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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group 2018-04-17

For a black girl with such a big cock she couldn't hold out too long and after about 3 minutes shot a hot load of cum right downChandra's throat. At the same time I shot my load over Jizelle's face who then put my cock back into her mouth and sucked every last drop of cum out of my balls that they shriveled. Three hours went by and all of a sudden both girls stopped fucking and sucking each other and came over to me and dumped thair hot loads of cum on my face and cock. We all did most of the same excpet this time i had Jizelle and Chandra hold down Soon Li so she couldn't move and I dry bakeback fucked this tight little oriental girl in her ass.

Stumped and the Third Eye

group pierreetal 2018-04-17

This went on for awhile I guess until Maddy needed a rest and then somehow I ended up sitting up on top of Maddy impaled on her clitoris and leaning forward kissing her on the mouth and Florenz came at me from behind and slid his penis into my butt. So Sabina says, "Your boyfriend Florenz-you guys have an open relationship, I guess." We were cuddled up in her bed. She was sprawled now alluringly on the sheet and the gorgeous boy came forward and got on the bed with us, stretching out and gently taking my housemate's torso in his arms, caressing her and placing tender kisses on her face.


My s****r Fucked By Rag Pickers

group cuteb0y25 2018-04-17

Salim & Javed got excited and asked Arif to go to her and fuck her. Arif jumped on Arti and started kissing all over her face like a mad man. Salim told let Arif enjoy first and after that me & Javed will fuck her and then it will be your turns, so wait till then & go drink. Arti screamed much louder this time and so Arif slapped her on face and Javed & Salim slapped her ass. Salim pushed all his dick inside her pussy and grabbed her stomach from back and slowly lied down on the bed and made her to sit over him. Soon after them Banti & Chotu jumped on her and started fucking her ass hole and pussy together.

Better than Roses

group Vixen211 2018-04-17

Mimi looked at me and mouthed the words, “Watch this,” as she leaned down, stroked his cock through his pants and whispered something in Steve’s ear. “I think it’s my turn to buy the drinks,” said Steve, as he continued to look at me out of the corner of his eye. “Well,” said Steve, wrapping his arm around Mimi, “perhaps you could come back with us to our hotel and we’ll help you create a story.” Mimi took his cock in hand, as we each licked our way up and down the shaft, taking turns and pulling the swollen head into our mouths. As she slid like velvet between my legs, I felt a warm mouth on my breast – I looked up, and Steve was giving my aching nipples some much-needed attention.


Bi-curious Ch. 09

group KY ridgerunner 2018-04-17

Ursula slid next to me and put her arm around me and said, "I was hoping you would say that." Then we started making plans for our husbands before they even woke up. As we were kissing I heard Ursula pulling Dave to the door and two people getting dressed in a big hurry. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deeply then finally said, "For three more orgasms like than you can cum as fast as you want. Once they were naked they embraced in a hot wet lovers kiss with Ursula's legs wrapped tightly around Dave. Dave was rock hard and Ursula wasted little time in returning the favor and took his second load im her mouth.

A Bride's Confession

group magas911 2018-04-17

"Yes darling you were using condoms just like I asked you to, but the other fellows I was sexing weren't using anything." My new wife went on to tell me she fully intended to continue seeing many of her favorite lovers so that I wouldn't lose the competitive edge in our marriage. "Yes Carl, my husband and I knew about Cindy's current activities with her male friends as well as her being two months pregnant. If that means getting help from real men, then it's only logical for you to do that, especially if you love and want to stay in Cindy's life."

HOT Springs

group me885 2018-04-17

Gwen immediately got down n her knees in the water and began sucking Steve while her left hand gripped my cock and began to stroke. He moved over, closer to us on my right, and began caressing her ass with his right hand while stroking himself with his left, never taking his eyes off the site of my cockhead disappearing and reappearing in her mouth. She was too short for her pussy to really get to my face, so I licked and kissed her ass cheeks a bit before she moved them away, straddling my chest so that she could get a good full mouth on my cock. She then moved her face next to mine, took Steve's cock and gave it a quick suck, then rolled her tongue around the tip, all the while looking into my eyes.

Out of town milf wife Tina

group casper747 2018-04-17

As we walked to my room I couldn't stop looking at her ass swaying in that tight black dress. I placed Tina doggystyle pulled her thong to the side and buried my cock in her hot cunt. Billy watched and eventually pulled out his big hard cock to stroke while he watched us. A couple seconds later he walked towards the bed with cock in hand and held it in front of Tina's face. Billy and I both stroked our hard cocks at Tina's face while she held her head back and stuck out her cute tongue! She swallowed as much as she could then cleaned both of our cocks with her hot mouth, like a good little slut!

