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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Whole New World

group wilbert 2018-11-15

As I let my mind wander I looked up towards the front door just in time to see the most glamorous, sexual, beautiful woman I had ever seen walk through and past the bar taking the glances of all the men with her as they stopped their idle flirting with the younger air heads at their sides, just to catch a glance at this goddess of a woman. After a fourth visit to her inner thighs, I couldn't wait my self and began to probe the soft folds of this perfectly manicured pussy with my tongue, I felt her hand on my head, running her fingers through my thick hair as she pulled me closer and deeper into her sex, my tongue darting in and out as I found my target on her clitoris, her hands pulled at my hair as she writhed on the bed, drawing her knees upwards and widening her legs to give me better access.

A quiet afternoon at the resort brings an unexpected conclusion

group Cyndy 2018-11-15

The nude walk through the resort was certainly shocking, but my orgasm by the pool bar with our new friends Jamie and Candace fondling and kissing me was unbelievably exhilarating. I felt two hands starting to massage my shoulders from behind the lounger. At the same time, I felt other fingers start to rub my clit again, but differently than before. I didn’t have time or the concentration to think about it, as I felt a mouth attacking one of my nipples. I looked at Jamie, Jimmy, and then lay my head back down and looked up into Candace’s beautiful eyes and smiled at her. I shrugged my shoulders, pulled the mask back over my eyes, put my hands behind my head, and spread my legs apart even further.

Silk Sheets

group LittleBlackBook 2018-11-15

His fingers moved closer to her pussy while he sat back and squeezed her plump ass with his free hand.  She pulled his fingers out of her mouth and reached past the band of his briefs to his huge cock. Slowly he pushed all of his hard length deep into her tight pussy making her scream out. He slowly pulled out, then began pumping deep into her pussy again - moving faster and faster. Both her pussy and ass tightened around both cocks, making her scream out in total pleasure. A tongue playing with her nipples as her hair was being pulled, and her ass and pussy were being fucked.  Her pussy closed tightly around his fingers and her ass clenched his cock deeper in as they both came.

The Island - Introducing Ourselves To The Island

group DarkSide 2018-11-15

I sucked hard on it, savouring the sweet taste; though I had decided that Tom was going to fuck my pussy with his gorgeous cock before I would leave. I pulled back behind the door so that I could not be seen until I heard Karyn encourage Tom once more to stick his cock somewhere nice. Karyn was a voluptuous thirty two year old at the time, and I remember wondering, when I first arrived on the island, what it would have been like to suck on her very large tits. I pushed Karyn off to one side of the bed and knelt on it in the same position while opening my legs wide, ready for Tom’s cock.

New Life

group ChuckEPoo 2018-11-15

Anne reached out her hands and greeted Gail with a kiss on the cheek. Gail looked emotionally invested in the moment as her arms dropped to her sides in submission and she threw her head back inviting more attention.My hands made their way down her back as my lips nestled into her neck. "I know Anne made it clear this was a one time thing, but if you ever want to see me, here's my number," she offered, handing me a folded slip of paper. After I watched Gail leave and went back in the house Anne smirked, "Well, it looked like you two had a good time!"

College Fun

group cindy_4u 2018-11-15

So still in my miniskirt, I came on top of him, guided his hard cock in my pussy and started to ride him like a slutty cow girl. As Rajiv was starting to get ready, I walked over to Mia and said, lets swap partners and fuck them together. Mia, who was as slutty as me, immediately made her way to the limp cock of Rajiv, took it in her hand, licked at it seductively and asked him, 'will this change your mind?' Rajiv was nodding yes like a kid in a candy store. Mia was not wasting any time and was on the bed naked, doggy style asking Rajiv to fuck her.

Hawaiian ala cunt, ch 2 Flight to Paradise

group Kandikiss51 2018-11-15

Kandy watched Todd with lust filled eyes, then turned her attention to Mark, and helped him remove his clothing. Mark looked at the two and exclaimed, “Oh fuck, Todd that’s what she has been craving all week. She moaned and sucked Mark harder as Todd rammed his dick into her hot box as far as it would go. “Oh fuck, I love to have someone watch me suck cock. She resumed sucking Mark’s cock as Todd nailed her hot box. Todd watched her suck Mark’s cock like a pro, and began fucking both holes in unison. As Mark watched Todd fuck his wife he began quivering so hard he thought his dick would slide out of her mouth.

The Plumber and his Helpers

group Canuckfan16 2018-11-15

I have to do a little prep work first and I get down on my hands and knees and start kissing your ass and then all around your tight little asshole. I find your clit with my tongue and start moving it in a rhythmic figure eight gradually getting faster and rougher as my fingers massage the insides of your beautiful sopping wet vagina. He slowly starts to push his cock in and out and I tell him we need to up the speed. While he's applying everything, he has to the task my other assistant, a beautiful young girl gets down on her hands and knees and starts to tongue fuck your pussy and licks your clit while massaging your g-spot with her fingers.

