17

I didn't think our schedules ever allowed us to be away from our computers at the same time." Although we lived next door to each other on a cul-de-sac, we rarely saw our neighbors; the only signs of life were the lights in the houses at night. I pulled her into a passionate kiss, and our hands started to meander around our sides and backs as we carried the kiss on for a full minute much to the delight of Mike and Jim. Even seconds into the kiss, I could feel the sexual tension between us; conservative but sexy Ellen was blowing my socks off with a Sapphic kiss that had some real significance behind it.


Sue's Christmas Surprise

group Keltic_Soul 2018-04-17

The one with the long wavy red hair had on a black satin and lace merry widow, with a lace-up front closure that served to cinch in on her waist and push up on her large, soft breasts, creating a deep and dark cleavage. "Santa," said the thinner, black-haired woman, "we have a special present for you tonight, for surely you have been a very good boy all year, and you've been working so hard to take care of everyone else. "Oh, Santa knows what you want most of all," he said, and with that he reached behind the redhead into his bag, and pulled out two brightly wrapped boxes, covered with frilly little bows.


The Whore in the Basement

group PapiMark 2018-04-17

While driving to his house, we were slapping you around, grabbing and squeezing your tits and spanking both your ass and cunt. Paul decided it was time to rip the zippers off your cunt and thighs. John slid under you and shoved his cock in your ass while Paul stuck his in your pussy. Paul got under you and started to fuck your asshole, John had his cock shoved down your throat and I started fist fucking your cunt and sucking on your clit until you were, once again, dripping wet. John grabbed a candle and started dripping hot wax all over your body - trying to concentrate on your armpits and nipples.

Widening the Circle Ch. 06

group fntsymn 2018-04-17

"That's just it!" Vanessa went on looking at Edward and Pamela, "I mean, when we started having sex with you guys it was great, it changed my life. "After the first time I did it with you Ed," Vanessa went on after draining her beer, Robert signaled the waiter for another round, "After that first time, and after Bob and I made love, I remember Bob saying that at that moment he knew what the difference was between having sex and making love. Pamela nodded and Edward went on, "I think that there is a difference, I mean it's a different feeling when you are making love than when you're just having sex.


An Erotic Vacation

group Sexhotty 2018-04-17

I really enjoyed the feeling of two cocks rubbing against my body just inches away from my pussy and I was sure that they had hardened slightly since the last time I looked. When I turned back, Scott reached over to caress the breast closest to him and his cock was rock hard rubbing up against my upper leg. Scott continued to kiss me, I reached down to touch his massive hard cock again as Dan massaged both of my breasts. I relaxed into Dan's rhythm, moving my head up Scott's cock each time he withdrew from me and then sliding my mouth back down the shaft as he pushed it back into me.


The Mystic Adventure Ch. 04

group smugmug 2018-04-17

It's like she can look straight into my head, see exactly what I'm thinking, and then come up with a quip that sums up a feeling I've been working on shaping for how many minutes, by saying just the opposite. Anybody home?" I had the binoculars out and saw Steve's buddy look up and see the girls climbing out of the dink. She paused, looked up at Steve and Jerry, and then went back to licking the fuck out of Kelly's cunt. I don't think we got too much oil on it." Kim reached up to Steve and gave him what looked like a deep, tongue thrashing kiss which, no doubt, tasted like the woman I was in love with.


Full Moon Party Ch. 05

group deepblue32 2018-04-17

At one point I put the camera on auto, where it takes a pic every five seconds and positioned it at the end of the bed while I placed the two girls on top of each other, and stuck my cock first in Kallie's pussy, held it for five seconds, then put it in her ass, held it for five seconds, and moved down to do the same. I can't remember it happening and I never even saw it, but it shows my cock embedded in her enflamed cunt, from which juices are spraying out, and landing on Kallie who is lying on the floor beneath us, her shoulders on the floor and her hips raised, so both her open holes are right next to where Becca is riding up and down on me.

Maiden Voyage

group tk5555 2018-04-17

"I'm going to get the sail down," Lynn said as she slipped out of her life jacket and jumped into the water, quickly disappearing below the waves. "I'm Troy," he said, as he floated next to Lynn and watched Rhonda right his sailboat, "and thanks for helping me. Lynn sat down on the opposite side of the tiller from Troy, "If the pontoon on your side gets more than eight inches out of the water you need to move to the edge of the boat." "Anyway, we were kind of hot and bothered after watching them for a while, so on the drive home Lynn pulls into parking garage and we made out like high school kids," Rhonda said.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 52

group SteveWallace 2018-04-17

The 'facts' cited in the article got increasingly wrong from that point on building a completely fallacious picture of me, my life, and those around me, and not even coming close to how active a sex life I actually did lead or the number of partners that I shared it with. "Vanessa or Van as she prefers is worried that her work in that profession might splash over onto Mark in some way; you know headlines that blare, 'Billionaire Parties with Porn Queen,' or something like that." I guess we distinguished ourselves because Van and Anna asked us to go home with them; they had the next couple of days off work and we had no obligations either.


My Perfect Sub Fantasy pt. 1

group datdude12 2018-04-17

Needless to say, it wasn't hard to find dominate couples that want a submissive black male to use. While she recovers by watching strapon on porn, the man smacks me with his huge cock until I open my mouth to continue sucking him. With her bigger frame she could really generate power with her strong pounding; the man made sure to f***e my head down on his dick in sequence with the woman's thrusts. She holds my face and grinds hard in my mouth, while I feel the man lift my legs up and thrust his huge BBC into my ass. The woman would grind hard on my face while squirting at the same time and holding my head in place.

Blown Fuses

group myalterego 2018-04-17

Sheila removed her hat, letting her long hair fall free as Jessica pulled us both back into the box-cluttered living room. Jessica then pulled a hand away from Sheila's nearly naked body and reached up towards me. Jessica pulled her hand away from my cock and let it slap back against my stomach, then leaning over me found my swollen head with just her mouth. I watched Sheila slip her hand into her white panties, which contrasted nicely against her tan skin, and finger herself while gazing wantonly at Jessica's tongue swirling around my glistening cock. Jessica continued fucking Sheila's obviously very wet hole with her fingers as she watched her greedily suck on my near-to-erupting cock.


Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 23

group mountaincat4 2018-04-17

She touched hers to mine and said, "Welcome home my love." We took a sip of the wine and sat our glasses down on the edge of the tub. I lay down on the bed on my side and she started to lay in the same direction with her head near my crotch but I told her to lay the other way so we could love each other at the same time. Make yourself feel good with it like it's your own personal vibrator." She wrapped her hand around my hard, hot cock and began to slide the head slowly up and down her slit while she gently squeezed my shaft.