Lingerie Shopping With the Wives

group jdwhitings 2018-04-17

Kelly told us that she was somewhat of an exhibitionist and that when I had her try on the teddy in the store that day that she loved every minute of it and then she asked me if I liked what I saw and I told her yes, that I thought she was very pretty and very sexy. While I was in there, Ginger told me that Kelly asked about our openness and then she asked if they knew if I had any intentions of having sex with her and the girls said that was totally up to her and that I would like to, but only if she wanted to.

Love for All Pt. 02

group Cap007Cook 2018-04-17

Me and Gary grabbed each other's asses and put our free hands on each other's bodies and made out with mind-bending intensity with our tongues dashing in and out of each other's mouths, and our fingers poking each other's about-to-be-fucked assholes, all the while Meera played with our wet cocks. Me and Gary were both suprised, shocked even, at how our cocks were so hard again, so quickly after orgasm, it was this erotic surprise and the fascination of a dominating Meera that fueled us hungrily fucking her tiny, delicious body. Kissing his hard, taut, muscular body, his strong veiny neck, his thick shoulders, his bulging biceps, his veiny hands, his strong palms, his strong firm fingers, his hair, his smooth back, his tight ass, his smooth legs, his muscular thighs, it was his cock I'd most deeply loved.

“Mom are you bisexual?”

group adel5000 2018-04-17

In that period of time Sam got to play with my cock soft and hard for as long as she wanted too. Mom asked me if I had sex with Sam other than the blowjobs and I told her not yet because she had just met me that morning. Sam had the nicest pussy that I put my cock in, but Mom really knew how to make me feel good. Now I’m not saying that Sam’s mother wasn’t a good fuck but somehow I got the impression that she was more interested in sucking my cum from the other girl’s pussies. Mom would love to dress like Sam and her mother but Dad would never let her.

The Party Is Over...

group CJT 2018-04-17

"Hey if it is going to cost you money then ask, because the last thing you want is to lose money to Romeo because he will never let you live it down, hell I am still hearing about a bet I made him for last years super bowl!" Linda was now laughing so hard tears were coming to her eyes. Romeo pulled out and came close to her face Tom was now able to push his entire cock into her ass a few more times and then he withdrew, they stood before her each stroking she sat there mouth open ready to catch the load, Tom went first shooting a stream across her face causing her to close her eyes, Romeo then exploded shooting in her mouth she took most and when they were done she wiped her face with her fingers and placed them into her mouth.

A Glorious Experience

group sarahsmith1989 2018-04-17

"Says you." Dan quickly replied,"all I know is it was the best head I ever got. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Sue. The great thing about meeting girls in a porn shop, there's no small talk needed. "Your friend was about to help me with shopping." Sue said to Dan. Sue dropped her head first sucking me off, then turning to Dan. She went back and fourth for awhile before coming up for air. Sue had left her pants in the car and was now sitting on Dan's couch, spread eagle. Reading Dan's expression Sue knew he was probably a little grossed out by the thought of entering her cum filled slit.

Carolyn's Sexual Ventures Ch. 01

group PoliSciren 2018-04-17

Encouraged, Carolyn looked up at Sam while she gently placed her mouth around the full head of his cock. Sam grunted sharply, and Carolyn weighed her options: she loved the taste of cum, and wanted to give him that physical pleasure, but she knew letting him come on her would give Brian a better show. Carolyn glanced over at Brian, whom she had temporarily forgotten during the last minutes of her fuck with Sam. He was grinning at her, and she returned his smile, letting her eyes roam his frame, noticing the substantial bulge already pulsing underneath his pants. After seeing what you did with Sam, I wanted to save it all for you." Carolyn laughed, again, and slowly sidled over to Brian, already beginning to focus on what she could do with him.

yes master

group buckmasster 2018-04-17

I asked her if she wanted a cock in her mouth she moaned yes master. I then bound her hands behind her back with hand cuffs and asked her your ready for cock she's replied please master. The other man pulled her off turned her head and shoved his cock inside her, at that moment she paused and you could see the look of confusion on her face. I told her to remove her panties yes replied yes master and slowly pulled them off exposing her smooth milky with shaved pussy. I instructed her to suck both our cocks, she replied yes master. I slapped her face and asked again she replied yes master please Fuck my ass.

Sex and the Single Sidecar

group cubalover 2018-04-17

She was a knockout: flashing eyes, pert nose, stylishly short hair, gentle curves with a hint of lace at her bosom, tight skirt outlining two handfuls of lovely round ass, long legs to die for. The navy skirt stretched obligingly and I got a instant hard-on from the slow-motion flash of dark red silk panties stretched tight between puffy lips covered with a down of trimmed, rust-colored hair. Art moved his legs apart and I knelt between his knees, putting the head of my cock at her tiny opening. Art stuck his head in the room and said Lucky had gone AWOL and he was going to look for him.