A Man and His Truck

group Samuelx 2018-11-15

I pumped my cock into that pussy like there was no tomorrow. His name was Steve and he was a tall, good-looking young black man. From what he told me, Steve was somewhat curious about exploring his bisexuality but in a small town like Harmony, he had to be careful. Steve was a good-looking guy with a hard, muscular body and he had a seriously huge pecker. I love fucking people in the ass, both men and women, but I really like the feel of another man's cock inside me. That's why I try to enjoy myself everyday, whether it's by eating a good meal, or spending time with a beautiful woman, or a handsome man.

Lindsey's Story Pt 1

group adele 2018-11-15

But watching the two guys in the bar and imagining what they might have done really got her to thinking about what it would be like to have two men as sexual partners at the same time. Lindsey was beginning to think she might actually like to have two guys in her at the same time. Next time Lindsey was out with her girl friends, she turned the subject to fantasies and asked if any of the others had the same fantasy or had actually been with two men and been double penetrated. They sat and chatted for a bit and finally Lindsey got up the courage to ask the question that had been on her mind all night.

Three's Company - Teaching is Everything

group prairiedogg 2018-11-15

Heidi's mouth and finger action made Vanna wild with passion, and she took it out on Stacey's cunt as she sat on her face. Finally, Heidi broke free of Vanna's pussy and my cock and turned around to face my throbbing prick. As Vanna returned with the wine, Heidi and Stacey alternated between massaging my upper torso and kissing my lips and neck. As we kissed, Heidi began to grind her cunt into Stacey's open mouth. As I was fucking Stacey, Heidi continued kissing me and took my hands and placed them on her huge breasts. Make me cum like Heidi did." The whole time she said this she was working her hips, thrusting upward to meet my cock as it quickly slid in and out of her pussy.

Fantasies & Heartaches Ch. 01

group baranbrat 2018-11-15

The kiss grew hotter and hotter and Rachel's hands found the zipper on the back of Quinn's lavender gown and pulling it down, she kissed her harder as she hooked her fingers in the tiny silver straps and slipping them from Quinn's sexy shoulders, she drew the dress down uncovering her gorgeous firm breasts as the dress settled about her waist and ample hips. Buck planted a soft kiss on the top of her head and his hands slowly drifted upward and he heard her let out another gasp and a low moan when his hands came up and cupped her tight, pert tits.


Airtight Night

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-15

Steve and I suckled happily for a few minutes, with me running my right hand gently in repetitive circles over my wife's silky lower back and perfect ass, as Jake worked his face farther and farther into Mel's pussy, sliding his tongue deep inside her and occasionally pausing to suck on her clitoris. After a couple of minutes Sue stepped sideways on her knees to lower her pussy onto Steve's face as she blew him, continuing to work my dick with her right hand as she did so. Melanie promptly slid Jake's cock from her mouth, leaned over to her right and took Steve's cock into it, then followed up by stepping across his face and feeding him her pussy, while working Jake's cock with her left hand.

Park Pleasures

group KymmieQuinnell 2018-11-15

He finds it difficult to do as he sees Bee take hold of Freya's tickling hand, touches it gently to her lips and makes a subtle kissing sound out loud. Bee stops a minute, Freya complains loudly and looks at Bee, and faces Jon. Her eyes roam down to his now exposed cock and he sees her smile, licking her lips as she shifts her position to all fours sideways on the bench. He feels a tug as Freya guides his cock to Bee. Jon grips the inner thigh and hip of Bee, and pulls her pelvis closer to his, then buries his engorged seven inches deep inside her.

Hot, Wet and Horny

group DanielleX 2018-11-15

I was just going to ask Laura to top up my sun tan lotion when this guy appeared in knee-length beige shorts and flip flops. “You won’t be needing any trunks Jaime,” said Laura. If you’re sharing a Jacuzzi with us, we want to see your tackle!” Said Laura. I turned to face Jaime and Laura put her hands around my front, massaging my stomach. Jaime’s strong, bronzed hands held my breasts as I fucked him and his face was a picture of ecstasy as he fondled them with my tight wet pussy riding his dick. “You want my pussy Jaime?!“ Said Laura as she stretched one leg out. “I think you’ll be needing these,” said Laura, holding out his shorts.

Always A Catch, Part Two

group lemanruss 2018-11-15

I felt down there that he was hard and the next thing I knew I was on my knees sucking his dick right outside the door listening to you two. Michelle gave me a shocked look and said: "OK baby, when we get inside, it's your turn." She got out of the car and walked up to the house. She had handed me a small slip of paper with a very knowing look on her face and said: "Just between us." She then smiled and stood on her tiptoe to lightly kiss my cheek a final time before walking out of the room.