Our First Dogging Session

group dragonwelshuk 2018-04-17

He said nothing but got up to the window and stretched out his hand towards Judy's tits while giving me an enquiring look. The first guy moved over a bit for him and said "Have a feel of these lovely tits." As he started to play with Judy's tits I heard another gasp from her and realised that guy 1 had slid his hand up her skirt. Judy wrapped her fingers around his hard cock and started a gentle wank which prompted a grunt of appreciation from the guy. I was rock hard watching all of this going on and I stepped between her legs and slid my cock into her wet, well fucked cunt.

Lee's New Apartment Ch. 02

group unexplored_worlds 2018-04-17

"For real Lee, did you come out to your mom as a gay man?" Rob asked once he and Matt had sat back down to take the controllers. "You only like it when Matt and I corner you, huh?" Rob smiled, scooting in close to Lee, kissing him on the neck. Lee didn't think he could handle being fucked, but he needed to feel Rob, who was now rock hard, pressed up against him. Lee was so turned on that, despite his soreness, he reached down with one hand to press on the underside of the head of Rob's cock to work it against Lee's clit.


Penny's Revenge

group PennysDirtyMind 2018-04-17

By this point Jake was putting his re-hardening cock into Penny's moaning mouth while she lay on her back getting fucked good and hard by his brother. She loved feeling how Jake's cock felt in her mouth, growing harder and bigger again- mmmm; she started grinding harder against Adam, fucking him back as he pushed hard against her. Jake then pushed himself back in, fucking Penny's throat deeper and harder, faster now, gripping her throat even tighter; he loved the feeling of her gagging, her constricting muscles on his cock each time he thrust into her throat. Fuck; it was amazing, seeing his cock in her mouth while looking down at her perfect, tan body; and those sweet natural tits, bouncing up and down as his brother pounded her tight pussy.


The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 09

group SteinWolf8 2018-04-17

Gloria was later to learn that all four of the young men, including her son-in-law, had enjoyed the exotic sexual samplings of Perry's mother, Penelope, on several occasions. A moment later, her son-in-law shoved her underwear down her thighs, and she helped him pull them free from her legs, all the while holding Ron's cock with her lips. As her tongue slipped down his shaft, she felt Ron's cock sliding into her pussy, so recently vacated by Perry, who now knelt beside Don. She reached up and wrapped her fingers around his dick, which was greasy with her pussy cream, and began to stroke him in time with the cock thrusting up her cunt.


Wife Fuck

group yahmil 2018-04-17

The guy we were meeting, Colin, was clearly excited and decided to push his luck a bit by asking that she would dress up nice. Colin was looking very smug as the other guy did the same thing - passed on the phone and indicated towards my wife. He then leant across the table and in a tone loud enough for everyone to hear he said to me "I've just told your slut Mrs that I can't wait to see her hot pussy spread wide open on my hotel bed like in that picture". My wife, legs open, her knickers removed by 4 strangers in a public place, her ample tits on display through her white blouse and me sat opposite not knowing what was going to happen next.

Gen's Double

group DireLilith 2018-04-17

Jim's hands began to massage Gen's calves, his fingers working the muscles and going upwards. Jim's fingers unhurriedly pushed Gen's thighs apart, exposing her sex which began to ache and throb. Both men winced with the pleasure of the act, Jim feeling empathic desire over what Bill must have experienced in the moment Gen sheathed him within her flesh. Jim's hand replaced his on her head, pushing Gen back and forth so the kneeling man was soon fucking her face. Gen lay back, moaning, eyes closed, hands above her head. As Gen lay with her head on Jim's thigh, with Bill's cock in her bottom still, limp and spent, she sighed happily.

The Making of a Slut Ch. 3

group Mac Reynard 2018-04-17

Mr. Roberts who was now telling me to just call him Alvin, he brought his huge cock up to my lips and told me to start sucking. While I am focusing on Alvin's monster, I noticed that Dr. Williams is starting to fuck my pussy. Alvin pulled me down onto his cock and then picked me up and laid me down on the examining table, he pulled my legs up so that they were up on his shoulders and he stood there and started to fuck me. Ellen saw me walking funny and asked "is everything all right?" I said "yes, but my pussy is full of cum right now and it is running down my leg".

Bishop Takes Knight Ch. 07

group FOUNTAINPEN67 2018-04-17

From where he lay; his cock sheathed up in the warm naughty snugness of Amanda's lovely bum, Brad felt an instant jealous twinge the moment he made eye contact with Annette and her mischievous smile. "Svetlana and Ludmilla," Anika directed, "I think its time for you two lovely foxes to swish your tails here on the mat in front of the bed for all of us to see." As the two Russian women moved to the mat Anika's eye's fell upon Brad underneath Amanda at the swing. She was giving their cocks little tugs and pulls to get things "primed." He then looked over to Amanda with Fabio's cock stretching her anus; her fingers pulling her labial lips apart and preparing her already wide pink puss-hole for a pounding-good plow.