Watching Anna Ch5

group danielzack 2018-11-15

As Anna sat on the bed Shirley stood over my wife, slightly bent forwards with both of her hands rubbing up and down Anna's exposed thighs. After a few minutes Shirley moved back between my wife's legs and bunched up the lower part of her dress around Anna's waist exposing a sexy pair of white panties. Mike had clearly smashed all of Anna's inhibitions away with the pounding he had just given her as Shirley grabbed two handfuls of my wife's hair and began to slowly grind her pussy down and into her mouth. By the time Anna had done the same to Mike, Shirley already had my cock buried deep inside her pussy and was riding me hard as I squeezed and sucked on her breasts.

Meg's Friend Robin

group wslutw1955 2018-11-15

They were feeling the drinks and the conversation was getting pretty open as I rubbed aloe on her sides, chest, and tummy. When I got close to her crotch I was careful to let my hands brush against her mound a few times. Meg was watching and had her hand down the front of her bikini rubbing her pussy. Meg had pulled her little tits under her top and was playing with her nipples and fingering her pussy while she watched me eat her girlfriend. Meg pulled her bottoms off and told me to come fuck her, I had a raging hard on so I jumped up dropped my shorts and get between her leg and pounded her on the daybed next to Robin.

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 04

group Samuelx 2018-11-15

Lately, though, I've been getting a lot of nasty looks and comments from black women whenever they see me with James. James is a tall, good-looking black man with a college education, a solid family and a lot of charm. Tonight, I'm going to have a lot of fun playing the role of white plantation mistress to fulfill a black couple's interracial submission fantasies. His wife Anita was around six feet tall, heavyset and big-bottomed, with really dark skin and long black hair. Jerome Brown gasped when he saw his bossy black wife get smacked by a prissy white woman. I spanked Anita's big black ass while fucking her up the butt with my strap-on dildo. The big black woman howled as her tight asshole got stretched by my massive dildo.


cuckold lifestyle 69

group woreout 2018-11-15

Gail looked me right in the eye and said is Aaron tring to talk you into allowing him to fuck your wife? Then Gail walked up behind my wife , looked at the ones left and said who's ready to see this lady get her pussy tore up as she placed her hands on my wife's shoulders. I moved in real close and when he saw me he parted his legs so I could get a shot looking up from the ground , The fire light was good enough that I could see the bottoms of my wifes white ass cheeks and his very shiney hard cock slidding in and out of her with ease.

Her First Gangbang

group AmyRedd 2018-11-15

I’m more cute than hot, but I have an above average bra size, thick lips that I’ve been told look pretty good wrapped around a hard cock and a willingness to spread my legs. Definitely not a turn on like the above story, but watching her take on four giant cocks somehow made the fantasy a little bit more real. James, while he wasn’t the college quarterback, looked like he could’ve been with a well-built body and guy-next-door naturally good looks. Her mouth dropped as I told her how one guy took me from behind and another filled my mouth, yet I think I saw some part of her that wanted to do it for herself.

She likes two

group RCPUDGE 2018-11-15

Out of the blue, Carol said, " Randy sent me the picture you sent to him and I would like to see your cock in real life." Mike looked at me and I nodded yes. Carol stopped sucking me and said to Mike, " Yes, fill my pussy with that big cock of yours while I suck Randy". Carol could sense that Mike was close to cumming and said, "Don't cum in my pussy, cum in my mouth." I withdrew my cock from her mouth and said, "Yes honey, I want to watch him cum in your mouth" I stood beside the bed and stroked my dick as Mike pulled out of her pussy and straddled Carol's beautiful face.

The Beach Bus

group LotharioCassanova 2018-11-15

The dark haired girl sagged against me and with a shrug and shift of her sandaled feet, the bikini bottom against which my cock had been straining, was suddenly gone and as the bus steadied down to a rhythmic motion, the deep vibration of its powerful engine came up through the floor and seemed to center itself in the very spot where the tip of my rock-hard penis was sliding smoothly back and forth between the girl's now hot, slippery pussy lips. My right hand was spread across her quivering belly with two fingers opening her pussy to stroke her clitoris as the rumbling, lurching bus fucked and pumped my cock deep into her belly on its way down the beach road.


group bava12 2018-11-15

dekho tumhare friend ka chota sa dick…esase muze ye pichale 5 saal se chodata hai… sab log hasane lage..muze bhi hasi aahi… In reality it was really small in front of them… Shital went ahead and took Santosh ’s dick in her mouth…oh…she was sucking it just like pornstar..while sucking her Santosh ’s dick Ajay started licking her pussy and Harshal her boobs… oh…it was unbelievable and such a romantic moment…. Santosh slept my wife on bed and now inserted his huge dick inside my wife’s pussy…as soon as he pushed she shouted uff…ah…she asked Santosh to fuck her hard and like a bitch…she said she is very hungry for sex and do it fast…so Santosh started giving her strong strokes….she was moaning loudly ..same time Ajay and harshal started giving her blow jobs…I was just watching my wife getting banged in my bedroom by my close friends…